Best Sleep Number Alternatives

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**Editor's note: Eight Sleep is no longer selling their mattress as a separate item. You can now purchase the mattress as an add-on with the Pod Cover.

Are you intrigued by Sleep Number mattresses but not sure if they’re right for you? Sleep Number sells a range of smart air beds that feature adjustable firmness, offering a choice of 20 firmness levels that can be programmed manually or automatically. The mattress then inflates or deflates accordingly.

Sleep Number beds also feature pressure sensors that measure your heart rate, breathing rate, and movement, to give you a sleep quality score in the morning. However, Sleep Number beds don’t suit everyone, so if you’re on the fence, we’ve helped you out by comparing some of the best Sleep Number alternatives.

Best Sleep Number Mattress Alternatives

Sleep Number 360® c4 vs Saatva Solaire

Materials and Construction

Both beds feature air support systems that offer adjustable firmness – the Sleep Number 360® c4 has 20 firmness levels, while the Saatva Solaire offers 50.

The 9-inch c4 is constructed with one air chamber in Twin and Twin XL sizes, while Full size and up have two, which can be customized individually. The air chambers are topped with a 3-inch comfort layer, featuring 1.5 inches of gel-infused poly foam for pressure relief and three-zoned contouring, and 1.5 inches of fiberfill material that provides soft cushioning. The breathable poly-blend cover is removable.

The 13-inch Saatva Solaire starts with an organic cotton pillow top, quilted to 2 inches of foam. Then you’ve got the five-zoned Talalay latex, 2 inches of gel memory foam, a 1-inch moisture barrier, the 6-inch air chamber, and a 1-inch five-zoned poly foam layer. Queen size and larger feature two air chambers for customized support.


The Sleep Number 360® c4 is one of Sleep Number’s firmer offerings, as it has a relatively thin 3-inch comfort layer. If you’re looking for a plush bed with a bouncy feel, the Saatva Solaire is the one for you, with its soft pillow top and responsive Talalay latex layer.


With its air support, breathable cover, and thin comfort layer, the Sleep Number 360® c4 naturally sleeps cool. However, the Saatva Solaire offers additional temperature regulation with its breathable organic cotton cover, gel-infused memory foam, latex (which is known for sleeping cool), and air chamber.


At 1,899 dollars for a Queen, the Sleep Number 360® c4 is considerably cheaper than the Saatva Solaire, which is 3,595 dollars for a Queen.

Trial Period and Warranty

The Sleep Number 360® c4 comes with a 100-night trial and a 15-year limited warranty, while the Saatva Solaire has a 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty.

To learn more about the Saatva Solaire, visit our full-length Saatva Solaire mattress review.

Sleep Number 360® i8 vs The Pod by Eight Sleep

Materials and Construction

The 12-inch Sleep Number 360® i8 features a cooling Smart3D fabric cover that’s designed to be 50 percent more breathable than other fabrics. A duvet-style pillow top is quilted to the cover, featuring HyperSoft cushioning foam. The rest of the 6-inch comfort layer is made up of PlushFit foam that offers seven-zoned contouring.

Support comes from the air chamber/s (there are two customizable air chambers in Full size and larger) which offer 20 firmness settings, via a hose and pump system. A base layer of high-density foam provides durability for the mattress.

The 12-inch Eight Sleep Pod has a poly-cotton cover. An active electronic grid with sensors to track health metrics is just beneath the cover, followed by an airflow top layer for cooling.

Further down is a 1-inch thick Supportive Air Technology™ layer that transitions you into the 4-inch FlexSpring Technology Core. The base of the bed is 4 inches thick and provides added stability and support. There’s also a water pump that’s connected to the Active Grid that helps regulate the temperature of the bed.


The Pod is an all-foam bed with a temperature-regulating Active Grid that contains water, so it almost feels like a water bed. The i8 is a luxury air bed but offers a cozy feel thanks to its 6-inch comfort layer. While firmness can be increased on the i8, it will still feel rather plush due to the duvet pillow top.


The Pod is a cheaper option at 2,995 dollars for a Queen, compared to 3,999 dollars for an i8 Queen.

Trial Period and Warranty

You’ll have 100 nights to test out both mattresses. The Sleep Number 360® i8 has a 15-year limited warranty, while the Eight Sleep Pod has a 10-year limited warranty for the foams in the mattress and a 2-year limited warranty for all other components.

