Highest-Rated Mattresses for Pregnant Women – Ratings for 2022

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Sleep is crucial for pregnant women as changes begin to occur in their body and the shift in hormones can take quite a toll. Of course, these same changes that are sapping her energy all day become obstacles to a restful REM cycle. Insomnia, muscle and joint aches, sleep apnea, and overactive bladder can all be caused or exacerbated by a pregnancy.

So what can a mattress do?

Quite a lot, actually. Check out some of our favorite bed brands for mommies-to-be or head down and check out our informational guide for mattress shopping while pregnant to get an idea of what you should be considering.

loom and leaf small mobile image Loom & Leaf
  • Trial: 180 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years
nectar bed small product image Nectar
  • Trial: 365 Nights
  • Warranty: Lifetime
helix sleep small image Helix
  • Trial: 100 Days
  • Warranty: 10 Years
Product image of Sparrow by Nest Bedding mattress small Sparrow
  • Trial: 365 Nights
  • Warranty: Lifetime
Brooklyn Aurora small product image Brooklyn Aurora
  • Trial: 120 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Top 5 Pregnancy Mattresses

Loom & Leaf – Luxury Look & Feel


  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 180-Night Trial
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Saatva’s goal is to create eco-friendly luxury that doesn’t strain your wallet, and Loom & Leaf is their offering to the memory foam space. It stands a full 12 inches tall and is built with strategically placed layers of foam and a cradling cover that prevents you from sinking too deeply into the foams.

What stands out? As part of their luxury package, this brand includes White Glove Delivery with every purchase, so you don’t have to worry about setting up your own bed and can devote more time to assembling that baby crib. The higher profile also can help with getting in and out of bed, as many pregnant women can have trouble lifting themselves from a seated position.

As an added bonus, this mattress includes several cooling features that keep this material temperature regulated as part of its top comfort layers. These include a hospital-grade cooling gel panel laminated to the top memory foam layer, as well as a breathable cotton cover that’s certified organic.

Nectar – Great Value


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Forever Warranty

The memory foam mattress is fantastic for pressure relief, but many are concerned about that high price tag or the material’s tendency to overheat. Nectar has made moves to alleviate both concerns with their affordably priced memory bed that is packed with cutting-edge cooling features to accommodate those middle of the night hormone fluctuations.

What makes it special? We think that Nectar offers an extraordinary value in the space and truly offers high-quality memory foam for a fraction of the cost you’d see in stores for similar products. Upgrades to the classic experience also help keep repositioning simple, so as mobility starts to become an issue, you shouldn’t have to worry about feeling stuck in your bed.

The experience of Nectar is especially advantageous for those with tired muscles and sore joints because the foams were built to adapt to your specific shape in a deep hug that melts pressure away from hips and shoulders, where it tends to build up. Your weight, even unbalanced pregnancy weight, should feel evenly distributed.

Helix – For Couples


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Helix has designed a line of 18 mattresses, half standard and half Luxe, that aim to target each and every possible sleep preference and need. How do you know which is right for you? They’ve designed a quiz that will match the perfect formulation with each kind of sleeper, including specialty model for those with higher weight considerations.

What’s unique? If you’re like 80% of couples out there, you don’t have the same sleeping preferences or firmness requirements from your bed. For many couples, this means a compromise, but the folks at Helix have different ideas with both the Dual Balanced and Dual Extra, two models that are designed specifically for couples with different needs.

Every choice in Helix’s line up is a hybrid, which means you’ll be getting advantages of two types of mattresses: coil and foam. The comfort foams were designed to be responsive and are customized, depending on what model you choose, for firmness and cushioning depth. The coils allow good airflow and bounce, which is perfect for pregnant women who need to get up for the bathroom and stay cool while sleeping.

