The 10 Best Rated Mattresses for Heavy People – Our 2022 Picks

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Waking up well-rested is fundamental to leading a quality life, but if you’re sleeping on a poor mattress, that could become challenging. Snoozing on a bed that doesn’t support you could compromise your health if you’re not getting enough rest. If you’re looking for a bed intended to accommodate heavier weights, you’re in the right place!

10 Best Mattresses for Heavy People

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With our years of experience and industry expertise, we want to help you find the mattress of your dreams no matter what your size. We’ve reviewed dozens of mattresses at Sleep Advisor and we break down our findings in plain terms. We highlight the most critical features to help our readers efficiently compare products so you can choose the right product confidently.

The mattresses we’ve analyzed in this article are designed to support up to 300 lbs. and we discuss our favorite beds to suit these frames.

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Our Top Rated Mattresses for Heavy People Compared

Editor's Pick

Titan Plus

The Titan Plus uses patented coils to provide industrial support and reduce motion isolation while cooling technology helps keep sweat to a minimum.


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Back and Stomach Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6.5-7/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

Brooklyn Bedding is an Arizona-based company that has positioned itself as a cooling expert, and their expertise extends to their Titan Plus model, a hybrid mattress designed for larger folks.

The 6” of TitanCaliber™ coils provide quality support, keeping your spine aligned and joints relieved while allowing air to circulate through to reduce heat. In addition, there is a layer of gel memory foam that is resistant to impressions and keeps the bed’s surface from getting too warm.

If you run particularly hot, you can choose to add premium phase change technology to the bed’s cover for maximum cooling on contact. This material can be sewn into the top layer for an additional cost.

Why did it make our list?

  • TitanCaliber™ coils provide superior support and excellent motion isolation making it a strong choice for couples.
  • 2 inches of TitanFlex™ foam offers targeted pressure relief and responsive contouring, ideal for back support.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Heavy People

WinkBeds Plus

This hybrid mattress is tailor-made for heavier sleepers and uses special foam and coils in its construction to offer fantastic support.


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Great for All Sleeping Positions
  • Firmness Level: Multiple Options Available
  • 120-Day Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

WinkBeds has designed a bed for plus-sized sleepers and their needs in mind, offering a supportive and comfortable experience to cushion your body and align your spine.

WinkBed Plus differs slightly from the original model in that it replaces the layer of micro-coils with 7-zoned latex, which is supported by a layer of zoned coils specifically designed for long-term durability.

Considering those who sleep hot, the latex layer combined with a Tencel cover works to keep your body cool through the night. The construction of this product has exceptional bounce, offering top-notch lift while still providing motion isolation.

What makes it unique?

  • The ExtraEdge™ support provided by WinkBed is top of the line. If you want to optimize your space next to a partner or enjoy sitting on the side, you’ll appreciate the edge support.
  • WinkBed’s SleepCalm™ technology features a stabilizing gel foam layer providing superior motion isolation, making it a terrific option for couples.

Best Mattress for Heavy People with Lower Back Pain

Helix Plus

Helix aims to create a comfortable bed for everyone, and their Plus model provides soft pressure relief with the durability and support that plus-size sleepers might be looking for.


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for All Sleeping Positions
  • Firmness Level: Customizable
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

The Helix Plus is specially built for heavier folks between 250 and 300 pounds. It’s remarkably comfortable for various sleepers, offering an excellent combination of support and pressure relief, aligning your spine and relieving achy joints.

Formerly introduced as Nightfall, Plus is Helix’s answer to the needs of larger sleepers and uses higher density foams and thicker coils. However, don’t be put off, it still offers a soft, pressure-relieving hug and medium-firm feel without excessive sinkage.

Helix Plus’ cooling features keep you from overheating during the night. Its coil layer promotes airflow, and the open-cell foam prevents heat from being trapped, allowing for a cooler feel and more comfortable rest.

What stands out?

  • Helix is a great option for couples as the company makes “split” products with different firmness levels on either side of the mattress for various preferences.
  • It provides an excellent combination of pressure relief and support for a variety of sleeping positions.

Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers

DreamCloud Premier

The DreamCloud Premier’s plush Eurotop combined with pressure-relieving memory foam should give heavier side sleepers a comfortable surface to sleep on. 


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 5.5/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Forever Warranty

Pressure can easily accumulate in the side sleeping position, particularly for those with larger frames. The DreamCloud Premier’s comfy hybrid design should deliver a could-like feel to alleviate that pressure, and for this reason, we feel the Premier is best suited for side sleepers.

The top of the DreamCloud Premier consists of a plush Eurotop with two foam layers. The first is memory foam, a superior material for pressure relief because it can cradle the sleeper’s body well. The second foam layer in the Eurotop is an inch of soft foam. This extra-plush Eurotop is a great asset and should feel extra cozy after a busy day.

Why we picked it

  • In addition to the plush Eurotop, the DreamCloud Premier comes with another 2.5 inches of memory foam for even more pressure relief.
  • DreamCloud offers an exceptional deal for shoppers with a full-year trial and forever warranty.

Best Value Mattress for Heavy People

Nectar Premier Copper

Nectar’s Premier Copper mattress should deliver solid support and cooling to heavier sleepers while maintaining a competitive price point.


  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Forever Warranty

The Premier Copper is a memory foam mattress from Nectar that offers significant upgrades. For many heavier sleepers, overheating at night may be an issue. To curb this problem, Nectar has implemented copper fibers into this mattress to transfer away heat. These copper fibers are placed in the bed’s cover, so that sleepers feel the cooling effects right on the surface. 

Another upgrade in this mattress is an extra-thick base layer for added support. The Premier Copper features an additional two inches of foam in this layer, delieving enhanced support to heavier sleepers and preventing them from sinking too deep.

Why do we love it?

  • Nectar provides customers with one of the most valuable trial and warranty deals. With the purchase of a Nectar Premier Copper, you get a full-year to try out the bed and a forever warranty.
  • The addition of cooling copper fibers and thicker support should make this a great fit for many heavier sleepers. 

Best Innerspring Mattress for Heavy People

Saatva HD

Saatva’s HD model is inspired by its luxury flagship brand but uses zoned latex for pressure relief and extra strong coils to ensure lasting durability.


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Stomach and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 7/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

Saatva’s affordable luxury brand has branched out to include plus-size sleepers with the flagship Saatva HD. This mattress differs slightly, swapping dual-coil construction for 5-zoned Talalay latex and 12.5 gauge coils, which the company states are 25% stronger than the industry standard.

Organic cotton combined with comfort layers soothes pressure points while giving larger frames the support they need to maintain spinal alignment. Tempered steel coils are threaded with helical wire, which the company claims reduces motion transfer while improving lumbar support at the center of the bed. This attention to zoning helps to ensure that your body is cradled evenly in a neutral sleep posture that can help minimize back strain.

What makes it stand out?

  • High-density foam rails surround the perimeter providing optimal edge support, letting you hop in and out of bed with ease.
  • The Saatva features hand-tufted finishing, keeping materials in place to prevent body impressions or shifting layers.

Best Cooling Mattress for Heavy People

Emma CliMax

The Emma CliMax serves hot sleepers well with its breathable and moisture-wicking layers.


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Back and Stomach Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 7.5/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

The Emma CliMax is a hybrid that’s ideal if you’re a heavyweight sleeper who not only needs a supportive mattress but also one that’s adept at cooling. The CliMax’s cover is moisture-wicking, so there’s no need to worry about any sweat pooling around you and impacting the quality of your new bed. 

You should also find that the comfort foams in this mattress are breathable, which is excellent for helping you stay cool all night long. Another perk to having a hybrid mattress is the additional airflow that comes from the coils.

What makes this unique?

  • The Emma CliMax offers advanced support for those with larger frames while ensuring that these sleepers help remain cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  • Customers who purchase an Emma CliMax get a year-long trial period to test out this bed at home and ensure it lives up to their expectations.

Best Extra-Firm Mattress for Heavy People

Plank Firm

The Plank Firm helps ensure heavier sleepers remain on top of the mattress rather than it.


