The 12 Best Mattresses for 2020

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October 2020 Update:

The Sleep Advisor team is excited to announce our updated mattress picks for 2020!

What makes a high-quality new mattress stand out from the rest? Is it the material, construction, comfort, rating, or just the price point?

A lot of people ask the question, “What is the best mattress you can buy?” The truth is the answer depends on many different factors!

Teenagers will have different needs than adults and seniors, and stomach sleepers tend to have completely different preferences than, let’s say, side sleepers.

With that in mind, we came up with the a roundup of top rated mattress brands for 2020. We broke it down into categories by type, sleeper position, age, medical conditions, and specific needs.

Hopefully it'll give you an idea of what you're shopping for and make things a bit easier.

Ready? Let's dig in.

12 Best Rated Mattresses
(Updated – October 2020)

nectar product image mobileNECTAR
  • Type: Memory Foam
the winkbeds small product imageWINKBEDS
  • Type: Hybrid
Brooklyn Aurora small product imageBROOKLYN AURORA
  • Type: Hybrid
casper small product imageCASPER
  • Type: Memory Foam
dreamcloud premier mobile imageDREAMCLOUD PREMIER
  • Type: Hybrid
layla small product imageLAYLA
  • Type: Memory Foam
small product image of NolahNOLAH
  • Type: All Foam
big fig small imageBIG FIG
  • Type: Hybrid
casper wave small product imageCASPER WAVE
  • Type: All Foam
helix sleep small imageHELIX
  • Type: Hybrid
avocado bed small imageAVOCADO
  • Type: Hybrid
Sojourn bed small imageSOJOURN
  • Type: Gel Memory Foam

Nectar – Exceptional Value

If you prefer feeling like you’re slowly melting into the bed and experiencing a deeper-cradling hug, this mattress has classic features you will enjoy.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified
  • 365-Day Trial
  • Forever Warranty

Forget everything you think you know about memory foam left over from the 1970s because modern memory foam has a lot to offer folks looking for pressure relief without overheating. Nectar’s deep hug and sleek design has gotten a lot of attention since its 2017 launch. These features and more have made quite a splash in the bed-in-a-box space.

Why are we impressed? Regardless of budget, a bed is an investment, so you want to be sure you’re getting a lot of great bed for the price. Not only does Nectar offer a lot of quality features (a cooling Tencel and more), furniture company Resident also works to keep the price affordable by selling online.

Adding to the value is their industry-leading sleep trial, which allows you to keep the bed for a year until you’re certain it’s the right mattress for you, and this is matched by its Forever warranty that lasts for as long as you own the product. If you’ve been nervous about memory foam or whether you could possibly order a bed online, Nectar has taken nearly all the risk out of this important purchase.

The WinkBed – Luxury Feel

This mattress is tailor-made for heavier type of sleeper, from the foam densities to supportive construction.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • “Any Reason” Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

WinkBeds are built in Wisconsin by a company committed to handcrafting every mattress to be comfortable and ultra-supportive. Unlike hybrid mattresses you may have seen before, this choice blends foams with two separate supportive coil systems: one to tailor to your shape, and the other to provide high-profile support.

What to love here? The company has built these beds to last, and it shows in the premium craftsmanship. The pressure-relieving Eurotop cradles the body above a 3-step support system beneath that is separated into zones meant to hold your body in a neutral position.

This company stands by their brands, and if you decide to go with this bed, your purchase is covered by a lifetime warranty and an “any-reason guarantee.” If your needs happen to change over the course of the mattresses’ lifetime, you can get a different feel (firmer? Softer?) for half the retail price.

If that wasn’t luxury enough for you, you can also elect to buy an optional foundation that has an airconditioning unit incorporated into the design so you can specify the temperature of your bed for your own best sleep.

