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How to Buy a Mattress Online: Order with Convenience

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Almost everything can be bought on the internet, including your next mattress. However, if online mattress shopping is you to new, you may feel lost among the technical jargon and different choices available.

This guide will walk you through the process of ordering a bed online. We’ll show you what to look for, how to choose the right mattress product, and dive into the pros and cons of this type of experience.

Keep reading to learn how to buy a mattress online and feel free to come back to this guide at any time during your purchase for a refresher.

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Pros and Cons of Buying an Online Mattress

ConvenientFiguring Out What’s a Priority
EconomicalBuying Sight Unseen
No Commission-Hungry Sales PeopleDisposal of Previous Unit
Extended Trial PeriodsDeceptive Marketing
Delivery is Often FreeSet Prices
Hassle-Free Returns 

Pros of Buying a Mattress Online


If you’ve purchased food, clothes, and other items online, you already know the convenience of it. The same goes for mattresses. With long sleep trials, exchange programs, and often free delivery, online mattress shopping is a total snap. Instead of sitting in traffic and wasting gas, you can search for a new bed as you sit in your PJs and sip your morning coffee. 

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The online market is competitive. As a result, companies frequently offer discounts, bundles, or coupons that can save shoppers some serious cash.

Businesses can also save money by not paying for commissioned salespeople or expensive retail spaces. This can often lead to lower prices overall, as the companies do not need to make as much profit.

No Commission-Hungry Sales People

Buying anything in a store can lead to pressure tactics since many employees work on commission or have to meet a sales quota for the day. Maybe you’ll feel forced to hand out your email, opening yourself up to an unending string of messages in your inbox, or maybe you don’t want to be asked every few minutes if you’re ready to make a purchase.

Shopping online for a mail-order mattress can eliminate these issues. 

Extended Trial Periods

Most online mattress companies offer a trial period so you can get a feel for your new bed before fully committing to it. The length of these periods may vary from brand to brand. As the market becomes more competitive, companies frequently offer extended trial periods, going past the traditional (and already quite long) 100-day trial and sometimes stretching it to an entire year.

Delivery is Often Free

Shipping large items can be expensive, except when you are buying a new bed online. Most products will ship for free inside the contiguous United States, and some companies may offer free shipping through the entire U.S. and parts of Canada. As a bonus, White Glove Delivery, or professional setup, is sometimes offered at no cost.

Hassle-Free Returns

If you purchase a product that doesn’t work for you, the sleep trial should allow you to return it for a full refund. A nominal fee may be required for pickup, at which point the company will send someone to remove your unwanted bed with no hassle to you. In many cases, the returned bed will be donated to someone in need.

Cons of Buying a Mattress Online

Figuring Out What’s a Priority

You have to sift through a lot of technical jargon and information when online shopping. This can be especially frustrating or tricky if you’re new to this. Before looking at specific mattresses, we recommend doing your research ahead of time to simplify your shopping experience.

Buying Sight Unseen

Most brands will try to relay as much information to the customer as possible. They will let you know how soft or firm the bed should feel, whether you will sink deeply or stay on top of the mattress, and features like cooling and bounce might be addressed.

That being said, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the product will work for you, especially if you can’t physically interact with it first.

Disposal of Previous Unit

What do you do with your old mattress after you have shipped a new one to your home? Sometimes, your old bed could be hauled away when your new one is delivered with White Glove Delivery services. However, this may not always be the case, and some consumers may not want to have to coordinate the removal of such a large item.

Deceptive Marketing

You should always look into claims made by different brands. Do they say the mattress is organic, but they do not hold a certification to prove it? Is the company making health claims that cannot be backed up by experts or studies?

Do your research to make sure you’re getting exactly what is advertised.

Set Prices

In-store purchases may provide the opportunity to price match or strike a deal. This is not likely to be the case when you buy online; the price you see usually is the price you get.

This shouldn’t always be an issue, though, because these prices can frequently be more affordable than in-store.

How to Buy a Mattress Online

Read the Reviews

We recommended starting your shopping experience by seeking out mattress reviews about the product you are interested in. Most reviews will walk you through how each product should feel and perform for various types of sleepers.

You may be well-served by YouTube mattress reviews that allow you to see exactly how the mattress performs when interacted with by an actual person. How deeply does the reviewer sink into the bed? How well do they move around on top of it?

Some reviews will tell you how each brand compares to other beds with the same basic design and function. This information could help you find the perfect fit so you won’t have to worry about returns or disappointment.

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Decide on Your Ideal Material Type

Bed-in-a-box products have come a long way and are now available in a variety of materials suiting a wide range of needs. Do a little digging to learn how each material performs to figure out whether or not it will provide you with the comfort you want. 

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Memory Foam

Memory foam has undergone many changes over the years. New cooling technologies work to counteract overheating, and some foams provide more bounce to ease repositioning. Typically, a body-contouring hug and pressure relief accompany this material.

