The Best Mattress for Couples in 2023 – A Buyer’s Guide

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Finding the perfect bed is a tough task on its own, but the search can be further complicated when you’re two sleepers with different comfort standards. Whether you snooze in different positions or tend to wake each other up when shifting during the night, you’ll want a mattress that can accommodate contrasting sleep styles.

Calling on our extensive experience in the sleep industry, we’ve gathered a few of the best mattresses for couples. These beds should prioritize couple-friendly features such as motion isolation, cooling, and edge support to help you both achieve uninterrupted rest.

10 Best Mattresses for Couples

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Top 10 Mattresses For Couples

Editor’s Pick

Helix Midnight


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6-7/10
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

Finding the perfect mattress for you and your partner is about finding something that works for both of you and excels at features valuable to couples. The Helix Midnight delivers on both accounts, earning its spot as Editor’s Pick. The Midnight is a popular hybrid model from the Helix brand and offers a mid-range firmness level ideal for sharing a mattress.

The Midnight is rated well in specific categories helpful for couples, including motion isolation, cooling, sex, and edge support. The bed’s construction includes memory foam, poly foams, individually wrapped coils, and a soft-knit cover.

Why did we pick it?

  • The Midnight’s biggest advantage for couples is that it is rated well for motion isolation, cooling, sex, and edge support. These categories are ideal for couples because they foster a better mattress experience.
  • Helix offers a 100-night trial, giving you both sufficient time to decide if you like this bed.

Best Innerspring Mattress for Couples

The WinkBed (Luxury Firm Model)


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6.5/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Many couples enjoy the benefits of an innerspring unit, which can include extra airflow and bounce. However, rather than incorporating a traditional innerspring unit in which the springs move as one, the WinkBed uses individually wrapped coils to curb motion transfer. This way, couples get the bounce of coils without increasing their chances of waking their partner with movement.

The WinkBed mattress comes in three firmness levels, but their Luxury Firm option should work best for couples. The Luxury Firm gives substantial support for spinal alignment but keeps enough softness to relieve pressure points.

What stands out?

  • The WinkBed Luxury Firm has a gel foam Eurotop for a luxurious feel as you lie down.
  • The mattress comes with an Extra-Edge™ Support System to ensure you don’t dip if you lie on the sides. This is especially great for couples because it gives them more useable surface space.

Best Luxury Mattress for Couples



  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 5.5/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Forever Warranty

The DreamCloud should give couples an improved sleep space by performing well in important categories for couples, including motion isolation, cooling, and edge support. The bed features five layers, but quilted foam and cashmere on top are what give it a luxurious feel.

Some people sleep hot, and sharing a bed with someone can exacerbate this. DreamCloud seeks to keep you cool through temperature-regulating features like airflow-promoting coils and cooling gel in the memory foam.

Lastly, edge support means you shouldn’t feel sagging if you lie on the edges of the mattress. Couples typically enjoy this feature because they can access more of the bed’s surface space for sleeping. Be sure check out other mattress options on our Best Luxury Mattress page.

What stands out?

  • DreamCloud offers an industry-leading trial and warranty deal, including 365 nights to test out the bed and a forever warranty.
  • This DreamCloud mattress gives pushback support and contouring comfort, which is ideal for partners with different sleep preferences.

Best Value Mattress For Couples



  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for Stomach and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6.5/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Forever Warranty

Couples looking for a value memory foam mattress should like the Nectar, as it’s versatile, supportive, and comfortable. Memory foam is a popular option for comfort, support, and pressure relief for stomach and back sleepers. However, side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress since this Nectar is rated 6.5 on our firmness scale. 

The Nectar has a medium-firm feel that should help ease back pain and pressure build-up. The cover is made from polyurethane, polyester, and nylon to help hot sleepers stay cool by pulling the heat away from the body. The bed also has gel-infused memory foam to regulate temperature and prevent the rest of the foams from overheating. 

Why does it stand out?

  • The Nectar offers excellent motion isolation, which is always a plus for couples. Partners with different sleeping habits should appreciate the bed’s ability to absorb motion, offering everyone a good night's sleep.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Couples

Signature Hybrid


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for All Sleep Positions
  • Firmness Level: 4/10 (Soft), 6/10 (Medium), 8/10 (Firm)
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

Brooklyn Bedding’s Signature Hybrid offers couples a high-value hybrid mattress at a cost-effective price. The Signature Hybrid’s construction includes proprietary TitanFlex™ comfort foam, VariFlex™ transition foam, and individually encased coils.

Couples can choose from three firmness levels, including Soft, Medium, and Firm. The thickness of each layer depends on the firmness level you choose. For most couples, the Medium model will likely work best because it’s the most universal feel, providing a healthy balance of support and pressure relief.If you want more hybrid mattress options, be sure to check out our Best Hybrid Mattresses page. 

