Best King Size Mattress – Top Products Reviewed for 2023

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For many people, a king size mattress represents a dreamy upgrade. These beds offer an abundance of room to stretch out, even if you share your sleeping space with a partner, kids, or pets.

The best king size mattress for your bedroom will be a reliable source of comfort across its entire surface. Depending on what kind of firmness and feel you enjoy, you might look at a few different types of materials when upping your bed size to a king. So, we’ve collected our top king size mattresses here for you to browse, in the hopes of finding you a royally perfect match.

Our Best King Size Mattress Picks

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10 Top-Rated King Size Mattresses, Reviewed

Editor's Pick



  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Great for Back and Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6.5/10
  • 365-Night Trial Period
  • Forever Warranty

For shoppers looking for value but don't want to sacrifice support or pressure relief, Nectar paves the way to enhanced sleep without a high price tag. With three layers of top-quality foams, you can look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep.

Nectar’s price has been attractive to online shoppers because it's such a great deal and because the brand goes beyond expectations by using a variety of quality foams that offer temperature regulation and gentle comfort.

So, what’s the big deal?

  • Nectar performs well for edge support, meaning couples or single sleepers should get to use the full surface space of their King-size bed.
  • Nectar rates well for motion isolation, which means the mattress minimizes the transfer of motion across the bed, which is helpful for couples.
  • The company provides a generous 365-night trial and forever warranty with your purchase.

Best King Size Mattress for Pressure Relief

Helix Midnight


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6-7/10
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Years Warranty

The Helix Midnight is a hybrid mattress with foam and coils providing pressure relief and support. The mattress fits side and lightweight back sleepers, but heavier individuals and stomach sleepers may prefer a firmer bed.

The coil unit features individually-wrapped coils to minimize motion transfer, so the Helix is good for couples with different sleeping preferences. The bed has thicker-gauge coils in the perimeter for added edge support, allowing you to use the entire surface of the bed. The Helix Midnight uses memory foam to reduce the pressure on the hips, shoulders, and lower back. Memory foam is known as one of the best materials that conform to the body to relieve pressure build-up.

What stands out?

  • The Helix Midnight has a Soft Touch Design Cover made of soft-knit fabric. The cover enhances breathability, preventing the foam layers from overheating.
  • This hybrid mattress features a comfort layer made of a blend of high-density memory foam.

Best Innerspring King Size Mattress

Saatva Classic


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Great For Back And Stomach Sleepers
  • Three firmness levels: firm, luxury firm, and plush soft
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

Saatva’s sales model cuts down prices by selling directly to customers online. Night after night, this affordable luxury provides sleepers the opportunity to sleep on ultra relieving comfort.

Saatva implements a double spring design, with strong coils beneath a pocket coil system that helps maximize bounce, comfort, overall support. This option should be great for combination sleepers. The responsiveness assists with rolling over and the extra bounce could be ideal for couples wanting something new in their sex life.

Why do we love it?

  • Topping off Saatva is an euro pillow top crafted from organic cotton. Beneath this is a layer of memory foam that helps with pressure relief and increasing the overall comfort of the bed.
  • Saatva offers free white glove delivery, meaning there is no unboxing period or heavy lifting. You can throw sheets and pillows on it right away and enjoy a luxurious night of sleep right away.

Best King Size Mattress for Couples

DreamCloud Premier


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Great For Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 5.5/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

Five different layers of foams and individually wrapped coils help this bed reach its 14-inch profile. This model was made to help sleepers obtain maximum shuteye by targeting their comfort and support needs. This bed’s price tag is cheaper than many other luxury brands but does not sacrifice quality. 

The DreamCloud Premier has a medium firmness that should work well for couples, and the brand uses individually wrapped coils to help minimize motion transfer for a more peaceful rest.

What makes it special?

  • DreamCloud Premier is furnished with a Cashmere-blend cover that’s quilted to 2 inches of foam, including 1 inch of gel-infused memory foam. This should provide excellent pressure relief for those struggling with aches and pains.
  • Reinforced edges allow couples to take advantage of the full surface area and should be helpful for those needing support getting out of bed.

Best Bed-in-a-Box King Size Mattress

The WinkBed


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4.5/10 (Soft), 6.5/10 (Luxury Firm), 7.5/10 (Firm)
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The WinkBed mattress comes compressed in a box regardless of the size you choose. WinkBed ships the mattress directly to your door, which is convenient if you’re after a large bed like King or Queen. You can choose the firmness level based on your preferred sleeping position. Back and stomach sleepers may prefer the firmer models, while side sleepers should enjoy the soft WinkBed.