Sparrow – Hybrid


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 365 Nights Sleep Trial
  • Comfort Exchange
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Nest Bedding’s reputation is built around quality beds that are backed by top-notch customer service, which promises lifetime comfort and warranties for each of their beds. The Sparrow is a high-end offering from the company that blends the worlds of coils and foams for a truly unique hybrid experience.

What’s noteworthy?We think the Sparrow from Nest Bedding has all of the features that make a hybrid great. You have bounce in the coils, air flowing through, and super soft and accommodating foams up top to melt away all your pressure. This is exceptionally important for pregnant women who want to rest comfortably without getting too overheated.

Nest Bedding also understands that your initial firmness choice may not be the one you need in the long-run. They offer a Comfort Exchange, so if your post-baby body has different sleep needs, you can get yours exchanged for another model or feel for free if you swap it out within the sleep trial.

Brooklyn Aurora – Exceptional Cooling


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Brooklyn Bedding is based in Arizona, where the desert heat can prevent deep sleep for sensitive sleep. Their entire line of mattresses, including the high-end Aurora, is focused on delivering a comfortable, temperature regulated sleep. By manufacturing at their own factory and selling direct to consumer online, Brooklyn Bedding can offer a luxury mattress for much less than retail stores can.

Aurora starts out with several layers of proprietary foams that are responsive for easy repositioning and infused with cooling gels and copper. The support system is made from an edge-to-edge Quantum coil system that is 8-inches thick.

What’s its most impressive feature? As your body chemistry fluctuates to accommodate your pregnancy, your hormones can go haywire, triggering hot flashes and uncomfortable sweating. This brand’s cooling technology is top-of-the-line, including gel foams, air flow through coils, and a temperature regulating cover to make sure your foam doesn’t add or trap unnecessary heat.

Mattress for Pregnancy - Buyer’s Guide

Buying a mattress while you’re pregnant can be a tricky business because your body is changing rapidly and your needs and preferences might be changing right along with it. Can you find a bed that can adapt to your changing needs and help you sleep comfortably? We think you can, and the following is information that can take you through some of the most important considerations for expectant mothers.

Everyone’s body is unique, and every pregnancy is unique to that body. Women who are older or have pre-existing sleep conditions should take those into account when shopping. You may also consider talking to your doctor about what positions and special needs your particular pregnancy may require and applying what you learn to the following shopping guide.

A Woman Flipping from Her Back to Her Side Over-and-Over Animated Illustration

Can’t Sleep During Pregnancy?

Many women suffer from insomnia during their pregnancy, and this can be a dangerous condition that should be monitored closely by a doctor. But if you suspect that your mattress is one of the root causes of your restlessness, there are several questions that you may want to ask.

  • Is your bed accommodating to your changing shape or are you waking up with pressure points and soreness?

  • Are you waking up hot?

  • Are you struggling to get in and out of your mattress or move around?

Get More Info: How Pregnancy Affects Sleep

Important Maternity Mattress Factors


Spine alignment is crucial to a restful night’s sleep and a morning free from uncomfortable pain points. Your mattress needs with regards to your posture might change a bit when you’re pregnant. For example, if you’ve always been a stomach or back sleeper, you've likely had to adjust to sleeping on your side.

Your needs in different positions, especially with a growing belly, tend to vary. Side sleepers need to focus on pressure relief in that position because the curvier edge of your body is bearing more weight and tends to develop uncomfortable pressure build up. This can cause restlessness at night.

Want to know more? Check out our best mattress for side sleepers here.

woman sleeping on her back illustration


Those looking for enhanced pressure relief often find it in a deep hugging mattress, but this may not be ideal for pregnant women. Even if you commit to one sleeping position, you are likely to get up to use the bathroom and pulling yourself out of a deeper hug each time could be difficult.


What firmness level you need will depend on what blend of materials is required to support good spine alignment while melting your pressure away with a good amount of comfort. A bed that is too soft may hold your body too deeply inside the mattress and make repositioning more difficult, especially as you try to maneuver while pregnant. A brand that is too firm may cause too much pressure to build up.

