Product Research & Testing

We have researched and analyzed many different types of mattresses from dozens of manufacturers. Before writing our reviews, we follow a simple, yet important, process so that you can easily compare different products and their features. Our final grade is generally based on online research and what we find appealing for one reason or another.  We usually search the manufacturer’s website, social media, forums, and blogs to gain more insight into the product. In addition to the general consensus among consumers, this gives us information about specifications, trial period, warranty, and unique background information pertaining to the product.

We are sometimes fortunate to obtain product samples and informally test certain products. However, our testing may not influence our rating of a product unless the results are atypical, available information about the product is limited, or we simply like one product over another for whatever reason.

Our goal is to try to convey to our readers what we believe represents the average consumer rating/opinion based on all the consumer reviews we study, along with the information available from the manufacturer. You might notice that when we do a testing video, we try to point out how our evaluation might differ from what we believe to be the average consumer’s opinion.

For example, when testing a mattress in this video, our reviewer noted that his opinion regarding the level of firmness was likely to be different than the average person in America because he only weighed 150 pounds. It is important to remember that, even though the same general categories and features may be used when rating a product, there is a huge subjective component; common sense, along with general information alone, may not be enough to find the best mattress for you personally.

When reading any information on our website, we encourage you to explore each category and/or topic that aligns most with your unique buying needs, rather than going by the order in which we have listed the products. Also, please remember that the information on this website should only be a starting point used to help guide you in your own research and quest for sleeping greatness. Best of luck with your shopping journey! And as always, happy sleeping to all and all a good night!

Last Updated 10/18/19

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