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What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy a Mattress – An Expert’s Opinion

Although you can technically buy a mattress at any time, shopping during certain times of the year can help ensure you get the best deal. Mattresses can be pricey investments, so finding a good deal is often a priority. But what is a good deal and when can you find one?

Many companies offer discounts, coupon codes, and sales, especially during holidays, making some days better than others for those who want to buy a mattress. In this article, we’ll discuss what’s the best time of year to buy a mattress, when you should replace your bed, as well as additional mattress shopping tips.

What Is the Best Time to

Buy a New Mattress?

Sales Events

Black Friday

Black Friday is possibly the most popular and best-known sales holiday that happens all over the world. It takes place in November of every year. In most cases, it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, but you’ll find sales lasting throughout the weekend. This gives you plenty of time to browse and think twice before deciding on a mattress to buy. 

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday. Some brands offer sales and discounts from Black Friday or Cyber Monday and even the entire week before. You can find great deals across the internet, as well as in stores, depending on what you’re buying. When it comes to mattresses, Cyber Monday is another opportunity to save yourself some money. 

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is typically in July, but what makes it stand out is that it’s reserved for Amazon Prime members only. You can find excellent sales for all kinds of items you need, mattresses included. The good news is that many mattress brands will offer good discounts on their websites during this time, even if they’re not selling on Amazon. 

Major Holidays and Holiday Weekends

Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day takes place on the third Monday in February. It’s a great day for buying a new mattress, but it’s also good for buying a new TV and other home appliances. Many companies and brands offer extended Presidents’ Day sales that begin a few days early and last another few days after the holiday. 

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is similar to Presidents’ Day with the difference that it’s always the third Monday in May. You can find good sales starting the week before and lasting throughout the entire weekend. 

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Fourth of July

This sales day is tied to the actual date, so the day of the week varies. Like other holidays and sales days, the Fourth of July sale usually starts a few days earlier and lasts several days past the date. 

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Labor Day

Labor Day is the first Monday of September, but you’ll usually find sales starting a few days early. Some brands might begin the week before Labor Day or even earlier. 

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Christmas and Boxing Day

Christmas and Boxing Day are also great times to buy a new bed. Because we usually give gifts on these days, the sales begin early so that your new mattress can arrive just in time. 

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When Should I

Replace My Mattress?

How long your mattress will last depends on the mattress itself and how you use it. If you let your kids jump on the bed, you’ll most likely have to replace it sooner because this can cause the materials to deteriorate more quickly. Similarly, rotating the mattress once in a while might help prolong its lifespan by ensuring even wear and tear. 

On average, a mattress should last seven to 10 years, but this depends on the mattress you get. For example, high-quality models are more likely to last longer than those made from low-quality materials. Common signs that you should replace your mattress include sagging that can cause you to wake up with pain, bad odors that won’t go away, and of course, tears and rips.

What Is the Most

You Should Pay for a Mattress?

How much you’ll pay for a mattress depends on your budget, but we advise you to always consider factors like mattress type, materials, and preference-based features you might be interested in. On average, innerspring beds cost at least $500 for a Queen, whereas a foam mattress may be a minimum of $300, depending on the quality. Latex and hybrid mattresses are the priciest at around $1,000 or more for a Queen. 

Shopping Online vs. In-Store


  • Online shopping is arguably more popular than in-store shopping, especially with mattresses. Many people prefer it because of the larger selection since stores don’t typically include every model you can find on the website. On top of that, the prices tend to be cheaper since there are no overhead costs. 
  • The downside is that you can’t try it out in person right away, although there is often a trial for you to test it out at home. However, return processes vary among brands, with some more convenient than others.


  • In-store shopping is the traditional way and some people may still prefer this option. The downside to these brick-and-mortar stores is that the prices for mattresses are usually higher. In most cases, retail stores have higher prices because of overhead costs for the store. The obvious advantage, though, is that you can see and feel the mattress in person before buying.

Additional Tips for

Buying a New Mattress

  • Consider buying online – Not everyone is a fan of online shopping, but online prices can be competitive, so they’re worth checking out. Plus, many mattress brands only sell online, which means you can’t find those beds in stores. 
  • Try it out – If you can find a new mattress you like in a store, be sure to ask if it comes with a trial. Most online brands offer a trial period that can sometimes be as long as a full year. In-store companies might not be as generous, but it helps to have some time to test how a mattress fits your needs before committing to it. 
  • Look at the warranty and returns – It’s not just about the trial but also the warranty and the return process. Look into how long the warranty is and what it includes. On top of that, it’s good to know what the return process is and whether you get a full refund if you decide to return the mattress before the trial is up. In some cases, you may get a refund but still have to pay a return fee.
  • Try to get a lower price – Negotiating is not for everyone, but if you’re the type to look for a bargain, it’s worth a shot. This is unlikely with online brands, but you can test the waters if you’re shopping in-store. 
  • Overstock sales – Overstock sales are a great option for finding some serious discounts. You can look for those online or ask around to find out whether or not some local mattress shops are offering something of the kind. Keep in mind that this is a great way to purchase a premium-quality solution for a price that’s far less than the actual one.
  • Find stores that are closing – Another great strategy is to look for stores that are closing. They would usually rush to sell everything they can to minimize their losses or clear inventory to hit another location or to close for good. In both cases, final sales are an excellent source of serious discounts that you ought to account for.

Best Month to

Buy a New Bed

May is the best month to purchase your mattress, and the reason for that is fairly simple. The industry, as a whole, usually rolls out the new products in June, and they are hot throughout September.

So, when May comes, the companies want to clean out their older models. This is something convenient, and if you follow this pattern, you might get some good deals that would substantially discount the price of the bed. 

Should You Buy a

Used Mattress?

Unlike purchasing used appliances, for instance, you shouldn’t buy a used mattress. In fact, it’s one of those items that would certainly be up on the list of things that you should only buy brand new. You don’t want a mattress filled with bed bugs, for example.

On the other hand, your hygiene should always be a top priority. And, even though you could, in fact, steam clean it, you would still know that someone else had slept in your bed long before you ever did.



The best time of year to buy a mattress is during any holiday or sales event, or for those going based on the ideal month, May. As you can see, though, there are multiple holidays and sales events to pick from, and they happen throughout the year. Hopefully, we helped you decide when to buy your next mattress, as well as whether you should buy it online or in a store.

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