Our In-Depth Plank Bed Review (Brooklyn Bedding) for 2020

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Are you turned off by cloud-like pillow tops and guarantees of deep hugging softness? Do you prefer to sleep more on the surface of your mattress and feel as if you’re floating just above it?

Plank bed, the latest offering from established bed-in-a-box brand Brooklyn Bedding, has borrowed from traditional sleeping habits and preferences of Eastern Asia with this dual-sided choice that they manufacture at their own facility in the United States.

Our in-depth review of Plank mattress will give you the skinny on what’s to love about this brand that was designed with the lovers of firmer mattresses squarely in mind. We’ll take you through support, motion transfer, and cooling.

If you’re inpatient for our verdict, go ahead and skip to the end. Otherwise stick around for our layer-by-layer analysis.

You will love Plank if you:

  • Want a firmer mattress – Harder sleeping surfaces typically offer enhanced support and minimal softness, which can be very appealing to a certain population of sleepers. This brand delivers in keeping its materials extra supportive while still providing enough comfort to very gently cradle your body.
  • Like a dual-sided choice – You may know you want a harder mattress but what degree of feel works best? Plank bed gives you two different feels on either side so you can choose between the Firm and Ultra Firm.
  • Sleep hot – You’ll sleep more up towards the surface of this mattress, which should let air circulate around you. In addition, the breathable foams shouldn’t trap much heat against your body, reducing the likelihood that you’ll wake up sweaty.

You might not like Plank if you:

  • Need extra pressure relief – There is a layer of softness that cradles your joints when lying on this mattress, and the feel offers enhanced support and spine alignment. However, those who are curvier or who require extra softness may prefer the feel of a plusher mattress like the Aurora or Signature from Brooklyn Bedding.

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Construction (Materials & Quality)

Plank bed arrives at your door rolled up and bundled into a box, which is simple to carry to your room and install. You can use Plank on a variety of flat surfaces, including slats or platforms, and even an adjustable base if you’d prefer.

The quilted cover is attached to a layer of foam on either side. This foam is .75 inches on the ultra hard side and 1.5 inches on the other. The cover fabric is made from a cotton and polyester blend that is soft to the touch but securely quilted to avoid unwanted loft, and it can be removed and spot cleaned as needed. For an extra charge, you can add a cooling cover that uses phase change material to keep temperatures comfortably neutral.

Between the covers, there are two layers within the mattress, which stands 11.5 inches tall. You can flip the product over for a harder experience, but this description focuses on Firm side up.

plank bed layers

  • The first layer is a 7-inch block of High-Density Base Foam that gives the brand its structure, durability and support system, that should hold the spine straight and aligned while you drift off to sleep.
  • The second layer is made from 2 inches of the company’s proprietary TitanFlex™ that is formulated for this bed to provide extra hardness. This layer offers deep compression support and it contains gel to promote cooling.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

Our 1 to 10 scale scores mattresses from soft to hard, and both sides are much closer to 10. You can try the Firm side, which is a 7.5 to an 8 or the alternate Ultra Firm side which scores at a 9. These specific feels should appeal to those in the market for harder all-foam beds.

Not sure what is firm or ultra firm? Read our firmness guide here and learn more.

Lying down on the Firm side, you should notice how the thicker quilted cover conforms to your curves for the gentlest of cradles while the support foam holds your body in straight alignment. On the flip side, the cradling should feel pretty minimal as the cover is half as thick and the TitanFlex™ layer offers additional support.

There is some bounce to this brand and the foams are quick to respond to pressure, so combo sleepers shouldn’t have any problem alternating between positions throughout the night.

firmness scale for plank bed

Most back sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress will appreciate how one side can conform to their lumbar and hold their body in a well-supported cradle. If you’re a back sleeper who prefers a more minimal cradling, you can easily flip it over for that experience.

Side sleepers tend to require extra pressure relief because more of their weight is concentrated on a narrower and curvier expanse of their body (Why? Learn more in our side sleepers guide). If you don’t have a lot of curves, you should feel fine sleeping on your side. However, more shapely individuals may prefer something softer, and may want to look at Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid.

Stomach sleepers should really appreciate how hard this mattress is because that additional support can help keep their hips, which typically are heavier, level with the rest of their body so that their spine remains aligned (you can find out more in our stomach sleepers guide). Those with extra weight in their middle may even prefer the Ultra Firm for its enhanced support.

The manufacturer recommends a weight limit of 900 pounds for this mattress or 450 pounds for each side.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is pretty exceptional in the all-foam Plank that isolates motion at its source and prevents it from making the move across the bed to a sleeping partner. If you share your mattress and worry about being shaken awake, this is a great choice to help you avoid that.

Edge Support

Plank bed performed as expected here as a bed-in-a-box brand, which typically do not excel in this area. There is some slight compression when you are seated on the side, but you should be able to lie on the side normally without feeling insecure or as if you’re about to roll off. This may not be your number one concern, but those who share their sleep space can increase their available sleep space with strong edges.

Other Considerations

  • Optional Cooling Cover – For an additional fee, you can choose to add the cooling cover found on other models of Brooklyn Bedding's line.
  • Dual-Sided – Those looking to narrow down their preference have two choices with this model Firm or Ultra Firm, each on either side of the product.
  • Trial Period – Try Plank for 120 days and if it’s not a good fit, contact the company and arrange for a free return.
  • Warranty – The warranty on this product stays in place for 10 years.
  • Shipping – Beds ship for free within the United States. Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada can also receive shipments for an additional fee.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – This certification signifies that the foams used in this product contain consumer tested safe levels of potentially dangerous VOCs, chemicals, and heavy metals.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin38” x 75” x 11.5”$699
Twin XL38” x 80” x 11.5”$749
Full53” x 75” x 11.5”$799
Queen60” x 80” x 11.5”$999
King76” x 80” x 11.5”$1,249
Cali King72” x 84” x 11.5”$1,249

Final Thoughts

9.2 Total Score

Those in the market for a Firm bed now have a dual-sided choice to see what they require to sleep well-supported and comfortable in Plank, a new product from Brooklyn Bedding.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money
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Brooklyn Bedding, an Arizona-based mattress company known for manufacturing high quality for affordable prices, has added yet another mattress to their growing line of online beds. Catering to those whose tastes run on the firmer side, Plank bed is a dual-sided choice that lets you choose how firm you’d like your bed to be.

Plank’s super gentle cradle and breathable foams should keep you from sleeping too hot and the quilted cover on each side should gently cradle your pressure points without making you feel lost in foam. Back and stomach sleepers, in particular, should have a lot to enjoy with this mattress.

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