Best Presidents’ Day Mattress Sales and Promotions for 2019

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What’s the point of a three-day weekend if you aren’t catching a few extra ZZZ’s? If you have been waiting to make a major mattress purchase, your time might just be right now.

This guide will walk you through some of the top discounts and coupons available for Presidents’ Day. We will give you some insight as to the qualities and features of each bed and who they should work well for.

You’ll also find a little history behind the Presidents' Day mattress discount tradition and some tips on how to choose the right bed for your needs. Good luck and happy bed hunting!

President's Day Sale for 2019 is Over…

But that doesn't mean you still can't snag a good deal. We hope this guide will be helpful to you and we'll be back before the next holiday to update the sales, which currently pertain to 2019.

Nectar logo $125 off plus 2 free pillows
layla logo image small $125 off and 2 free pillows February 8-25
Nest Bedding logo $100 off all mattresses
Casper logo 10% off each mattress purchase
dreamcloud logo image comparison page $200 discount
zenhaven logo comparison page Offers low prices all year
saatva logo image comparison page Is dedicated to giving you their lowest prices year-round
logo brooklyn bedding homepage 25 percent off sitewide February 13-18
Nolah Sleep LLC logo $300 off Signature or $125 + Free Pillows for Original Mattress
Helix Sleep logo 2/11-2/25
$100 off when you spend $600 or more - Code: PREZ100
$150 off when you spend $1,250 or more - Code: PREZ150
$200 off when you spend $1,750 or more - Code: PREZ200

winkbeds logo image comparison page $100 off the mattresses
Dreamfoam Bedding logo 10% off sitewide February 13-18
loom and leaf logo image comparison page $75 Visa Gift Card with Purchase

Deals on Some of Our Recommended Brands

Nectar: $125 off and 2 free pillows

Nectar is a memory foam mattress designed for shoppers who sleep hot. Multiple layers of gel-infused foam, along with a breathable Tencel cover, promise a cool, dry, and comfortable sleep. A medium to medium-firm feel, a pressure-relieving deep hug, and easy repositioning thanks to quickly responding materials round out the features of this versatile bed.

What’s a new mattress without new pillows to go with it? Nectar is offering $125 off your purchase as part of their Presidents’ Day sale and they will even throw in 2 free pillows to sweeten the deal. Yes, please, we would love to overhaul the entire bedroom and save money.

If you want to see in-depth details about this bed, check out our review of the Nectar bed here.

Layla: $125 off and 2 free pillows February 8-25

Stomach, side, or back sleepers can all find comfort and support on the Layla mattress by simply flipping the bed to their desired firmness level. An all-foam construction offers pressure relief and a deep hug. But you won’t have to worry about the contouring memory foam causing you to overheat, breathable materials and copper infused into the foam should keep you cool and cozy.

This year, Layla is giving shoppers a limited time coupon that takes $125 off the price of their dual-sided mattress and throws in two free pillows, which are outfitted with similar technology that helps keep the mattress dry and cool. They’re also offering significant savings on their bed frames, foundations, pillows, and toppers.

Find out more in our full Layla bed analysis here.

Alexander Signature Hybrid: $100 off all mattresses

Alexander Signature from Nest is a hybrid product that combines the pressure relief of foam with the sturdy support and bounce of a coil system. Overheating should never be an issue, as this mattress contains multiple temperature-regulating properties, including gels and phase-changing technology. Multiple comfort options are available to ensure shoppers find the level of pressure relief and support they need most.

For a limited time, this bed, as well as the entire line from Nest Bedding, is available for $100 off the ticket price. And if you’re nervous about pulling the trigger, you can rest easier knowing that for the duration of the 100-night trial period, Nest will let you exchange your bed for another one in their line that may be more suited to you, charging you only the difference in price.

Want to know more? See our full analysis of the Alexander Hybrid.

Casper: 10% off each mattress purchase

Casper is one of the most well-known bed-in-a-box companies out there, and for good reason. High-quality materials meet personalized support with this bed’s zoned comfort layer that promises varying levels of compression to promote proper spinal alignment. But that’s exactly what years of research and development in sleep science are for. A medium feel and a gentle cradle complete this iconic package.

To encourage you to celebrate American history with a little mattress shopping, Casper is offering a limited time offering of 10% off your purchase of the Essential, Original or the Wave with coupon code PRES. So whether you want to go budget friendly or treat yourself to a little luxury, shopping this weekend will further increase your savings.

