Fourth of July Mattress Sale – 12 Deals and Discounts for 2019

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The 4th of July is coming up quick and if you have holiday plans, you can count on it being a long Independence Day. After some tasty BBQ, maybe a day on the water, and some flashy fireworks to top it off, what better way to end the day than to rest your head on a new and comfortable mattress.

Since you can’t really buy America a birthday present on the fourth, give one to yourself in the form of a new mattress. This list of 4th of July Mattress sales presents a ton of savings on different brands that customers are sure to love.

The Deals for 2019 are Over…

Even if you missed this year's deals, we'll be back next year to update this list. In the meantime, check out our other holiday lists.

Fourth of July Mattress Sales for 2019

layla logo image small $125 off + 2 free pillows
Nest Bedding logo $200 Off Select Mattresses
Casper logo 10% off any mattress purchase
dreamcloud logo image comparison page $200 Off
zenhaven logo comparison page Year-Round Savings
saatva logo image comparison page Year-Round Savings
logo brooklyn bedding homepage 25% off Sitewide
Nolah Sleep LLC logo $125-300 Off + 2 Free Pillows
Helix Sleep logo $100-200 off Plus Free Pillows
winkbeds logo image comparison page $300 Off
Dreamfoam Bedding logo 10% Off Sitewide
logo of purple mattress brand 10% Off Sitewide
my green mattress logo 15% off website
cocoon by sealy logo small 25% off Plus Sheets & Pillows
tempur-pedic logo small $500 Off
avocado logo small $175 Off Mattress or Free Pillows

Layla: $125 off + 2 free pillows

Layla is unique because this it gives sleepers two firmnesses to choose from. This product is topped with an advanced cooling cover that helps mitigate heat and it is styled with a hexagon pattern with a White and Black side representing either the Soft or Firm feel. The lighter side of Layla presents a Soft feel, while its darker side gives sleepers a firmer sleeping surface.

Inside the cover, Layla is filled with copper infused memory foams that help to increase cooling, drawing heat away from the sleeper’s body. The feel of this product offers a deep pressure relieving hug on the Soft end and more of a gentle cradle on the firm. These distinct feels are great for sleepers who may not know exactly what they want out of a mattress.

This Independence Day, shoppers can benefit from the sales Layla is sure to offer. Increasing the value of this brand is their 120-Night Trial and a Lifetime Warranty. For sleepers wanting a classic and comfortable memory foam feel, Layla might be the bed for you.

Head over to our in-depth analysis to see more details.

Alexander Signature Hybrid: $200 Off Select Mattresses

This model comes from the folks at Nest Bedding and is one of the top Hybrid mattresses shoppers can buy online. This product provides the classic support of coils and is topped with proprietary cooling foams to foster some premium pressure relief and contouring comfort.

This deal is one customer may not want to miss out on. While this brand already offers a ton of savings by selling online, cutting out middleman mattress retailers, customers can take advantage of this discount to save quite a bit of money.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid has some top-notch cooling features. The cover is not only breathable but also incorporates gel-infused foams directly beneath the surface. Upping the ante, these same foams use thermic phase-changing technology to help disperse heat.

Nest Bedding provides customers with a 100-Night Sleep Trial. This testing period allows them to try the product out in their homes and if it is not the perfect fit, they can send it back for a full refund. On top of this, the brand offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Learn more in Our Alexander Signature Hybrid bed review.

Casper: 10% off any mattress purchase

Casper is a top-tier bedding manufacturer that makes a comfortable series of affordable mattresses. Recently the brand has released the Casper and Casper Wave in hybrid editions that incorporate a coil matrix for enhanced support.

Casper started selling their beds online back in 2014, making this brand one of the genesis bed-in-a-box companies. Shoppers should really enjoy what this year’s holiday savings have to offer.

The Caper is a quality sleep product that uses a series of foams to give this bed its unique feel. Their top foam is a proprietary material designed to foster top of the line pressure relief.

And that’s not all, the company has inserted a layer of memory foam in the second layer, giving their product that classic memory foam feel, without placing the material directly against the sleeper's body. This is good news for people who sleep hot because memory foam is known for overheating, but sleepers can now enjoy the pressure relief it offers without feeling like their going to overheat.

As an added bonus Casper has a 100-Night Trial and 10-Year Warranty.

Find out more in our complete Casper bed analysis.

Dreamcloud: $200 Off

Could the DreamCloud mattress be the mattress you’ve always hoped for? If you think it might be, check out their Independence Day savings this July! This bed is where luxury meets affordability, offering customers a premium mattress at a price so many brands find hard to match.

DreamCloud mattress is a 15-inch tall hybrid that has been covered with a pillowtop made from cashmere. This bed gently cradles the sleeper’s body and has been rated at a 6 on our 10 point firmness scale, making it slightly firmer than many other mattress choices.