Brooklyn Aurora – Amazing Cooling

It has gone to exceptional lengths to incorporate cooling features in multiple layers, and it is one of the coolest-sleeping mattresses we have reviewed.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Brooklyn Bedding is based in Phoenix, Arizona so they know a thing or two about heat, and they’ve put their knowledge to the test in their line of mattresses. Their luxury model, the Aurora, pulls out all the stops to deliver a comfortable and supportive bed that shouldn’t wake you in a pool of sweat.

What stands out? This cool sleep experience starts with TitanCool, which is a proprietary material infused into the cover that is designed to keep the temperature at a steady 88 degrees, ideal for sleep. This is followed by a series of foams that incorporate copper and gel to whisk excess heat away from the body and disperse it throughout the mattress, where it can easily escape through the pocketed coils.

If you have specific firmness requirements, this model can cater to them with a Soft, Medium, and Firm model, depending on your preference. We’d recommend the Soft or Medium for side sleepers and perhaps the Firm for stomach sleepers, though you can keep the bed for 120 days to make sure it’s the best fit for you.

Casper – All Sleeping Positions

The specially-designed foams are accommodative for all sleeping positions, making this bed a good choice for couples.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

Maybe your partner and you have wildly different sleep preferences and body types or maybe you’re a combo sleeper who likes to move from side to back to stomach all night long. If this sounds like you, Casper’s famous “universal feel” might be your ticket to sleep heaven.

What’s its best feature? The foams inside Casper have been strategically designed and ordered to provide a graduated feel, meaning a wide variety of body shapes and weights should achieve the right ratio of comfort and support without bottoming out. Versatility adds a lot of value to a mattress, and this was increased with the addition of zoned support in the transitional foam layer that helps stomach sleepers, in particular, maintain good spine alignment.

Casper’s all-foam design also has a great deal to offer for those who prefer good motion isolation so their partner’s movements aren’t keeping them up at night. If you prefer a bit more bounce, you could check out the hybrid version as well.

DreamCloud Premier – Pressure Relief

It offers pressure relief and support for side and back sleepers, with the firmness necessary for most stomach sleepers.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 365-Day Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

DreamCloud Premier is Resident’s luxury model, and it definitely cuts an impressively high silhouette at 15 inches. If you don’t believe that that much bed could possibly come packed into a box, this company aims to prove you wrong with 6 layers that mix premium foam with memory materials and individually wrapped coils.

What do we love about it? In 2019, the company introduced a new version of DreamCloud Premier (formerly DreamCloud) that made the bed just a touch softer to offer a deeper cradle for those looking for great pressure relief. Side sleepers, in particular, may prefer this newer version to the previous model for this reason.

While traditional memory beds might trap heat, the Premier model was designed to be breathable, without sacrificing body conformance or that classic deep hug feeling. Air can flow freely through the pocketed coils to keep hotter air circulating out and cooler air circulating in. The foams minimize motion transfer, while the coils supply bounce and tailored support.

If you’re unsure, the company gives you 365 days to try it at home and backs your purchase with a lifetime warranty, giving you value for a fraction of the retail price in stores.

Layla – Memory Foam

Layla is double-sided, with Soft and Firm sides. You can discover the type of support and pressure relief that suits your body best.


  • Double-sided Firmness
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

If it's a choice you want, maybe you should look into the flippable mattress from Layla, which offers two different firmnesses depending on what side of the bed is facing up. The entire construction is encased in a cooling cover that further modernizes a classic memory feel.

Why are we impressed? Layla is proof that there’s no one way to do memory foam, and they emphasize the fact by packing two different experiences into one construction. You can try out both the deeper classic sink of the Soft and the gentler cradle of the Firm to see what suits you best, and if you like both, you can flip it whenever you want.

This brand further keeps things cool by putting copper into their foams. This naturally antimicrobial substance is excellent at conducting heat, which means the heat of your body shouldn’t congregate in the foams around your shape but travel away and out the air channels.

The design of the third layer provides zoned support so that extra reinforcement around the middle of the bed can help keep the hips elevated and the spine in a neutral position.