Want to get Casper but you need more details? Check our full review and find out all about the firmness, structure, feel & more.

DreamCloud: $200 discount

If you’re looking for high-end luxury at an affordable online price, you’re looking for a DreamCloud. A lush cashmere pillow-top cradles the body, immediately followed by gel-infused memory foam that offers pressure relief and cooling technology. Individually pocketed coils offer zoned comfort, enhanced edge support, and airflow.

Sounds like a lot of features for one mattress, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to worry about your wallet. Despite already being dedicated to budget-friendly products, DreamCloud will knock off $200 from your overall purchase on Presidents’ Day. Luxurious sleep couldn’t get any more affordable than this!

Need more info? See our full DreamCloud overview and learn more.

Zenhaven: Offers low prices all year

Zenhaven is a latex mattress with double-sided comfort, offering a Gentle Firm feel on one side, and a Luxury Plush option on the other. The upper materials of each comfort setting are zoned to allow each area of the body to receive just the right amount of compression. Organic cotton and temperature-regulating New Zealand wool help to create an antimicrobial experience that should aid allergy sufferers.

Zenhaven does not offer a discount specifically for Presidents’ Day, but that’s because the company offers affordable prices all year! Check out the product page to learn more about Zenhaven’s evergreen savings.

Find out more about this latex bed in our full analysis of the Zenhaven.

Saatva: Is dedicated to giving you their lowest prices year-round

Think you can’t get a classic innerspring mattress online? Saatva is here to prove otherwise with their affordable luxury bed featuring two supportive coil systems and a plush memory foam pillow-top. Multiple comfort options are available so that side, stomach, or back sleepers can choose their preferred firmness level.

Saatva does not offer holiday sales or discounts, but that’s because the company is dedicated to providing shoppers with their lowest possible price regardless of the season. Head over to the company’s product page to see how much you could save all year long.

See the full firmness scale, layers and feel of the Saatva bed here.

Brooklyn Aurora: 25 percent off sitewide February 13-18

Sleepers of all types can find a comfort setting that suits their needs thanks to Brooklyn Aurora’s firm, soft, and medium options. This hybrid contains a coil system and gel-infused foam that is designed to fill the lumbar region, promoting good posture and spinal alignment. Lots of bounce and a gentle cradle promise easy repositioning for combination sleepers.

Are you the only person in the world who won’t be getting time off for the holiday? No worries, Brooklyn Aurora’s sale runs a whopping 5 days so you’ll be able to shop on your own time. Enjoy 25 percent off everything on the company’s website between February 13 and February 18.

Need more info before you get one? You can learn more about the Aurora bed by Brooklyn Bedding here.

Nolah: $300 off Signature or $125 + Free Pillows for Original Mattress

Many mattress shoppers care about community-driven causes and Nolah certainly doesn’t disappoint. This medium-soft, all-foam bed offers pressure relief, a lumbar-supporting gentle cradle, and the satisfaction of knowing your purchase will make a difference. Nolah allows shoppers to choose between a list of wildlife creatures in need, including sea otters, eagles, and grizzly bears.

Right now Nolah is offering a fantastic deal on both their Original and Signature models, saving you up to $300 with their special codes. Enter SIGNATURE for the upgraded model or AIRFOAM for the original to cash in your savings.

See the details of the Nolah bed in our full bed analysis.

Helix: Offers 3 Promo Codes for:

$100 off when you spend $600 or more – Code: PREZ100
$150 off when you spend $1,250 or more – Code: PREZ150
$200 off when you spend $1,750 or more – Code: PREZ200

Helix believes everyone sleeps differently, which is why the company created a line of 9 different comfort options, 6 of which are available in Luxe versions. These hybrid products feature varying firmness levels with a focus on specific types of sleeper support from side sleepers to Big and Tall support. If that leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry, Helix’s guided Color Match quiz will help you find the right fit for your needs.

Between the 11th and the 25th of February, Helix is offering 100 dollars off purchases over $600, $150 off $1,250, and $200 off $1,750 or more. See their site for more details on how to implement their President’s Day coupons.

Learn more details of this bed in our full Helix overview here.

Winkbed Plus: $100 off the mattresses

Lots of companies promise sturdy support for shoppers with weight limit concerns, but not every online mattress brand focuses specifically on these customers. The WinkBed Plus utilizes the same construction as their standard mattress, with extra height added to the coil systems to provide enhanced support. A medium-firm comfort feel is offset by pressure-relieving gel foam and latex that contours to the body for enhanced lumbar support.