Why we chose it

  • The Signature Hybrid’s price point is well below the competition, making this a fantastic hybrid bed for budget-savvy couples. Despite the cheaper price, the company doesn’t skimp on quality, so you know you’re getting a well-made product.
  • Brooklyn Bedding is a family-owned business. The company is based in Phoenix, and all their mattresses are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Best Mattress for Couples Who Need Pressure Relief

Nolah Signature


  • All-Foam Mattress
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

Side sleepers know the struggle of waking up with pressure build-up, especially in sensitive areas such as shoulders, hips, and knees. The Nolah Signature has a unique construction that provides pressure relief right from the top. 

The first thing that stands out is the Nolah AirFoam™ featuring billions of microscopic air bubbles that help distribute your weight evenly. In addition, the multi-layer design supports the body while allowing 4x less peak pressure on hips, back, and shoulders compared to previous Nolah models. 

Why we chose it:

  • The Nolah Signature is on the softer side, so it should fit side sleepers looking for gentle cradling and pressure relief. The bed adapts to your body’s curves, preventing the pressure from building up in sensitive areas.
  • This bed is made in the USA and features CertiPUR-US® certification indicating it’s free of chemicals, toxins, and other harmful substances. 

Best Mattress for Active Couples

Bear Star Hybrid


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Back and Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Bear Star Hybrid features a cover made with Celliant®, a performance textile designed to convert kinetic energy into infrared light. This innovative technology is said to improve oxygen levels in the blood, which should help with inflammation and recovery for athletes and active couples. 

Active couples should like the mid-range firmness as it’s the most versatile to work for both partners. Even if you’re a back sleeper and your partner is a stomach sleeper, the firmness level should work for both. 

Why did we pick it?

  • The Bear Star Hybrid boasts a GREENGUARD Gold certification, which is a win for those seeking a more eco-conscious mattress.
  • The Bear Star Hybrid should provide good edge support thanks to its coil unit that prevents the perimeter from sagging if you sit or sleep near the edges of the bed. This allows couples to spread out across the mattress. 

Best Mattress for Couples with Different Preferences

Saatva Solaire


  • Latex and Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4-7/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

Maybe you and your partner aren’t on the same page regarding sleep styles, but the Saatva Solaire should help you meet in the middle. The Solaire’s primary support unit is an air chamber made from vulcanized latex, which means the latex is made to be more elastic. Depending on how firm you'd like the bed, you can adjust the air level via remote control from 1 to 50. Furthermore, Solaire beds that are a Queen size or larger come with two remote controls so that each side can be adjusted separately.

The Solaire’s firmness can range from a 4 to a 7 on our scale, so this mattress should work for all sleep positions.

What makes it unique?

  • The bed’s air chamber is a unique design that not only provides a customized firmness, but couples who choose a Queen size or larger can adjust their individual side of the bed.

Best Mattress for Heavy Couples

Titan Plus


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Stomach and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6.5-7/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

Titan Plus is a unique mattress designed specifically for heavyweight sleepers. The bed is one of the firmest models on the market, offering the right support and pressure relief for plus-size couples. In addition, it comes in a box, so carrying it from your door to your bedroom shouldn’t be an issue. 

The construction of this hybrid mattress starts with a layer of quilted memory foam, followed by TitanFlex™ for targeted pressure relief. Next is the 6-inch core with 961 individually wrapped TitanCaliber™ coils for industrial support. The core unit is reinforced with the 2-inch high-density base it sits on.

Why you’ll love it

  • Partners with different sleeping habits should like the motion isolation this bed provides. Although it’s a hybrid, the Titan Plus has individually-wrapped coils under two foam layers for maximum motion absorption.
  • The mattress has higher-gauge coils along the perimeter, allowing couples to spread out and use the entire surface of the bed.

Best Cooling Mattress For Couples

Cocoon Chill Memory Foam


  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for All Sleep Positions
  • Firmness Level: 6/10
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

Sharing a bed with someone means extra body heat, which can quickly become uncomfortable if you tend to sleep hot as is. As its name suggests, the Cocoon Chill from Sealy incorporates helpful cooling features to keep both partners comfortable throughout the night.

Cooling starts at the top with this mattress. The chill’s stretch-knit cover has phase-change technology, which means the material carries away heat when you’re hot and returns the warmth when you’re cold.

Why you’ll love it

  • The bed’s Perfect Fit Memory Foam should cradle your body, creating a sensation as though you’re lying in a cozy cocoon. This layer is complemented by the Responsive Comfort Layer, which absorbs motion transfer and prevents too much sinkage.
  • We expect you’ll find the Cocoon Chill an excellent option if you and your partner sleep hot, but the company gives you 100 nights to ensure it meets your needs.