Nolah – Side Sleepers

It excels in providing the pressure relief you need, and its proprietary foam is designed to sleep cool.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Wildlife Initiative
  • Made in the USA

Do you love penguins? Worried about the fate of the Great White Shark? What if you could help give back to wildlife conservation and buy a bed at the same time? Each year, the company donates 7% of its profits back to wildlife protection, and you get the choose the animal you’d most like to protect.

Okay, now let’s talk about the bed. With 20 years of combined experience, the founders of Nolah wanted to change the memory foam and latex industry with a new feel. That led them to create the proprietary Nolah Air Foam that helps reduce pressure in the hip, shoulder, and back regions.

What makes it special? The company positions its bed as having four times less peak pressure than comparable memory foam products. If you’re a frustrated side sleeper that suffers from excessive pressure, then this product holds major appeal.

This ten-inch mattress starts with Nolah AirFoam that should be great for side sleepers. The second layer is a 1-inch transitional foam that behaves much like latex. The base layer is 7-inches thick and comprised of high-density polyurethane designed for steady support.

Big Fig – Heavy People

This hybrid was built for plus-sized sleepers needs in mind from its cooling technology, multi-layered comfort, and reinforced steel support springs.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

In the past, plus-sized people have had to be wary about their mattress choices, reading the fine print of warranties and worrying if their size will cause premature sagging. With brands like Big Fig and their hybrid, their worries can be put to rest, literally!

This mattress was built with a mix of high-density foam and high-profile individually wrapped coils. The foam and coils tailor to your shape to provide exceptional spine alignment, even for folks with larger frames. The mattress comes with a foundation, which is built to provide a sturdier support system than traditional box springs.

What’s its best feature? This company, which is exclusively based in Cleveland, Ohio, stands by its construction, which has been tested using a 350-pound weight to simulate 20 years of use. This testing was 100% objective and performed by a third-party organization.

If you’re worried about sleeping hot, Big Fig has you covered. The perforated foams were treated with gel to reduce heat retention. The edges of the bed were built with 80 ILD foam to ensure edge-to-edge support, more usable space, and ample support even when sitting on the side.

Casper Wave – Spine Alignment

Casper’s luxury model pulls out all the stops to provide advanced technology that helps align your spine and keep your body sleeping comfortable and cool.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

If you’re surfing the web because your old mattress is hurting your back, you’ll want to look at a choice that excels in spinal alignment. The Wave, made by internet-famous Casper, should be a great choice for those looking to improve their sleep posture.

What makes it special? This 13-inch mattress has five layers of foam strategically designed to cradle different body shapes evenly regardless of their position. They achieve this with targeted support from gel pods, positioned in the portions of the bed requiring extra support while maintaining softness in other areas so that you don’t build up pressure.

The result? The Wave was made to align your spine and provide comfort and support. We think the soft mix will work exceptionally well for side sleepers, hoping to keep their hips elevated while still letting their legs and shoulders sink in for a comfortable cradle.

The breathable foams and cover should work to keep you cool in this beautiful all-white design. Take their ergonomic design for a spin and see if it does the trick for you.

Helix – Customizable

By taking the guesswork out of bed shopping, Helix helps to better ensure a good fit for their customers.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

We know you. Compromise just won’t do, and the perfect bed is out there, but you just need to know what to look for, right?

The Helix brand is not only focused on advanced customization, but also on helping you decide exactly what you need to sleep better and feel great. There’s a short quiz to take (along with your partner if you co-sleep) and out will pop the color and name of a bed Helix thinks will work perfectly for you.

What stands out? Those in the market for choice in their beds can browse the 16 choices on offer from Helix. These include Luxe models that add a little extra flourish, as well as a model designed for plus-sized sleepers.

All Helix beds are hybrids, but that’s where the similarities end. Their proprietary foams were designed and layered to deliver different feels and different sinkages, and the company will work with you even after you’ve made your purchase to make sure you find the right choice.

Avocado – Organic Materials

Avocado’s top to bottom certifications help the eco-conscious mind rest easier with a cool comfortable sleep and a smaller carbon footprint.


