Our Guide to Labor Day Mattress Sales – What Deals Can You Get in 2020?

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Does your mattress need an update? The end of summer might be the perfect time to buy that bed you’ve always dreamed about.

As the season draws to a close and school is getting back into full swing, you may be busy scheduling those last few trips to the pool and parties around the barbeque. But your long winter’s nap is right around the corner and some of the biggest names in the bedding industry have fired up some pretty amazing deals.

Labor Day is a great time to buy mattresses because stores and online companies are looking to clear their summer inventory and make way for new models.

As with any popular holiday sale, it’s easy to get drawn in and confused by all the noise out there, so we’ve written up a guide that can help you find the best price on the brand that is right for you.

Take a look at the deals we’ve found on some of our recommended beds, or you can skip to the end for a survival guide that can guide you as you head into the trenches of Labor Day weekend mattress sales, whether you choose to shop in stores or online.

Labor Day 2019 is Over – Check Out Year-Round Savings

While this informative guide can still help show you want to look for in your buying quest, the sale info is for 2019. But don't worry – we'll have an updated guide coming for 2020!

If the holiday slips past, or you’re not ready to buy quite yet, you don’t have to worry about missing out on great mattress clearance deals. At Sleep Advisor, we’re working on hunting down the best deals or exclusive offers through us on some of the top brands online.

Head over to our coupon page, and you’ll see a list of discounts, coupons and other offers that may help you save some money on your new mattress. If you have any questions about any of the beds listed, you’ll want to head over to the in-depth articles where we’ll give you a rundown of what’s inside the products and our score of each mattress out of a best of 10. You could also check out our YouTube channel.

Nectar logo $100 OFF Mattress and TWO Premium Pillows included
layla logo image small $125 Off + 2 free pillows
Nest Bedding logo Coming Soon!
Casper logo 10% off, 15% off Select Choices 8/30-9/2
dreamcloud logo image comparison page $200 off
zenhaven logo comparison page Year-long savings
saatva logo image comparison page Year-Long savings
Nolah Sleep LLC logo $125-300 off + 2x Free AirFiber Pillows
logo brooklyn bedding homepage 25% off sitewide
Helix Sleep logo Between $100-200 off+ 2 free Dream Pillows
winkbeds logo image comparison page $300 off
Dreamfoam Bedding logo 10% off
spindle logo $200 off
avocado logo small $175 off Mattress + 2 free pillows
birch by helix small logo $200 off
tempur-pedic logo small Up to $700 in savings
cocoon by sealy logo small 25% off + free pillows and sheets
purple logo image comparison page 2 free pillows + sheets with New Purple mattress purchase
my green mattress logo small $125-300 off + 20% off accessories

Labor Day Deals on Some of Our Recommended Brands

If you’d rather spend more time dozing in the last rays of summer sunshine, you can cut to the chase with the following list of great deals we tracked down for a few brands we really like. On it, you might find the bed that fits your needs among some of the most popular categories among mattress shoppers. If you act now, you can save some more money on brands that already offer some pretty exceptional prices.

This is by no means a complete list of all the great sales out there, and if you want help heading out into the fray to shop labor day deals, scroll down to our guide for some tips about what to look for while you’re shopping.

Nectar: $100 OFF Mattress and TWO Premium Pillows

This brand is a memory bed for the twenty-first century, building on the great pressure relief we know and love about these materials but cutting down on its tendency to overheat while enfolding your body in a deep hug that doesn’t ensnare you.

With an already stellar reputation for its exceptional value with its 365-day sleep trial and Forever Warranty, for a limited time, you can get $125 off with the bonus of 2 pillows the company will include for free with your mattress purchase.

Learn more about the Nectar in our complete bed review.

Layla: $125 Off + 2 free pillows

This bed doubles up on value with a dual-sided memory mattress that can give you two different feels and firmnesses for the price of one. Enjoy that deeper hug of the softer side or turn it over and get a gentler cradle.

