Our Complete Nolah Mattress Review – Updated for 2020

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Want to help save the world while buying a bed that can save your joints? Nolah is an ultimate pressure-relieving all-foam mattress specifically designed for side sleepers. The soft upper foam layers should allow the pressure around the hips and shoulders to melt away, leaving you feeling better than ever.

With every mattress sold, the company donates a portion of its profits to saving wildlife, biodiversity, and nature. Nolah teams up with the Defenders of Wildlife, who have been working to protect the environment since 1947.

Read through our Nolah mattress review to find out whether it’s meant to be. Short on time? Skip ahead for a quick rundown.

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Nolah delivers ultimate pressure-relieving features in this all-foam mattress specifically designed for side sleepers.
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Who Do We Think Matches With Nolah?

  • Side sleepers – This bed excels in providing the pressure relief you need. The company positions its product as having four times less peak pressure than similar memory foam mattresses.

  • Safety warriors – Nolah’s CertiPUR-US® certification guarantees their product meets requirements for certain chemicals and substances that some competitors use in their high resilience foams.

  • World changers – A wildlife animal is adopted with each purchase, and returned mattresses are donated to local charities. In addition to their environmentally friendly bed-in-a-box shipping model, you can rest easy knowing you have a product that helps the planet.

Possible Nolah Complaints:

  • It may not support heavier folks well. – People who are significantly heavier back or stomach sleepers may need to consider another mattress to aid proper alignment.

Construction: What’s Inside Nolah?

Nolah mattresses are all-foam mattresses based on the latest advances in technology. It is made to be placed on a flat surface, such as a platform, box spring, floor, or closely slatted bed.

The trendy two-tone cover is made of natural Viscose fibers that have a soft, plush feel to the touch. The Viscose wicks moisture away from the body and helps to regulate body heat. Besides, the cover zips off for easy cleaning.

Under the cover, three foam layers make up the bed’s 10-inch height.

  • The top layer is made of 2-inch proprietary Nolah AirFoam™. Similar beds on the market are made with latex and memory foam, which the company claims are dated materials from the 1920s and 1970s, respectively. Their technological research and innovations led to the creation of the exclusive material, which they say sleeps cooler than memory foam infused with cooling gel. It is designed to be 100 percent temperature neutral. In addition, the brand says that it is more durable than latex.
  • The second layer consists of 1-inch latex-like support foam. This serves as a transition layer from the top to the bottom layer.
  • The third layeris a 7-inch high-density polyurethane base. This sturdy level provides the support and structure of the mattress. Its thickness and density help to even out the softness of the top two layers.
Nolah original layers of the mattress

First Impression: How Does It Feel?

A medium-level firmness means that most positions should feel supported and enjoy a comfortable night’s rest. This level of firmness has great pressure relief and support, making it great for almost anyone, as well as couples with differing needs.

While pushing into the top of the Nolah Original, you will feel the soft Viscose cover and the 2-inch foam layer. The experience is similar to memory foam in feel. The mattress’ responsiveness when pushing into it and releasing is in the middle of traditional slow memory foam and the quick elasticity of latex.

Nolah mattresses are slightly less firm than others on the market. It will get softer over time, so keep that in mind when buying or taking advantage of the trial period.

Firmness Scale: 5/10

Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Nolah original mattress firmness scale

Pressure Relief

Ever woken up with more aches and pains than you went to sleep with? You need a comfortable mattress that takes the pressure off your shoulders—literally. Side sleepers particularly struggle in this area, as the hips and shoulders tend to dig into the bed and can push your body in an uncomfortable position.

Nolah mattress holds nothing back in terms of pressure relief. The top layer is made of the company’s proprietary Nolah AirFoam™, which is soft, durable, and malleable. The materials should conform to your body so that you will feel gently cradled but not sink down so far that you are sleeping inside the bed.


Just like in parenting, you need both comfort and support when it comes to your mattress. Your spine needs a good, sturdy surface to remain straight throughout the years, one that won’t be susceptible to sagging. While Nolah Original is on the softer side, it does have a 7-inch high-density base, which should give the majority of sleepers the support that they need.

There isn’t much bounce on the surface, but repositioning shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most people. While you should sink in a bit on the top plush layers, the majority of sleepers should be able to adjust easily.

edge support nolah test

Preference-based Features


Vacuum-sealed and delivered to your doorstep, Nolah Original takes all the inconvenience out of mattress shopping.

Great Motion Isolation

Unlike traditional beds that have inexpensive innersprings and continuous coils, foam and memory foam beds are wonderful when it comes to motion transfer. This Nolah mattress is no exception. There is virtually no motion transfer on this bed.

motion transfer nolah test

Environmental Initiatives

The company has partnered with Defenders of Wildlife so that one wildlife animal is adopted with every purchase. You can decide which animal to protect while ordering and there are 20 species to choose from, ranging from polar bears to sea turtles. An adoption certificate will arrive in the mail separate from the mattress.

Adjustable Base Compatible

Place Nolah Original on any foundation, including adjustable bases. The company has its own adjustable bases available on its website—there is even one with built-in massage options!

