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Here at Sleep Advisor, we take your trust to heart, and because of that, we’ve spent considerable time vetting and seeking out reliable experts who can provide knowledgeable and sound guidance. Our medical advisors and sleep experts each come with extensive wisdom in their respective fields and an innate desire to share meaningful advice with the public in the name of better health. 


These individuals help Sleep Advisor to publish certain articles that accurately reflect the most up-to-date studies and research. We’ve aimed to consult with experts with a dynamic set of skills to help us provide sound content that touches on every aspect of sleep health. 


We have a vested interest in what we do, and we’re constantly seeking to expand on what we provide our readers to improve your lives as best we can. Sleep is crucial for our wellbeing, and we want to help everyone wake up feeling their best each and every day.

Medical Experts

Dr. Loy Anderson combines her 25 years’ experience in western medicine with the innovative and intuitive power of functional medicine to provide the best of both worlds.


After treating chronic disease for decades, she noticed her patients never really got well. While traditional medical care is excellent at dealing with acute care and health emergencies, Dr. Anderson started to observe holes in the approach. 


In 2010, after experiencing burnout, she learned that to care for others, she must first care for herself wholly— physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental— the essence of functional medicine. 


After attending a conference called “Heal Thy Practice” in 2015, she was again led to functional medicine and decided to commit her career to the cause. Loy says, “I will never forget the first day at that training; I felt like a parched traveler who had stumbled on an oasis and could drink my fill!”


In May of 2017, she opened the doors of her practice, Thriven Functional Medicine, equipped with the tools to help people achieve radiant, vibrant health. 


“I love what I do, and the very best part is seeing people reclaim themselves and achieve their life’s purpose.”


Dr. Anderson is passionate about educating and has lectured on women’s health, stress management, hormones, brain health, and of course, sleep.

Dr. Nishi Bhopal M.D.
Integrative Psychiatrist and Sleep Specialist
Nishi Bhopal

Dr. Bhopal is triple board certified in Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She brings various disciplines into her practice to offer a comprehensive approach, incorporating mindset coaching, yoga and medication, psychology, and Ayurveda. 


She graduated from the University of Cork School of Medicine, went on to her Psychiatric Residency at Henry Ford Health System, and completed her Sleep Medicine fellowship at Harvard Medical School. 


Dr. Bhopal blends her meditation and yoga experience into her clinical work, along with her advanced training in integrative psychology and sleep medicine. She believes in the innate healing power of the mind, body, and spirit and strives to help each patient harness their unique strengths to sleep better and perform their best through her treatment process.


Nishi is a lifelong learner who grew up in various countries with her Indian family, so she especially understands the particular stresses of being an immigrant and an expat.


Passionate about learning, Nishi is dedicated to online education and regularly attends further training through the Maharishi Ayurveda Institute, the Integrative Psychiatry Institute, and is a founding member of SameHere Psycho Alliance.

Maria Cacayan is a graduate of Stanbridge University and has been working professionally as a physical therapist assistant for over three years. 


Maria began her career in the outpatient unit at Spine & Sport Physical Therapy. Since then, she has transitioned toward home health and now works at Seaport Scripps Home Health. Maria feels that working in home health allows her the opportunity to better connect with her patients one-on-one and have a more meaningful impact on their overall recovery, something she believes strongly in as a healthcare professional.


In addition to physical therapy, Maria is a certified yoga instructor and has been involved with the practice for over five years. 


When she’s not working, Maria enjoys meditation and spending time towards self-care. She’s also a foodie who loves to travel the world and experience other cultures.

Raina Cordell is a Registered Nurse, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Certified Health Coach, but her true passion in life is helping others live well through her website, Her holistic approach focuses on the whole person, honing the physical body and spiritual and emotional well-being. 

Raina believes health requires a balance of mind, body, and spirit and is a life-long journey, not a destination. 

As a nurse, she has worked in pediatrics, neonatal intensive care, and oncology. Raina has an extensive background writing online for companies like WebMD, Sleep Advisor, and more. She currently works as a Clinical Writer for Cigna and maintains her website in her spare time. 

When she’s not working, she’s a busy mom of three kiddos and loves to spend time with her family at the beach.

Dr. Alex Dimitriu, founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine;, brings a deep respect for science and spirituality into his work. He is board certified in psychiatry and sleep medicine and specializes in the complex interplay between the mind and body. 

Using neuroscience and pharmacology to attain the most efficient and holistic solutions, he helps his patients achieve highly restorative sleep and optimal daytime performance. Beyond repair, he strives for enhancement, optimization, and longevity. 

Alex graduated from Stanford University and has been nationally recognized by The New York Times, Psychology Today, and NBC News. He also serves as a medical reviewer for Business Insider and is a contributing author to The Encyclopedia of Sleep Medicine.

He has brought remarkable outcomes to the most challenging of cases through the optimization of wakefulness and sleep.