  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Certified Organic Materials
  • Made Safe
  • 365-Day Trial
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

With more and more attention shifting to climate change and the need for organic and sustainable products, the market is filled with all-natural options. We think Avocado is a great pick in this space, and it gives you a lot of options, including pillow-tops, EuroTops, and sizes.

What is its best feature? Avocado has gone to great lengths to secure multiple third-party certifications guaranteeing the safety of their materials for both you and the environment it’s sourced from. It is one of few mattress companies to have secured the Made Safe seal, which states that the product is free from toxic ingredients, and the factories which manufacture the bed have been certified by both GOLS and GOTS, which state that the materials are organic.

The bed is built from Dunlop latex that stands over tempered steel coils that are ergonomically zoned to provide the right mixture of support and comfort to the sleeper. This is all held together without chemical adhesives or flame retardants, opting for organic wool, instead. If you prefer a vegan option, there is another model that forgoes the use of wool.

Sojourn – Budget Choice

It provides an affordable alternative to high-end brands while maintaining the same benefits.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

We believe that a mattress doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive to be good. Sojourn (previously sold as Ultimate Dreams) is the product that aims to prove it. With 12” total and three layers, you get that typical memory foam “hug” and feel many of us are familiar with for a fraction of the price you’d see in retail stores and even among online brands.

What’s its best feature? Honestly, the price is hard to beat for a bed that uses this level of quality materials. Dreamfoam is committed to keeping prices down and manages to do it by manufacturing at their own factory in Phoenix.

If you’re looking to furnish a guest room or are just shopping on a tighter budget, we think Sojourn is a great choice that should be versatile enough to accommodate a variety of sleepers in whatever position they prefer. Treat yourself to the pressure relief of memory foam without the buyer’s remorse from spending more than you can afford.

Mattress Picks by Category

What to Look For When Shopping for a Mattress


Naturally, we all want significant value out without spending outside our means. Finding a mattress that suits your budget and individual slumber needs is critical for a purchase you’ll appreciate for years to come. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price with a wide array of choices for all sorts of budgets.

It’s a common misconception that spending more money on a product will yield the most satisfaction. However, this is often not the case. If you sleep with a healthy posture or are relatively young, you may not need the same support as other sleepers, which could expand your options.

Inexpensive choices don’t necessarily equate to low quality, and with the mattress industry recently offering more direct-to-consumer strategies, this allows for higher quality with less cost. In our list above, you can see a few of the mattresses we love that offer outstanding value.

Sleep position

The type of mattress you sleep on could provide considerable comfort or pain, depending on the position in which you sleep. While many of us love a soft bed, snoozing on them all night long could be terrible for your back, even more so if you sleep on your stomach. A soft mattress could hyper-extend your spine, wreaking havoc on your spinal alignment. Keeping your sleep position in mind while shopping for a bed could be a tremendous help when promoting good posture.

If you sleep on your side, a soft to medium-firm mattress could suit just fine. It’s wise even to have someone take a photo of you in the position in which you sleep, so you can have a look at how your back aligns naturally. If you’re not sure which position you sleep in, try and pay attention to how you wake up, this is likely how you sleep for the majority of the night.

A Woman Flipping from Her Back to Her Side Over-and-Over Animated Illustration


The type of materials used in your product could have a significant effect on a mattress’s longevity as well as your quality of sleep. Not only do you want your bed to last a long time, but if you’re the type of sleeper who runs hot, the materials used could make a significant difference in cooling.

Latex is known to be great for cooling and absorbency, which can be handy for hot sleepers. Memory foam has gotten a bad reputation for being a warmer material to nap on. However, there have been recent improvements in the technology to mitigate this issue.

Beds made with a combination of foam and gel or coils can offer cooling capabilities. Pocketed coils allow air to circulate, preventing heat from becoming trapped. When this is topped with memory foam infused with a cooling gel, certain mattresses can offer the best of both worlds, providing a soft, comforting feel to sleep in without waking you up in an uncomfortable sweat.

