Lori and Sara Strong

Certified Child Sleep Consultants

Lori and Sara Strong

Sara and Lori Strong are certified infant and child sleep consultants for sleep-deprived parents. They help families develop customized approaches to their sleep issues, ensuring all recommendations are safe, effective, and backed by scientific research.

Lori created Strong Little Sleepers in 2011 after realizing her community lacked the sleep-training expertise that parents desperately needed. Together with Sara, they educate and support families suffering from sleep deprivation, something they’ve experienced firsthand.

Sara has an extensive background in speech-language pathology in acute and out-patient care. Lori is an award-winning Child Sleep Consultant with over 20 years of coaching experience. She serves on the Family Sleep Institute faculty and has been featured in national publications, including the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Their shared commitment to evidence-based practice helps them work with families one-on-one to develop individualized plans for each child, incorporating a team approach to sleep hygiene and general wellness.

When Sara’s not busy supporting sleepy parents, you can find her looking after an artistic teenager and a furry sheepadoodle and nerding out on health science.

Lori lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two children. She loves traveling, attending concerts, and of course, a good night’s sleep.

Medical Expert On

  • Infant and Child Sleep
  • Family Sleep
  • Sleep Training
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • General Wellness