To learn more about the Pod mattress, check out our Eight Sleep Pod mattress review.

Sleep Number 360® p5 vs. Nectar

Materials and Construction

The Sleep Number 360® p5 is a 10-inch smart air bed with a rayon and polypropylene cover. The 4-inch PlushFit comfort foam layer offers five-zoned pressure relief. This sits above the air support system, which features one air chamber in Twin and Twin XL sizes and two in Full size and up.

There’s a choice of 20 firmness levels, which can be customized to each air chamber, both manually and automatically. Purchase a FlexFit™ smart base and you can raise the head or the head and feet, depending on the model. (You’ll have to purchase a FlexTop mattress if you want to be able to raise each side independently.)

The 12-inch all-foam Nectar starts with a heat-wicking poly-blend cover. Below this are 2 inches of therapeutic gel memory foam for pressure relief, 3 inches of soft premium foam for even weight distribution, and a 7-inch ActiveSupport base layer of high-density foam for stability. Add an adjustable base and you can elevate the head and feet, as well as get a massage.


While it offers adjustable firmness, the p5 is one of Sleep Number’s firmer beds, due to its thinner comfort layer. The PlushFit foam offers a gentle cradle. The Nectar will feel firm at first as the memory foam takes some time to respond, but give it a few days and you should be experiencing a soothing, gentle hug.


The Nectar features heat-wicking material in the cover and gel-infused memory foam to help regulate temperature. However, as it’s an all-foam model, it still sleeps warmer than many other beds. The p5 also sleeps rather warm, as it doesn’t offer additional cooling technology, although air beds are known to sleep a little cooler. If you’re an exceptionally hot sleeper, we wouldn’t recommend either bed.


The Sleep Number 360® p5 comes in at 2,699 dollars for a Queen, with FlexFit™ bases starting at 1,199 dollars. The Nectar is considerably cheaper, at 1,049 for a Queen – an adjustable base will cost you 1,499 dollars.

Trial Period and Warranty

If you’re looking for a longer trial and warranty, the Nectar offers a 365-night trial and their Forever warranty. You’ll have 100 nights to test out the Sleep Number 360® p5, with a 15-year limited warranty.

To learn more about the Nectar, visit our in-depth Nectar mattress review.

Sleep Number 360® m7 vs Leesa

Materials and Construction

The Sleep Number 360® m7 is Sleep Number’s only memory foam model. Standing 11 inches tall, it starts with a flat rayon/polyester cover that’s soft and breathable. Two types of memory foam make up the 5-inch comfort layer – gel-infused CoolFit memory foam provides cooling, pressure relief, and dynamic contouring, while a layer of regular foam offers further contouring and support.

The air support system has either one or two air chambers (there are two in Full size and up) and each chamber offers a choice of 20 firmness levels. A high-density foam base pad provides durability, while a high-density foam wall perimeter offers edge support.

The 10-inch Leesa Original has a thick, soft, and breathable cover that zips off for hassle-free spot cleaning. This is followed by a 2-inch layer of breathable comfort poly foam that offers cooling, responsiveness, and contouring. Then, you’ve got 2 inches of memory foam for pressure relief, which sits atop a 6-inch base of dense poly foam that’s designed to offer support.


The m7 has a classic pressure-relieving memory foam feel, offering a gentle cradle, while leaving you feeling slightly ‘in’ the bed without too much sinkage. If you’re looking for a slightly more responsive bed, the Leesa Original could be your best bet, with its soft and springy top layer, which leads down to some slower-moving memory foam.


Memory foam tends to sleep hot, but the m7 combats this with a breathable cover and a layer of gel-infused memory foam, featuring CoolFit technology. The Leesa helps tackle heat buildup by placing a layer of cooling foam over the heat-trapping memory foam and incorporating a breathable cover. We found both beds slept rather cool, so either could be a good option for memory foam fans who tend to sleep hot.


If you’re on a tighter budget, you might prefer the Leesa, which comes in at 1,299 dollars for a Queen and an extra 1,499 dollars if you want an adjustable base. A Sleep Number 360® m7 Queen is 3,899 dollars, with FlexFit™ smart bases starting at 1,199 dollars.

Trial Period and Warranty

Both beds offer a 100-night trial. The Leesa comes with a 10-year limited warranty, while the Sleep Number 360® m7 has a 15-year limited warranty.

Interested in learning more about the Leesa? Check out our Leesa mattress review.

What is a Smart Bed?

