Our In-Depth Puffy Bed Review for 2023

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Puffy’s use of premium and proprietary materials is good for many mattress customers, such as hot sleepers and couples. Hot sleepers should appreciate the brand’s inclusion of temperature-regulating materials, such as Cooling Cloud™ Foam and Climate Comfort™ Foam.

Our in-depth overview of the Puffy bed will look at the properties and materials of the brand’s flagship mattress. We’ll tell you who we think it’s best suited for and describe the feel and construction of this bed.

Read through the entire review to learn about all of this bed’s strengths and features, or skip to the end to see how the Puffy mattress scored and get a quick overview of our impressions of the bed.

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Puffy provides a classic memory foam feel with enhanced pressure relief that should appeal to most sleepers.
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Excellent Matches For Puffy

  • Dedicated side sleepers – The top layer should allow for a deep hug and comforting pressure relief as this comfort layer contours to the body. While this could work for many sleep positions, side sleepers, who often experience pressure around the shoulders and hips, will especially benefit.

  • Folks who share a bed – The memory materials should efficiently reduce motion transfer. Those with restless partners should find this a benefit to their sleep experience.

  • Memory foam fans – With a deep hug and a comfy sinking experience, this brand should feel like classic memory foam. This could be ideal for those who like to be enveloped by the bed.

Possible Puffy Considerations:

  • People with limited mobility may feel stuck.– While most sleepers should feel comfortable and well-supported by this bed, the deep hug may cause some difficulty when it comes to repositioning. The company sells two hybrid models that may help to ease movement for those who tend to struggle.

  • May be too soft – We categorize this bed’s firmness as a medium-plush feel. While it may feel comfortable for most sleepers, those who prefer a more firm bed and heavier people may find this bed too soft.

  • No Natural Materials – Puffy uses premium and proprietary materials in their mattresses, but eco-conscious may be put off by the lack of natural materials.

Construction: What’s Inside Puffy?

The Puffy Mattress is covered with a stylish polyester cover, featuring a charcoal gray diamond pattern around the edges and a white top with fluffy cloud outlines. If you’re a coffee-in-bed kind of person or like to munch on a midnight snack in bed, you’ll be happy to know that the cover is also stain-resistant.

While a simple wipe will clear away most visible debris, the Puffy’s cover was designed so it can be removed and washed for deeper cleaning. The bed also has a Grip Base Cover that keeps the mattress in place when you toss and turn.

The mattress is 10 inches tall.

  • The top layer is comprised of 2 inches of CoolingCloud Foam, an award-winning material that took over 4 years to develop. This highly adaptive layer was designed to compress or pushback depending on position and weight, providing the right amount of support and pressure relief where needed. Cooling gel is infused into this layer to prevent overheating.
  • Going deeper is a 2-inch Climatecomfort™ Foam. This is a breathable transition foam that touts high pressure-relieving capabilities and resistance to temperature fluctuation.
  • The base of the bed contains 6 inches of Firm Core Support Foam. This layer is designed to minimize sinkage and provide stability throughout the entire bed. Individualized support should also be provided through this layer, as the foam is designed to react to your body weight and pressure.
Puffy layers of the mattress

First Impression: How Does It Feel?

Puffy is a bed-in-a-box product and can be used on any flat surface, including adjustable frames or the floor. The company sells proprietary frames, platforms, and adjustable bases through their website.

You should feel a plush sensation when touching the stretchy and breathable cover. Lying down, you should notice deep sinkage and an enveloping hug.

The contouring foams should provide excellent pressure relief and enhanced lumbar support. The bed should feel somewhat airy, and the cooling gel should help prevent overheating.

Firmness Scale: 5.5/10 (Medium-Plush)

Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Puffy Firmness scale

Pressure Relief

Pressure points on the body are located where excessive weight puts pressure as we lie down. This could lead to pain or discomfort, which is why you should seek out a bed that makes pressure relief a top priority.

While side sleepers are the most prone to excess pressure on areas like the shoulders and hips, pressure points can develop in any position if the materials aren’t cushioning. When excess weight is placed on any area of the body, it can impact sleep and even lead to ongoing problems, like chronic joint pain.

To combat this, many companies have chosen to build mattresses with soft and conforming memory foam. This material is highly adaptive, designed to contour to the natural curves of the body and offer superior pressure relief. Puffy is no exception, built with three foam layers that were specifically designed to minimize pressure.


As we sleep, we may unknowingly be putting our spine in poor alignment. A bed with good support will allow the spine to remain in a comfortable, neutral position.

