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sleep and mattress sources researched

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At Sleep Advisor, we believe a quality life starts with great sleep. The days of bragging about how few zzz’s you get are over. Self-care is more than a popular buzzword, and rest is a key ingredient. Sleep affects both your mental and physical wellbeing, and everyone deserves to feel their best, which is why we’re passionate about helping you dream with ease.

Meet Our Team

Paul Baterina
Marketing Director

Paul is the head of our digital team and got involved with Sleep Advisor because he’s perpetually interested in self-improvement— particularly his sleep health. He feels like his core purpose in his work is to enlighten others on beneficial sleep habits.


Paul particularly enjoys data and even tracks his sleep using a smartwatch. He finds that he’s at his peak when he gets 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. He loves using a weighted blanket, but, lesson learned— he should have bought two because it's hard to share with his significant other!

Katie Harris

Content Manager

Katie manages content creation at Sleep Advisor, where she has finally found people who appreciate her true passion for sleep. Based in Austin, Texas, she graduated with a degree in Communications and enjoys combining creativity with research to improve the world’s sleep, starting with her sleepwalking husband. 


From weighted sleep masks to white noise machines, Katie loves to be the first to try out new sleep tech and shamelessly enjoys regular naps. In her free time, you can often find her exploring her city, taking in the vibrant music scene and local cuisine.

Robyn South
Outreach Manager

Robyn is the Outreach Manager at Sleep Advisor. She has a passion for building relationships, sharing advice, and living the nomadic lifestyle— and her work allows her to do all three!


She spends her workdays reaching out to and collaborating with professionals in the health and wellness spheres to spread research on good sleep habits, enabling us to share our expert content with a broad audience.


Her daughter is her world. She loves taking walks with her in the countryside, baking, exploring, catching up with friends and family, and, of course, red wine.

If she has a lot on her mind before bed, she likes to listen to a sleepcast which puts her out in minutes.

Marc Coloma

Marketing Manager

Marc’s role at Sleep Advisor is to ensure our website remains honest, user-friendly, and up-to-date.


Marc is obsessed with food, travel, and culture! He says the best thing a person can do to broaden their horizon is to sleep in another country, eat their food, and speak their language. He believes the world would be a better place if everyone had an immersive experience abroad once in their life.

Marijana Baklaic

Marketing Associate

Marijana got into web design and development in 2015, finding it a perfect field for expressing her creativity. Her skills have grown alongside the site's success, and she recently became a part of the Content Team.


When it comes to sleeping, she likes to quote Michael Scott from the Office, “I'm an early bird, and I'm a night owl. So I'm wise, and I have worms”.


This early bird has freed herself from a morning alarm during the last year, easily waking up before 7 am, but this “night owl” falls asleep during every movie’s opening credits. In her spare time, she likes to read, practice yoga, and hang out with friends.

Rachael Gilpin

Content Writer

Rachael is a content writer for Sleep Advisor who loves combining her enthusiasm for writing and wellness. She’s had a passion for writing since she was a kid when she wrote awful poetry. She’s honed her craft quite a bit since and considers herself a lucky duck to get paid to do what she loves. Embracing the remote work life, she occasionally takes her work on the road and lives out her travel writer pipe dream.


In Rachael’s free time, she attempts to meditate regularly, ride her bike to Trader Joe’s, and try every type of food under the sun.

Dana Moravcevic


Dana ensures all our content is presented beautifully on our website. As a part of the team for almost three years, she’s never stopped showing her passion for coding. Studying wellness through her role has helped improve her sleep, as she now enjoys drifting off to sleep on a perfect mattress topper, supportive pillows, and tucked under a fluffy duvet, which allows her to wake up refreshed.


When she’s not coding, she likes to take long walks with her Frenchie, bake raw cakes, and take Latin dance classes.

Miona Banjac


Miona started honing her skills as a web designer and developer in 2016 after realizing that economics is not her passion. She’s worked for the team since Sleep Advisor’s inception.


