7 Top Rated Beds for the Money – Our Thoughts for 2020

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Mattresses’ in today’s market can range from just a few hundred bucks to a couple of thousand dollars. But how do you know when you're getting a good deal for your money?

Although buying online stands to save you money, you don’t get the benefit of trying out the bed, the only thing you have to validate your purchase is a combination of professional and customer reviews. This can be a harrowing feeling, so to help you get the highest rated mattress for the money, here are our top selections.

nectar product image mobile Nectar
  • Type: Memory Foam
layla bed new medium product image Layla
  • Type: Memory Foam
Saatva small product image Saatva
  • Type: Innerspring
Zenhaven product image mobile Zenhaven
  • Type: Latex
Medium Product Image of DreamCloud Premier DreamCloud Premier
  • Type: Hybrid
medium product image of winkbeds WinkBeds Plus
  • Type: Hybrid
sojorun small product image iPedic Sojourn 12″ Gel Memory Foam
  • Type: Memory Foam

7 Top Value Mattresses for the Price

Nectar – Exceptional Value


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Forever Warranty

For several years, this has been one of, if not the best selling bed on the online mattress market. The Nectar is designed with slow conforming memory foam from head to foot.

Covering the Nectar is an eco-friendly material made from long-staple cotton and Tencel. This is fully removable, making it easy to wash. This mattress has a medium-firm feel that was made to gently cradle their customers as they drift off to sleep.

What makes this one special? Nectar offers great value by using quality materials that mix comfort and support at a price point hard to reach by competing brands. The overall quality and feel of this bed has not only given shoppers a feeling of customer satisfaction but has also developed a sense of brand loyalty. This comes as little surprise considering they offer an industry leading Lifetime Warranty and 1-Year Trial Period.

Customers wanting to get a real bang for their buck should look into this bed.

Take a look at our complete analysis here and see the details.

Layla – Memory Foam


  • Double-Sided
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

This brand has brought forth one of the most innovative memory foam options of the age. The Layla is layered with copper-infused memory foam and covered in a Thermogel fabric that has a juxtaposed black and white cover. The combination of the copper-infused foam and Thermogel fabric make this an exceptionally cool sleeping memory foam option.

What’s unique? Besides what has been mentioned already, the Layla is a dual-sided option, meaning customers can flip it over to get a different feel. On one side it's Soft, while the other presents a Firm feel. Both sides are topped with a slow conforming memory foam that was designed to leave customers sleeping in a deep, pressure relieving hug.

The brand also sells a handful of other sleep products that offer many of the same features as their mattress, including a pillow, memory foam topper, and a weighted blanket. These accessories can help adjust and enhance the Layla experience.

Find out more: Layla Bed overview

Saatva – Innerspring


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 180-Day Trial
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Charity Initiatives
  • Made in the USA

You may notice while shopping online, there are a lot of foam options out there, but what happened to good old fashioned innerspring beds? That’s where Saatva has things covered.

What’s so special? This bed uses not one but two layers of springs to give sleepers that classic innerspring feel, all while maintaining the modern comfort of bedding technology. Layered over the springs are a pillow top and memory foam, giving sleepers a pressure relieving experience without sacrificing bounce. The mix the coils and springs make this a comfortable and supportive option for folks who want to get the most out of a bed

This model comes in three firmness options: Firm, Luxury Firm, and Plush Soft. Since customers cannot try this out in store, if they feel they ordered the wrong firmness the company will execute an exchange as part of their 180 Night Trial. There is also a 15-Year Warranty that helps to protect every purchase.

Learn more about Saatva model in our full review.

Zenhaven – Latex


  • Dual-Sided
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Zenhaven is another model that comes from Saatva. So, if you thought that last one was worth checking out, this one is another quality option. The Zenhaven is a great mattress to have on your radar if you are looking for an all-natural latex mattress that delivers optimal comfort and support.