Soft and cozy materials can envelop the body, but if those materials aren’t supportive, your spine may bend and arch in an unnatural position. Puffy was constructed with a strong and durable base, adapting to your body for enhanced lumbar support.

There is very little bounce in this mattress, and the top layer should feel much slower to respond than the bottom layer. This, combined with the deep sinkage, may make some sleepers feel cozily enveloped in the foam.

Product image of puffy mattress

Preference-based Features


Traditional memory foam has a reputation for overheating, but Puffy has two temperature-neutralizing layers, including cooling gel. These layers were designed to pull heat away from the body, regulating temperature to keep you cool and cozy year-round.

Great Motion Isolation

Memory foam products often do well at absorbing vibration to reduce motion transfer. This bed should do an excellent job of reducing sleep disruption due to movement. This could be ideal for co-sleepers or anyone sharing their bed with pets or children.

Adjustable Base Compatible

This bed was designed to use with any surface or frame, including adjustable bases.

Made in the USA


  • CertiPUR-US® certification -The CertiPUR-US® program is a third-party organization that tests foam products to meet strict health and safety standards. A CertiPUR-US certification means that the foams in the mattresses are not made with ozone depleters, harmful flame retardants, or formaldehyde, and have low VOC emissions.
CertiPur Logo

Coupons, Trials, Warranties, and Shipping

  • Shipping - Shipping is free in the contiguous United States. There is an additional charge to ship to Hawaii or Alaska.
  • Trial -Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial, so customers can get a feel for their new mattress before fully committing to it.
  • Warranty - This item comes with a lifetime warranty.
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin38″ x 75″ x 10″$1,449
Twin XL38″ x 75″ x 10″$1,499
Full54″ x 75″ x 10″$1,649
Queen60” x 80” x 10”$1,799
King76" x 80" x 10”$1,999
Cali King72" x 84" x 10”$1,999

Overall Summary

The Puffy provides a classic memory foam feel with enhanced pressure relief that should appeal to most sleepers.

Side Sleeping Icon

Side Sleepers


Side sleepers should feel snug and cozy in this bed thanks to the enhanced pressure relief of the upper layer and the bed’s overall softer feel. This should help to reduce the pressure that could build up in the hips and shoulders as these heavier areas of the body press into the mattress.

Back Sleeping Icon

Back Sleepers


Most back sleepers should enjoy the enhanced lumbar support provided by the deep hug and contouring of the comfort layer on this mattress. This should allow for a neutral spine and enhanced pressure relief. However, many back sleepers prefer a firmer bed.

Stomach Sleeping Icon

Stomach Sleepers


Most stomach sleepers will want to seek out a firmer mattress that helps keep their midsection well supported. While the firm base offers support, it may not be enough for stomach sleepers, especially those with larger frames. However, this bed may do okay for stomach sleepers under 130 pounds.

Combination Sleeping Icon

Combination Sleepers


Combination sleepers may not like the feeling of being wrapped in the mattress, which could make repositioning more of a challenge. However, those who enjoy the classic memory foam feel should be satisfied with the deep hug of this bed. Additionally, the minimal bounce may make it harder for those with limited mobility to move around on the bed.is bed.

Couples Icon



Anyone who shares a bed is likely aware of the importance of minimizing motion transfer. For couples who love a classic memory foam feel and strong motion isolation, this mattress should be a great fit. However, edge support may be an issue for those who like to spread out.

Heavy Sleepers Icon

Heavy Sleepers


Those with larger frames often find mattresses too soft, causing them to sink through the layers with little support. Being on the softer side, this mattress may make it feel like heavier individuals could “bottom out”. In this case, heavier sleepers may want to look for a bed specifically designed for larger frames.

Light Weight Sleepers

Lightweight Sleepers


While heavier frames often find most beds too soft, lighter individuals have the opposite problem. For them, most mattresses feel too firm, and they often struggle to experience all that the bed has to offer. Luckily, this plush mattress is well-suited for lighter frames, allowing them to sink through the layers and benefit from pressure relief and support.

Overall Value


Puffy is dedicated to creating the perfect sleep experience to minimize aches, pains, and sleepless nights. By combining enhanced pressure relief, strong motion isolation, and a universal medium feel, their flagship model should be a great fit for side sleepers, petite people, and couples with different schedules.

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Puffy provides a classic memory foam feel with enhanced pressure relief that should appeal to most sleepers.
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