Helix Sunset Mattress Review

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Do you love the feeling of a plush-soft mattress? If so, you might be a candidate for the Helix Sunset mattress. The Helix Sunset is the softest of the Helix mattresses, but if you’re looking for something that isn’t distinctly soft, you might be better off with one of their other models. 

The Helix Sunset offers plenty of cushion for achy joints by contouring along your sides, and it’s especially good for people who are petite or just love a soft feel to their mattress. 

We’ll get into exactly who this mattress is ideal for (and who it’s not), as well as its construction, how it feels for different body types and sleep positions, and much more in our in-depth review below

Product image of Helix Sunset mattress
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The Helix Sunset is a hybrid mattress, thoughtfully designed for those who love a softer, more contouring-feeling bed.
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Who We Recommend The Helix Sunset For:

  • Side sleepers – This bed may be a hybrid, meaning it has both coils and foam, but it feels more like a soft, memory foam mattress. This will feel good for strict side sleepers because it takes the pressure off of the shoulder and hip.

  • People with joint pain – For those with joint pain, a firm mattress can actually add to the problem. The Helix Sunset is soft enough to cradle sore joints while also providing some pain and pressure relief.

  • Lightweight back sleepers – For people who weigh around 130 pounds or less, this soft mattress will likely feel supportive but still comfortable. You might also like it if you’re an average-weight sleeper who prefers a softer mattress.

Who We Don’t Recommend The Helix Sunset For:

  • Heavy sleepersThose over 230 pounds will probably find this bed too soft and not supportive enough. You’ll likely do better with a higher density and more supportive model like the Helix Plus.

  • Stomach sleepersIf you sleep solely on your stomach, this mattress will probably be too soft. You’ll know a mattress is too soft when your hips sink too far in, which causes your spine to fall out of alignment. Stomach sleepers will need a much firmer mattress.

  • Light sleepersUnfortunately, the Helix Sunset doesn’t have the best motion isolation, meaning, if you’re a light sleeper, you might be able to feel when your partner moves. The Helix Midnight is a better option for light sleepers.

First Impressions: Firmness & Feel

Firmness Scale: 5.5 / 10

Please remember that firmness is a subjective characteristic and your shape will dictate how you experience a bed. A heavier person whose weight can more easily push through softer comfort and support layers may experience a bed as softer than a lightweight person. The way you are shaped could also play a role here. Consider your weight, shape, and size when evaluating firmness scores.

Mattress Firmness Level 5.5

A firmness rating reflects how soft or firm a mattress feels. However, it's important to keep in mind that this is also subjective to the individual tester. The Helix Sunset rates at a 5.5 out of 10 on our firmness scale, which is considered to be a medium firmness.  This means the Sunset will feel slightly softer than some other medium-firm beds that are rated closer to a 6 or 6.5. Also, keep in mind that the Helix Sunset is a hybrid, so it’s ideal for those looking for the “sinking” feeling of memory foam along with the support, breathability, and bounce of coils.

How Does It Feel?

The Helix Sunset is a “bed-in-a-box,” so when you order it online, you’ll receive it in a box. It typically takes 24-48 hours for the mattress to off gas and decompress, so you won’t be able to sleep on it straight away. 

Once it decompresses, though, the mattress has a balanced foam feel with a soft, plush top. You’ll sink into this top comfort layer, much like a typical memory foam mattress. However, unlike most memory foam, this bed sleeps quite cool — good news for hot sleepers.

What We Like About the Helix Sunset

  • Pressure relief – With the help of the top foam layers, this mattress is great for pressure relief, especially on the shoulders and hips for side sleepers.

  • It’s cooling – The Helix Sunset has a breathable cover and layer of pocketed coils, which make this mattress much more breathable and cooling than many mattresses with memory foam. If you’re worried about overheating, you might consider upgrading to the Helix Sunset Luxe model, which has even more cooling features.

  • Good edge support – Even though the Helix Sunset has a slightly softer feel to it, the bed does have good edge support, meaning, it doesn’t sink in at the edges of the bed. This is important so you can use the entire mattress’s surface.

Our Helix Sunset Complaints

  • Strong off-gassing smellThis mattress does have a relatively strong smell when unboxed. It’s nothing to be concerned about, and it dissipates in 1-3 days. If the odor really bothers you, leave your newly unboxed Helix Sunset in a well-ventilated room before putting on the bedding.

