Our In-Depth Helix Luxe Bed Review and Ratings for 2022

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Are you looking for a bed that feels like it was designed just for you?

Helix’s founders understand that everyone sleeps differently, so they rely on customer feedback to create a wide range of products with specific position preferences and body types to suit individual needs. Their handy Sleep Quiz allows shoppers to choose the bed that most aligns with their needs and preferences.

This in-depth Helix Luxe review will look specifically at the Midnight version, designed to be a universal mattress with a Medium feel and side sleeper support built in. In addition, we’ll provide scores on comfort, cooling, and more, so you can determine how well this product will match your priorities.

Keep reading for our comprehensive review of this product. Or skip to the end for our final thoughts and scores.

Excellent Matches for Helix:

  • Want enhanced temperature control – The proprietary Ultra-Cool phase-changing cover is included with all Luxe products. The gel inside the comfort foam and individually pocketed coils should further enhance airflow and temperature regulation. The cover also contains a plush pillow top for a soft, luxurious feel.
  • Are seeking guided customization – Helix provides a guided quiz designed to match shoppers with one of their nine original and six Luxe products that should best suit their individual needs.
  • Enhanced support and pressure relief – The Luxe line features zoned materials to provide solid support under the head and feet, with gentle pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. These zoning measures should promote proper spinal alignment and enhance comfort.

Possible Helix Midnight Luxe Considerations:

  • Prefer an ultra-firm feel – The pillow top on the Luxe models is made to cradle your shape for comfortable sleep and enhanced pressure relieving properties. However, those who prefer to float on the top of an ultra-firm mattress may like the firmer options of the standard Helix.
  • Bed in a Box – If you don’t want your mattress to arrive compressed in a box, you can opt for white glove delivery for an additional fee. Many mattresses that are compressed into a box have an off-gassing period. However, Helix claims it only takes 30-45 minutes for their bed to expand fully before use.

Weight Considerations

According to the Helix website, each mattress can support up to 1000 pounds or 500 pounds per individual. You can rest peacefully knowing the Helix team meticulously tests these mattresses to ensure they are safe for these weight limits. This high weight limit is quite remarkable, making Helix a stand-out contender for larger bodies.

The body-positive movement of late has sparked many industries to begin accomodating a wider variety of body sizes. However, Helix has not just hopped on the bandwagon. The brand has been incorporating these considerations for years, taking weight, movement, motion isolation, edge support, and more into account. However, smaller framed people will likely want to opt for Helix’s softer models to take advantage of the multiple comfort layers.

The fact that Helix can adequately support heavier bodies also points to the product’s longevity. Knowing that this mattress can sustain significant weight indicates its superior quality and ability to stand the test of time.

What’s Inside the Helix Midnight Luxe?

This is a bed-in-a-box hybrid using coils and foam. Additionally, the foams in this bed are CertiPUR-US® certified, ensuring the product meets strict health and safety standards. The bed can be used on any solid surface including adjustable frames, the floor, and bases with slats no more than 5 inches apart. Proprietary foundations, frames, and adjustable bases are available through their website.

The cool and plush polyester Ultra-Cool Premium Pillow Top has been treated with phase-changing technology and should allow a luxury feel and temperature regulation. Each Luxe mattress is 14 inches in height.

Layers of the Helix Luxe bed:

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Construction

  • The first layer utilizes Gel Visco foam to further enhance cooling properties and promote soothing pressure relief.
  • The second layer contains Memory Plus Foam. This is a 2-inch material that is designed to adapt to your body weight to provide personalized relief and support.
  • The third layer is a High-Grade Polyfoam that should provide a comfortable transition between the comfort and support materials.
  • The fourth layer is comprised of 1000+ Wrapped Coils standing at 8 inches in height. These individually pocketed coils are zoned to provide support or pressure relief where your body needs it most. The shoulders should gently sink with the hips more firmly supported to promote proper spinal alignment.
  • The bottom layer is a DuraDense Foam that should provide stability to the overall sleep system and help to absorb motion from the coil system above.

Note: The company does not provide full specifications on its website.

First Impression: How Does It Feel?

