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Dr. Rajkumar Sleep Advisor Expert

Meet Dr. Raj Dasgupta

Dr. Raj Dasgupta is the Chief Medical Advisor for Sleep Advisor. With over 20 years of medical experience, Dr. Dasgupta shares his expertise on important sleep health topics. From sleep disorders to general tips for enhancing your sleep quality and everything in between, he will help answer your biggest sleep-related questions.

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New research comes out every day that further unlocks the mysteries behind sleep and what it does for our bodies.

Looking for a mattress specific brand or just trying to understand the fuss about memory foam? It’s all right here.

Start sleeping better now with these tips and tricks. We’ll also work to dispell some of the more pervasive sleep myths.

Jump start your kid’s healthy habits starting with bedtime and be on the lookout for early signs of sleep disorders.


Meet Sleep Advisor's YouTube Team

Stuart, Emma, and Michael love sleeping and finding ways to improve it, whether that involves taking a look at the newest mattress, pillow, or sleep gadget or hitting the streets to see what you have to say about naps. They coordinate with our research team to uncover all the news that’s rocking the sleep industry and report it straight to you.


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We’ll take you through the latest mattress innovations as well as sleep technology to transform your bedroom into the ultimate sleep destination.

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Need a new bed? We’ve selected only the highest rated picks and winners of each category in a single buyer’s guide.

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Got a product or two in mind? See how their features compare to each other with our easy to use compare tool.

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Need more information about a particular product? Check out our detailed analysis of each product we’ve tested.

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Sleep Hygiene

A healthy lifestyle starts with good sleep, but if you’re unsure of where to begin, we’re here to help! Whether you’re committing to prioritizing sleep in your life or learning to manage a disorder, we’ve got the latest research on getting quality sleep.


Healthy Sleep for Kids

Excellent sleep practices should start early, as children are especially susceptible to the health concerns and problems surrounding sleep deprivation and common disorders that can have long-term ramifications.


Sleep Science

What is sleep? Our research breaks down the mechanics of this awesome process so you can understand it and it’s importance as an intrinsic part of a healthy lifestyle.

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