  • It’s not good for all body typesThis is an excellent mattress for petite and average-weight sleepers who prefer a soft mattress, but it will be too soft and unsupportive for those with bigger bodies.

  • Not good for stomach sleepers – If you're a dedicated stomach sleeper, this mattress will likely feel too soft and not supportive for this sleep position no matter the body type.

Testing the Helix Sunset Mattress: How it Performed

When we tested the Helix Sunset, there were specific features we considered to see who this mattress was best suited for. Some of these factors include cooling, motion isolation, bounce, and edge support. Additionally, we lied on the mattress in different sleeping positions to see how the bed performed in terms of support and pressure relief in each position.

Sleeping Positions for Different Body Types

According to Helix, the Helix Sunset can comfortably support up to 500 pounds for sizes Twin to Full, and up to 1,000 pounds for Queen and up. However, just because this bed can physically support heavier-weight people, doesn’t mean it will feel supportive or keep your spine in alignment. Weight and sleeping position both play important roles in how this bed feels for you.

WeightSide Sleepers
Side Sleeping Icon
Back Sleepers
Back Sleeping Icon
Stomach Sleepers
Stomach Sleeping Icon
Lightweight Sleepers (-130 lbs)★★★★★★★☆☆
Average-weight Sleepers (130-230 lbs)★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Heavyweight Sleepers (+230 lbs)★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Side Sleepers

  • Lightweight SleepersThe Helix Sunset is an excellent mattress for lightweight side sleepers. They’ll find plenty of sinkage and pressure relief which is great for supporting sensitive joints.
  • Average-Weight SleepersAverage-weight side sleepers will sink down into this mattress and get plenty of cushioning for their hips and shoulders.
  • Heavyweight SleepersIf you are a heavyweight side sleeper under 300 or so pounds, you’ll benefit from the pressure relief of this mattress. For those who weigh more than 300 pounds, though, you’ll likely press through the mattress's comfort layers and miss its benefits entirely.

Back Sleepers

  • Lightweight SleepersLightweight back sleepers will benefit from the Sunset’s top, contouring foam layers, while still getting plenty of support.
  • Average-Weight SleepersAverage-weight sleepers who prefer a soft and cushioning mattress will appreciate the lower back pressure relief this mattress can have. However, those on the heavier side of average-weight might find the Sunset a bit too soft for back sleeping.
  • Heavyweight SleepersHeavyweight back sleepers will likely not feel supported by the Helix Sunset and might be better off with something like the Helix Plus.

Stomach Sleepers

  • Lightweight SleepersEven the lightest of stomach sleepers will probably find this mattress a bit too soft for their liking. Stomach sleepers typically require a relatively firm mattress.
  • Average-Weight SleepersAverage-weight stomach sleepers will find this mattress far too soft.
  • Heavyweight SleepersHeavyweight stomach sleepers will also find this mattress too soft.

Pressure Relief & Pain

The Helix Sunset is, overall, an excellent bed for pressure relief and pain in particular, in light or average-weight sleepers. This is because the mattress is constructed with several layers of plush foam and coils (which we will discuss further later), that evenly distribute support and relieve pressure on the joints and back. 

That said, for heavier sleepers, this mattress will be too soft, which can actually create more pressure and likely more pain.

Back Pain – The Helix Sunset does a great job alleviating pressure at the lower back for those who weigh under 250 pounds or so. Heavier folks (who sleep on their backs) might want to upgrade to the Sunset Luxe for its extra lumbar support.
Hip Pain – For side sleepers with hip pain, the Helix Sunset is a great option. It will contour to the shape of your body, cradling the hips while you sleep. If you sleep on your back stomach, though, this mattress will be too soft and might exacerbate your hip pain.
Shoulder Pain – Many people exacerbate or even create shoulder pain by sleeping on their sides on a too-firm mattress. This soft mattress does an excellent job with relieving pressure and pain in the shoulders.


The Helix Sunset is a soft-feeling mattress, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s unsupportive. However, we can say that it will be the most supportive for light to average-weight body types and for those who sleep strictly on their sides. Because it is so soft, most back sleepers will find their hips sink down a bit too much, causing their spine to move out of alignment. Stomach sleepers will have the same gripe. 