What’s the big deal? Latex is an alternative feel to memory foam that offers better bounce while helping the sleeper maintain good support and alignment. While it is priced higher than some other brands, this bed is still worth the money. It uses quality materials like organic cotton and natural latex to foster the luxurious feeling that only a mattress of this caliber can provide.

As an added benefit, this mattress is also dual sided. When shoppers choose this product it is like getting two beds for the price of one.

To find out more, visit our Zenhaven analysis here.

DreamCloud Premier – Affordable Luxury


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 365-Day Trial
  • Everlong Warranty

Affordable Luxury; sometimes it is hard for shoppers to believe that those two words can coexist, but DreamCloud Premier demonstrates how it can be done. This brand delivers a high-end sleep experience that has generated satisfied customer reviews. This hybrid mattress was built to leave a lasting impression and it does just that with 6 layers of foams and coils that make up its 15-inch profile.

Why is this affordable luxury? DreamCloud Premier cuts down on a lot of unneeded overhead cost by using an online sales approach, this cuts out the middleman by avoiding white glove setup and a salesman. They pass these savings onto shoppers, allowing them to purchase a high-quality product at a significantly lower cost (with white-glove delivery option!)

This euro top mattress is finished with a durable two-toned cover made to be durable for many years to come. This is why they provide an Everlong Warranty that covers this mattress for life.

To see more details, head over to our DreamCloud Premier review.

WinkBed Plus – Heavy People


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
  • 120-Night Trial
  • “Any Reason” Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

WinkBed’s claim to fame is that they were the first brand that designed a mattress specifically for heavy people. They offer other models as well: Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm, but it is their Plus model that goes the extra mile in terms of support.

What is exceptional about the WinkBed Plus? This mattress was designed to support people who weight 250 and more. It has a 14.5-inch profile, making this a very thick bed but more important than the height is what goes into it. This mattress has extra strength pocket coils designed to support and compress to the weights of heavier individuals.

Inside the comfort layer is a gel foam that adds cushioning support and beneath that is a latex layer that adds even more bounce. This is an easy product to give a try because WinkBed provides a 120-Night Trial.

Find out everything you might need in our complete overview.

iPedic Sojourn 12” Gel – Budget Pick


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Getting the best bang for your buck is always nice, especially when you do not have to spend as much. The iPedic Sojourn is our budget option and this is an exceptional mattress if you are only wanting to spend a few hundred dollars.

What’s the big deal? With only three layers and standing at 12 inches high, this mattress fosters that deep loving memory foam hug that so many sleepers love. This is a quality feeling mattress and stacks up with some of the more expensive brands, and in some way even outperforms them. This memory foam is very soft and contours right to the sleepers curves.

This is a great option for people who need pressure relief, side sleepers especially might really enjoy how this product feels. There is gel in the memory foam to expel heat retention, but this may sleep hotter than some hybrid, latex, and even some memory foam options.

Visit our full review to find out everything about this Sojourn model.

Buyer's Guide to Get the Most Bang for The Buck

Mattress Type Pricing and Value Drivers

The price of a mattress will often depend on what goes into it, i.e. materials. What a product is made of determines the baseline cost before it is marked up for profit.

–       Memory Foam

This has been an exceptionally popular material for decades. Memory foam is a slow conforming material that people often associate with a deep hug-like feeling that contours perfectly with the body. This benefit of memory foam is also sometimes its downfall, it can sleep hot because of how closely it rests to the skin. Many new and innovative designs help solve this problem with gels and open-air construction that allow heat to disperse and air to flow freely through.

The material is a viscoelastic poly foam, meaning it is slow responding and regains its shape. It uses chemicals that give it both the slow response and sticky like feel that many people associate with memory foam.

This material is made to evenly distribute weight and relieve pressure. It was first used by NASA scientist for making seat cushions for pilots.

–       Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses are often associated with the squeaky springing beds of “ancient history” (less than 20 years ago) but it is important to know that many new mattresses have updated the traditional innerspring model.