What To Consider When You're Buying a Mattress as a Couple

Like any big purchase decision that you make with a partner, buying a mattress should begin with a discussion of your respective wants and needs. There are many factors that can impact how well you’ll sleep on your new bed, and you’ll want to consider each of them as you narrow down your choices.


First things first, the bed must have enough room and space for both of you. If your partner’s late night tossing and turning is a problem for you, maybe it is time to look for a bigger bed.

The ideal size for an average couple is Queen, but you can opt for a King or California King-sized bed if both of you need your own space while sleeping.

Be sure to check out the mattress size charts before you make a purchase.

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You know those nights where you can’t get comfortable, no matter what you do? Maybe the problem is that you’re lying flat and your body is telling you that it wants to be in a different position. Having the ability to switch sleeping positions is one of the biggest benefits.

Motion Isolation

A bed with excellent motion isolation is one of the most important products for many couples. For example, if one partner is a back sleeper that is prone to repositioning and is much heavier than the other partner who is a side sleeper. Without low motion transfer, the lighter partner could have trouble sleeping if they are a light sleeper.

You have couple of options here.

  • Compromise – This is normally the cheapest option. With the four choices, we listed here, 90% of you should be able to find a good bed that suits both partners.

  • Find an adjustable firmness mattress – These days there are many brands that offer an adjustable bed where both sides can have a different firmness level, and there are also double-sided products out there.


Memory foam beds  are great for minimizing motion transfer but you might lack that bouncy feel of custom foam or hybrids that some people love.

Animated Image of a Woman Testing Motion Isolation of a Mattress


The next step is to decide whether you prefer a hard, medium, or soft feel. This decision depends on your body type and favorite sleeping position.

Most of the cheaper brands offer a medium to firm feel which work well for a lot of people, but side sleepers may have extra pressure relief considerations and need something on the softer end of the spectrum. If you prefer a softer feel, you can either invest some money in a great mattress topper or opt for a mattress model that features a softer feel to begin with.


Although the price of a mattress does not always reflect on its quality, it is possible that the cheaper brands might lack appropriate pressure point relief and durability when compared to the slightly higher priced options. This is why it is important for you to get an understanding of the product.

Warranty & Return

Since the invention of bed in a box – a regular mattress that is compressed and vacuum-sealed in a box, there has been an increase in the number of online orders. Although it is possible that even if you made a fairly calculated purchase, there are some instances in which you might not be entirely satisfied with your bed.

One of the top reasons to purchase a boxed bed online is the amazing return and refund policies offered by most of the famous brands. It generally requires little to no hassle on the part of the buyer. So, you can literally sleep on it before you make your decision.

Investing In A New Mattress For You And Your Partner?

Whether you are looking at purchasing a new bed altogether or looking to exchange an old mattress for a new, comfortable option, investing some money in a decent bed in a box might have a lot more advantages than you might expect.

Sleep Like a King, Feel Like a King

A good night’s sleep is vital in the modern-day hustle and bustle. People who fail to get a deep, relaxing sleep on a regular basis can face a lot of physical and mental issues in the later stage of life.

Everyone's motives for buying a mattress might be different but if space is what you're looking for, be sure to check out our Best King Size Mattress page.

It is everyone's personal job to ensure they get rid of anything that comes in between themselves and a comfortable night of recuperation. These mattresses are designed to help you sleep more comfortably and adapt to your preferred sleeping position to provide a good feel.

Online shopping

Shopping online for a bed is way more convenient than traveling to the store and physically checking out each option. Also, the only way you can truly test a bed is by sleeping on it, and doing that as a couple in the store might raise a lot of eyebrows with so many people around you. The next step after choosing a bed will be driving the thing to your house.

Why go through all that hassle when you are able to choose and order a decent bed in a box online? You can take your time and browse through a plethora of options with actual customer satisfaction and review scores. There is a lot of information available online to help customers make a well-informed purchase.

Check Out Our Complete Guide Here: Best Online Mattress

Illustration of a Lady Buying Mattress Online

Price & Return Policy

The fact that bed in a box does not take extra effort on the seller’s part for storage and transportation generally makes them a lot cheaper than the beds on display in showrooms and stores. The generous return and refund policies offered by most brands is also another incentive for buying a mattress online.


All in all, investing some money in a great bedding system might be one of the best decisions you make as a couple. Also, buying a bed in a box is an excellent alternative to purchasing one from the store. It has the potential to save you a ton of time and money, and you can select from a wider range of options and sizes.

You can take advantage of a ton of information available online on each of the products before deciding. Take your time to research fellow customer reviews and satisfaction scores for further analysis before you pick one.

We sure hope this post helped you find what you are looking for. Let us know if you have any questions, we'd be happy to help!

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