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Stomach and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 9/10 (Extra-Firm Side)
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

For those who carry significantly more weight, an extra-firm mattress can be a real game changer. When you weigh more, you’re more susceptible to sinking too much into the mattress. However, an ultra-firm design can help ensure you remain on top of the mattress for better support and comfort. 

The Plank Firm features a dual-sided design. On one side is the Firm option, and on the opposite side is the Extra-Firm. The Extra-Firm side should be ideal for many heavier stomach and back sleepers who’ve been struggling to find something firm enough for their sleep preferences. The Plank Firm's 9/10 firmness rating for the Extra-Firm side makes it one of the firmest beds on our site. 

What stands out?

  • The bed’s dual-sided firmness design gives sleepers more leverage in choosing their ideal comfort level. Therefore, if the Extra-Firm side isn’t to your liking, you can flip the mattress over and try out the Firm side.

Best Luxury Mattress for Heavy People

Nolah Evolution

Nolah’s Evolution mattress is bringing luxury to heavier sleepers with an advanced hybrid design that includes impressive cooling features.


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

If you’re looking for a mattress upgrade, the Nolah Evolution offers some exceptional features, particularly when it comes to cooling. Many heavy sleepers experience overheating at night, but the Evolution comes with five ways to help these folks stay cool and comfortable all night long.

The Evolution’s cooling properties include a breathable organic cotton cover, cooling Euro topper with ArcticTex™ fibers, AirBreath™ Heat Escape Gusset, AirFoamICE™ graphite-infused foam, and extra airflow from the coil layer.

Nolah has placed reinforced coils along the Evolution’s perimeter so that sleepers feel equally supported along the sides of the mattress. This is a great feature for couples and anyone who wants to spread out when they sleep.

What should you know?

  • The Nolah Evolution has a 6/10 firmness rating, which should fit heaver side sleepers best. 
  • The bed’s 15-inch profile gives lots of layering to help prevent heavier sleepers from sinking through.

Best Mattress for Heavy Couples

Bear Hybrid

From the cover to the coils, this bed comes with several environmental certifications to ensure a safe, eco-friendly product and a smaller carbon footprint.


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

If you and your partner carry more weight, the bed you’re sharing needs to give you both ample support. Heavier couples should find a good match with the Bear Hybrid, which has five premium layers to keep you well-supported throughout the night.

The first two layers of the Bear Hybrid provide plush comfort, followed by a third foam layer to ease you into the firm coil unit. The coils are the primary support mechanism and at the base is an inch of high-density support foam for added durability.

Why we love it

  • Sharing a bed with someone means extra body heat. The Bear Hybrid incorporates multiple cooling features through the mattress, such as cooling gel, a breathable transition foam, and springs.
  • Bear mattresses are unique because their covers are made with Celliant®, a performance textile that reportedly improves inflammation and blood flow by converting kinetic energy into infrared light.

How To Choose a Mattress for Overweight People

Although there are general standards that can help anyone choose a new bed, people with over 200+ pounds have special needs that should not be ignored.

1. Quality Materials

This is critical in most cases. Using lower quality materials will most likely result in sagging and worse sleep experience after some time. Even though most beds last for well over six years nowadays, if you opt for cheap products with low-quality materials you will most likely have to change it after 2-3 years and that’s not something many of us want to do often.

2. Thickness

If you are less than 200 lbs, a 10” bed is more than enough in most cases. If you are heavier than this, you will want to consider 12” or thicker with good deep compression support.

Keep in mind that some products offer extra thick layers that provide enough support even at 10-11”.

Image showing four layers of foam designed to provide exceptional support

3. Firmness

You can decide your ideal firmness level by first determining your ideal sleeping position. Heavier people typically require medium to medium-firm. A higher weight tends to create more sinkage and hug, and you could experience back pain if not properly supported.

Expect an additional 1-2” of sinkage if you are over 230-250 lbs. You can help to compensate for that on a firmness scale by choosing around 7-8 out of 10. However, depending on the brand and its construction, there can be some exceptions.

Want more info? Read our full mattress firmness guide.

Ideal bed firmness for heavier people

4. Sleeping Positions

What mattress you pick out depends on more than just your body size and shape. You will also need to consider what sleep positions you tend to gravitate towards because your weight is distributed in different ways and will require different support and comfort considerations.