Pressure Relief and Back Support

A product that supports both spinal alignment and relieves pressure can often be found in a hybrid mattress. Hybrid models typically combine the supportive build of spring coils, offering firmness for spinal support, and soft, cushy layers on top, providing pressure relief.

Pressure relief and back support may seem like two contradictory ideas, however, striking a balance between the two could improve sleep and promote an overall healthier life. Sleeping on a mattress that is supportive and relieves discomfort could strike the ultimate balance, particularly with those who suffer from back pain and achy joints.

Too much softness often leads to a sagging middle, which can lead to spinal misalignment and back pain, and too much firmness can lead to achy joints in the morning. Luckily there are products available and specialized technology to mitigate these contradictory issues.

Mattress Type

Knowing which product will be right for you could involve considerable research with so many types of mattresses. We’re here to give you the rundown without dominating hours of your time.

Innerspring (Coil)

An innerspring coil design may offer a more traditional model; however, it’s certainly not old fashioned. While the market can often be dominated by fancy new memory foam or hybrid products, innerspring coil mattresses still bring a lot to the table, depending on what you’re looking for.

Innerspring coil types are great for cooling. Since the individual springs allow for regular airflow, they can be considerably less warm than products that use memory foam, which tends to run hot. Additionally, coil mattresses could offer excellent edge support and durability, and when combined with foam or latex, can make brilliant hybrid products.

Classic Spring Bed Construction Layers

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a popular type for the average sleeper, as memory foam’s comfortable hug feel and body contouring abilities are brilliantly soothing. It provides excellent pressure relief and pain point management and can offer better motion isolation as well.

However, an aspect of one of it’s positives can at the same time also be a drawback. Due to the design of memory foam, it can run a bit hot, which has led to an overhaul in design by some manufacturers to solve this issue. When created with gel and open cell construction, this allows more air to pass through and less overall heat retention, mitigating the issue memory foam often presents.

Memory Foam Construction Layers


If you enjoy the support and cooling of an innerspring coil mattress but love the soft comfort of memory foam as well, a hybrid mattress combines the benefits of both foam and coils. Typically hybrids are created with memory foam on the bottom, coils in the middle, followed by another layer of memory foam, and a pillow top for extra cushioning.

Here are what the most popular hybrid mattresses bring to the table:

True Hybrid

A true hybrid is made from coils and memory foam. Our research showed that users reported excellent bounce, durability, and cooling due to the coils, and a contouring hug from foam.

Pillow Top

Pillow tops combine the traditional coil model with a pillow top surface to offer durability, cooling, and a cushy top layer. This combo could provide you proper spinal support, relief for pressure points, as well as softness and comfort.

Foam Hybrids

Foam Hybrids use foam instead of springs or coils and employ a combination of specialized foam materials to enhance cooling capabilities and provide a comfortable environment for its sleeper.

Hybrid Mattress Construction Layers


It can be remarkably comforting to feel slightly cradled as you drift off to dreamland. If this is a sensation you look for when choosing a mattress, particular types will cater to this feature more than others. Firm mattresses typically can’t offer significant contouring due to their rigid build, whereas traditional memory foam could be a great option to provide that soft and snuggly feel.

If you weigh less than 130 pounds, you might want a softer mattress, as your body won’t sink in quite as much as more substantial folks.

While memory foam can offer significant comfort, it has a reputation for running hot, so be mindful that it’s not always ideal for some sleepers. However, with technological advancements, newer models often combat this issue with gel-infused foam.

If you enjoy a contoured feel but sleep on your stomach, keep in mind that sleeping on a soft mattress in this position could make you feel swallowed up, and even disrupt proper spinal alignment. If this is your preferred position, a firmer mattress could be a better fit, with an added soft mattress topper to offer the best of both worlds.

Motion Isolation & Sex

A feature to consider if you share a bed with a partner is the motion isolation. If you or your partner move around a bit throughout the night, this could be disturbing for a light sleeper. However, mattress types with strong motion isolation could solve this issue and allow two people to sleep in peace without the odd disturbance.