This proudly made in America bed is celebrating our presidents by offering $100 off your mattress purchase. This adds even further to the value of this highly durable construction, giving plus sized sleepers reason to celebrate.

Want to see how supportive is the WinkBed Plus? See our complete review here.

iPedic Sojourn 12″ Gel Memory Foam: 10% Off Sitewide February 13-18

Dreamfoam's iPedic Soujourn  keeps it simple by providing a classic memory foam experience with a medium feel. Gel ensures that shoppers won’t overheat as they sink into the contouring foams. Of course, the biggest draw behind the Sojourn is its affordable, budget-friendly price point that should allow most shoppers to enjoy a brand new mattress without breaking the bank.

Dreamfoam has made a name for itself by its ability to manufacture in-house and keep prices fair and affordable even for tighter budgets. This holiday is a good time to take them up on their sleep trial offer, as you will receive an additional 10% off your purchase price.

See full details of this model in our complete iPedic overview here.

Loom & Leaf: $75 Visa Gift Card with Purchase

Afraid of disappearing into a hole in your memory foam? Saatva’s Loom & Leaf pulls out the stops to keep you high and dry in their comfortable luxury memory bed. Layers of cooling technology and convoluted foam keep air flowing and the tight stretch cover keeps you balanced comfortably on top of the bed in a gentle cradle.

Saatva ordinarily shies away from promotions, letting the quality of their mattresses speak for themselves, but they’ve rolled out an offer for President’s Day this year that will see every Loom & Leaf shopper gets a $75 Visa Gift Card, regardless of the size they purchase. With a free return policy, this is quite a deal.

Learn more details about L&L in our complete review here.

Buying Guide FAQ for Presidents’ Day Deals

Why are there mattress sales on Presidents' Day?

It may not seem immediately clear why so many companies would offer discounts on mattresses for Presidents’ day, but there’s actually a couple really simple explanations for this tradition. What it basically boils to is the perfect storm of consumers having a day off work and a brand new tax refund to spend. It also helps that this influx of cash and free time occurs during a holiday that typically isn’t accompanied by gift-giving, allowing people to spend a little more on their own needs.

That doesn’t mean that mattress companies are trying to scam shoppers out of their check, though. Many businesses are competing with each other on discounts, saving buyers a lot of money and driving sales at the same time. Sounds like a win-win.

Is this the best time to buy?

The short answer is yes … and no. It really depends on your own circumstances and how much in need of a new bed you are actually are.

Many people believe that May is the best month to purchase a new mattress because Memorial Day sales are often quite beneficial to the shopper and many buyers might consider that time of year to be the best. However, if you are in need of a new bed and happen to have a tax refund or time off to seek one out, Presidents' Day sales can be just as competitive as Memorial Day sales and are definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Learn more: What's the Best Time to Buy a New Mattress?

Should I purchase in store or online?

Again the answer depends heavily on your preferences and how quickly you need access to a new mattress. Some people prefer shopping in a store because they can experience the product before choosing it and are sometimes able to leave with their new purchase immediately.

There are still some huge benefits to shopping online, however. By eliminating the cost of a brick and mortar store, many online companies are able to offer steeper discounts on top of their already lower prices, saving consumers a lot of money. Long trial periods and return programs ensure that customers are able to experience the bed before fully committing to it.

Learn more: Where’s The Best Place To Purchase A New Bed?

stores in the shopping mall

How do I know which model to choose?

Choosing a mattress can be difficult…especially if you are new to the bed-in-a-box market. You’ll want to know whether or not you mainly sleep on your side, back, or stomach so you can determine which comfort level should work best for you. Other considerations, like edge support, bounce, and motion isolation may play a part in your decision as well.

To help you along with this process, you can check out our mattress buying guide will give you helpful tips on how, and when, to choose a new bed.

Learn moreLearn How to Shop for a Mattress – Our Full Guide


Woo, that was a lot of information but we made it through! Now you are armed with the knowledge of many of the great Presidents' Day discounts available to you online along with some history behind the reason for these sales and when the right time to buy might be. If you read through our linked articles, you should have a few ideas on how to choose your new bed, as well.

For everyday deals, see our top mattress picks.

Remember, if you ever get lost, you can back to this handy guide to see your way through your shopping process. So, go forth and buy yourself a new mattress. You’ve earned it!


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