Upping the value of this bed is an industry leading 365-Night Trial Period, giving sleepers up to an entire year to try this product out in their home. Backing this up is an Everlong Warranty that covers any potential manufacturing defects that could occur.

For this holiday push, the brand is offering shoppers savings in the form of quality discounts and are providing their standard free shipping within the continental United States of America.

Visit our full review for the DreamCloud to learn more about this model.

Zenhaven: Year-Round Savings

The Zenhaven mattress comes from the same folks that make the Saatva mattress. This bed is a luxury model that offers both a Gentle Firm and Luxury Plush firmness. All that customers need to do do is turn it over to get the feel they prefer.

While this brand might not have a sale going on this holiday season, their bed stays well priced all year long. Zenhaven is constructed with zoned Talalay latex to provide a feel that both relieves pressure and supports optimal spinal alignment. Topping off this mattress is a cover made from an organic cotton that has been filled with New Zealand wool to provide a cool and plush sleeping experience.

Zenhaven’s firmer side rates at a 7 on our firmness scale, while the softer end rates at a 4. These two feels give just about all customers who sleep in varying positions something to enjoy.

Customers who purchase a Zenhaven mattress can enjoy a 120-Day Trial Period and have a 20-Year Warranty.

Curious to learn more? Visit our full analysis here.

Saatva: Year-Round Savings

What better way to kick off the 4th than with a bed made right here in the USA?

Saatva believes that luxury sleep is not only for the rich an famous, and while it’s not the cheapest bed on the block, this mattress sports some incredible value. Saatva uses premium bedding materials to achieve a comfortable feel and the brand sells this product at a price that is not only fair but affordable for many people.

Saatva is a quality hybrid that uses a variety of materials including memory foam and coils to achieve this one of a kind feel. This mattress offers sleepers a gentle cradle designed to keep them cool, supported, and comfortable all night long.

Saatva customers are entitled to a 120-Day in-home trial and can also take advantage of a 20-Year Warranty. These allow customers to try the bed out like they would in the store but if it doesn’t work out they can send it back for a small fee. The warranty covers any damages that may have been caused due to any manufacturing flaws.

See our analysis of the Saatva model to find out more.

Brooklyn Aurora: 25% off Sitewide

This is another stateside manufacturer ready to help sleepers find a better nights rest this Independence Day.

After a hot day in the sun, swimming, eating BBQ, and popping fireworks, the last thing sleepers want is to lay down in a bed that traps all that heat right next to them. Brooklyn Bedding makes their products down in Arizona, so they know a thing or two about the heat.

Their Aurora mattress is one of the coolest beds on the market. It is fitted with a temperature regulating cover that was designed to stay a few degrees cooler than room temperature.

The Aurora is a hybrid mattress that uses a series of proprietary foams topped over a matrix of pocketed coils. This product has some excellent bounce that greatly facilitates repositioning and can even add a little spring into your sex life. So after things get hot in the bedroom, this mattress can help cool you right off.

Brooklyn Bedding offers a series of deals each year, and this year's summer savings could be just what your bedroom needs.

Learn more about the Aurora model in our complete overview.

Nolah: $125-300 Off + 2 Free Pillows

The mattress industry is all about innovation and Nolah has taken that to heart. They’ve developed a bed that they feel is the solution to unsupportive and uncomfortable sleep.

This brand developed a proprietary material called Nolah Air Foam™ that is designed to relieve even the toughest pressure points. It contours similar to many memory materials and responds much like latex and the best part of all, it was made to sleep exceptionally cool.

Not only does Nolah make a quality sleep product but this company gives back to the world through a number of charitable initiatives. A percentage of each purchase is donated Defenders of Wildlife to help save wild animals in need. Nolah also offers customers a 120-Night Trial and if customers decide to return their product the company will help donate the mattress to a local charity.

This summer Nolah’s mattress deal should give customers something to smile about, considering they can get a brand new mattress at a pretty low price.

To find out more see our full Nolah analysis.

Helix: $100-200 off Plus Free Pillows

Around holidays, Helix Sleep usually offers great deals that are sure to help customers save a good deal of money. This brand offers standard and luxe hybrid beds at a price that retail stores struggle to compete with but what really sets this brand apart is the customization they provide for customers. Helix makes a bed for all kinds of different sleepers, with over a dozen mattresses to choose from that were designed for specific sleeping positions and body types.

Every Helix mattress has a pocket coil system that is either topped with a contouring memory foam or the brands Helix Dynamic Foam. The Luxe Editions even come with a cover that helps further the classic cooling properties that the standard versions offer. The brand also has beds designed for plus-sized sleepers and two mattresses that provide dual firmness support for co-sleepers with different sleep needs

Helix provides its customers with a 100-Night Trial and 10-Year Warranty, helping to ensure that their customers are getting the biggest bang for their buck.