This hybrid mattress is suitable for hot sleepers, thanks to its gel-infused foam. The gel prevents overheating and helps reduce night sweats by cooling the body. The second layer is SupportCell foam, followed by the innerspring unit with 8-inch coils and a layer of polyfoam for added support.

What stands out?

  • The innerspring layer has five zoned support points to relieve pressure in sensitive areas while providing support and responsiveness for easy repositioning.
  • The WinkBed has a Tencel cover that enhances breathability, preventing the foam layers from overheating.

Best King Size Hybrid Mattress

Bear Star Hybrid


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

Hybrid mattresses offer some impressive perks for shoppers because they’re built with both foam and coils. The Bear Star Hybrid is a 13-inch tall mattress equipped with five premium layers.

The first layer is a copper-infused memory foam that should provide plushness and temperature regulation. Below this memory foam is a layer of comfort foam, which is made to adapt to different body types and sleep positions, a benefit for couples sharing a King-size bed. This layer also serves as a transitional unit between the top foams and the coils below, while also maintaining responsiveness and airflow.

Why do we love it?

  • The coil unit is really where this bed shines for support. This 8-inch thick innerspring layer should ensure your spine remains well-aligned throughout the night.
  • The base of this bed is a highly-dense foam for added durability and long-lasting use.

Best King Size Mattress for Side Sleepers



  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for Side Sleepers 
  • Firmness Level: 5.5/10
  • 101-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Puffy mattress has the 2-inch Cooling Cloud Foam layer as its first layer. The top layer is designed to adapt to your body’s curves, especially when sleeping on the side. The Cooling Cloud Foam is gel-infused to cool hot sleepers and prevent overheating.

The second layer is the transition layer made of 2-inch Climatecomfort™ Foam. This layer eases the pressure, preventing it from building up on the hips, shoulders, and legs. The mattress base features 6 inches of Firm Core Support Foam for stability and structure. The foam layers hug the body, which side sleepers will like the most, but back and stomach sleepers may like a firmer surface.

Why we like it:

  • The Puffy offers good motion isolation, so it’s good for couples with different sleeping habits.
  • The bed is certified by the OEKO-TEX®, meaning that the cover passed safety inspections for potentially harmful substances.

Best Cooling King Size Mattress

Helix Dawn


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Firmness Level: 7.5/10
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

The king-size Helix Dawn cools down sleepers with a breathable cover, the airflow around its coils, and foams that avoid heat retention. (If you want extra cooling power, you can upgrade the cover to a GlacioTex™ version.) Instead of classic memory foam, this bed features Helix Dynamic Foam—a material that emulates the airy feel of latex—as its first foam layer.

The spring unit and the proprietary foams in the Dawn give it a firmer feel that’s perfect for people who prefer minimal sinkage. Back and stomach sleepers should appreciate the even, stable support that this bed offers.

Why does it stand out?

  • The Dawn balances comfort with palpable support. Our reviewers felt that they were resting “on top of” rather than “inside” the mattress.
  • The long sides of the Dawn have reinforced coils for sturdy edge support.

Best Luxury King Size Mattress

Nolah Evolution


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side, Stomach, and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 5/10 (Plush), 6-7/10 (Luxury Firm), 8/10 (Firm)
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Nolah Evolution brings luxury to the next level, offering three firmness options, six sizes, and premium materials to fit all sleeping positions. The bed has five layers and is 15 inches tall, featuring foam and coils for support, airflow, and comfort.

The Nolah Evolution features proprietary materials like the AirBreath™ Heat Escape Gusset, HDMax™ coils, and the AirFoamICE™ foam layer. The coil unit responds to movement, making it easy to reposition without falling into the mattress. The perimeter features reinforced coils for enhanced edge support, allowing you to spread out and sit near the edge of the bed.

Why do we love it?

  • The Nolah Evolution is available in three firmness options, allowing you to choose based on your sleeping preferences.
  • The bed’s foams are CertiPUR-US certified as free of chemicals and heavy metals.

Best King Size Mattress for Back Sleepers

Layla Memory Foam


  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for Side, Stomach, and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4/10 (Soft), 7/10 (Firm)
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Layla Memory Foam mattress is a 2-in-1 bed with two firmness options. One side is soft, and the other is firm, allowing you to choose based on your sleeping preferences. The soft side is good for side sleepers who like the hugging feel and pressure relief. The firm side is more suitable for stomach and back sleepers who need more support.

