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What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy a Mattress – Updated for 2023

Last Updated on November 9, 2023

Written by Jill Zwarensteyn

You may think that buying a mattress isn’t really predicated on the time of the year and that you could do it whenever you want. Well, while you most certainly can, it’s far more beneficial if you took some of the following advice into account.

The time of the year has a big impact on your purchase, and it’s going to affect one of the most decisive factors – the price. If we have to be entirely straightforward, you shouldn’t buy a mattress unless it’s heavily discounted.

And, with this in mind, if you know when do beds go on sale, you’d be able to save quite a lot.

With this in mind, we’ll walk you through some important considerations that you might want to account for and, hopefully, they will help you spend a significant amount of money that you could spend on something more pressing. Let’s have a look.

Brick & Mortar vs. Online

Online – Lower Prices

It seems like everything is being sold online these days. The larger manufacturers, as well as some smaller players on the market have already established prominent online platforms to ensure that they are as close to the customer as they can.

This brings quite a lot of perks. Due to the cutting competition, the prices online are usually lower than those in the brick & mortar venue. The reasons are quite simple – companies compete with worldwide distributors online while at their brick & mortar shop they only compete on a local level.

Let’s face it – you are unlikely to travel to another city, let alone country, to pick up your mattress.

Being online, however, allows you to order it from the other part of the world and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. This is something significant to account for. Additionally, companies can save money from the fact that they don’t have to rent shops to exhibit the mattresses and personnel to work there, which allows them to make larger discounts.

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Physical Store – Try The Bed

An old-school brick & mortar venue is still the preferred option for a lot of people and there is only one serious reason for that. This is the fact that you’d be able to conveniently try out the mattress before you buy it. You will be given a chance to lay down, feel the sensation and decide whether it’s your mattress or not – it’s as simple as that.

On the other hand, the company needs to either rent or build the shop and to employ all those kind people who are showing you around. This adds up to the expenses and, hence, you are likely to have a little bit more than you would if you had ordered the mattress online.

Average Cost of a Mattress

This is a common question, but there is no one-off answer. There are different types of mattresses which range in prices depending on a tremendous amount of factors. However, let’s give it a go and try to break it down.

A quality innerspring mattress, for example, would cost around $900 on average. However, the prices range between $500 and $2000.

On the other hand, a memory foam bed is going to average a price tag of $1000. Once again, though, the price starts from about $300 and ends up to $4000 and even more. You can apparently find something according to your personalized budget.

The most expensive type is latex bed. They average a price of $1650. The entry point here is higher, hence the elevated average price. They would start as low as $750 and go to as much as $4000 and more.

The factors are different, and they include the material, thickness, firmness, softness, comfort, support, warranty, reliability, and, of course, the brand itself. Shoppers on a budget may want to look at our favorite mattresses under $1,000.

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Best Month to Buy a New Bed

May is the Best

May is truly the best month to purchase your mattress, and the reason for that is fairly simple. The industry, as a whole, usually rolls out the new products in June and they are hot throughout September.

So, when May comes, the companies want to clean out their older models. This is something convenient, and if you follow this pattern, you might truly get some good deals which would substantially discount the price of the bed. Keep this in mind.

American Holidays

The weekend of Memorial Day with its sales might as well be the best time to get your mattress. This is because it combines two discounting factors – the month of May, as we’ve already established, as well as the holiday weekends.

At the same time, national holidays like the following tend to be particularly good times to purchase your mattress as retailers tend to have rather good deals. You might even get a good deal on Martin Luther King Day and the weekends surrounding the holiday.

Online Deals

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, as well as Black Friday, are traditionally the busiest days of the year for online retailers. Cyber Monday is the first Monday right after Thanksgiving, and it’s a popular day for serious discounts.

If there is a time to get a great deal, it’s then. Sit on your laptop, pack up all the patients in the world and wait for the hot deals which are ready for the taking.

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Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is an event exclusively made for Prime members. First, it was made to celebrate Amazon’s 20th birthday in 2015, and it has been a massive success for this company, so they decided to keep it and announce it every year. This is a one-day ONLY global event, and it’s the best place to buy a mattress online, for your home. You can find a lot of great deals on that day, so prepare yourself for that day and find the bed of your dreams.

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Overstock Sales

Overstock sales are a great option to find some serious discounts. You can look for those online or ask around to find out whether or not some local mattress shops are offering something of the kind. Keep in mind that this is a great way to purchase a premium-quality solution for a price which is far less than the actual one.

Find Stores That Are Closing

Another great strategy is to look for stores which are closing. They would usually rush to sell everything they can to minimize their losses or to clear inventory to hit another location or to close for good. In both cases, final sales are an excellent source of serious discounts that you ought to account for.

Should You Buy a Used mattress

Unlike purchasing used appliances, for instance, you shouldn’t buy a used mattress. In fact, it’s one of those items that would certainly be up on the list of things that you should only buy brand new. You don’t want a mattress filled with bed bugs as this is a common issue.

On the other hand, your hygiene should always be a top priority. And, even though you could, in fact, steam clean it, you would still know that someone else had slept in your bed long before you ever did.


There is a tremendous amount of different opportunities that you can take advantage of to purchase a great mattress for a seriously discounted price.

Take a look at all of the above and pick the one which serves you best. In fact, you could go through all of the options and find the deal that’s saving you the most money.

Jill Zwarensteyn

Jill Zwarensteyn


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