Jump to our full review if you're looking for more information about this model.

Winkbed Plus: $300 Off

WinkBed says their Plus-sized model was the first mattress geared specifically towards heavy sleepers. So if this sounds like you, and you need a bed that is extra supportive this Independence Day, shoppers need to look no further than the WinkBed Plus.

This product was augmented from the original but shares many of the same features. It has a triple zoned pocket coil system that was made to enhance alignment and support for heavy sleepers. Topping this layer off is a latex foam and a gel-infused material that work together to foster pressure relief and premium cooling features.

Shoppers might think that a mattress with so many extra features would cost a small fortune, but WinkBed has revolutionized their manufacturing and sales processes to help both their brand and their customers save loads of cash in the process. They pass these savings on again this holiday with a deal that should put customers in a good mood. Adding to this year's savings is the brands standard 120-Night Trial and Lifetime Warranty.

Find out more: Our complete WinkBed overview

iPedic Sojourn 12″: 10% Off Sitewide

This comfortable memory foam option comes from DreamFoam Bedding, a subsidiary of Brooklyn Bedding. DreamFoam is known for its exceptional value. This brand sells mattresses at a price that most other brands simply cannot match and this holiday those savings improve with a 4th of July discount.

The IPedic Sojourn is a pressure relieving memory foam bed that allows shoppers to rest in a deep hug, countered by the foams and an ultra plush cover. If you are worried about overheating in the memory materials, rest assured because these foams have been gel infused to help reduce heat.

DreamFoam offers a 120-Night Trial and a 10-year Warranty to help customers maximize the value of their purchase. Sleepers can try this bed out in their home and if they are not happy, they are free to send it back to the company for a full refund. Beds of this caliber for this reduced price don’t come along all that often, so take advantage of these savings this holiday!

Learn more: Our Overview of The iPedic Sojourn

Purple: 10% Off Sitewide

Purple loves to make a splash with their scientifically-backed bed that throws out the memory foam, throws out the latex, and instead delivers comfort through the cunning use of …polymer? It sounds really strange, but it works! The specialized grid system was designed so that your heaviest parts pushed into the material while your curves remained well supported.

These materials have gotten a lot of attention online with their unique ad campaigns and their willingness to drop people with eggs taped to their backs onto their mattress to demonstrate how it works. We know you don’t make a habit of sleeping on eggs, but you may want to check out Purple anyway because they’ve just added hybrids to the mix this year. You can have all the fun of the polymer with all the bounce of coils. Score!

Learn more about Purple in our full analysis here.

MyGreen Mattress: 15% off Sitewide

Interest in all-natural beds is gaining, and these choices can be exceptionally useful for folks with allergies. At least, that’s what the founder of this company planned when he set out to design a mattress suitable for his daughter who struggles with asthma. These beds are on the firmer end of the spectrum, which is really great for stomach sleepers out that who are worried about their hips dipping too low.

We had Emma check out the Natural Escape model and she demonstrated (by jumping up and down, of course) just how much bounce this bed could deliver while still providing the comfort your pressure points need. If you’re looking for all-foam models, the company also offers a few other choices that might be more your speed when searching for a greener sleep.

If you want to know more please check our full review of the MyGreen Mattress here.

Cocoon Chill by Sealy: 25% Off Plus Free Sheets & Pillows

The Cocoon Chill is manufactured by mattress industry giant Sealy as a bed-in-a-box option from the company that has traditionally only done business in stores. This all-foam bed is built to provide a cooler foam experience by incorporating phase change material. What those do is make sure heat that starts building up near your body has space to travel away from you when you get hot and travel back to keep you cozy when you cool off.

This model does come in a range of firmnesses if you want to tailor your bed to your tastes. Folks who switch around between positions a lot will probably want the Medium, but exclusive stomach sleepers may dig the firmer choice. Because this is a memory bed, you should experience that slow sink and body conformance that memory lovers look for.

See our Cocoon Chill analysis for more details.

Tempur-Pedic Breeze: $500 Off

If you’ve been shopping mattresses, you’ve probably heard of Tempur-Pedic. This well-established brand has recently delved into the bed-in-a-box market, hoping to capture that millennial market that loves to do their shopping online. And who could blame them?

This particular model was also designed with hot sleepers in mind by implementing phase change materials both into the cover and into the top layer of foam. This scientific approach makes sure that heat from your body doesn’t build up right next to you and keep you hot, instead it works to let excessive heat travel away while keeping the surface more temperature neutral.

There are PRO and LUXE versions of this bed, which can kick up the cooling features even further if you’re looking for a cooler sleep surface.

Avocado: $175 Off Mattress or Free Pillows

There’s more to Avocados than what spreads on toast. If you have a sensitive nose that hates off-gassing or a heavier body that needs a lot of support, this hybrid may be a great choice for you. Avocado is 100% committed to providing a more green sleep, and they’ve recently introduced a Vegan option and are one of few companies that offer upcycled coils.

