Best Soft Mattress – Our 10 Highest Rated Picks For 2023

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When you look up at the clouds, do you wish you could lie on top of them? If so, then you probably prefer an extra-cozy plush mattress to an especially firm one.

A soft bed can feel like a cushioned sanctuary at the end of your day, and the best soft mattresses will strike a balance between their snug surfaces and their support features. They’re a good fit for side sleepers, lightweight people, and anyone looking for pronounced pressure relief.

In an effort to help folks find the cloud-like bed of their dreams, we’ve sifted through the softest mattresses out there and built this list of our 10 favorites.

10 Best Soft Mattresses

Top 10 Soft Mattresses

Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress

Nolah Signature


  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for Side and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Nolah Signature is a plush mattress best for side and back sleepers. The bed has four layers of different foams, a cotton cover, and a four-way knitted border cover for maximum comfort and plushness.

Side and back sleepers will appreciate the softness, but stomach sleepers may prefer a firmer bed. The Signature has 2.5 inches of contouring AirFoam™ foam for targeted pressure relief and body contouring. Next is the high-resilience foam that gives bounce and responsiveness so that you can reposition with ease. The Nolah Signature has another layer of AirFoam™ for added pressure relief on the neck, legs, shoulders, and hips. This is followed by a high-density core foundation and a knitted border cover.

What’s worth noting?

  • The memory foams used in this mattress have the CertiPUR-US® certification, meaning that they’re free of chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals.

Best Soft Mattress for Couples

DreamCloud Premier Rest


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Couples, Side, and Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The DreamCloud Premier Rest is a bouncy mattress rated 6 out of 10 on our firmness scale. The bed should work for side and back sleepers, but stomach sleepers may like a firmer mattress. Couples will appreciate the bounce and limited motion transfer.

This mattress features a premium 7-layer hybrid design with a soft cashmere blend cover. The Premier Rest has multiple foam layers above the individually-wrapped innerspring coils and a stability-focus base layer. The company’s stay-put technology makes this hybrid a good choice for couples because the wrapped coils prevent vibrations from traveling. This means partners can toss and turn without waking one another.

Why do we like it?

  • The DreamCloud Premier Rest is good for hot sleepers because innerspring mattresses provide better airflow than all-foam beds. The construction features gel memory foam to provide additional cooling.
  • The company offers an industry-leading warranty and trial period, allowing you enough time to test the mattress.

Best Soft Luxury Mattress

Saatva Classic


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4/10 (Plush Soft), 6.5/10 (Luxury Firm), 8/10 (Firm)
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Saatva Classic is available in three firmness options, one of which is soft while the other two are firmer. The soft Saatva is best for side sleepers, while stomach and back sleepers may prefer the two firmer models.

This hybrid mattress has a pillowtop, followed by a layer of memory foam that supports the lower back in all sleeping positions. The Saatva Classic is a unique hybrid with two coil units designed to support the body and prevent the mattress from sagging. The first coil unit has individually-wrapped coils for motion isolation, while the second coil unit is what gives the most support. All layers work together to provide spinal alignment regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

What stands out about this product?

  • The Saatva Classic is a luxury mattress with a reinforced perimeter for maximum edge support. The bed has thick foam surrounding the perimeter, preventing it from sagging if you sit or sleep near the edge.

Best Soft Value Mattress



  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6.5/10
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Nectar is an excellent memory foam mattress for value seekers regardless of their preferred sleeping position. The bed is rated 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, so it should provide pressure relief, support, and cradling for all sleepers. 

This Nectar has five layers of premium materials, starting with a quilted cover with cooling properties. Next is the gel-infused layer that provides additional cooling, followed by 4 inches of convoluted premium foam that gives bounce and breathability. Next is the stability base layer, featuring six inches of conventional foam. In addition, the mattress is wrapped in a shift-resistant lower cover that prevents it from sliding off the foundation. 

Why is it special?

  • Nectar offers an industry-leading forever warranty and a 365-night home trial, allowing you to test the mattress before buying. Shipping and returns are also free. 
  • This soft mattress is excellent at isolating motion, allowing partners with different sleeping habits to get a good night’s sleep. 

Best Soft Mattress for Combination Sleepers

Signature Hybrid


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Combination Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4/10 (Soft), 6/10 (Medium), and 8/10 (Firm)
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

The Signature Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding comes in three firmness options, so it should be good for combination sleepers who lie in all sleeping positions. The bed should also work for couples and single individuals thanks to the edge support and bounce.