If you love the sound of this mattress but need more support, you might consider upgrading to the Helix Sunset Luxe which has many of these same features, but includes an additional layer of lumbar support.

Motion Transfer

If you share a bed, motion transfer is going to be an important factor in choosing your next mattress. Motion transfer dictates how much you’ll be able to feel somebody else moving on the other part of the bed. 

The Helix Sunset doesn’t isolate motion the best (or the worst). Even though in many ways this mattress feels like a memory foam bed, due to its top comfort layers, light sleepers might still feel their partner move during the night on the standard model. However, the upgraded and thicker “Luxe” version of this mattress has better motion isolation.

a picture of a hand squeezing a mattress

Temperature Regulation / Cooling

This mattress performs well when it comes to temperature regulation and cooling. It starts with the cover, which is a Soft Touch Design cover that is very breathable. Below that, there is a layer of memory foam, which can feel warm at night. However, because Helix Sunset has a support layer of individually-wrapped coils beneath the foam layers, the mattress remains cool and has great airflow. 

For hot sleepers who are still concerned with overheating at night, you might consider upgrading to the Sunset Luxe, which has even more cooling features.

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Performance for Couples

The Helix Sunset is a fine mattress, overall, for couples. As we mentioned earlier, the motion isolation on this bed is not the best — but it is also not the worst. For most sleepers, this could be fine, while for light sleepers, it might be an issue. 

The good news, though, is that a mattress that doesn’t have the best motion isolation also has a little bit more bounce and responsiveness, which can be preferable for some sexually active couples. 

It also has good edge support so you and your partner will be able to utilize the entire surface of the bed.

Preference-based Features

Free Shipping

Helix ships their mattresses for free within the United States. Canadian orders will incur a customs tax and a shipping fee of 250 dollars per mattress.

100-Night Trial

You can try out this mattress for up to 100 nights before deciding if it is right for you. Helix asks that you give the mattress a shot for 30 nights, and after that if it doesn’t work for you, contact Helix and schedule a mattress pickup. Once the mattress is picked up, you’ll receive a full refund.

Solid Edge Support

Even though the Helix Sunset is a softer mattress, it has great edge support due to the support layer’s coils. This means the edges of your mattress won’t sag and you’ll be able to use the full surface of the bed.

Great for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a softer mattress than back and stomach sleepers in order to relieve pressure from the shoulders and hips. This mattress is the ideal level of softness for those who sleep primarily on their sides.

Excellent for Joint Pain

This bed's softer feel makes it a great pick for those with joint pain. It contours and cushions painful joints, rather than pushing back against them.

Construction: What’s Inside the Helix Sunset?

The Helix Sunset is 11.5 inches tall, whether you order a Twin, Queen, King, etc. If you upgrade to the Helix Sunset Luxe, though, it will be a bit thicker at 13.5 inches tall. The Sunset is a hybrid mattress that combines a support layer of pocketed coils and two layers of foam. The cover is also soft and breathable, which adds to the mattress’s overall cooling feel. 

  • The cover is made from 100 percent polyester and is designed to promote airflow and be extremely soft to the touch. 
  • The comfort layer, just below the cover, is made up of Memory Plus Foam. This foam is contouring and is designed to relieve joint pressure and pain, and feels comfortable and soft. 
  • Further below is the transition layer. This layer is made of Helix Dynamic Foam, which feels soft, cushioning, and provides ergonomic support. 
  • The support layer is next and is made up of hundreds of individually-wrapped coils. The coils provide support and also add a bounciness to the bed, as well as air flow to keep the mattress cool. These coils are also reinforced around the perimeter of the mattress to create solid edge support.
  • The final layer is the base layer. It is made with DuraDense Foam, a poly foam that will support the entire mattress, sitting atop a slatted bed frame or box spring.
helix sunset layers

Unboxing & Off-Gassing

The Helix Sunset is a “bed-in-a-box,” which means when you order it, it will arrive in a box. Because of this, it will take about 24-48 hours to fully decompress and off-gas. 

This mattress does tend to have a strong chemical smell when you unpackage it, so if you can, leave it in a well-ventilated room for at least a day before adding the bedding. 

You’ll probably also want somebody to help you with the unboxing process. It is a hybrid bed, so it’s not all that light. The standard Helix Sunset weighs 100 pounds (for a Queen) and if you’ve upgraded to the Luxe, it will weigh 115 pounds.


