Maria Cacayan

Physical Therapist Assistant

Cacayan Maria

Maria Cacayan is a graduate of Stanbridge University and has been working professionally as a physical therapist assistant for over three years. 

Maria began her career in the outpatient unit at Spine & Sport Physical Therapy. Since then, she has transitioned toward home health and now works at Seaport Scripps Home Health. Maria feels that working in home health allows her the opportunity to better connect with her patients one-on-one and have a more meaningful impact on their overall recovery, something she believes strongly in as a healthcare professional.

In addition to physical therapy, Maria is a certified yoga instructor and has been involved with the practice for over five years.

When she’s not working, Maria enjoys meditation and spending time towards self-care. She’s also a foodie who loves to travel the world and experience other cultures.

Medical Expert On

  • Physical Therapy Interventions
  • Rehabilitation Education
  • Rehabilitation
  • Exercise
  • Health Education