Sleeping is her favorite hobby. Miona finds that the benefit she appreciates most from her flexible work schedule is the ability to wake up late, as she loves to sleep in. She adores all aspects of food— cooking, preparing, and eating! She also enjoys riding her bike, exploring the city, and attending live music concerts.

Dragan Zavisa

Marketing Associate

Dragan is in charge of enhancing our website so that it’s easily accessible to our readers.


Dragan very much respects his body; however, under no circumstance is he willing to allow his mattress to adjust to his well-shaped figure for the necessary 8 hours of sleep, which his mind desperately craves— he’s an extra-firm mattress kinda guy.


Legend has it, he once slept on a rock, and he didn’t even mind as long as he could get some sleep. In his spare time, he likes playing drums, watching independent European cinema, reading French comics, and frequenting music festivals— where he might have another chance to find a rock to lay his head on and drift peacefully into dreamland.

Kathleen Anne Joven

Relations Specialist

Kathleen is a Relations Specialist for Sleep Advisor, and she develops relationships with clients to cultivate meaningful connections to get the word out on sleep health worldwide.


In her free time, she enjoys taking a walk in the park with her kids, baking (especially when craving something sweet!), and naps, which are a must. When she can't relax at night, one technique that works well for her is slow, deep breathing, which helps calm her mind so she can drift off to sleep.

Shelly Lopez
Relations Specialist

Shelly is one of the original pioneers of our team. She started out as a virtual assistant back in 2017, helping with administrative and research-based tasks. She now works as a Relations Specialist for Sleep Advisor and she loves making new connections.


She’s recently discovered an interest in gardening and a love for watercolor painting. She enjoys mastering her skills in both hobbies in her free time. She relishes weekends because she gets to sleep late, take afternoon naps, and be silly with her kids, enjoying cuddles and laughs.

Jelena Novakovic
Graphic Designer

With a total of 15 years in the fields of graphic design and marketing, Jelena has been putting her extensive knowledge to work freelancing for the past five years. Jelena’s abundant experience and her great passion for illustration come together as an inexhaustible source of love and inspiration for her work.


Besides creating digital content, Jelena immensely enjoys getting her hands dirty with a vast collection of pens, markers, watercolors, and acrylic paints. When she is not painting or sketching, she is at her sewing machine bringing her home décor and garments ideas into reality. Or she might just be having a break, enjoying a cup of coffee.

Aleksandra Svonja
Development Manager

Aleks leads our development team, she ensures that all of our content is clearly presented and easy to navigate. Being involved in web design and development, she makes sure that we deliver quality, up to date content, as well as a high-end user experience. Aleks ensures that visitors can efficiently find the information they need and that their time spent here is enjoyable.


In her free time, she enjoys propagating new plant babies, listening to music, and working on various DIY projects to spruce up her house.

Our Core Values

We believe diversity is critical to growth and that talent resides worldwide, as our company currently spans six different time zones. We love working with an international team, and as we challenge each other to be our best, these values are what we keep at our core.

Check Your Ego

We take a progressive approach, and there is no traditional hierarchy. Suggestions for improvement flow up as often as they run down because everyone’s voice is equally valued.

Stay Honest

Challenging the way things are done or pointing out something wrong is hard, but it’s crucial to speak up, or we end up resting on our laurels. The truth can be brutal, but pushing through is where growth begins.

Be Curious

The sleep industry changes constantly. If we aren’t consistently gathering the latest data or challenging our sources, our information can quickly become obsolete. Further, we value education, and whether that’s attending a sleep course or participating in our team book club, it’s critical to keep learning.

Ask Questions

There are no silly questions— you can’t satisfy curiosity without a query. 


If you don’t know, ask, we’re all ears.

Our Policies

We are committed to being upfront and transparent about our policies. More information about how we evaluate products and run our site can be found here, along with our disclosures and disclaimers.


It’s critical to keep in mind that while we do extensive research and testing, we are not doctors, and no advice we offer could take the place of a medical professional. We hope you’ll use our findings as a platform for your own research and questions you might ask at your next doctor visit.

Contact Us

Have a question? Comment? Want to work for us?


Send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!


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