Another cool feature is their approach to cooling that uses both gel and copper to keep excess heat at a distance. Experiment with both sides of Layla with their holiday sale that gives you a free pillow and takes $100 off your bill.

See the details of the Layla bed in our full overview.

Nest Bedding Signature Hybrid: Coming Soon!

This brand offers several choices in their Alexander Series and their hybrid really stands out in the space for several key reasons, including its expert blend of memory foam and coils as well as its plush cover and cooling features.

It also deserves mention for customer service that not only works with you when you’re shopping but will also exchange your model for another in their line for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Over the holiday weekend, you can get an extra $200 dollars off on their hybrid.

Learn more: Our complete overview of the Alexander Hybrid

Casper: 10% off, 15% Off Select Mattresses 8/30-9/2

Casper’s focus is the brand’s versatility that has spent years studying different body shapes and how to allow each to rest comfortably in the same formula of foams. Most folks will lay on top of Casper, and since the layer of memory foam is further down in the bed, you should not feel too hot or like you can’t roll around.

They've taken their design and developed two new hybrids, and Labor Day is a fantastic time to check them out. Read more and find out the details of the Casper bed in our full review.

DreamCloud: $200 off

Who would believe that this much luxury could come packed into box delivered to your front doorstep and you could try this bed out for a full year before committing to purchasing it?

DreamCloud’s goal was to deliver an affordable hybrid that offers the experience of the finer things in life from the cashmere tufted cover to the plush, multi-layered comfort system and supportive coils. If you go and shop now, you can get any size you want for $200 less than its listed retail price.

Read more details and find out everything that DreamCloud bed offers in our in-depth analysis.

Zenhaven: Year-Round Savings

Saatva’s all-natural latex bed takes the cake with flexibility and adaptability because not only is the comfort system zoned to provide just the right pressure relief and support, it is also dual-sided to provide two firmness levels.

The latex contained inside it is manufactured using a process called Talalay that produces a high-end luxury foam that should cradle your sore joints without letting them get too hot. Though Saatva does not have sales, we’ve still included their beds on our list due to their exceptional year-round commitment to low prices and superior value in the luxury space.

Want to see the details of this all-natural model? See our review of the Zenhaven here.

Saatva: Year-Round Savings

If you have been shopping for an innerspring bed, you know the value of excellent edge support, airflow, and bounce. Saatva delivers with all three in their flagship mattress which launched back in 2010 and has been continually refined since to create a coil-on-coil system that maximizes body conformance and comfort while not sacrificing an ounce of spine alignment and support.

Saatva does not provide coupons or discounts, but instead, they are committed to giving you the very best price year round.

Want to know more? See our complete analysis of the Saatva here.

Nolah: $125-300 off + 2x Free AirFiber Pillows

Nolah’s colorful yellow and black design catches your attention not only for their proprietary approach to comfort materials but also their commitment to helping wildlife animals, and the company donates a portion of its profit of each sale to an endangered animal that you select during the check-out process.

Animals that could benefit from your purchase include whales, otters and polar bears, and your price could be reduced by as much as $300 with the possibility of free pillows to sweeten the deal.

Learn more in our complete overview of the Nolah here.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora: 25% off sitewide

As the luxury offering from a well-established brand, the Aurora is an exceptionally thick bed-in-the-box mattress that is packed with comfort, support, and state-of-the-art cooling technology so that you can enjoy your pressure-relieving cradle without breaking out into a sweat.

The construction is a hybrid so you can enjoy the benefits of both coil and foam under a cotton cover with phase change technology. Check out their websites for all the savings you can rack up while shopping for a new mattress this holiday weekend.

How “cool” are the materials in Aurora bed? Learn more details in our full review here.