Many beds these days are using a technology know as a pocket coils system. Unlike old mattresses, where all the springs were connected on a single frame, these pocket coils operate separate from one another, making it so motion does not transfer across the sleeping surface

While there are still mattresses being made that use the old steel coils, most products use this pocket coil technique or some sort of a combination of the two. Most of the times these are topped off with some sort of foam. Some beds may even use a coil on coil design to provide some extra bounce.

example of innerspring mattress

–       Hybrid

This type of mattress is defined as a bed that uses more than one type of materials to construct its overall design. While this is the definition, most people will refer to a hybrid as a type of mattress that uses a combination of some sort of coils and foam.

Hybrid mattresses are very popular options as these type of beds offer sleepers “the best of both worlds”. For example, they can have the strong support and bounce that coils provide, while still getting the pressure relieving comfort of memory foam.

These mattresses come in a variety of makes and models, and may very well be the most common type of bed on the online and retail markets today. Hybrid beds also tend to be a little more expensive but are usually worth the money for shoppers looking for these specific features.

–       Latex

There are two common types of latex being sold today: Dunlop and Talalay. These two options vary in how they are made, though most experts will generally agree that they feel about the same.

Latex is often referred to as a more natural option, as this material comes from the rubber tree and is often organic and antimicrobial. If sleepers think they may have a latex allergy, they may want to consult a doctor before purchasing a latex mattress.

Latex is typically more gently conforming, though it can come in a verity of firmness options, and typically has more bounce than other foam materials.

It usually has pinholes that are formed during manufacturing. These can help the mattress breathe because they form channels for air to freely pass through. Latex is usually a cooler sleeping material than most polyfoams and memory foam.

–       Pillow Top

These beds normally come in two forms, either a traditional pillow top or a euro top. A traditional pillow top has extra padding that is stitched into or above the first true layer and looks like the name sounds, in other words, a giant pillow on top of the mattress.

A euro top does this same thing but it lines up with the edges of the mattress, making them look more seamless and whole. The benefit of pillow top beds is an added layer of comfort. This design is more traditional and presents a style that many sleepers prefer.

There are many euro top and pillow top options out there. These are more often than not used with some type of hybrid design, though they are very often used with latex makes and some memory foam options.

Considerations for Affordable Mattresses

A new bed is a big purchase, so sleepers want to make sure they get the right one. There are many features to consider before buying a mattress, especially if you care about getting the most for your money. Here are just a few things you may want to think about before hitting the purchase button.

–       Durability

How long your new bed is going to last is going to be important. This is where looking at materials can be important. Latex is a strong material as are coils, while polyfoams and memory foams can be, but it is important to make sure you are getting something quality.

Another way to get an idea for how durable a mattress might be is to look at the warranty.  Not always, but a lot of the time a mattress with a 20 year to lifetime warranty are built with higher quality materials made to last.  Be sure to check the fine print.

–       Sleep Position and Firmness Level

These two considerations will often go hand in hand. Back sleepers typically base their favorite firmness on preference as either a soft or firm feel can fit their needs, through a medium firmness typically works best.

Side sleepers often like something that is a little softer. A softer bed can help relieve pressure that builds up in the shoulders and hips. This happens because there is an increase in pressure over a small surface area in both the hips and shoulders.

Stomach sleepers lean towards a mattress that is more firm. This allows the bed to support their hips, keeping them level with their shoulders. This can help with their overall alignment as they sleep.

The overall weight of the sleeper will be another determining factor in firmness. Heavier sleepers often like something that is just a bit firmer while lighter folks may like something more on the soft side.

–       Edge Support

Edge support is often worth considering, especially if you plan on sharing your sleeping space. A product with strong edges can keep people from feeling like they might fall out of bed. Edge support most often comes from extra supportive coils and foams around the inside perimeter of the mattress.

–       Motion Isolation

This is often referred to as motion transfer, and although the terms are opposites they are often used interchangeably. Motion isolation is the ability to keep the movement from traveling across the surface of the bed. A bed with good motion isolation will allow one sleeping partner to not feel as the other partner gets in or out of bed.