Smart beds contain technology that tracks your sleep quality with the goal of helping to improve you sleep.

Elements of a smart bed can include:

  • Temperature control
  • Adjustable firmness levels
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Ability to connect to other smart devices (phones, speakers, etc.)

A smart bed can be an excellent option of many types of sleepers. For example, people with sleep problems might find the sleep tracking capabilities helpful. Additionally, anyone who experiences back or hip pain might find that customizable firmness options help them sleep better at things.

Looking for a base that's compatible with your smart mattress? Explore our top picks for the best adjustable bed frames.

Why Should I Consider a Sleep Number Alternative?

  • Price: Sleep Number alternatives tend to be cheaper unless you’re comparing the Classic series (like the c4), which features Sleep Number’s most affordable beds. Beds in the Classic series offer all of the brand’s adjustable firmness technology and sleep-tracking data but with fewer/more basic comfort layers. If adjustable firmness isn’t high on your list of priorities, it may be worth saving your money and opting for an alternative.
  • Firmness: While all Sleep Number models offer a choice of 20 firmness levels (that can be adjusted manually or automatically), the overall feel is affected by the type and thickness of the comfort layer that sits above the air support. It can take a while to figure out your ideal firmness level, so if you can’t be bothered to do all that, a bed with a definitive firmness rating is probably a better choice for you.
  • Trial & Warranty: Sleep Number offers a decent trial period of 100 nights, but other brands offer longer trial periods that can even last up to a full year. Plus, Sleep Number’s 15-year limited warranty is somewhat more complicated; the full cost of repair is covered in the first year, and then you have to pay 30 percent of the cost in the second year. This rises each year, maxing out at 85 percent in the final year.

With multiple online reviews complaining of bed malfunctions, this could prove costly in the long run. A Sleep Number alternative with a simpler – and longer – warranty may be a safer choice for some.

More Sleep Number Alternatives

 Sleep Number i10Puffy Royal Hybrid + Adjustable Base
Materials Smart3D breathable cover, ThermaLux™ foam, Ergonomex™ foam, air support system, high-density foamHypoallergenic and breathable cover, cooling gel foam, Reflexive Memory Foam, Climate Comfort™ foam, Cloud Air Technology poly foam, and coil unit
Height13 inches14 inches
FirmnessAdjustable 5.5/10
Price$5,399 for a Queen$3,149 for a Queen, $1,399 for an adjustable base
Warranty15-year limitedLifetime
Trial 100 nights101 nights
Shipping & Returns$249 white glove delivery, $249 (plus tax) return shippingFree bed-in-a-box delivery, free returns
Sleep Advisor Overall Value3/54/5
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Shop NowSleep Number i10Puffy Royal Hybrid
 Sleep Number iLENolah Signature 12” + Adjustable Base
Materials Breathable poly-blend cover, duvet-style pillow top, cooling foam, air support system, and high-density foam baseOrganic cotton cover, Cooling Nolah AirFoam™, Deep Supportive High-Resilience Foam, firm AirFoam™, Reinforced and High-Density Core Foundation
Height12 inches12 inches
FirmnessAdjustable 4/10
Price$5,399 for a Queen$1,599 for a Queen, $1,399 for an adjustable base
Warranty15-year limitedLifetime
Trial 100 nights120 nights
Shipping & Returns$249 white glove delivery, $249 (plus tax) return shippingFree bed-in-a-box shipping, $99 return fee
Sleep Advisor Overall Value3/54/5
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Sleep Number Alternative FAQs

What is the lifespan of a Sleep Number bed?

Sleep Number beds are designed to last for a minimum of 15 years, and they all come with a 15-year limited warranty.

What is the most affordable Sleep Number bed?

The most affordable Sleep Number is the Sleep Number 360® c2, at 1,099 dollars for a Queen. It’s the most basic model, with an 8-inch base and a 2-inch comfort layer.

What’s the difference between an adjustable base and a smart bed?

An adjustable base can be used with an existing compatible mattress to raise the head and/or foot of the bed. Some adjustable bases come with features like under-bed lights, vibrating alarms, and massage settings.

A smart bed is a mattress with in-built high-tech features. In Sleep Number’s case, this means adjustable firmness and sleep tracking technology, which is measured using pressure sensors in the mattress. Sleep Number also sells a range of adjustable FlexFit™ smart bases that help you get more out of your mattress, with features like Partner Snore, zero gravity, and foot warming.


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