Helix: Between $100-200 off + 2 free Dream Pillows

If you are a person who prefers a more customized experience or a little guidance with your shopping excursion, Helix has a setup that may appeal to you. buying quiz will help you select exactly what firmness and feel will be the perfect fit for you…and a partner if you choose to go with one of their split comfort models.

For a limited time, Helix is cutting their prices on all of their specialized models just in time for the end-of-summer sales.

For more details you can check our Helix review here.

Winkbed Plus: $300 off

WinkBed delivers exceptional support that’s just right for heavier folks over 300 pounds by cradling larger frames in comfort, which will feel like a true medium, while still maintaining durability.

This brand has recently extended their sleep trial to 120 days, their warranty now lasts for a lifetime, and if you ever want to swap out your model for a new bed within the company’s mattress line, you can do so for half the price. Labor Day is the company’s biggest sale of the year, and they are offering $300 off.

Find out more in our complete WinkBed Plus analysis here.

iPedic Sojourn 12″ Gel Memory Foam: $300 off

Update: Dreamfoam has rebranded Ultimate Dreams Supreme 12″ Gel Memory Foam to a new name: iPedic Sojourn 12″ Gel Memory Foam.

The Ultimate Dreams Supreme from Dreamfoam is one of our favorites in the budget-friendly space because it truly does deliver on quality while keeping prices low. This company owns their own factory so they can build this memory mattress with materials that you would pay thousands more for from other brands, especially those in retail stores.

Dreamfoam is built around affordable comfort, but that doesn’t stop them from running sales a few times a year, so head over to their website for their holiday weekend price savings.

Find out more in our updated review of the iPedic bed here.

Spindle: $200 off

Spindle is an all-foam latex bed option that strips an all-natural bed down to the basics. But do not mistake simplicity for boring. These Dunlop layers can be rotated to change up your feel, and the company does the best with a quiz to make sure you order the feel that works best for your body.

Latex is also naturally temperature neutral, but to make sure you don’t overheat in your all-foam comfort, Spindle has gone the extra mile to put pinholes in the top comfort layers to ensure that air flows freely around your body and repositioning remains a snap to handle. If you’ve wanted the motion control of an all-foam bed but with a bit of bounce, this might be your bed.

Labor Day is a great time to buy, too. Enjoy a greener sleep and some savings.

Avocado: $175 off Mattress + 2 free pillows

With an assortment of toppers and an option to build in a pillowtop, Avocado is a hybrid that comes with tons of different feels for a greener bed. But not all environmentally minded people think the same way, and that’s why the company now offers a Vegan mattress, which uses alternatives to wool.

This company boasts a Made Safe certification, which evaluates the entire bed and not just parts of it, to ensure that it is made without harsh chemicals or unnecessary and unnatural additives.

The Dunlop latex, which comforts your joints while the coils align your spine, is processed using one of the cleanest latex manufacturing methods, so the foam comes directly from the rubber trees to you without picking up unwelcome company.

Act now, and you could score some awesome new pillows as well as a discounted price.

Birch: $200 off

Helix is known for their options and their helpful color quiz that helps you narrow down precisely what feel and foams work best to comfort your tired body. But what if your favorite color is green?

Now they have a bed for the more eco-conscious consumer looking to incorporate more natural materials into their sleeping space. Not only are you looking at a cover made of cotton and natural wool, the comfort layer, stretched out over coils, is made from latex to relieve pressure and comfort your sleep.

The company boasts GreenGuard Gold certifications that help ensure the product is free from harsh chemicals, and who doesn’t sleep better with that?  Maybe with $200 off if you act now.

Tempur-Pedic: Up to $700 in savings

Tempur-Pedic has recently introduced an entire new line of mattresses with their consumers’ needs in mind, especially when it comes to cooling. New technology woven into the covers helps to ensure that your body remains comfortably temperature neutral throughout the night.

However, the brand offers several models depending on what kind of comfort profile you’re looking for and how much cooling you need. Exceptionally hot sleepers may turn their attention towards the Breeze, though those who want to kick luxury up a notch may take a peek at their Luxe line. The company has been sure to avoid a variety of feels to suit a range of budgets.

