Our Leesa Sapira Hybrid Bed Review for 2023

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Update: The Leesa Hybrid is now known as the Leesa Sapira Hybrid. The bed’s design remains the same.

Leesa’s Sapira Hybrid mattress combines multiple foam layers with 1,000+ pocket springs for advanced support and responsiveness. This award-winning mattress is great for combination sleepers and couples as it allows for easier repositioning and has fantastic edge support.

Leesa has built a reputation for itself by producing quality mattresses and giving back to the community. They give one mattress to a homeless shelter for every ten they sell. In addition to the Sapira, Leesa offers two other hybrid mattresses: the Original Hybrid and the Leesa Legend.

Our in-depth review of the Leesa Sapira Hybrid will give you a score of this bed based on an evaluation of comfort, edge-to-edge support, bounce, motion isolation, and more.

Keep reading for our full breakdown of the Sapira, or move on to the overall impression and score.

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You will love the Leesa Sapira Hybrid if you:

  • Are in the market for a hybrid – The bed offers many of the best features of both all-foam and innerspring mattresses, which make it a very comfortable and versatile bed. You should get a gentle cradle from the foam and the long-lasting support of a coil system.
  • Sleep on your back or stomach – The Leesa Sapira feels slightly firmer than average, which should be great for many back and stomach sleepers. These individuals typically look for a slightly firmer bed to keep their spine in alignment without sacrificing pressure-relieving comfort.
  • Change sleep positions – The Sapira Hybrid provides a quick response that makes it a breeze to change positions. This is a big advantage for combination sleepers.

You might not like the Leesa Sapira Hybrid if you:

  • Want an all-foam mattress – Beds with innerspring bases like the Sapira can offer a bit more bounce and generally have a different feel than a product made without them.
  • Need extra cooling – The Sapira Hybrid wasn't as cooling as other models. While the coils should help with airflow, you may not find as much heat transfer with this bed.

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Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid is compressed and delivered in a box. The mattress is suited for most solid frames and bases, including slatted frames, solid box springs, bunkie boards with box springs, adjustable bases, and platforms. The company also sells their own foundations through their website.

The Sapira’s cover is made from a soft knitted breathable polyester, and the company’s signature stripes give the bed a smooth and sleek finish. If necessary, this cover may be removed and machine washed inside-out on a delicate cycle, but the company recommends spot cleaning.

The Sapira Hybrid contains five distinct layers and stands 11 inches tall.

layers of leesa hybrid

  • The top layer is 1.5-inches of Cooling Premium Top Foam, which is aerated with pinholes to improve temperature regulation. The material is quick-responding and has some bounce for easy repositioning.
  • The comfort layer is a 1.5-inch thick memory foam that gently contours the sleeper’s curves and should provide pressure relief. Memory foam has a reputation for trapping heat, but by positioning this layer away from the body, that heat is more isolated.
  • The transition layer is 1 inch of core support foam that forms the transition between the comfort layers and coils. This unit also provides extra motion isolation and contouring.
  • The support layer is a 6-inch Quick Response Layer made from over a thousand pocketed coils extending from edge to edge for continuous support over the entire surface area.
  • The base is another 1-inch layer of stabilizing foam.

Image of Leesa Sapira Hybrid of the layers inside the mattress

Pain Relief Considerations

People who struggle with achy joints should always consider the bed’s capacity to relieve pain and pressure. This is especially important for sensitive areas like the hips, shoulders, and back. Here’s how the Leesa Sapira Hybrid performs for pain relief.

  • Hip Pain: Hip pain is most common with side sleeping, and the Sapira Hybrid may not be the best for this sleeping position. On the other hand, back sleepers with hip pain should find sufficient relief in this area.
  • Shoulder Pain: Back and stomach sleepers with shoulder pain should find pain relief thanks to the support and light cushioning. However, those sleeping on their side may not be in luck. If you have shoulder pain and prefer sleeping on your side, you may feel the pressure building up in this area.
  • Back Pain: Back pain is common with back sleeping, and the Sapira Hybrid should help alleviate the discomfort in this position. Stomach sleepers should also find pain relief, although some may prefer a firmer bed.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

On our scale of firmness, the Leesa Sapira Hybrid scored 6 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest. We would categorize this mattress as a medium-firm feel, which should be comfortable for most people and ideal for back sleepers.

As you lie down, your body will settle onto the foams. After a few seconds, you should feel the memory layer activate and provide additional contouring to your lower back. Most sleepers will find they sleep closer to the top of this bed rather than in it, giving a floating, cloud-like experience.

This bed’s aerated top foam, breathable cover, and coils work are designed to promote airflow and regulate temperature, but you likely won't experience as much cooling from this bed as other models. Sleeping closer to the top with more of your body’s surface area exposed will help though.

In addition to strong support, the coil layer provides some bounce. Even with a memory layer in the bed, the overall responsiveness of the mattress is fairly quick, which should ease repositioning. Combination sleepers who turn during the middle of the night should not have issues adjusting.

Mattress Firmness Level 6

Back sleepers can enjoy the firm support of pocketed coils that should keep their spine in good alignment while the foams contour to their spine. Read more about the most optimal support for people who sleep on their back here.