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Hybrid beds generally combine the advantages of multiple materials by using more than one in their construction. The most common type is a foam/coil hybrid where the foam relieves pressure, and the coils enhance edge support, bounce, and airflow.


Innerspring beds typically contain interconnected coils and a thin comfort layer above, and these are one of the oldest mattress types. The construction of an innerspring bed often provides enhanced airflow and bounce.


Latex mattresses are sometimes a more eco-friendly option, being made from more natural materials that are often temperature neutral. This material can often be springy, providing a solid bounce. Many companies punch pinholes into their latex to promote airflow.


Airbeds are not like they used to be. No longer will you need to physically pump a good air mattress up before you use it. Many products now contain built-in pumps that will prepare your item for you, some pumps are even designed to ensure that the bed will never go completely flat, filling it back up as the air leaks out.

Determine Your Budget

Now you have an idea of which type of mattress you want, the features and materials you are most interested in, and maybe you’ve even checked out a few reviews. Now it’s time to determine how much you are willing to pay for your mattress. There should be an item out there for customers of any budget, from those looking for a luxury feel to shoppers seeking one of the best affordable mattresses, and the online space is full of excellent value for your dollar.

Look at the Top Online Mattress Companies

Once you have set a budget for your purchase and are armed with industry knowledge, start looking into some of the top-rated online companies to see which products check off your must-have list. Compare and contrast the services and features provided by each one and determine whether or not this will suit your individual needs.

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Research How the Sleep Trial Works

Perhaps the most important factor when ordering a bed over the internet is the sleep trial. This allows shoppers to experience the mattress in their own homes, in the way in which they will be using it over the long term. This should provide a much more accurate picture of how the bed will perform for them than if they were to lie on the product for a few minutes in a store.

Make sure to learn all the ins and outs of the sleep trial before purchasing so you know exactly how long you will have with the item and what you will need to do to return or exchange it should the need arise. Will there be an additional fee or will you have to keep the original packaging? Many companies offer chat representatives that can answer any questions you may have directly, so be sure to make good use of this feature.

Understand the Terms of a Return

Find out, in detail, what the ramifications of returning your mattress may be. Some companies may require you to donate the bed before refunding your money. Others might ask for a nominal fee before sending someone to remove the bed from your home.

Check to see how the return process will affect you. Especially if you are not fully confident in your product choice or firmness selection.

Read About the Warranty

Most companies will offer a warranty that covers issues that could arise through normal use. Sometimes these agreements will provide consumers with the ability to switch out their foams for a different comfort setting to ensure their bed caters to their specific preferences. Find out what the warranty entails and what the company is willing to do for you.

Decide How to Get Rid of Your Old Mattress

Will you donate or pay someone to haul away your old bed? Do you have a spare room for your unwanted mattress or will the delivery service remove it for you? Prepare yourself ahead of time by looking into the details and figuring out what works best for you in order to save some hassle when the big day comes!

Additional Considerations for Buying a Mattress Online

White Glove Delivery or Direct Shipping

Do you prefer to have your item shipped in a box so you can set it up on your own time, or would you rather have someone come in and set up your new mattress for you? Are you fine with paying for White Glove Delivery or would you rather the service be provided for free?

Check out the details for where and how your new bed will ship before making your purchase.

Choose a Proper Frame

Not every mattress will be compatible with every frame. Some companies suggest a maximum distance between slats to provide proper support. Others caution against placing the product on the floor or an adjustable frame.

Learning how you will need to set up your new mattress could help you decide on your purchase if you have a specific type of base in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there ever sales or discounts for online mattresses?

Yes, there are sales and discounts throughout the year for online mattresses. Keep an eye out for discounts around various holidays, Black Friday deals, or company anniversaries. Refer back to our coupon page for up-to-date details on discounted products.

If you have a friend or family member who has recently purchased a bed from an online company, look into referral programs that could offer a discount or credit to both of you.

How much do online beds cost?

Online mattresses are available at various prices for all budgets. Some may run several thousand dollars for a luxury mattress, while others are in the low hundreds. Overall, it is not unusual to find a bed-in-a-box brand selling a high-quality bed for a fraction of the cost found in a brick-and-mortar store.

Check around to see which products suit both your sleep and budgetary needs.

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Are online mattresses worth it?

Yes, online mattresses can offer shoppers lots of value. Not only is the buying process highly convenient, but shopping online often gives you access to premium mattresses at cheaper prices. This is because overhead costs are eliminated. Furthermore, buying online during holiday sales can provide you with additional discounts for exceptional deals.


While buying a large ticket item like a bed online might seem like a daunting task, a little bit of research can make the process much simpler. Knowledge is power, so arm yourself with all the info you’ll need to make a great choice.

Check for important considerations like the materials used in the product and how that pertains to the sleep experience. Study up on the return, warranty, or sleep trial processes and determine how and where the item will be shipped.

Stay calm and refer to this handy guide any time you begin to feel lost during your shopping experience.

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