–       Cooling

Overheating while you are sleeping is never fun. Mattress manufacturers have developed hundreds of innovative ways to keep sleepers cooler while they sleep. With innovations as simple as pinholes and gels, all the way to electric temperature regulation system. With new innovations sleeping hot is nearly a thing of the past.

cooling gel topper

–       Support and Pressure Relief

If a bed is not providing these two functions, there is a big problem.

Sleepers need to find a bed that helps keep them supported by keeping their body aligned. Likewise, a bed should not cause more aches and pains, but would ideally diminish them. It is important to let a mattress break in for a couple of weeks, as simply adjusting to a new bed can cause the body to feel types of pressure buildup.

–       Trial Period

Most brands are offering some sort of trial period. These can range from 30 days up to an entire year.

While each of these periods differs in their individual terms, the general idea is that since customers cannot try out the brand's products in the store, they can try them out in their home. Generally, if at any point in the trial period the product is not working out the customer can return or exchange it for free.

–       Warranty

Like the trial periods, most companies provide a warranty of some kind. Some brands offer Everlong or lifetime warranties.

These generally cover any abnormal wear and tear to the product. If applicable, brands will send new layers of their mattress to the home of the customer so they can replace the damaged part, or the company will simply send their customers a new product if there is a verifiable issue.

–       Shipping and Taxes

When you are comparing prices don’t forget to see how much your product will cost with shipping fees and taxes. Most companies ship their products for free, but this something that you are going to want to verify as some of these hidden fees can be hefty.

Similarly, you might want to consider shipping options. Many brands either offer or include White Glove Delivery. This service includes mattress installation as well as removal of your old bed.

Look Out for Sales

Getting the best product for your money is always a great feeling, this is why it is important to look out for sales. Sales online can save shoppers a couple of hundred dollars and mattress sales will often include things like a free pillow or discounts on an adjustable base.

A lot of these sales go on around holidays. Days like:

Holidays certainly are not the only time companies present a flash sale, they can happen sporadically. This is why it is important to be on the lookout. It may take a little more time, but searching for these savings should be worth it in the long run.

Be sure to check out our coupon page for some instant savings on some brands that we think you will really enjoy.

Consider the Size You Need

Knowing what size of bed you need is an important step before purchasing. Twin or Twin XL’s are great for kids and even adults who sleep alone and don’t need as much space. A Full is a good upgrade from a Twin, giving the sleeper more room and a Queen is a great starter bed for couples, while a King is a fantastic option for couples who want to spread out.

Purchase In-Store or Online?

There are certainly benefits to both. Being in the store helps sleepers try out the bed, but the truth is, trying out a bed for only a few minutes is not enough, sleepers need several nights to give a bed a go. We recommend buying online because there are more options and brands present more savings by cutting out retailers; plus most brands have a fantastic trial period.

Tips for Increasing Longevity

Customers want to buy a product that is going to last them for a long time. While a warranty is great, you don’t want to bank on this protection if you have not taken certain precautions of your own.

The first thing customers should do is to buy a mattress protector. These are usually resistant to spills and bodily fluids.

This will often be one of the first questions a brand asks when you try to claim a warranty, “Did you use a mattress protector?” Some companies are contingent upon this detail, so best to do yourself a favor by picking on up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do beds last?

How long a bed last completely depends on several factors.

  • What kind of bed is it, what materials does it use?
  • Did the customer use a mattress protector?
  • Was it taken care of?

For the most part, a bed should last at least 7 to 8 years, but many mattresses could last longer than this.


So there you have it. Some of our top picks along with some nifty shopping tips to help you find the best deal. There are many factors to consider but if you do your homework and look for some sweet savings, we’re confident you will find the mattress that fits your needs.

If you liked any of the beds we listed, be sure to check out our in-depth reviews. Also, take a look at our coupon pages listed in the “Lookout for Sales” section. These can help present some huge savings.

Happy shopping!

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