The Best Anti-Snore Mattress – Ease Your Nighttime Snoring

Are you or your partner struggling with the never-ending agony that comes with snoring throughout the night? If you’re looking for a solution, and have tried every else besides trying out a different mattress, then maybe that’s just what you should be considering. We’ve put together a list of 3 of the best mattresses for snore relief, and how you could benefit from making the switch.

There are so many great mattresses on the market these days, and every single one of them is marketing as having many different benefits but obviously some downsides too. It can be hard to figure out which advertisements are telling you the truth, and which mattress is best suited to help you solve a problem such as continually snoring during the night.

If you’re in a hurry check out The Purple Bed: With the unique and patented combo of Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ and polyurethane foam this bed provides the perfect adjustment to your body shape, which makes it the best mattress to stop snoring.

In this case, the best thing for you to do is to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible about why snoring occurs, what you can do about it, and what sleeping conditions are necessary to eliminate or reduce snoring.

If you want to find out our recommended picks, take a look at these different options below. After a ton of research and reviewing different beds that we will explore are ideal for assisting with relief from the annoyance and discomfort experienced by snorers and their partners.

It would also behoove you to read through this entire summary on snoring to learn why it occurs, and what else can be done to help yourself out before deciding to invest in a new anti snoring mattress.

The Three Best Mattresses to Reduce or Eliminate Your Snoring

The Purple Mattress

This option is by far one of the best options for people who want to snore, no more. The reason is that it’s best to go with a mattress that is optimal for side sleepers.

When you are going to sleep, the goal for a good night’s rest is to have your spine and neck bones perfectly aligned; we discuss the importance of an aligned spine a lot at The Sleep Advisor.

The Purple mattress employs a unique and patented combination of Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ and polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is a memory foam that manufacturers most often use for their products.

Memory foam is ideal for side sleepers or those practicing to change their sleeping habits to become side sleepers because it contours to the exact shape of your body.

image of the purple bed

OVERALL RATING: 9.5 out of 10

The Purple stands out amongst their competitors due to their product’s breathability. For snorers, this mattress is perfect because, when sleeping on your side rather than your back, you can open up your airways as much as possible to allow airflow and cease the vibration occurring in the airway.

For an in-depth look at the Purple mattress, check out our detailed review.

The DreamFoam Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress

This mattress is a great alternative to the Purple, in that it is made with cooling gel, as clearly noted in its name.

This gel is infused into its breathable foam to provide the benefits of memory foam coupled with the breathability and cooling sensation that comes with using gel.

Again, with the overall goal being to widen the airways by sleeping on your side, we are looking at mattresses that are found to be most comfortable to side sleepers.

This combination memory foam and gel bed lead to an aligned spine and neck, ultimately assisting in relieving you of your snoring woes.

image of the Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams bed

OVERALL RATING: 8.8 out of 10

Users have found that this bed works perfectly in conjunction with adjustable bed frames. This fact is important for snorers to know, as lifting the upper part of the mattress (where you rest your head) can be a useful tactic to reduce the amount of snoring.

The reasoning behind this is, of course, because when you sleep in a position where your head is elevated, especially if you are still frequently sleeping on your back, then your airways are opened a bit more.

Dromma Memory Foam Mattress

Yes, we are looking at yet another memory foam option (do you see a trend?). This mattress is a great option to help reduce your snoring because manufacturers made this bed from CertiPUR-US certified memory foam.

Choosing a bed that consists of the most quality materials offered on the market is essential for your health.

As we will later discuss, one way to improve your sleeping and reduce your snoring is to get rid of the allergens that may be lurking in the home. Pet dander, dust mites, and bacteria may be living in the fabrics of your traditional mattress.

If you decide to invest in a memory foam mattress, such as the Dromma, then this will no longer be the case.

image of the dromma bed

OVERALL RATING: 8.1 out of 10

This particular bed is uniquely designed to sleep cooler and offer exceptional comfort. Additionally, this mattress comes with a 200 night risk-free trial period.

Most beds of its kind offer only 100 day trial periods, so it’s clear that this manufacturer dedicated his or herself to developing and marketing a superior product.

Why do People Snore?