  • CertiPUR-US® certified – The foams in this bed are CertiPUR-US® certified. CertiPUR-US® is a third-party program that ensures the foams meet rigorous health and safety standards. This means they don’t contain harmful substances like ozone depleters, PBDEs, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates. They should also have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Noteworthy Updates:

  • The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) recently approved several of Helix’s mattresses for endorsement following reviews, analysis and testing. Read more here.

Coupons, Trials, Warranties, and Shipping

  • ShippingShipping is free within the United States.
  • Trial You can keep this product for 100 nights to make sure it’s your dream mattress, and if it isn’t, the company will refund your money.
  • WarrantyThere is a warranty on this mattress for 10 years.
  • Return PolicyHelix asks that you try out your mattress for 30 nights. If you don’t like it after that, you can return it for a full refund before your 100-night trial expires. You’ll just need to contact the company to pick up your mattress and receive a refund.

Sizes & Prices

SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin38” x 75” x 11.5”$849
Twin XL38” x 80” x 11.5”$949
Full54” x 75” x 11.5”$1,099
Queen60” x 80” x 11.5”$1,249
King76” x 80” x 11.5”$1,549
Cali King72” x 84” x 11.5”$1,549
Product image of Helix Sunset mattress
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The Helix Sunset is a hybrid mattress, thoughtfully designed for those who love a softer, more contouring-feeling bed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Helix Sunset mattress need a box spring?

Helix doesn’t recommend using a box spring for the Sunset unless you use a bunkie board on top for added support. Instead, they recommend a slatted base with slates no more than 5 inches apart, adjustable bases, or platform bed frames.

Is the Helix Sunset organic?

While the Helix Sunset is CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning, the foams in the bed don’t contain harmful chemicals, the Helix Sunset is not made from organic materials. 

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, the Helix Birch is made from pocketed coils, natural Talalay latex, eco-friendly Birch wool, and soft organic cotton.

Why does my Helix mattress smell?

It is perfectly normal for foam mattresses to smell when first unboxed and unwrapped. This “off-gassing” is more noticeable with bed-in-a-box mattresses, like the Helix, because when they are vacuum sealed, the chemical byproducts are trapped inside the packaging until you open them at home. 

The odor is generally considered to be harmless and should fade within a few days at most.

What does Helix do with returned mattresses?

Helix donates returned mattresses to charities and housing facilities (in your local community) whenever they can. If your state’s laws prohibit donating used mattresses, Helix sends the mattresses to recycling centers so they don’t sit in landfills.

Helix vs Other Brands

Helix Sunset vs WinkBed

Product image of Helix Sunset mattress
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  • Hybrid mattress with more sinkage
  • 5.5 / 10 on the firmness scale
  • 10-Year warranty
WinkBed Plus Product Image
Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below
  • Hybrid mattress with more bounce
  • Multiple firmness options
  • Lifetime warranty

Who We Recommend the Helix Sunset For

  • Those who prefer a soft mattress
  • Side sleepers
  • People with joint pain 

Who We Recommend the WinkBed For

  • Those who want a firmer mattress
  • Stomach and back sleepers
  • People with back pain

Helix Sunset vs Nectar

Product image of Helix Sunset mattress
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  • Bed-in-a-box
  • Hybrid
  • 100-night trial period
nectar bed product image
Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below
  • Bed-in-a-box
  • Memory foam
  • 365-night trial period

Who We Recommend the Helix Sunset For

  • Those who want slightly more bounce
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Sleepers with joint pain

Who We Recommend the Nectar For

  • Those who want to sink deeply into the mattress
  • Light sleepers who share a bed
  • Those who are on a tighter budget

Helix Sunset vs Other Helix Models

Helix Sunset vs Helix Midnight

Product image of Helix Sunset mattress
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  • Hybrid
  • 5.5 / 10 on the firmness scale
  • Offers more pressure relief
Helix Midnight Product Image
Check pricing and availability by clicking the button below
  • Hybrid
  • 6-7 / 10 on the firmness scale
  • Offers more support

Who We Recommend the Helix Sunset For

  • Side sleepers
  • Lightweight & average-weight sleepers
  • Those prefer a soft mattress

