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Product Research 

Transparency is paramount, and we take your trust to heart. 

Sleep Advisor is nothing without our readers, and providing you with founded research and sound advice is a central focus of our team. 

We review countless products, and you might be wondering what goes into our research. To provide you some insight regarding how we go about this, we’ve outlined some of our general considerations below.

It is almost impossible to specifically describe our review process because it is always changing.  For example, there have been periods where we have only focused our efforts on research (without any product testing), but there have been other times where product testing has been a big focus.  Therefore, you may find video reviews for some products but not others. Also, this may explain why some of our reviews are in a different format, sound a little different, or look a little different. We are constantly trying to improve this site through change.  In any event, no matter what our specific research method may be at the moment, the general considerations below rarely change as we believe them to be the fundamental considerations for any prospective buyer. 

Please also note that we maintain affiliate relationships with companies whose products we review (you can read our full disclosures page here), and these relationships are how we keep our site running and pay our staff. However, providing honest and accurate reports remains a top priority.

How We Review Products:

Research & Data Collection

Hours of research go into every article. We look at academic findings from reputable sources, read verified consumer reviews (we have tools to help discern which are legitimate), and pore over the science and technology behind the latest products to ensure we get it all right.

How We Rate Mattresses:

Multiple factors go into determining the quality of a bed, and we make sure to consider each carefully.


Arguably the most important factor for many individuals, firmness impacts how people experience a mattress. We understand how a person’s sleep position, weight, and other factors play a significant role in how a product is experienced, and we address each of these aspects in our reviews. For example, a soft mattress will often be too cushy to support heavier individuals, and firmer beds are often preferred for stomach sleepers for spinal support.

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Pressure relief and support

While firmness is often subjective, pressure relief and support can be assessed with greater precision. Pressure points commonly arise near the shoulders, hips, and lower back, causing pain and discomfort. We consider various factors of a product to determine its ability to support and relieve pressure. For example, memory foam often will not provide the same level of support as pocketed coils on a hybrid mattress.

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We investigate the functionality of a mattress’ temperature control properties so you know what to expect from each model. We consider the materials, layering, structure, and more. Traditionally, coil and latex beds outperform memory foam in the cooling department. However, new technology is continually changing the game.

Edge Support

Edge support is particularly important when sharing a bed with a partner. If a mattress has poor edge support, it will lessen the space available to spread out comfortably without feeling like you’ll fall off. 

Strong support from edge to edge maximizes the space available; this may not concern single sleepers; however, it often makes a difference for couples.

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Motion Transfer

If you sleep alongside a partner who often tosses and turns in the night or gets up frequently, motion transfer might play a significant role in selecting a mattress. We analyze a product’s ability to isolate motion and provide a less disruptive night of sleep.

Company Related Factors

A quality mattress won’t be useful if it leaves you with a rash or falls apart after six months. We consider the entire buying experience and the product itself, like a company's reputation, eco-friendly stance, customer service, return policy, charitable donations, and more. 


Our goal is to provide our readers with carefully investigated reviews and offer knowledgeable assistance to help you choose the best products for quality sleep. From the Sleep Advisor team, we thank you. And as always, happy sleeping to all and to all a good night!

Last updated: September 3rd, 2021.

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