For a limited time, they’re offering pretty significant savings, so Labor Day may be the right time for you to bring a Tempur-Pedic home.

Cocoon Chill by Sealy: 25% off + free pillows and sheets

If reputation is what you’re shopping for, Sealy certainly has it, as it’s one of the original American mattress providers and has been in business since 1881. Though they’ve offered in-store models for decades, the Cocoon Chill is their response to the recent boom looking to pack and send mattresses rolled in boxes.

This is an all-foam bed  , this bed excels in motion control and pressure relief while working to keep things icy cool on the surface, which should be music to the ears of hot sleepers everywhere. This Labor day, you can save 25% off an entire bedding set that includes pillows and sheets.

My Green Mattress: Coming Soon!

Nothing like a father’s love to inspire a mattress, and that’s the story behind this brand that strives to relieve the symptoms of asthma and allergy sufferers everywhere with mattresses that try to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce a sleeper’s exposure to common allergens?

How do they do that? Well, a key component is latex, which naturally promotes good airflow as well as resistance to some allergens. The latex they use is also naturally sourced, so there is little reliance on chemicals in the construction of this brand’s mattresses. If a greener sleep is what you’re looking for, this may be the bed you’ve been looking for.

They offer some all-foam models as well as a model that incorporates coils for those that like a little more bounce. Read our in-depth reviews for more details about which one might be best for you.

Purple: 2 free pillows + sheets with certain mattress purchases

Well, what is there to say about Purple besides that if you’ve missed their egg-flinging, fairy-tale ads, you may have been sleeping under a rock. (We don’t recommend that!)  A pair of rocket science brothers cooked up this brand, and it’s truly a unique addition to the market with its polymer grid system providing the pressure relief and support to the surface of Purple mattresses.

Do you want a foam or a coil base? With Purple you’ve got a choice, and also a choice about how high you want your polymer to stand with their new updates. Choose from 2, 3, or 4 inches of polymer, depending on your weight and sleeping position.

No mattress purchase is complete without bedding, and right now you’re going to get these items (pillows and sheets) free with a mattress purchase, so this holiday weekend may be the best time to give this space-science bed a shot.

Labor Day Shopping Survival Guide

If you’re not a seasoned holiday shopper, it’s really easy to be swept up into the bright signage and huge discounts without reading any of the fine print. For a purchase as important as a new mattress, you need to enter into it with a plan because this is one item that’s going to (hopefully) stay in your life for at least a decade, if not more.

The following guide should give you an idea of how to judge a sale to find a mattress that is right for you and not just something you settled with because the price was so low. If you’re patient and prepared to shop around a little, you should be able to upgrade your sleep while staying within your budget.

Value vs. Price

How do you determine a discount’s value?

Many folks focus on the actual percentage off of an item without considering the product’s overall value. There are many retailers who can and will mark up their original price significantly so that the actual percentage (40%, 50%, etc) is high enough to get your attention.

If you look closer at the deal you may find that the product’s quality is almost exactly the same as another brand that is already priced much lower. Be sure to factor quality into your assessment of the discount, because things that are higher priced are not always the best and may certainly not be the best for you and your sleep.

You’ll also want to look at the fine print. In some cases, your discount may be available through a rebate, that will require a little extra money up front from you and a little legwork to see that money returned to your wallet. Other deals may exclude some models within the brand’s line of mattresses or have other limitations that may affect the quality of the discount.

Have you checked out the warranty and return policy?

A really generous sleep trial or an exceptional warranty can add so much to a mattress’ overall value, but as with any policy, it’s important to read into the specifics to make sure you’re getting a good deal. With mattress clearance sales, they may have attached an “all sales final” policy to the sale of models that are being discontinued. This can be risky with a mattress purchase because if you get it home and find it just isn’t right for you, there’s no returning it.