Beds in the Medium to Medium-Firm range tend to deliver a good balance of these two mattress characteristics for most bodies, but a lot may depend on your size and sleep position. Remember, however, that firmness is subjective and what is indicated by the manufacturer or a reviewer may not be what you experience, depending on your body size and shape.

Need help? Check out our mattress firmness guide.

Thickness and Durability

Many pregnant women struggle with standing up, especially with an imbalance of weight on the front of their body. A bed with a lower profile may require you to lift yourself up into a standing position, while a bed with a higher loft will allow you to slide off onto the floor.

Thickness is not always indicative of durability, and a 10-inch mattress may last longer than a 15-inch choice. You should consider the materials within when shopping so you can be sure to find a mattress that lasts the length of your pregnancy and beyond.


Hormones fluctuate during pregnancies, and many expectant mothers are highly sensitive to temperature, waking up in a sweat. Though foam does a great job reducing pressure, it can sometimes allow heat to build up, so be sure to look for materials that help heat dissipate or flow through the mattress.

View Our Guide: Best Cooling Mattresses

Motion Isolation

If you’re getting up and down throughout the night using the restroom or after the baby is born to nurse, you do run the risk of disturbing your partner or vice versa. Foams that absorb vibrations often do an exceptional job at reducing motion transfer, as do coils that are individually wrapped in cloth or foam.

Animated Image of a Woman Testing Motion Isolation of a Mattress


Certain materials can also make noise when you move around on a bed, so you may also want to consider this possibility if you are exceptionally sensitive to noise. Coils that are connected often are the biggest culprits in this category because they squeak when they rub together.

Edge Support

Sturdy edges can increase the overall usable surface area of your bed, which is ideal if you like to spread out without sacrificing support. This is also important for new parents that intend to share their bed with their new baby and need a bit of extra room.

Cost & Budget

There are many costs incurred during pregnancy and having a baby. While a mattress purchase is an important investment, it’s not necessary to break your budget to support your pregnancy. There are tons of affordable beds available, especially online or with financing, that can help curb costs.

Illustration of a Woman Counting Her Savings While Thinking about New Bed

Mattress Shopping for Pregnant Ladies: Some Questions

A mattress is a big purchase and like any large investment, there is bound to be a ton of small print and policy that you should evaluate before pulling the trigger on your choice of maternity mattress.

Can you customize or order split comfort?

The ability to customize your mattress to your specifications or select two different comfort levels for your mattress adds considerably to the value of your purchase and the longevity of your investment. A mattress matched to your sleep needs both present and future is likely to retain its usefulness and enhance intimacy with your partner if both are getting the rest you require from the same bed.

A dual-sided choice may also be a wise choice if you expect your sleep needs to change considerably post-pregnancy.

Check Out Our Guide: Top Rated Customizable Beds

Tired Pregnant Lady Struggling to Fall Asleep

How long is the sleep trial?

Fifteen minutes in a mattress store will not tell you as much about your mattress as a few weeks sleeping on it. Many mattress companies want to alleviate concerns about buyer’s remorse by building in policies that allow you to try the mattress out in your home before committing to keeping it. Check the fine print and see what the brand offers in terms of returns and pick-up costs. They may even be able to donate the mattress to a good cause!

How will you get it home?

Any woman who has been through a pregnancy will tell you that it’s tough enough to get her own body up the stairs, let alone a huge mattress. Consider how the bed will be delivered to your home and who will set it up. See if the brand offers White Glove Delivery, where professionals bring the bed in, unpack it, and place it on your bed frame for a nominal fee. Otherwise, be sure that someone else is home to help you move it when it’s delivered.

For More Info: Tips for Transporting a Bed On Your Own

Illustration of a Lady Waiting for Mattress Delivery

Are there warranty conditions?