Handcrafted in the USA


CertiPUR-US® Certified

This certification means that the bed contains non-existent/safe levels of certain harmful chemicals that could threaten your safety and the environment.

CertiPur Logo

Coupons, Trials, Warranties, and Shipping

  • Shipping - Shipping is free to the continental United States.
  • Trial - Nolah offers a 120-night trial period. This is slightly longer than the popular 100-night trial of similar brands. If you decide the Nolah mattress is not for you, not only will the company provide a refund, but they will have someone pick it up for free and donate the bed to a local charity or mattress recycling program.
  • Warranty - Your new mattress comes with a 15-year warranty with free repairs and replacements for damages covered under the warranty.
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin38” x 75” x 10”$549
Twin XL38” x 80” x 10”$699
Full54” x 75” x 10”$799
Queen60” x 80” x 10”$899
King76” x 80” x 10”$999
Cali King72” x 84” x 10”$999

Overall Summary

Nolah’s technological innovations have given side sleepers a reason to rejoice and their 120-day trial has given them one more reason to buy!

Side Sleeping Icon

Side Sleepers


Nolah Original works wonders for side sleepers. The company touts stats about offering four times less pressure on hips, shoulders, and back areas than other beds, which is a top priority for those on their sides.

Back Sleeping Icon

Back Sleepers


If you spend the majority of the night on your back, you’ll want something that hugs your curves and fills in space around the lumbar area to avoid any aches and back pain. This bed should do just that, but those who like a firmer option may prefer the mattress Nolah Signature Firm model. Check out buying considerations and our full guide for people who sleep on their back here.

Stomach Sleeping Icon

Stomach Sleepers


Tummy sleepers need a durable, sturdy mattress to help support their core and keep their spine straight. Generally, they prefer a firmer bed. Nolah Original has a plushy feel that may not offer the support that stomach sleepers need. You can learn more about the preferences of a belly sleeper here

Combination Sleeping Icon

Combination Sleepers


Maybe you don’t like to stay in any one position for too long – you are combination sleeper. Nolah Original has a versatile feel that should feel comfortable in whatever back, side, and stomach position you find yourself in. Plus, you shouldn’t feel trapped in the plush foam layers and should be able to move freely.

Couples Icon



Most couples will equally enjoy this bed for what it has to offer—the combination of pressure relief and edge support should be comfortable for both partners. The Nolah mattress foam has a good motion isolation so that you won’t be disturbed throughout the night. If one or both of you are on the heavier side, it may cause some problems with support.

Heavy Sleepers Icon

Heavy Sleepers


Significantly heavier individuals, especially those who are back sleepers or stomach sleepers, may need to consider another mattress. Nolah Original's plush feel may not offer the necessary support from sinking into the bed.

Light Weight Sleepers

Light-Weight Sleepers


Those that are lighter weight should appreciate the soft upper foams that caress the curves and transition into the lower support. Because Nolah mattress is on the softer side, lighter sleepers should be able to feel the benefits of all the layers.

Overall Value


Side sleepers especially rave about Nolah Original’s mattress. The pressure relief in heavier areas and temperature neutral top layer create a comfortable night’s sleep. If you are a side sleeper, we highly recommend this comfortable mattress.

Similar mattresses in stores retail for upwards of $2,800, meaning that you could save thousands of dollars on a quality bed by ordering through the company’s website.

The company’s commitment to the environment through helping endangered animals and maintaining CertiPUR-US® certifications has us feeling great about the decision to buy from a company with high standards that gives back to our planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nolah Air Foam, and why is it so great?

The Nolah mattress brand specially creates Airfoam, and it promises to be exceptionally durable and temperature neutral to let users sleep comfortably. It also claims to relieve pressure better than traditional memory foam, having 4x as much pressure relief and promising to let those who struggle with aches and pains to wake up feeling great.

Can I try it out risk-free?

Within the 120 day trial period, you should have no obligation to keep the mattress, letting you try it out for almost four full months to ensure it’s the right bed. Ample time for just about anyone to make sure they’re investing in a product that they look forward to sleeping on for years to come.

Does Nolah save endangered animals?

Nolah’s website explains how they have partnered with the organization, Defenders of Wildlife to protect public land and its inhabitants. With each mattress purchased, they take the money customers would have spent on shipping and put it towards adopting and defending a wild animal to protect them from extinction. They even send you an official certificate of adoption. Pretty cool!

What is the Nolah mattress made of?

Nolah is a technology-driven company started by a duo with years of experience. Realizing traditional mattress materials like Latex and Memory Foam are under-performing, Nolah has used science and technology to create a truly unique and patented material called AirFoam. It doesn’t contain harmful viscoelastic chemicals, unlike some memory foam mattresses.

How firm is the Nolah mattress?

The Nolah Original is specifically designed to suit all sleepers, even stomach sleepers and heavier sleepers, who often prefer a firmer mattress. It’s created to be universally comfortable, offering a medium firmness. The product combines the support and bounce of latex and the soft contour of Memory Foam through a unique material, their patented AirFoam.

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