We think side sleepers might really dig the pillow top, but back and stomach sleepers may go for the firmer option without. Whether you choose to jump on the pillow top or not, your body should enjoy sinking into comfortable Dunlop latex backed up by strong coils. There is extra support in the edges of the bed to make sure sitting and sleeping at the far corners is as comfortable as the center.

Learn more: Our In-Depth Avocado Green Overview

Buyer's Guide

Plan Before the Sale

Planning is going to include several steps that are going to help you find the mattress of your dreams. It is important for shoppers to know things such as their body type, sleeping positions, what consideration their partner has if they co-sleep, and to establish exactly how much they want to spend on a bed.

Set Your Budget

Knowing exactly how much money you want to shell out on a new bed is important. Mattress prices can range from just a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, so it is imperative that shoppers set a price and stick to it. Spending more or less than what you need could put you with the wrong product.

Understand Your Needs

This comes down to knowing your own body type, sleeping positions, preferences, and what you may want if you share a bed. Different sleeping positions require different considerations, like stomach sleepers typically like a firmer bed. If you co-sleep, shoppers might want a bed with split firmness, good motion transfer, or enhanced edge support.

Before clicking that purchase button, make sure you have taken yourself into consideration and do not just buy the most convenient or cheapest option.

parents are playing with their baby on the bed

Determine Type of Bed

There are a lot of different mattress types out there and what kind you order is going to tie directly back into your individual needs.

Memory Foam

Mattresses made from memory materials are likely to be highly conforming and pressure relieving. These materials used to be categorized as soft and overly hot. As the sleep industry has progressed the material has been innovated to provide more support and usually incorporates some type of cooling agent.


Sleepers who love a classic coil supported mattress love how these beds feel. Innersprings have come a long way in the last decade or so.

The coils have been pocketed in foam and typically operate independently of one another. These features help to reduce motion transfer, allowing sleepers to rest more soundly.


These materials typically come in two different forms. Both Dunlop and Talalay are the two most common types of latex and their biggest difference is in how they are made.

Natural latex materials come from rubber trees and the overall feel is very responsive. Latex typically provides good contouring and helps to reduce pressure buildup.


A hybrid mattress is a bed that uses multiple materials in the layering to reach its final construction. Hybrids are most often beds that use a coil and foam design.

These types of sleep products often provide optimized support with the springs and top of the line pressure relief thanks to the foams at the surface. Sleepers get the best of both.

Sleep Trials and Returns

Most brands are going to offer their customers some type of trial period. These will vary but can last up to an entire year and allow customers to try their product out in their home for the allotted amount of time.

When sleepers do not enjoy their mattress or things just don’t work out with their bed they can typically return the bed for a full or partial refund.

pretty young woman enjoys staying in bed a little more after sleep


Rebates are a partial refund that can be provided after shoppers have made their purchases. These can come in the form of mail-in, email, or call in rebates, as well as some other means. These are sometimes offered as a simple “thank you” from the company to their loyal customers.


These are going to differ from brand to brand but they are typically provided to cover any abnormal wear and tear that may occur due to manufacturing flaws. Warranties can last from only a few years up to the lifetime of the customer.

Additional Considerations

Pros and Cons of Buying Online

With any type of product, there are always going to be benefits and downfalls to buying on the internet.

Starting with the biggest pro; buying a bed online can offer shoppers a ton of savings. Online stores cut out the middlemen, i.e. white glove delivery teams, salesmen, and retail stores that house the products.

One thing that may concern shoppers it that they will not be able to try out the mattress before buying. But this is where long-lasting trial periods can significantly help.

a happy woman is buying online on the couch

Pros and Cons of Buying In-Store

The greatest benefit of buying in the store is that shoppers can actually try out their bed before they bring it home. Research can also be convenient because a salesperson can help answer most questions shoppers have. The tricky thing about salespeople is that they can sometimes be deceiving by not providing all the essential details.

Mattress stores can also cost more because they have to pay commission as well as makeup for additional cost like shipping and storing the products.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do 4th of July sales start?

While this is going to vary with each company, Independence Day sales are going to typically start a few days before the 4th and can last for several weeks. For the brands you are interested in, the best way to know their upcoming or current sales is to visit their websites every few days to check up on these deals.


Holidays are great times to find discounts on big purchases and sleep products are no exception. The online savings are out there, it’s up to shoppers to decide which is going to be best for them.

Your sleep is important to us and it should be important to you as it is an essential aspect to your health. When buying a bed, just make sure to do your research and be thorough because this is where you are going to ideally spend ⅓ of your time each and every day.

So whether you decide to buy a new mattress or not, stay safe and have a happy 4th of July!

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