The act of snoring is so common among humans and animals alike that you might even forget to question why it happens. According to Lynn A. D’Andrea of the University of Michigan Medical school, snoring is the sound that occurs when the structures of the upper airway begin to vibrate while you’re inhaling during sleep.

She goes on to state that virtually every part of the airway that is lacking cartilage has the potential to vibrate and cause snoring. The vibrating body parts include the tongue, the tonsils, the soft palate and many other areas of the body that sit along the airway path.

While you’re awake, these parts aren’t vibrating because you aren’t currently using your muscles. While you’re sleeping, you relax these muscles and thus, the size of the airway shrinks, not allowing enough air to get through.

Snoring exacerbates by several activities; virtually anything that can cause the muscles along the airway to contract could potentially lead to snoring, even in those individuals who do not regularly experience it. Such activities include drinking alcohol, taking sleeping pills or supplements or medicines that cause a residual drowsiness effect, being overweight, or sleeping on your back.

What’s interesting about snoring is that it could be a symptom of a much larger problem. While snoring itself isn’t a health issue, it can be an indicator that you or your partner suffer from an illness such as sleep apnea. If you think there’s a chance that you might have sleep apnea, you should check out this article written by one of our sleep enthusiasts.

close-up of a man sleeping on his back

How Can People Get Rid of Snoring?

There are several different suggested methods for reducing snoring or getting rid of it all together. Medical professionals offer up many different techniques and potential cures, and some of these could be considered remedies based only on myth.

Avoid Snore-Causing Activities

A somewhat obvious suggestion includes avoiding the activities mentioned above that could lead to the act of snoring. Avoid drinking alcohol within 3 hours before going to bed. Avoid taking any medications that may cause drowsiness. Lastly, be considerate of your health and maintain a healthy weight.

Other situations that can cause a blockage of the airways include smoking or not treating allergy symptoms. If you are a smoker, it is best to quit if you have any hope of ridding yourself of snoring. If you have allergies and are consistently congested, work to eliminate allergens in your home, and washing household fabrics frequently.

Learn to be a Side Sleeper

If you consider yourself to be someone who sleeps on your back most of the time, it may be a chance to learn a new sleeping position. Many people who frequently sleep on their backs experience a shrinking and constricting of their airways during the night, and in turn, become a much dreaded “snorer.”

To avoid this problem, learn to sleep on your side. You can do so by investing in pillows meant to aid side sleepers, and like most scenarios, practice makes perfect.

Before considering the investment of an entirely new mattress, our sleep aficionados suggest that you check out some incredible pillows designed specifically to help side sleepers find their perfect level of comfort.

young woman sleeping on the side

Final Thoughts

Snoring affects so many people every single night, and in turn, affects much of their days as well. If you or your loved one is constantly negatively affected by snoring, you both are most likely tired and irritable during the day due to a poor night’s sleep.

We’ve discussed many ways in which you can take back the night, and enjoy a healthy and sufficient evening rest that is free from the tribulations of constant vibrating of the airways. Before making that larger purchase of a new mattress, do some investigating into your nightly routine, your surroundings, and your sleeping habits.

You may find that simple adjustments to your current lifestyle are sufficient in reducing the problem at hand. If, when you’ve made the suggested changes, and you are still snoring perpetually, then it may be time to consider buying an anti snoring mattress.

If you’ve determined that you have now reached this point, we firmly suggest that you take a look at the memory foam options on the market today. Memory foam will offer you the most freedom from harmful allergens, and it will be your best bet at aligning your neck and spine bones to open up your airways and stop the vibrating of the body parts in and around your breathing passages.

We hope that you found your bed from this list of outstanding mattresses for snoring. If you have any questions, leave us a comment below, and we’ll gladly help you.

Author: Mark Reddick

When I’m not learning about sleep, you can find me watching “the big game” with my friends. I absolutely love sports and have grown to follow the rest aspect in athletes. Modern technology allows us to track athletes sleep and rest, which in turn helps predict their performance.

I hope that everyone that finds our site takes a new approach to sleep. The world needs to stop thinking about it as something “we just do”, but rather something that allows us “to do everyday.”

Cheers to having the best sleep of your life!

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