The construction of the Signature Hybrid starts with the TitanFlex™ foam. TitanFlex™ is a latex alternative, contouring the body and responding to movements. This layer is 1.5 inches thick in soft and medium models and 1-inch thick in the firm version. Next is the VariFlex™ transition foam that acts as a comfort layer before the coil unit. The soft and medium mattresses have an inch of VariFlex™ foam, while the firm version has two inches. The third layer features 8-inch Ascension® coils with high-caliber perimeter coils for edge support.

What else should you know?

  • The Signature Hybrid has a quarter-inch base made of high-density foam to reinforce the coils for added durability.

Best Soft Mattress for Back Sleepers

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Back Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6-7/10
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

Although this bed is on the firmer side, it feels softer when you sleep on your back, especially for people weighing over 200 pounds. The first thing you’ll notice is the cool-to-the-touch hand-quilted cover with Celliant fiber and PCM fabric that helps recovery and cooling. Next comes the copper-infused memory foam layer that ensures the bed doesn’t overheat. 

Back sleepers will like the support this bed provides, especially in the lumbar area since this is where it has higher-gauge coils. The coils are individually wrapped for better motion isolation and quiet performance. 

Why we like it:

  • This sturdy hybrid mattress has a reinforced perimeter, which means you can sit and sleep near the edge without feeling like you could roll off.
  • The company offers an industry-leading lifetime warranty and gives you 120 nights to test how the Bear Elite Hybrid mattress fits your needs.

Best Soft Mattress for Smaller People

Helix Sunset


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4.5/10
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

The Helix Sunset mattress has soft top layers to give side sleepers the comfort and pressure relief they seek. Side sleepers often struggle with pressure building upon the shoulders and hips, but you shouldn’t have this problem with this Helix.

The bed uses layers of memory foam to cushion the body and relieve pressure. The coil unit features individually-wrapped coils that move separately, which means there’s no motion transfer even though the bed is soft. The perimeter is reinforced to provide edge support for people who like to spread across the bed. Because the Helix Sunset is rated 4.5/10, back and stomach sleepers may find it too soft to support the lower back in these sleeping positions.

Why should you consider it?

  • The Helix Sunset mattress is a hybrid, combining memory foam and coils to deliver comfort and support for smaller people sleeping on their sides.

Best Medium-Soft Mattress



  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4/10 (Soft), 6/10 (Medium), and 8/10 (Firm)
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The WinkBed GravityLux is available in three firmness options, making this bed suitable for all sleeping positions. The bed is 11 inches tall, and the construction starts with an eco-friendly and soft Tencel fabric. Tencel absorbs heat and moisture, wicking them away to cool hot sleepers. The mattress has a 2-inch layer of gel-infused foam quilted to the cover for further temperature regulation.

The first layer under the cover is AirCell™ memory foam designed to relieve pressure. The second layer has Zoned Progression Foam™ made to support the body in sensitive areas. The final layer has Atlas Core Foam™ for durability and structure. This foam supports your weight and all the layers above.

Why we like it

  • The GravityLux provides a deep hugging cradle, contouring the body in all sleeping positions. This comfortable feeling comes from comfort foams and the Zoned Progression Foam™ that targets different body parts.

Best Soft Mattress for Side Sleepers

Puffy Royal Hybrid


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Best for Side Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 5/10
  • 101-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress should work for all sleeping positions, but side sleepers may like its firmness the most. The bed has mid-range firmness to provide pressure relief and comfort for side sleepers, while stomach and back sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress.

What stands out the most is the 7-layer sleep system engineered to deliver body-adaptive contouring, cooling, and support. The memory foam cradles the body, allowing easy repositioning and pressure relief on the shoulders, hips, and knees. The Puffy Royal Hybrid has a 7-inch high-density foam with a coil base to stabilize the mattress and provide zoned support. This hybrid mattress should fit hot sleepers as it has gel-infused memory foam and 2 inches of Climate Comfort™ Foam.

Why we picked it

  • The Puffy Royal Hybrid has five zones of targeted support covering your back, hips, shoulders, and legs, where pressure usually builds up when you sleep on your side.

Best Soft King-Size Mattress

Layla® Memory Foam


  • Foam Mattress
  • Great for All Types of Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4/10 (Soft) & 7/10 (Firm) — Dual-sided
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

Layla® wants to modernize the way we look at memory foam with their innovative cooling technology that uses copper to carry away heat from the sleeper, who is nestled in a deep cradle that provides fantastic pressure relief. If a deeper hug is not your style, you can flip the mattress over for a firmer bed with a shallower cushioning depth.

What sets this mattress apart?

  • Traditional memory materials are known for their ability to contour to every curve of the body and make pressure points vanish, but the more old-fashioned models have a downside: heat retention. By including copper in their top foam layer and gel in their cover, Layla® does a great job of keeping the surface temperature comfortable no matter which side you choose.
  • The Layla® mattress really delivers in motion isolation, which memory foam mattresses are known to excel at. This is great news for couples who sleep light or have varying sleeping schedules.