Additionally, as most people are a bit sensitive to noise when they sleep, you might want a quiet product. Hearing coils creak when your partner gets up to go to the bathroom could interrupt your sleep and leave you irritated in the middle of the night. Certain hybrid mattresses can offer quality motion isolation, and memory foam is known for providing this feature as well, allowing you to keep your intimate moments private.

Animated Image of a Woman Testing Motion Isolation of a Mattress

Edge Support

The amount of resistance a mattress can provide around the edges will determine its edge support. Edge support might not seem like an essential feature; however, if a bed sags towards the perimeter, it can be tricky to get up from the bed. Unsupportive edges can be a critical feature, especially if you suffer from back pain.

Also, it prevents you from utilizing the entire surface when sleeping, which is good to keep in mind if you sleep next to a partner. If you appreciate your personal space, you’ll likely want to take advantage of every square inch available. Additionally, if you like sleeping on the edge, having perimeter support will be critical, so you don’t feel like you’re sinking or start falling off.

Mattress types that use coils are often great for providing edge support, and several memory foam manufacturers put higher density foam around the edges to provide additional resistance.

Temperature Regulation

Sometimes blasting your air conditioning still won’t keep you cool on hot nights, and waking up uncomfortable could be detrimental to your quality of rest. When shopping for a mattress, keep in mind the types of products known for cooling benefits and which are not.

Typically, memory foam is known for running on the warmer side because foam is made of tiny pores, thus lacking airflow channels. However, don’t count them out. Newer foam models with gel infusion or alternative cooling technology could make modern types a nice choice.

Innerspring coil mattresses are frequently excellent for temperature regulation. This is because the innerspring coils work individually, allowing air to circulate inside the mattress, preventing warm spots.

Natural latex products work wonderfully for cooling. Latex is made from rubber trees, and the sap from the tree is made into foam. With an open cells structure, the latex foam is able to facilitate significant airflow, making it great for temperature regulation. Furthermore, latex mattresses typically have tiny punctures in the surface, ensuring dynamic ventilation sources to keep you cool.

Heat Retention Levels

Company Integrity

You’ll never know for sure if a mattress is for you until you try it, and preferably for more than just 20 minutes in the store. Purchasing a mattress is often an expensive decision, so take your time deciding. If you go in person, quality customer service can often tell you a lot about a company.

A trustworthy brand should believe in their product and show confidence in what they’re selling. Additionally, it’s important to remember everyone is different, one mattress does not fit all, and it’s critical you sleep well.

Generous trial periods and flexibility with returns shows compassion and assurance. While there may be restrictions in some cases, it’s wise to keep your wits about you when researching mattress companies.


Mattresses come in a wide variety of firmness levels, and this aspect often dictates what individuals deem to be comfortable. While some cultures believe sleeping on the floor to be healthiest for spinal alignment, it doesn’t always offer a cozy feel conducive to sleep. 

It’s thought that a medium-firm mattress is best for back pain, as this will provide support, yet simultaneously relieve pressure from aching joints. Heavier individuals might need a firmer option to get the same feel, as the mattress would endure more pressure, and lighter sleepers can frequently find similar comfort with a more plush option.

We’ve rated the various mattress types on their general firmness levels in terms of numbers and descriptors (1 being the softest, 10 being the most firm) to help you choose which is right for you.

Firmness Scale 1-10

Firmness Chart

 Innerspring CoilsMemory FoamFoam + Coil HybridLatex
Firmness Level:Medium to High
Low to Medium
Especially Good For:Stomach and side sleepersSide and back sleepersAll typesAll types
Durability:Average, 4-6 years Med-high, 6-10 yearsAverage, 5-9 yearsVery high, 8-10 years
Contouring + Pressure Relief:LowHighMedium to HighMedium
Motion Isolation: Low to HighHighLow to HighMedium
Temperature Control:ExcellentTypically low to average but depends on productAverage to ExcellentExcellent
Price:$350 - $1,500$200 - $2,000$300 - $2,000 $800 - $2,000

How Sleep Position and Firmness Work Together

Firmness isn’t only important to preference, a proper mattress could facilitate better health. Sleep is an integral part of life, so it’s critical to do everything we can to maximize the time we spend in bed. Knowing the position in which you sleep can help you choose products catered more towards your needs, thus letting you catch more quality zzz’s.

