Best Affordable Sheets

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Having a comfortable bed makes all the difference when it comes to sleep quality. What about other bedding accessories, though? Sheets are among the most important bedding, and there’s nothing like curling up in a cozy set at the end of the day.

As a consumer, you don’t have to break the bank to get great sheets. Some of the best affordable sheets bring exceptional comfort and value at prices you can get behind.

In this review, we’ll look at some of the best affordable sheets and what makes them stand out. We’ll also answer your most frequently asked questions and discuss important factors you should consider before buying.

Best Affordable Sheets

Editor’s Choice

Brooklinen Classic Cotton Sheet Set


  • 270-Thread Count Weave
  • Long-Staple Cotton
  • OEKO-TEX® Certification
  • Machine-Washable

Sleepers looking for ultimate comfort and ease of maintenance should consider this Brooklinen set. These Percale sheets have a breathable 270-thread count weave that gives them a luxury look and feel. In addition, the weave allows maximum breathability, allowing the sheets to stay cool throughout the night, which is great for hot sleepers.

The Brooklinen is made with 100 percent long-staple cotton that gives off a comfortable feel. The set is available in six standard mattress sizes, but King and Cali-King come with King-sized pillowcases. You can also choose among a few colors to match the rest of your bedding.

What makes it unique?

  • The set has an OEKO-TEX® certification showing that the fabric has been tested for toxins and harmful substances according to global criteria.
  • Brooklinen offers a 1-year warranty and a 365-night trial for you to test the sheets. In addition, the company pays return shipping fees if you’re in the USA.

Best Affordable Bamboo Sheets

PlushBeds Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheet Set


  • Rayon from Bamboo
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Twill Weave
  • Anti-Bacterial

The PlushBeds Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheet Set is made from 100 percent rayon from bamboo. The fabric is silky and fresh, so it’s excellent for hot sleepers struggling with hot flashes and overheating. The sheets feature a twill weave that’s soft and supple, adding to the overall luxury feel. This also makes the sheets suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The PlushBeds sheets are naturally moisture-wicking and breathable. On top of that, they’re suitable for allergy-prone people as they’re anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and odor-resistant. The set features a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with deep pockets and an elastic, and two pillowcases for all sizes except Twin and Twin XL.

What should you know?

  • Although the PlushBeds sheets are cool to the touch, these do a good job adapting to different temperatures. In other words, you’ll notice the sheets keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Best Affordable Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set


  • Genuine Egyptian Cotton™
  • Sateen Weave
  • Machine-Washable

Egyptian cotton sheets are known for their high price, but this Silk & Snow set brings all the benefits of certified Egyptian cotton at an affordable price. The set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases for all sizes except Twin and Twin XL. These two come with one pillowcase.

Silk & Snow uses Egyptian cotton certified by the Cotton Egypt Association, ensuring the most rigorous softness, durability, and quality standards. These are machine-washable on a gentle cycle and with cold water. Tumble drying is also allowed but on low.

Why should you buy it?

  • Silk & Snow offers a 1-year warranty on defects caused by faulty materials and manufacturing. In addition, you get a 100-night trial during which you can return the set if you don’t like it.
  • Silk & Snow is one of the most transparent companies, showing their customers exactly where they source the materials and every other step of the manufacturing process.

Best Affordable Sheets with Corner Straps

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Classic Cotton Sheet Set


  • Long-Staple Cotton
  • Four-Way Stretch
  • Staytight™ Corner Straps
  • 250-Thread Count

If you’re a restless sleeper, you probably know the struggle of your sheets moving around the bed. This can cause bumps and rolls on the mattress, making it hard to find a comfortable spot. Tempur-Pedic came up with a solution with their Staytight™ corner straps for a secure and snug fit. The bands keep the sheet in place so there’s no bunching.

The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Classic set is soft and durable as it’s made from long-staple cotton with a 250-thread count. The fabric features four-way stretch and remains smooth even after years of use and washing.

What’s worth noting?

  • The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Classic set is available in multiple colors and sizes. All sizes include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a pillowcase.
  • Although the set comes with a 1-year warranty, the company doesn’t accept returns unless the product is damaged upon delivery. The warranty, however, is meant to protect your investment.

Best Affordable Sheets on a Budget

Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets


  • Moisture-Wicking Materials
  • Machine-Washable
  • 30-Day Trial
  • 1-Year Warranty

Budget shoppers should take a look at these Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets. Brooklyn Bedding did an excellent job of producing sheets that deliver comfort, moisture-wicking, and cooling without spending too much.

These sheets feature finely woven fibers brushed for additional softness and supreme breathability. This set is lightweight and breezy, making it a good choice for hot sleepers. The fabric is moisture-wicking, helping to keep your bed dry and fresh even when you sweat. Also, the microfiber in these sheets has a tight weave to enhance its durability even with frequent washing.

Why we like it

  • The Brooklyn Bedding set is machine-washable and resistant to wrinkles, which means no ironing is needed to keep the sheets flat. Tumble drying is allowed but on low.
  • The company offers eight sizes and six colors, making it easy to match these budget sheets to the rest of your bedding.

Best Affordable Sheets for Hot Sleepers

Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets


  • 100 Percent Viscose
  • 400 Thread Count
  • Sateen Weave
  • OEKO-TEX® Certification

Hot sleepers often struggle to find a cool spot on the mattress. The built-up heat and lack of breathability can make it difficult to fall and say asleep if you’re already a hot sleeper. The Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets are made from 100 percent viscose sourced from organically grown bamboo trees. The sheets feature a 400 thread count sateen weave that’s soft to the touch and good for sensitive skin.