The Helix Midnight Luxe offers plush support; the high-grade polyfoam and gel memory foam combined with the pillowtop provides soft comfort to help you sleep easily. Settling into the bed, you should feel contouring in your lumbar from the wrapped coils, while the plush pillow top and Memory Plus Foam relieves pressure on your shoulders. The Midnight Luxe’s coil system gives the sleeper a springy experience, covered in plush luxury.


The firmness of the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is 6-7/10. Firmness ratings are based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 the hardest. This rating means that the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress falls around a medium-firm feel, which should be a good match with many sleepers.

Mattress Firmness Level 6-7

Pressure Relief

When lying on the floor, you can quickly discover where your pressure points are on your body. Anywhere excess weight is pooled can create pressure, especially when you’re sleeping on your side and all of your weight is settled on a more narrow surface area. Ideally, you want a bed that can accommodate your unique needs and relieves any discomfort due to excess pressure.

Emma is testing motion isolation on Helix Luxe mattress

Helix offers multiple Luxe mattress options to help buyers find a bed that suits their needs. Helix enables you to do this by providing a handy sleep quiz to determine which comfort level should work best for you.

According to the company’s website, the soft construction is designed to offer enhanced relief to side sleepers. The Midnight Luxe is intended to provide a universal Medium experience for all sleepers, so this product should also work well for most sleep types.


You should notice a gentle cradle as you sink into the pillow top cover. Once the comfort foams become activated, the zoned construction of this product should allow some body parts to sink slightly while firmly supporting others where support is needed most; this should provide a neutral spine and enhanced pressure relief.

This bed should provide enough bounce in the deeper latex and foam material to allow you to readjust freely, making this product a good fit for combination sleepers or anyone who doesn’t like to feel “stuck” in their mattress. Back sleepers should enjoy the solid lumbar support as well, helping maintain a neutral spine.

Spinal Alignment

The Helix Midnight Luxe should deliver good spine alignment for most sleepers. The support from the coils will help ensure the heavier body parts don’t sink too much, which throws off alignment and leads to back pain. While most light and average-sized individuals should feel supported by the bed’s medium-firm feel, heavier individuals will likely need a something more firm to keep their spine well-aligned.


You can expect quality and durability with the Midnight Luxe. This upgraded mattress features premium materials and is backed up by impressive trial and warranty deals. Not only does this bed come with a 100-night trial, but the Luxe’s warranty is 5 years longer than its standard counterpart. The longer warranty means this bed should hold up well over the years.

Helix Midnight Luxe Features

Motion Transfer

There should be minimal motion transfer present in this product compared to most bed-in-a-box hybrid models. The dense materials should absorb vibration and help dampen the movement that may travel through the coil system. As a result, couples should experience fewer disruptions due to motion transfer on this bed.

Edge Support

Helix products perform above the industry standard in this area and their Luxe product line only improves on this. These beds feature reinforced perimeter coils that further enhance edge support and maximize the usable sleep surface for couples and co-sleepers.

Emma is testing the edge support on the Helix Luxe bed

Multiple Firmness Options 

The company offers nine different comfort options, six of which come in both Standard and Luxe versions. A Sleep Quiz is provided on the website to ensure you choose the right bed to suit your needs.

Adjustable Base Compatible

The Midnight Luxe is compatible with adjustable bases. This is a great advantage for people who can benefit from these types of foundations, such as those who snore frequently or need to improve their circulation. If you’re looking to purchase a new base, Helix sells their own adjustable base as well.

Other Considerations

  • Trial Period – Shoppers can get a feel for their new bed with the company’s 100-night trial.
  • Warranty – Helix offers a 15-year warranty.
  • Shipping – Shipping is free within the United States. The company also ships to most of Canada.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • OEKO-TEX® Certification – This product was certified by OEKO-TEX®, which evaluates textiles at all processing levels for acceptable levels of hazardous chemicals and flame retardants. 
  • CertiPUR-US Certified – This product should contain no ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, or phthalates and has low VOCs.
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin39” x 75” x 14”$1,099
Twin XL39” x 80” x 14”$1,349
Full54” x 75” x 14”$1,649
Queen60” x 80” x 14”$1,949
King76” x 80” x 14”$2,349
Cali King72” x 84” x 14”$2,349

How to Return a Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress?

To return a Helix Midnight Luxe mattress, you must have it for at least 30 days to decide whether you like it. After the 30 days, you can return it for a full refund as long as it's within the 100-night trial period. You will have to fill out a return form to start the process.