Who We Recommend the Helix Midnight For

  • Back sleepers
  • Average & heavier-weight sleepers
  • Those who prefer a medium-firm mattress

Helix Sunset vs Helix Plus

Product image of Helix Sunset mattress
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  • Hybrid
  • 5.5 / 10 on the firmness scale
  • Ideal for light and average sleepers
new helix plus image with a white background
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  • Hybrid
  • 7 / 10 on the firmness scale
  • Designed for heavier-weight sleepers

Who We Recommend the Helix Sunset For

  • Those who prefer a soft mattress
  • Lightweight & average-weight side sleepers
  • Lightweight back sleepers

Who We Recommend the Helix Plus For

  • Those who prefer a firmer feeling mattress 
  • Average-weight back & stomach sleepers
  • Heavier-weight side, stomach, or back sleepers

Overall Summary

Overall, the Helix Sunset is a great mattress for those who want a softer-feeling bed with more contouring and pressure relief, without that “sinking in” feeling that typically accompanies a mattress made entirely from memory foam. It is ideal for lightweight and average-weight sleepers.

Side Sleeping Icon

Side Sleepers


Side sleepers should enjoy the soft construction of this mattress. Most side sleepers will notice the pressure relief the Helix Sunset provides on their shoulders and hips, as the top foam layers conform nicely to the body’s curves. Average-weight side sleepers, in particular, will feel the benefits of each of this mattress’s comfort and support layers.

Back Sleeping Icon

Back Sleepers


Back sleepers who prefer a softer-feeling mattress will appreciate the Helix Sunset. It works especially well for lightweight sleepers and average-weight sleepers who like more contouring rather than firm support. However, heavier people may not feel supported when sleeping on their backs.

Stomach Sleeping Icon

Stomach Sleepers


Stomach sleepers must watch out for spine alignment because the hips (which typically carry our extra weight) tend to dip in this position, which can mess with proper sleep posture. Stomach sleepers will find this mattress too soft to support their hips and are likely better off with a firmer mattress.

Combination Sleeping Icon

Combination Sleepers


For those who switch between their side and back throughout the night, this mattress should work pretty well. It is cushioning enough for the shoulders, usually supportive enough for the back, and has enough bounce due to the coils to easily change positions. 

If you also sleep on your stomach, though, it will probably feel too soft in that position.

Couples Icon



This good news for couples is that the Helix Sunset is cooling, has good edge support, and enough bounce to be beneficial for sexually active couples. The bad news is, it doesn’t have the best motion isolation. It is not the worst, but light sleepers will probably feel their partner moving at night.

Heavy Sleepers Icon

Heavy Sleepers


Heavier sleepers will find this mattress to be too soft on their stomachs or backs. It might work for heavier people who love the feeling of a soft mattress and sleep on their sides for its pressure-relieving qualities, though even then, it might be a bit too soft. Significantly heavier folks might like the Helix Plus instead.

Light Weight Sleepers

Lightweight Sleepers


Lighter than average sleepers (under 130 pounds) should get the benefits of this softer bed on their backs and sides and feel both the pressure relief and support of this hybrid mattress. Likely, it will still be too soft when sleeping on their stomachs, unless significantly under 130 pounds.

Light Weight Sleepers

Average-Weight Sleepers


Average-weight sleepers will also appreciate this bed, as they will sink into the comfort layers enough to feel the pressure relief, but not so far that they will feel out of alignment. The Sunset should work well for average-weight sleepers on the sides and backs, but not so much on their stomachs.

Overall Value


The Helix Sunset is made from high-quality materials, is durable, and comes with a 10-year warranty, free shipping, and 100-night sleep trial. It is less expensive than some other comparable hybrids on the market, but still a quality mattress. Overall, it is a great value.

Our Verdict

The Helix Sunset is a great hybrid mattress for those who want a softer-feeling bed and appreciate the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam. It primarily feels like a memory foam mattress due to its top comfort layer, but also has the bounce and cooling properties of an innerspring mattress due to its support layer. 

It is ideal for lightweight and average-weight side and back sleepers and for those who are not easily disturbed at night by their partner’s movements. For those who want more support and cooling options, we recommend upgrading to the Helix Sunset Luxe.

Product image of Helix Sunset mattress
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The Helix Sunset is a hybrid mattress, thoughtfully designed for those who love a softer, more contouring-feeling bed.
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