For side sleepers, pressure relief is key because in this position your full body weight is pressing into the mattress along a narrower surface area. For many sleepers in this position, a plusher bed is a better match because the softness allows all their weight to sink in and conform to their curves to minimize pressure. Heavier folks need to be wary, though, that their weight does not bottom out in the softer materials, and a firmer bed may be better suited for their body, even when they are lying on their side.

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The preferences for back sleepers tend to be all over the map, depending on where you carry your weight and what feel you like best. Some back sleepers like a firmer bed that puts a greater emphasis on support, but a firmer bed may not be as comfortable for some, especially those with pain points to consider. You’ll want to look for the right balance to cradle your shape while also supporting your lumbar and spine alignment.

Our In-depth Guide: Beds For Back Sleepers


Heavier folks in particular need to be mindful of stomach sleeping as beds that are not firm enough can leave their hips uncomfortably dipped inside the mattress, which makes it difficult for the spine to remain in a neutral position. If you are a person who carries most of your weight in your hips and abdomen, you’ll likely want to steer towards firmer beds.

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If you have trouble committing to one sleep position and are more actively flipping around at night, you’ll want to consider beds that are aimed at versatility. You should also think about which sleep positions you sleep in most often.

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Animated Gif Of a Combination Sleeper

The needs of a side and back combination may be different than a back and stomach combination. See recommendations above, and look for beds that can tick the boxes in special considerations for each of your preferences.

5. Cooling and Temperature Regulation

One of the most common complaints from overweight and larger folks is that they get too hot during sleep. It usually happens when your mattress doesn’t have enough room to breathe and to provide enough air circulation.

In most cases, foam material “sleeps hot” when compared to latex, innersprings, and hybrids. These days, this problem can be solved if you don’t buy cheaper options and opt for more premium products. Most of these also have a gel layer or infusion which serves as additional cooling material on top of your bed.

Considering how widespread this issue is even for light sleepers, manufacturers created specialized “cooling” beds to improve airflow properties and heat distribution.

See Our In-depth Guide: Top Rated Cooling Beds

6. Edge Support

This isn’t mandatory, but it’s great to have if you use your bed during the day. If you frequently sit on the edge, this can play a significant role. It also means that your bed should be more durable and last longer, and it is usually an indication of a premium product.

Hybrid and coil-on-coil construction have historically provided great mattress edge support.

7. Couples Considerations

Different body sizes require different blends of comfort and support, and a bed with enough support for a heavier person may feel like a rock for someone who is much lighter. Couples who are very different may consider a brand that offers dual-sided firmness so that each partner may select what works best for them.

If both you and your partner are substantially heavier than average, you do have a handful of options out there. In recent years, the online market has introduced beds designed specifically for heavier folks with enhanced support systems and durability.

Read Our Full Guide: Best Mattress for Couples

illustration of a couple with different body sizes sleeping in one bed

8. Consider Your Foundation

In some cases, a mattress is only as good as its foundation, so if you’re using a simple boxspring or slatted base with a memory foam bed that requires a solid foundation, you might not be getting the best support possible out of your bed. In worse cases, you could be putting yourself in danger.

Keep in mind that the manufacturer’s recommendation usually isn’t just a suggestion, it’s necessary for the proper support of your bed. Using the wrong foundation could even void a mattress warranty. It may not be a bad idea to look into foundations offered by the same company you buy your mattress from to see what they recommend.

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Are There Good Budget Brands?

So many people spend years sleeping on an outdated or saggy mattress because they just don’t think their finances can accommodate something new. Heavier people not only wear out their sleep space much quicker compared to more average-sized individuals, they also may falsely believe that a brand capable of supporting their body comfortably is automatically outside the limits of their budget.

Online mattress companies have opened the door for many people – heavier folks included – to a high quality sleep that they can afford. Some details that heavier folks may look for include firmness option, as a firmer bed is likely to feel softer to someone who is heavier. They might also want to look for zoning in the support layers, as this can help keep even the heaviest portions of their bodies level with the rest of their shape.