Helix vs. Casper

We’ve picked the Casper Hybrid and Helix for comparison in our Versus section because they’re both popular beds with a lot to offer. Each brand has multiple models to choose from, given your needs and preferences.

The Casper Hybrid offers various models, including the Medium Soft, Medium, and Medium Firm. Helix also offers multiple models, including the Soft, Medium Soft, Medium Firm, Firm, and an Extra Firm model. Right off the bat, both brands offer high customizability.

Casper provides excellent pressure relief, which the Helix provides well in some models, but leaves a bit to be desired in the firmer Twilight and Dawn beds. Additionally, Casper seems out barely outperform the Helix in motion isolation; only because the Helix offers such a wide variety of models, their consistency lacks in this category.

Where the Helix truly stands out is the temperature control. All Helix mattresses, including their popular Midnight model, are designed to be highly breathable, with high levels of airflow to keep hot sleepers cool through warm summer nights. Additionally, Helix is a Hybrid, meaning the brand employs a blend of foams and innersprings, with the innersprings letting air circulate, further aiding in temperature control.

Full Comparison Here: Helix vs. Casper

Overall Summary

The Helix Midnight Luxe is a luxury mattress at an affordable price, and we think this product will help many people get their ideal rest.

Side Sleeping Icon

Side Sleepers


The Helix Midnight Luxe is well-suited to side sleepers. The medium comfort feel plus two layers of memory foam should complement this group well. Memory foam is fantastic for pressure relief, which is often a top priority for people who sleep on their side. Some lightweight side sleepers may find this bed too firm, which is why we gave it a 4.

Back Sleeping Icon

Back Sleepers


This bed truly excels for sleepers in this position because of the care that went into providing excellent support and buoyancy for spinal alignment. Most back sleepers should be well-served by the Midnight, because the medium-firm construction provides a solid balance of pressure relief and support.

Stomach Sleeping Icon

Stomach Sleepers


Stomach sleepers must watch out for spine alignment because the midsection can dip in this position without sufficient support, messing with proper sleep posture. The Midnight Luxe should work well for lightweight and some average-size stomach sleepers, but heavier individuals will need a firmer bed for this position.

Combination Sleeping Icon

Combination Sleepers


Repositioning, a common concern for combination sleepers, should be simple because of the bounce from both coil units and the foam’s responsiveness. Additionally, repositioning often presents movement, potentially disturbing partners in the night. However, the motion isolation Helix offers should make this concern a thing of the past.

Couples Icon



Couples looking for motion isolation should be impressed with the Midnight Luxe, which should allow both people to sleep without interruption. The Midnight Luxe incorporates individually wrapped coils, allowing the springs to react independently and reducing motion transfer. Plus, the dual memory foam layers are great for absorbing motion.

Heavy Sleepers Icon

Heavy Sleepers


Heavier folks can struggle to find a mattress to accommodate their weight and ensure they get optimal support for body alignment. While the Midnight Luxe may work for some heavier side sleepers, most heavyset individuals won’t find their desired firmness in this mattress, which is why this bed scored a 3 out of 5.

Light Weight Sleepers

Light-Weight Sleepers


Lighter than average sleepers typically need softer beds to help prevent them from feeling like they’re sleeping on concrete. The Midnight Luxe should do well with lightweight back and stomach sleepers, but side sleepers will likely prefer a slightly softer option with more cushioning.

Overall Value


Helix packs a lot of value into their Midnight Luxe model, and their durability promises a return on your investment. Similar beds in retail stores can cost thousands compared to what Helix offers for much less, and you still are getting a luxurious feel and quality product.

Our Verdict

Should you buy it? We say yes.

We highly recommend this mattress for hot sleepers looking to stay cool through warm nights. From the cooling pillow top and copper gel memory foam to the airflow from the coils, hot sleepers should feel plenty comfortable with this mattress. In addition, the mattress employs superior motion isolation, making it an excellent choice for those frequently disturbed by a fidgety partner.

Back sleepers should be well supported by the coils, while still receiving quality pressure relief from multiple memory foam layers. Lastly, combination sleepers should enjoy the universal medium comfort feel and the buoyancy of the coils for easy repositioning.

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