The warranty can add value to your purchase or sometimes subtract from its overall value. You’ll want to look carefully at the brand’s policy in terms of making claims, paying for repairs, or reviews that will help you see how others have interacted with the company when reporting damage or defects both immediate and over time.

You’ll also want to investigate any limits the policy might have and ways you could inadvertently void its guarantees, such as putting to much weight on the mattress or putting it on an incorrect frame or foundation.

Sleeping Accessories for Pregnant Women


If a brand new mattress purchase isn’t in the cards for you or you want to return to your current mattress at the conclusion of your pregnancy, a mattress topper may fit the bill to change up the comfort to accommodate your maternity. A topper typically constitutes one or several layers of comfort material (usually foam), and many of the top mattress brands have blended their proprietary materials into toppers that can fit on top of whatever mattress you currently own.

Memory foam mattress toppers do not necessarily retain heat as many are incorporated with gels, and these may transform your current sleep space into a deep-hugging paradise. You might look into latex toppers that could be more responsive and temperature neutral. Many latex products offer a more organic choice with all natural materials, which can be an advantage for those with sensitivities to certain chemicals or allergens.

Illustration of a Lady Trying Mattress Toppers in a Mattress Store


There are many things to keep in mind when purchasing a pillow for your sleep space, too. If you’re like most people, more than one pillow may be required for the sleep position you fancy. For instance, many men and women prefer to sleep with a pillow both under their heads and between their knees. If this is you, you’ll want to consider different pillow heights (lofts) or materials that will work best for what you need.

Ideally, your head should be four inches off the mattress, and the size of your pillow can help you achieve that based both on the weight of your head and the breadth of your shoulders. Side sleepers tend to like higher pillows, while back and stomach sleepers like thinner pillows. Choosing a product with looser materials will often let you adjust the pillow to the loft you need by rearranging the insides.

Visit Our Full Guide: Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Adjustable Bases

woman sleeping in adjustable bed

Though it is a larger investment, an adjustable base can transform your sleep space from night to night depending on what you need and what position feels best. A flip of a button or switch could have you on your way to the very best sleep, and many adjustable bases come with preset positions or programmable settings if you find a favorite.

Adjustable beds aren’t the same as they were 20 years ago. More modern constructions make much less noise and feature additional perks and features that are ultra-high tech. For instance, maybe you’d like your bed to charge your phone while you sleep or light your way to the bathroom.

Tons of options and features have truly brought adjustable bases into the 21st century. As an added bonus for cumbersome pregnant bodies, you won’t have to sit up on your own if your bed can do it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is memory foam safe during pregnancy?

When memory foam was invented in the 1970s, there were concerns about the chemicals used in manufacturing, but more modern iterations of the same materials have been regulated so that they contain flame retardants. Certifications from third-party organizations have often tested the foams and found them to be safe for consumer use, and these are always listed on the manufacturer's website if you’d like to investigate further.

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Is offgassing a problem?

Many bed-in-a-box mattresses have a detectable odor when they are first unpacked that usually dissipates after a few hours or a few days. This is usually a result of the packing process that compresses the bed and keeps it vacuum sealed in plastic. Though it is reportedly harmless, those with sensitive noses may look for beds that are not compressed.

Are there air mattresses that can accommodate pregnancies?

If an airbed is your preference, there are options for you, even when you are pregnant due to advances in airbed technology and set up. Lying on your back, you should achieve the same balance and support you’re used to with air mattresses, but newer choices even offer cutouts or holes that can accommodate your growing belly when you’re lying on your stomach, something unheard of in more traditional mattress builds.


When you look back on your pregnancy, you want to remember your special glow or the first time you felt your baby kick. You don’t want to remember sleepless nights and pain points aggravating you every morning. There are plenty of obstacles to good sleep while you're pregnant, but your mattress certainly doesn’t have to be one of them.

Once your baby is born, there will be plenty to keep you awake at night. Do your best for yourself and your baby by improving your sleep hygiene now so you’re ready to meet your little one with open arms.

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