What Is a Soft Mattress?

A soft mattress is a bed that has a plush, cushiony feel when you lie down on it. High-quality soft mattresses will have great pressure-relieving properties combined with enough support to promote healthy spinal alignment. Without that support, sleepers may sink too deeply into the bed and even develop back pain.

Keep in mind that mattress firmness is subjective, and different body types will have different experiences of a bed’s feel. For the majority of sleepers, a mattress with a rating of 5 or below on our firmness scale will feel especially soft. We don’t recommend beds with a rating of 4 or below, as they likely won’t be supportive enough for long-term use.

Who Should Sleep on a Softer Model?

Side Sleepers

Softer mattresses are great for side sleepers because they often provide the most pressure relief, which is important in this position. When you lie on your side, your weight is concentrated in a much smaller area. As a result, you may notice pressure building up in your shoulders and hips. A softer mattress can help alleviate that pressure by cradling your curves more than a firmer bed would.

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Lighter-Weight People

Lightweight people under 130 pounds can also benefit from a softer bed. We mentioned earlier that firmness is subjective according to your body weight. Lightweight sleepers, for example, often feel a bed is firmer than those who weigh more. Therefore, a softer mattress can help ensure they’re not feeling as though they’re sleeping on cement while still keeping their body well-aligned.


Couples should enjoy softer beds because many of these types of mattresses are built with memory foam. Not only is memory foam excellent for pressure relief, but it’s also great at absorbing motion. This is important for couples, particularly those with different sleep schedules or who are easily disturbed because if one partner moves around on the bed the other is less likely to feel anything.

Who Shouldn’t Sleep on a Soft Bed?

Stomach Sleepers

People who prefer to sleep on their stomachs tend to be better off with a medium-firm or firm bed. In the stomach sleeping posture, people are more vulnerable to having their hips dip too far into the mattress, which can create pressure on the lower back. A firmer bed is often better for keeping the hips lifted so that the lower back doesn’t fall out of alignment.

Heavier Sleepers

An ultra-soft mattress tends to have a more pronounced sinkage. People who carry more weight may need to consider avoiding overly soft beds. Firmer beds often come with enhanced support layers to help ensure the sleeper’s body stays lifted so that they don’t develop back pain.

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Sleepers with Lower Back Pain

Good support is key for managing lower back pain because it promotes better spine alignment. Softer beds focus more on pressure relief, and unless you’re under 130 pounds, they will likely not be supportive enough. Sleeping on a bed that’s too soft could end up worsening your back pain, and therefore, we’d recommend sticking with medium-firm to firm beds.

Soft Mattress Buyer’s Guide


all types of mattresses illustration
  • Foam

Memory foam is often found in softer beds because of its ability to relieve pressure well. With a memory foam mattress, you will experience a more slow-moving feel as you notice the foam conforming to your shape. 

  • Innerspring

Innerspring beds aren’t known for their softness. These beds are highly supportive, bouncy, and breathable, but the thin comfort layer won’t do wonders if you’re looking for something plush. You may be able to find some softer versions, but in general, we wouldn’t recommend a traditional innerspring for those who want a soft bed.

  • Latex

Latex can relieve pressure well, but it also feels firmer than memory foam. Furthermore, the material’s responsive nature is not always well-received by those looking for a truly soft sensation. Some manufacturers will use Talalay latex, a softer type of latex, in the comfort layers, which could help provide more plushness.

  • Hybrid

A hybrid is a mattress that’s built with an innerspring unit and multiple foam layers. They usually provide better cushioning and pressure relief than their traditional innerspring counterparts. Some brands sell softer hybrids made with memory foam on top that could work well for sleepers seeking a plush bed. Hybrids also have the added benefit of extra support and breathability from the coils.

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The firmness of the bed is probably the most direct measure of how soft it is. Though firmness is subjective, most beds that we consider to be plush will have a rating under 5 on our firmness scale of 1-10. In order to avoid getting a bed that’s too soft, we recommend not getting anything below a 4 rating. For reference, we do not rate beds lower than this on our site because they will provide little to no support for the back. 

  • Firmness Level vs. Support

Firmness and support are often mistaken for each other, but these are two separate measures. That being said, support and firmness can influence one another. While firmness reflects how soft or firm a bed feels, support is how well it does at keeping the sleeper’s spine in good alignment. Often, firmer beds can provide good support because the more rigid layers can help keep the body lifted, which is why they’re sometimes thought of as the same thing.


Responsiveness refers to how quickly the bed responds to movement. Quick-responding beds usually have a bouncy feel. Latex, hybrid, and innerspring beds are usually better for responsiveness than memory foam, but that also means they’re more prone to motion transfer. Responsiveness is often most valuable to combination sleepers, as well as people with limited mobility, who need to be able to move around the bed easily.