Features like enhanced support and firmer foams and coils can cost a lot in retail stores, but many online brands may be able to offer similar features at a greatly reduced price.

Type Of Mattresses for Heavy People

There are many types and materials on the market today. Each style has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to overweight people. In this section, we’ll break down the major bed types (memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid) and how they can affect heavy sleepers.

memory foam latex innerspring and hybrid mattress

Memory Foam

According to many large sleepers, memory foam is one of the best bed types out there. Why?

Memory foam mattresses, whether they are on the hard or soft side, are designed to even out pressure points. One of the biggest complaints that obese sleepers have is that certain areas of their body end up hurting (i.e., their back or hips). Memory foam works to provide evening support that contours to the body.

Despite the numerous benefits, this mattress style can cause people to feel hot due to the lack of breathability in the material. Worry not, there are some great cooling memory foam options on the market today.


For overweight people, latex mattresses are a solid option as well. Latex tends to be much better at keeping you cool, unlike most traditional l foam bed options out there. That said, you're going to get a different feel than we discussed above.


If you do decide to purchase an innerspring, make sure to go with a high-quality option. A sign of this type of quality is a coil-on-coil build. This technology uses springs which make the support better, especially for big people.

When going with a coil-on-coil vs. a cheaper alternative — one of the biggest complaints of traditional innersprings is that the support and comfort don’t last long.

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As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is simply the combination of two or more types of material. Unless we know the exact bed you’ve chosen, we can’t say whether it’s a perfect match for you or not.

A great hybrid mattress would be a memory foam and latex or foam/coil combo. Foam offers great pain relief, which is something heavy people deal with while sleeping. And the latex or coils can help keep your body cool at night while adding more bounce.

Bed in a Box

illustration of a man unboxing bed in a box

Many newer mattress models are being sold online and go through a compression process that allows them to be roll-packed into smaller boxes for easier shipping. This process greatly reduces overhead, and many bed-in-a-box brands are able to offer pretty outstanding savings and value for their price.

To help facilitate this boxing process, however, these brands use materials that can be compressed. Folks with heavier weight considerations should evaluate brands carefully for manufacturer recommended weight limits and features that can offer them the additional support they might require. Boxed brands with zoned support systems, foam and coil hybrids, firmer materials, or extra height might be a better match.

You should not believe, however, that your weight considerations preclude shopping for your mattress online. There are many online brands that specifically target higher weight concerns by not compressing their product, and there bed-in-a-box brands with added details that should support your frame just as comfortably as an in-store model.

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Benefits Of Owning a Bed For Heavy People

The worst part about owning a product that is not good for you is that you might not realize it until you get one that makes the difference.

If you are a heavy person, or in the morbid obesity category, it can get even worse with a bad mattress: backaches, inadequate support, and high temperatures during sleep can make your nights everything but enjoyable.

On the other hand, if you happen to take the time to know what to search for when buying a new bed, you can end up with something that will change your life. Not only can neck and lumbar pains disappear, but you could even get one that will help regulate the heat at night, making your sleep a much cooler one.

Moreover, your body will be supported, and you won’t feel like you are sleeping on a water bag. All of these things together can improve your body’s posture, muscular health, and even your mood! Because who does not wake up bad-tempered the morning after a bad night?

Having these aspects in mind, we compiled the top mattresses for overweight people that we found in our research and hope you enjoyed the list.

FAQ about Mattresses for Heavy People

Can Extra Weight Cause Sleep Apnea?

According to research, excess weight can definitely put one at risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea because softer tissues in your mouth and throat can obstruct your breathing, which affects your oxygen levels and sleep.

One of the most common suggestions for reducing the symptoms of OSA is weight loss. Unfortunately, it all creates a frustrating cycle because insufficient sleep can cause you to gain weight and the extra weight can stand to make your condition worse. Intervention by a doctor for one or both of these conditions should put you on the road to recovery.

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When you already know what to look for, picking the Best Mattresses for Heavy People can become an easier task, especially after you find out how much of your life can improve by only having a deep and sound sleep at night.

A large person can consider a firm bed that supports their body and regulates the temperature during sleep, and this is why we picked these beds and categorized them so you can know what to anticipate from each model.


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