Side sleepers will likely notice pressure build-up when they lie on their side because of this bed's slightly firmer feel, though the support from the coil system should be good for side sleepers who carry more weight. Side sleepers who are significantly lighter and need more contouring may want to try the all-foam Leesa. And if you want to read more about their preferences, you can find useful information about side sleepers here.

Stomach sleepers who are lightweight should be well-served by this slightly firmer hybrid. The bed should keep their hips from sinking too deep, as this can create problems with spine alignment. Why do they need a firmer bed? Find out all about the stomach (belly) sleeper here if you're interested.

Overall, the Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a great choice for most sleepers.

Motion Transfer

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid performs well in this category compared to some other hybrid beds. Memory foam consistently shines with motion isolation. Plus, the pocketed coil system should work well to keep motion from transferring from one part of the bed to another. This is because a pocketed design allows the springs to flex independently of each other.

Couples (especially light sleepers) who worry about becoming a disruption to each other’s sleep at night can appreciate this bed’s motion isolation properties.

Product image of Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress

Edge Support

This mattress’ coil system extends edge-to-edge, which means support in the middle also extends to the sides and is exceptional compared to many other boxed beds. When sitting on the side, you should feel well-supported by the coils similar to lying in the center.

Edge support is especially important for people who share their bed and need to use more space on the mattress.

Trial, Warranty and Shipping Policies

Trial Period – You can try the Leesa Sapira for 100 nights to ensure it is right for you or return it for a full refund. You can initiate a return after 30 nights once the mattress is delivered to you. Leesa coordinates a pick-up from your home and handles the refund only after the first 30 days. Also, the mattress must be clean and undamaged because most returned mattresses are donated to a 501(c)(3) organization or charity.

Warranty – The brand furnishes a 10-year warranty. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and covers only physical faults in craftsmanship. The warranty does not cover any normal wear and tear caused by regular use or improper bed foundation. Leesa doesn’t charge for repairing or replacing a mattress under warranty, but you will be required to pay for transportation and shipping costs.

Shipping – Free shipping and returns are available throughout the USA and Canada. Leesa mattresses are made-to-order, so it may take longer to receive your bed. Once compressed, it takes 3 to 5 days for the mattress to arrive at your door. Leesa will send an email with tracking details. If you choose in-home delivery, it takes about seven business days for the Leesa in-home delivery partners to complete the setup once the mattress arrives.

Other Considerations

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – The foams have been evaluated for safety from harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and ozone depleters, including formaldehyde, lead, and mercury.
  • Giving Back – The Leesa company is committed to giving back to their community and donates one mattress for every ten mattresses sold. They also plant one tree for every mattress sold.
  • Adjustable Bed Compatible
  • Made in the USA

How Much Does The Leesa Sapira Hybrid Cost?

Cost is an important consideration when buying a new mattress, regardless of your budget. The cost of the Leesa Sapira Hybrid is considered average as it’s not the most expensive, but it’s also not the cheapest.

This Leesa mattress has multiple foam layers, cooling capabilities, individually-wrapped coils, edge-to-edge support, and excellent motion insolation, which is partly why it costs slightly more than other brands. Plus, hybrid mattresses are typically more expensive than all-foam models because of the addition of spring coils.

SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin38” x 75” x 11”$1,199
Twin XL38” x 80” x 11” $1,299
Full53” x 75” x 11”$1,599
Queen60” x 80” x 11”$1,899
King76” x 80” x 11”$2,099
Cali King72” x 84” x 11”$2,099


Does the Leesa Sapira Hybrid come in a box?

Leesa Sapira Hybrid is compressed and shipped in a box. Unless you choose in-home delivery, it’s up to you to unpack the mattress and allow it to decompress. It usually takes at least an hour for the Sapira Hybrid to decompress and several days for it to firm up.

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How long will the Leesa Sapira Hybrid last?

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid should last 8 to 10 years, which is average for hybrid mattresses. However, your bed's longevity depends on maintenance, how you use it, and the foundation you use it with.

Do you need a boxspring with a hybrid mattress?

You don’t need to have a box spring with a hybrid mattress, but a solid and reliable foundation is suggested. Leesa recommends a box spring as one of the options. The other two options are a slatted base and a solid platform, both of which should work well with the Sapira Hybrid.

Final Thoughts

8.9 Total Score

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a mattress that combines top-tier foams with a highly supportive coil system. The result is a product that should deliver long-lasting support and comfort.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money
Note: We did not include Trial/Warranty scores due to Amazon Associates Program stipulations. The Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a luxury-level hybrid from the makers of Leesa, a bed-in-a-box online retailer committed to giving back and providing truly excellent value. This quality hybrid should be especially comfortable for back sleepers, as it allows for a solid balance of gentle contouring and firmer support.

For those in the market for Leesa’s quality and durability with the bonus of a strong coil unit, this hybrid easily stacks up against higher-priced retail store options. Unlike most online mattress offerings, you can try it out before buying it at one of the company’s galleries or a West Elm brick-and-mortar store.

The Sapira is manufactured in the USA by a company that believes in investing in the future. This hybrid is a solid investment for you to consider as your next mattress.


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