Away from work, Alex loves to be in the ocean, enjoying sailing, kite-boarding, surfing, and spending time with his family.

Dr. Norris Goldberg, D.C., M.S., is a licensed chiropractor with advanced training in the Pierce Results System for spinal correction and NUCCA for upper cervical spinal care. Dr. Goldberg’s neurological-based corrective care is gentle and specialized with no twisting, cracking, or popping.

After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, while playing semi-professional rugby, his interest in physical health led him to begin a career as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Dr. Goldberg then discovered chiropractic treatment through his time as a rugby player. He met Dr. Jordon Cooper during his seminar on Pierce Results System (PRS), an objective and analytical approach for comprehensive spinal health, while he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

In his postgraduate studies, Dr. Goldberg completed a certification in NUCCA, an advanced form of analysis and adjustment to the Craniocervical Junction, which lies below the base of the skull. 

He incorporates both the PRS and NUCCA procedures into his comprehensive treatments. Dr. Goldberg is one of only a handful of doctors in the country with this specialized spinal correction approach.

Dr. Goldberg and his wife run Koru Chiropractic in Colorado. Here they work to empower people to live a healthy and active lifestyle by combining sleep hygiene and proven neurological-based chiropractic corrective care.

Jennifer Klein

Physical Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor

Jennifer Klein

Jennifer Klein is a Physical Therapist and has been practicing her profession for over 30 years in Houston, Texas. She is passionate about her work as a PT and is highly motivated to help her patients achieve optimal wellness. 


Certified in Pilates through Balanced Body University, Jennifer is passionate about health and helping others learn the art of movement through her instruction.


She obtained her education in Physical Therapy at the University of Texas and her MBA from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio. Outside of the clinic, she enjoys traveling, reading, exercising, rescuing animals, and playing polo.

Dr. Theresa Marko, PT, DPT, MS, is a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Physical Therapist and Certified Early Intervention Specialist with over 20 years of experience. She is the owner of Marko Physical Therapy, a private practice in New York City specializing in spine, orthopedics, adolescents, and pediatrics. She has helped thousands of people to overcome injuries, optimize their movement, and return them to work and sports pain-free and stronger than ever.


Her deep fascination with the body’s mechanics motivates her to regularly learn new treatment techniques on movement. 


Dr. Marko is board certified in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties and earned a specialty in Pediatrics as a Certified Early Intervention Specialist from the Massachusetts Department of Health.  Dr. Marko has the unique perspective of knowing how to help all people across the age spectrum.


Dr. Marko’s expertise is featured in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Muscle and Fitness, Business Insider, and LiveStrong. 


She is an adjunct faculty professor at Stony Brook University in New York and has spoken at Columbia University and Duke University about patient and physical therapy advocacy. She was recently appointed to the editorial board of SpineUniverse as the first and only physical therapist on the board.


She lives in Rockaway Beach, NY, with her husband of 13 years and her French Bulldog, Rondo.

Dr. Asim Roy M.D.
Medical Director at Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute
Dr. Asim Roy

Dr. Asim Roy is the medical director of the Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute. He is board-certified in sleep medicine and neurology and works closely with health care providers to deliver coordinated sleep medicine and care to adult and pediatric patients.


Dr. Roy brings a thorough and thoughtful approach to patient care that is in line with his institute’s comprehensive standards. 


He has authored multiple articles and books covering many sleep and neurological disorders. He has published material on restless leg syndrome, idiopathic hypersomnia, confusional arousals, sleepwalking, cataplexy, and REM sleep behavior disorder.


Dr. Roy completed his neurology residency at Georgetown University as Chief Resident and his sleep and neurophysiology fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), Certified Clinical Mental, Health Counselor (CCMHC), Diplomate Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Trauma.


Dr. Lori A. Russell-Chapin, is a professor at Bradley University in the online Masters of Counselling program and writes a monthly blog for “Psychology Today” on various topics like mental wellness and sleep hygiene.


Dr. Russell-Chapin is currently a co-director for the Center for Collaborative Brain Research, which partners with the Illinois Neurological Institute. Dr. Russell-Chapin practices part-time in private counseling and consultation and serves as the national chair for the Neurocounseling Interest Network, a professional network of the American Counseling Association.


She has presented workshops internationally on issues including clinical supervision, neurofeedback, epigenetics, and self-regulation. She is published in various state, national and international journals and has authored multiple books on psychology-related subjects.



William T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence; Burlington Northern Foundation Jr. Faculty Achievement Award for Teaching; University Putnam Award winner for excellence in teaching; The National Thelma Duffy Creativity Counseling Award for innovation in the counseling profession; The Samuel Rothberg Award for Professional Excellence in Research.

Lindsay Miner

MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

Lindsay Miner LPC

Reviewed articles:

Lindsay Miner is a therapist in private practice in the Denver area. She received her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of Denver and is the founder of Ignite Healing


She has been working with clients for 5 years and primarily works with women between 18 and 40, supporting them in building highly effective skills for self-awareness, life balance, excellent boundaries, strong relationships, and sense of wellbeing.