Spine Alignment

Good spine alignment is essential for preventing or worsening back pain. When you’re resting in an awkward posture, this creates added pressure on your back, which is why you can experience pain. To maintain optimal alignment, you need a bed that keeps your body well-supported, preventing your heavier areas from dipping into the mattress. Softer beds are usually only best for certain sleepers, such as lightweight individuals, because they won’t provide sufficient support for heavier people.


How soft a bed feels shouldn’t impact the price. Usually, the mattress price is impacted by factors like material quality, durability, special cooling features, and the types of materials used. The good news here is that many soft beds are memory foam mattresses, which are usually cheaper than hybrid or latex options. Additionally, shopping online can help save you money by cutting out added costs from in-store retailers.

Consider the Temperature

Softer mattresses are usually made out of memory foam (but not always), and this is a material that can bring the most substantial heat retention if it is not a modern design.

If heat is a problem for you, consider the construction of your soft mattress and make sure that there are cooling measures in place. This will help dissipate the heat and bring more coolness to your bed, in the hopes that you rest soundly.

With this in mind, there are certain materials that bring additional cooling and breathability to the bed. Latex, coils, and gel are among them. They may slightly raise the price, but if you can save yourself from waking up hot during the night, it’s worth it.

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Animated Gif of Latex Mattress Breathability

Think About Edge Support

Edge support is one thing that a lot of people disregard because it isn't always of huge importance to every individual or couple. However, it can be important if you are part of a couple that needs more space. As a general rule of thumb, softer beds tend to be more challenged with edge support, though not always.

If you sleep with someone else, you may find yourself using the edges a lot more often than not. This is an example of when you’d truly appreciate proper support in this area. Good edge support allows for more usage of the entire surface, which can help you rest comfortably.

Plush Mattress Accessories

Along with the mattress itself, you can utilize accessories to help soften up your bed space. In some cases, these could be used as a budget-friendly alternative if you’re waiting to save up for a new bed.


Soft pillows are great if you love to rest your head on something plush. These pillows will give less solid support than firm options, though, since these pillows will cradle your head and neck more. You can also try placing pillows under your body or using them to cuddle with, which may make your bed feel softer. However, avoid placing pillows in a way that would create an awkward angle for your spine.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are designed to enhance the feel of a mattress. Some people use them to firm up their beds while others use them to create a softer surface. Most toppers are between 2 and 4 inches, but if you’re unsure of what you’d want, you could go with a 3-inch one. Memory foam is often used in toppers to help provide added softness. You should also look specifically for toppers that either have a soft or medium feel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Soft Mattresses

What are soft mattresses good for?

Soft mattresses are good for pressure relief. These beds tend to include softer, body-conforming layers that help alleviate pressure by cradling the sleeper’s body. These types of beds are great if you notice discomfort in areas like the shoulders and hips from your current mattress.

Do soft mattresses sleep hot?

No, not all soft mattresses sleep hot. Many softer mattresses contain memory foam, a material that’s known to retain heat. However, innovative advancements from manufacturers have helped with this. Many brands will infuse their memory foam mattress with cooling gels or use an open-cell structure to promote temperature regulation. Additionally, cooler fabrics in the cover such as Tencel or cotton can help keep things cool.

Can a soft mattress cause back pain?

A softer mattress that lacks the necessary support and sinks too much could easily cause back pain. This, of course, is different based on the sleep position you prefer and your body type. For example, if you like sleeping on your back or stomach, you may want to limit sinkage more than a side sleeper to prevent misalignment. Additionally, the heavier you are, the more likely you are to sink deeper into the layers, which is why a firmer mattress would be better in this case.

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Illustration of a Woman Sleeping on Her Side on a Soft Mattress

Can a plush topper be a good option?

Yes, a soft topper can be a great choice, but it’s also important to account for the capabilities of your own bed. A plush mattress with a softer topper might not make much sense. Soft mattress toppers are usually great for firmer beds to help compensate for the comfort while not putting the support in jeopardy.

How can I make a firm mattress softer?

You can make a firm softer by placing a soft mattress topper above your mattress. As mentioned, soft toppers can help provide added plushness and pressure relief for a bed that feels too firm. You can also try adding pillows to soften up the space, either underneath you or to cuddle with.


There are multiple things that you should take into account when it comes to choosing the best soft mattress. You need to make sure that you find a balance between comfort and support so that you can rest easy and not develop any back pain issues.

The soft beds we’ve reviewed help convey comfort without putting your back in jeopardy. Make sure to take a look at all our mattress reviews for more choices and budget and firmness filters.


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