According to a study done in 2017, sleeping on one's side is the ideal posture for most people, although not everyone prefers this position. If you do sleep on your side, most mattress types will suit you. However, if you experience hip or shoulder pain, a softer mattress with more contouring or pressure relief might help relieve aches and pains.

If you sleep on your stomach, your spine is at greater risk of being thrown out of alignment, according to the University of Rochester, as this position puts stress on the back. You can support the spine by placing a pillow under your stomach or pelvis, using a flat pillow, or none at all. Additionally, you’ll probably want a firm mattress, as a particularly soft product may not sufficiently support your spine.

Back sleepers have it a bit better than stomach sleepers, and likely will have a wider variety of choices. However, depending on your body type, sleeping on your back could still stress your lower spine. Tucking a small pillow under the small of your back will help to support the natural curvature of your bones, reducing stress. Firm mattresses could apply too much pressure for certain back sleepers, memory foam, latex, and hybrid models seem to be a good fit.

If you’re a combination sleeper and don’t resign yourself to just one position. You’re not alone, many individuals sleep in a similar variety of postures. A medium firm mattress could offer the right amount of pressure relief and comfort to help you snooze through the night.

Illustration of a Woman Sleeping on Her Side on a Soft Mattress

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on a mattress / is expensive better?

Expensive does not necessarily equate to better quality, in fact, we detail mattress pricing here to help. Certain brands may be able to offer a quality mattress at a lower price than another manufacturer for a variety of reasons. They could be buying materials from different places or paying their staff at varying rates. 

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be discerning. If a mattress is priced considerably lower, remember there is only so much quality that can go into a product without adequate funding.

When is the best time to buy a mattress?

National Holidays are often excellent times to catch a great mattress deal. Memorial Day, President’s Day, 4th of July, Veteran’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Labor Day are practically synonymous with mattress sales and department store sales. If you can wait a few months until a holiday rolls around you might find significant savings. 

Additionally, many mattress brands release new models in the early summertime, so buying just before then could present some excellent bargains as stores try to clear stock to make room for new products.

Learn More: Best Time to Buy a Mattress

How often should I replace my mattress?

Generally speaking, you should replace a mattress every 6-8 years. However, this all depends on the mattress. If you don’t weigh much, it’ll endure longer, and if you weigh more, plus sleep next to a partner with your kids tucked in beside you, it might wear out quicker.

It’s critical to exercise judgement with your mattress especially because if it’s of poor quality, you might wind up spending more money replacing it sooner. Whereas if you’ve snagged a quality product, you likely won’t have to worry about a replacement very soon.

How to choose my mattress?

Finding what’s right for you will always be a personal decision. No matter how reputable a company is or how many individuals enjoy their products, you may feel differently and it’s essential to listen to your body. 

If you’re waking up with aches and pains, take note. Have a look through our charts and guidelines up above in regards to your sleep habits, and hopefully that will help you find something comfortable. 

How do I compromise with my partner so we both sleep well?

With the right choice, neither you or your partner should have to compromise. We recommend choosing a bed with good motion isolation, a little bounce, and cooling features to help you both sleep soundly. Once you know what matters to you both, look for a bed with the best of both worlds.


Finding a mattress to suit your personal requirements can easily feel overwhelming due to the potential magnitude of price and commitment in purchasing something that is meant to last for years. However, with an abundance of choice and a little patience, your chances of finding something that works for you are in your favor. 

We hope that our mattress reviews and buyer’s guide can help you feel more confident in making sure your mattress meets all your essential needs, and that you’ll find your perfect match to help you drift off to dreamland in no time.

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