Viscose is cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re cold. The material is known for its excellent temperature regulation, so you don’t have to worry about being cold when the temperatures drop. The fitted sheet has deep pockets and an elastic band that ensures the best fitment on mattresses up to 15 inches tall.

What’s worth mentioning?

  • The elastic band makes it easy to fit this sheet on all mattresses, regardless of height. This means the same sheet will fit a 6-inch bed and a 15-inch bed.

How to Pick the Best Affordable Sheets

Illustration of a Person changing their sheets

The sheets we mentioned above have an affordable price, which makes them good for budget shoppers. However, there are other things you should also pay attention to when buying, like materials, texture, durability, and more.


Sheets are made from various materials, offering different benefits to appeal to all kinds of sleepers. Materials play a significant role in the comfort, cooling, appearance, and durability of your sheets. Cotton, silk, and linen are usually the most expensive, but even these can be found at budget prices, depending on a few other factors. On the other hand, polyester and microfiber sheets are the cheapest because they’re easier to produce.

When looking at materials, shoppers should also consider how the material looks and feels. Is it soft and breathable? Does it feel durable? You should check how delicate the fabric is and if it’s going to be easy to clean. All of this can help you figure out the best material for your budget and other needs.

Thread Count

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of material. The rule of thumb is that fabric with a higher thread count is more comfortable and has a luxurious feel. However, there are a few other things to consider. For example, thread count isn’t the only thing indicating quality. You should also consider the thread itself because some brands use multi-play or thin threads to get the highest count.


The pattern or weave in which the threads are woven affects your sheet's appearance and feel. Affordable sheets have a twill, percale, or sateen weave, although you may also come across knitted sheets depending on the material. Some weaves are gentler than others, which is especially important if you have sensitive skin.


The texture is similar to weave as it determines the feel of your sheets. Some models have a smoother texture and are more suitable for people with sensitive skin while others are more texturized. Affordable sheets can have different textures depending on the material and construction.


Most sheets are available in standard mattress sizes, but this is still something you should check beforehand. Some brands offer only four dimensions, while others have six or more. The best way to determine is to measure your mattress. However, keep in mind that a flat sheet should be somewhat bigger than your bed to ensure a proper fit. Fitted sheets usually have elastic to keep them in place, but you should check if the pocket depth fits your mattress height.


Price is among the most critical factors to consider when choosing affordable sheets. The overall cost depends on many things like size, materials, weave, thread count, and preference-based features like cooling. Although you should have a predetermined budget, you should still carefully consider all buying factors before simply deciding on the cheapest sheets.


Not all sheets look the same, so you’ll notice a variety of designs, patterns, and colors affecting the overall appearance. Some brands offer a few color choices, while others have only white sheets. Although most people prefer neutral colors, some like pinks, purples, and blues, among other colors. The appearance also depends on whether the sheets have a matte or shiny finish. On top of that, you may also find the brand’s logo somewhere on the sheets.


Cooling is a preference-based feature, so it’s not something you’ll find with all sheets. The sheets' cooling capabilities depend on the material, breathability, and weave. For example, synthetic fabrics and those with a tight weave may not be as breathable and cooling. On the other hand, natural materials like cotton and silk are more cooling as they allow better airflow. As such, they can help prevent overheating and sweating.

illustration of couple sleeping on cooling bed topper


Although affordable products are often tied to poor durability, there are affordable sheets that can last a decent amount of time. Durable sheets hold up for years, even after all the washing and tumble drying. Plus, these are unlikely to tear at the seams or anywhere else. However, the durability of a sheet depends on several, like the fabric material and overall manufacturing quality.


Fitted sheets stretch across your mattress, which helps straighten wrinkles. On the other hand, flat sheets may come out more wrinkled after washing and especially after tumble drying. Some materials wrinkle less than others. For instance, you’ll notice viscose is resistant to wrinkles but cotton isn’t. Also, some materials are safe to iron, but make sure to check this beforehand.


Most sheets are easy to clean since they’re usually machine-washable and safe to tumble dry. However, you should double-check this by reading the label provided by the manufacturer. You can find this somewhere on the sheet or inside the packaging. If not, you can find it on the brand’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the softest affordable sheets?

The softest affordable sheets are made from smooth and breathable materials, featuring a gentle finish. Silk, microfiber, and linen sheets are the softest and most delicate, but these aren't the cheapest. Nonetheless, you can find affordable sheets made from these materials that are soft and breathable.

What is the best grade of sheets?

The best-grade sheets are made from quality materials and have a thread count between 300 and 500. However, you should also look at other factors like durability, wrinkling, and weave to help ensure they’re good quality. As mentioned earlier, some brands may use thinner threads to achieve a higher count.

How much should I pay for nice sheets?

You can find nice affordable sheets at around 20 to 50 dollars, depending on the material, size, and thread count. Larger sizes are more expensive because they use more material and typically include two pillowcases instead of one. How much you’re willing to pay depends on your budget, but nice sheets can be found at various prices.

What are the healthiest sheets to buy?

Sheets made from natural, organic materials are the healthiest to buy because they’re not made with synthetics, and they’re hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. These are often also moisture-wicking and breathable, so they’re unlikely to cause bacteria build-up. On top of that, the healthiest sheets have certifications like OEKO-TEX®.

Are bamboo sheets worth the money?

Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, comfortable, and easy to clean, which makes them worth the money. Although these are known to be on the more expensive side, there are budget options for eco-conscious shoppers interested in bamboo sheets.

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