Sleep Experts

Emma Ashford is a Sleep Therapist and Founder of ‘Sleep Seekers’, an organization with a focus on promoting and restoring good quality, natural sleep. She is one of the UK’s leading Sleep Experts and Insomnia Therapists and speaks internationally on sleep education and insomnia.


As a highly sought-after Insomnia Therapist, Emma helps clients worldwide to overcome their sleep problems through her unique SAFE Sleep Formula™.  Her work in promoting sleep skills for sleep optimization, including for shift workers, sees her deliver training courses, programs, and resource packages in organizations such as the police. 


A natural extension to her sleep work, Emma created ‘Managing Minds’ as a resource hub for stress management and improving self-esteem.


Emma’s work has been featured in publications such as The Guardian and Natural Health Magazine, and she has been featured on BBC News, advising on sleep during the Covid19 pandemic.

Michael Flanell
Michael Flanell

Michael Flanell is a Certified Clinician in Sleep Apnea, certified by the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines, a specialized organization dedicated to clinical solutions and education around sleep disorders.


Michael is also a Myofunctional Therapist and a breathing coach, working with individuals on their breathing techniques, which is known to help sleep apnea. 


Michael is an airway advocate for the Foundation for Airway Health, assisting others in breathing techniques for a better life. Her past experiences include her role as an educator at Briarcliff College in Patchogue, New York, in the Dental Hygiene and Healthcare Management Departments.


She has over 30 years of experience in the dental field, including time as a Clinical Sleep Director. She is currently a professor at the Department of Healthcare Management at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, New York, where she teaches healthcare management courses.

Katherine Hall is a Sleep Psychologist who specializes in treating insomnia. She holds degrees with specializations in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. 


With over 13 years of clinical experience working in the public and private sector, Katherine is dedicated to improving sleep health.


Katherine has a post-graduate diploma in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and a bachelor's degree in psychology. She spends her workweek at Somnus Therapy with one goal in mind, to help people sleep better using natural and holistic approaches.


Outside of the office, Katherine is a mother of three—two daughters and a West Highland Terrier— who loves baking, yoga, going to the theatre, and of course, sleeping.

Rachel Mitchell
Certified Pediatric and Maternity Sleep Consultant
Rachel Mitchell

Rachel Mitchell is the founder of My Sweet Sleeper. She is a certified Pediatric and Maternity Sleep Consultant, former night nanny, and mother of six.


Since starting My Sweet Sleeper, she has worked with thousands of families worldwide and has had the rewarding experience of helping their children sleep better— allowing parents to get some rest. Rachel says her job “truly is one of the most wonderful professions, and I genuinely look forward to each new family I get to be a part of.”

Sara and Lori Strong are certified infant and child sleep consultants for sleep-deprived parents. They help families develop customized approaches to their sleep issues, ensuring all recommendations are safe, effective, and backed by scientific research. 


Lori created Strong Little Sleepers in 2011 after realizing her community lacked the sleep-training expertise that parents desperately needed. Together with Sara, they educate and support families suffering from sleep deprivation, something they’ve experienced firsthand.


Sara has an extensive background in speech-language pathology in acute and out-patient care. Lori is an award-winning Child Sleep Consultant with over 20 years of coaching experience. She serves on the Family Sleep Institute faculty and has been featured in national publications, including the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.


Their shared commitment to evidence-based practice helps them work with families one-on-one to develop individualized plans for each child, incorporating a team approach to sleep hygiene and general wellness. 


When Sara’s not busy supporting sleepy parents, you can find her looking after an artistic teenager and a furry sheepadoodle and nerding out on health science.


Lori lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two children. She loves traveling, attending concerts, and of course, a good night’s sleep.

Frances Taylor

Sleep Expert

Frances Taylor

Frances is a Sleep Expert known for her practical and engaging approach. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia and organizational and individual stress management. Her effective, science-based online programs and one-to-one coaching are designed to guide you to sleep well, work well, and live better within five weeks, without the use of medication. 


She has over 15 years of experience facilitating resilience events in diverse settings from universities to film studios and is a fellow of The International Stress Management Association (UK).

Kali Patrick is a sleep wellness coach, therapeutic yoga and meditation teacher, & corporate wellness speaker who helps stressed out, busy professionals learn to sleep better, improve their energy, reduce anxiety, & build their stress resilience.


Prior to becoming a sleep wellness coach, Kali spent over 20 years as a type-A perfectionist, over-achieving manger working in Boston-area technology companies. Her wellness coaching and therapeutic yoga certifications and training are complimented by her own experience and recovery from insomnia & burnout. 


Kali is passionate about helping others navigate the delicate balance between high productivity and optimal well-being. She especially has success with those who have a hard time falling or staying asleep because of stress & anxious thoughts.

Learn more about Kali and her practice, A Journey Into Health, at

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