The Layla Memory Foam bed features the Copper-Gel Memory Foam as its second layer. The copper foam reacts to increased pressure, hugging the body while providing ample support where you need it the most. Copper is naturally antimicrobial, making this Layla mattress good for allergy-prone people.

Why do we love it?

  • The third layer is the Max Airflow Support Foam, designed to enhance cooling and prevent the other foam layers from overheating.
  • The Layla Memory Foam makes it easy to choose a firmness without having to purchase two mattresses.

Buyer's Guide for Purchasing a King Size Mattress

Who Should Own a King Size Mattress?

A king size mattress is an appropriate choice for anyone who needs a lot of space when they sleep. You should consider a king size mattress if you …

  • Sleep with a partner
  • Have children who sometimes share your bed
  • Allow your pet(s) to sleep on the bed
  • Tend to sprawl out or move a lot when sleeping
  • Feel like your current, smaller mattress is too cramped

Of course, you might want a king size bed simply because it feels luxurious or looks great as the centerpiece of your bedroom. There’s no wrong reason to spring for a king, as long as it accommodates your sleep needs and preferences.

Benefits of This Size

A King mattress is a size most sleepers hope to dream on at some point. If you are reading this article, hopefully, this means your King-sized bed is just beyond the horizon.

A King size mattress is a great transition for people used to sleeping on Queen that find that they now need some extra room. This size provides sufficient surface area for two sleepers to stretch and spread out, so hopefully no more sleeping on the edge. If sleepers have kids or fluffy friends hopping in and out of bed, the surface area of a King can give everyone the space they need.

In addition to this, a King offers distance between sleepers, a feature that not only provides more room but also helps with motion isolation when one partner experiences a restless night’s sleep. If you co-sleep, this dimension facilitates cuddling but also leaves plenty of room to spread out when cuddle time ends. If cuddle time leads to something else, a King size mattress can be ideal for night time activities.

This size is also great for heavier and taller individuals who literally need more space to distribute their weight and stretch out.

Interested in exploring further? Look into our full mattress size chart.

Illustration of Two Sexually Active People in the Bed

King and California King Differences

A King mattress is going to be wider while a California King is going to be slightly longer. Both have the same overall surface area. Here are the key differences between the King and California King:

  • A King mattress is 76” x 80”. This is the most common size and the dimension is good for most couples and people who just need some extra space along the edge of the bed. This is 16 inches wider than a standard Queen size mattress and the same length as a Queen.
  • A California King is 72” x 84”. This model often works for taller individuals who need some extra foot room. The California King takes 4 inches from the width and adds that to the length. This would be 12 inches wider than a standard Queen and 4 inches longer.

Both of these can be split into a form of split King, though it is more commonly found in the standard King sized model.

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The Split King

For those with sleeping partners, it is likely that you both do not love the same exact feel of a bed. The Split King is a very common option for folks who co-sleep. What this provides is two halves of the bed, each with its own unique feel.

Maybe you like a soft mattress, while your partner prefers a firmer sleeping surface. Unlike your old sleeping arrangement, you don’t need need to compromise with a medium firm feel, the Split King can give both partners their perfect firmness.

This setup can be done in a few different ways. Often times a Split King setup will be two Twin XL mattresses lined up side by side. These work great with an adjustable base, as the sleepers not only get the feel they want but they can also set up the base in their preferred position.

Some companies will make a bed that splits at the head and leave the foot of the bed together. These types of King size mattresses can typically only be used with adjustable bases where only the head of the bed adjusts.

California Kings do come in split options, though these may be harder to find than a split, standard King size mattress.

King Size Mattress Shopping Considerations

Material Type

Illustration of Memory Foam, Latex and Innerspring Mattress

Beds come in all shapes, sizes, and makes. The material that sleepers choose to sleep on is going to drastically affect how they rest.

The most common materials are coils, polyfoams, memory foams, and latex. Many beds today use a mix of all of these in their construction. Here is a quick breakdown of what you might see.

  • Coils: Most innerspring mattresses these days don’t use the same type of springs your grandma and grandpa grew up on. Many bed-in-a-box brands use a pocket coil that keeps the bounce while isolating motion. These are typically part of a hybrid and topped with some sort of foam.

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  • Foams: There are a lot of different types of foams out there, but the two most common are memory foam and polyfoam. Memory foams are going to be slow responding and contour tightly to curves for pressure relief. Where polyfoams will have more of a quick response that helps wipe away strain.

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  • Latex: Latex is a type of rubber foam. There are typically two types – Talalay and Dunlop latex. These differ in construction but have a very similar feel and quick responsiveness, gently contouring to sleepers bodies and cradling their curves.

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Preferred Sleeping Position

Animated Gif Of a Combination Sleeper

What position the shopper sleeps in should determine what type of bed they want to order. The following are the four most common sleeping positions: back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, and combinations sleeper.

Side sleepers typically like a soft bed that can relieve pressure from their hips and shoulders, as these areas put more pressure into a bed over a smaller surface area.

Back sleepers usually enjoy something that can help distribute their weight evenly over the surface of the bed. A medium feel often works for these folks as this will fill in the gap between their hips and shoulders without throwing off their alignment.

Stomach sleepers often drift towards a firmer bed. These types of mattresses keep their hips elevated and level with their shoulders. An overly soft bed could cause their hips to dip too low into the mattress.

Combination sleepers need a bed that targets all 3 sleeping positions, usually something with a medium feel and more responsiveness to help them move around.

Whatever position you sleep in, be sure you are getting something that caters to your body type so you can get the proper support your body needs.

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Firmness Level

The firmness of your mattress is going to affect how you sleep. Something overly soft can leave you feeling stuck in bed, while something too firm can feel like concrete.

Beds are usually categorized as Soft, Medium, or Firm, with some variance in between. Certain brands may use different firmness titles, so reach out if you are unsure.

Need more info? Check out our complete mattress firmness guide.

Couples Sharing Space

King mattress could be a great bed for couples wanting to sleep together but don’t want to fall asleep cuddling. This lets sleepers spread out while also giving more room for sexual activities.

If you have kids, a King size mattress offers enough space for family cuddles in the morning.

Want more details? See our best bed for couples review.

Trial Period

Most companies offer some sort of trial period. Some brands even offer up to a full year. These trials allow shoppers to try these beds out in their homes within the allotted time and if they are not satisfied with their purchase they can either return their mattress or exchange it for a new model.


Brands offer varying warranties, some even provide lifetime protection. Warranties typically cover manufacturing errors or abnormal wear and tear of a product. If damage occurs within the time of the warranty, the brand will usually ship their customers a new mattress.


These are given by third parties that test beds for safe amounts of chemicals and heavy metals. Certifications are also given for brands that have gone above and beyond national safety requirements and strive to clean up their production with organic and all natural materials and manufacturing. These certifications can vary, so be on the lookout between brands.

Additional Features

Some brands will provide extra services and features. This could be anything from handles that make the bed easier to carry, all the way to White Glove Delivery, a service where your bed is installed for you. Some mattresses may be hypoallergenic, a smart bed, or have special features that help with edge support or cooling.

FAQ about King Size Mattresses

How much does a king-size bed cost?

The average price of a king-size mattress hovers around $1,500 to $2,000. That said, there’s a lot of variability in price depending on what you’re looking for in your bed.

When considering the cost of a king-size mattress, you’ll want to weigh your budget against what features are most important to you. Keep in mind that you won’t commonly find quality king-size beds for less than $1,000, and certain luxury models can cost more than $5,000. Hybrids and latex beds also tend to be more expensive than poly foam beds.

Are there any cheap models?

King size mattresses are typically more expensive, so a less expensive model could present huge savings. There are cheaper models out there, but be careful that you are not confusing “cheap” with “affordable.” So you can get the most out of your money, do your best to research by comparing brands and materials.

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Are they worth the money?

Yes and no; some beds are going to be far more expensive than other brands that sell a similar or identical bed. Again, this is where it is important to compare brands to make sure you are getting a fair deal. There are plenty of good King sized mattresses out there that are worth the price tag.

Should I use a king topper?

If you are buying a new bed, you may as well buy it right the first time and get what you are looking for in a mattress and not spend additional money on a topper. If you currently have a King mattress and think it needs just a slight adjustment, a topper could be a good way to get the feel you want.

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So now that you know all about King size mattresses, hopefully, you are ready to get out there and find the bed of your dreams. If you still need help, check out our top-rated mattress list, for some additional beds that might fit your needs.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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