Not all warranties are built the same, either. A brand may have a warranty that covers several decades, but their requirements for making a successful claim may differ from another brand’s warranty that seems shorter time-wise. Make sure you ask questions of the sales representative either online or in a store to make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of coverage that your sleep products come with.

Is there an advantage to shopping in-store?

Despite efforts to lure customers onto the internet for mattress shopping, big box stores are very much still a part of mattress sales, and for good reason! Beds are a big purchase, and many folks just feel more comfortable seeing beds in person before they select which ones feel best and prefer talking to a salesperson about what might be best for them.

The overhead required to sell mattresses within a store can be significant, and generally, brands that you find in stores may be more expensive than deals you would find online. This can all change during a sale over a holiday weekend when the best price may just be up for grabs if you shop around and play your cards right. Some of the biggest box stores will place ads in their windows and local newspapers and television stations before a big sale, so keep your eyes open to see what they’re offering.

Here’s a couple of stores we’ve seen advertise in the weeks heading into the holiday. As always, be sure to check into that fine print.

  • Mattress Firm is offering a free adjustable base with purchases over $599
  • Macy’s has 65% off select styles of mattresses and furniture.
  • Wal-Mart’s Labor Day sale is currently running.
  • Costco is offering $800 off certain adjustable mattress and frame combinations.
  • Sears is reducing prices on their mattress inventory by up to 60% on select styles.

Have you considered shopping online?

The idea of facing crowds of shoppers out on the holiday weekend trying to score deals and sales people pressuring you to commit to their products may not appeal to you. If this is the case, you may think about shopping online and still receive great deals with a lot less stress and worry. If you’re concerned not being able to see the bed in person, you can rest easier knowing that almost all online brands offer some kind of at-home sleep trial that let you keep the bed risk-free from 30 days to a whole year.

Because online companies can save on the costs of paying hundreds of middlemen in a factory to store supply chain, they often can offer highly competitive prices on materials that may cost a lot more in a brick-and-mortar setup, and their original prices may even be lower than a store’s sale price.

Don’t think that this arrangement precludes them from jumping into holiday sales, however, and if you time your shopping trip correctly, you can reduce costs even further. The same rules apply, so be sure to read all the fine print when shopping for mattresses in the online space.

woman is shopping online

Things to Consider if You’re Shopping…

Depending on what you are shopping for and what your budget is, there may be a whole host of questions to ask when you’re trying to narrow in on a brand. Not all types of beds are created equal, each product will have some advantage over the others for each individual person and their preferences.

Memory Foam

When memory products were first introduced, they really caught on because of their ability to evenly distribute weight and reduce pressure build-up on resting joints, but many people felt uncomfortably stuck in the materials or overly hot when sleeping in them. When shopping more modern memory brands, keep your eyes open for cooling features that can mitigate heat or responsive materials either in the base or surface that can help you when you’re switching positions.

Bed-in-a-box memory brands do not always have the most supportive edges, so you’ll also want to consider this when shopping if it is important to you. Stronger edges can give you more room on your sleep surface or allow you to sit comfortably when getting dressed. Some memory mattresses will reinforce the edges to address this, so you may want to ask about it when you’re shopping.

See our top memory foam picks here.


Most people have slept on an innerspring mattress at some point in their lives and are familiar with what the traditional feel is like. More up-to-date choices have come a long way towards changing that up, however, and there are a few features to look out for if you’re looking to upgrade your innerspring experience.

When coils depress individually they conform more exactly to your sleeping shape and they can also reduce the amount of motion that vibrates through the bed and potentially wakes your partner. These pockets can also cut down on the amount of noise or squeaking you hear when you roll over or change positions. Some newer brands have coil-on-coil systems that let you experience the best of both traditional and modern with premium support and comfort.

Hybrids or innerspring mattresses with more foam can also offer more pressure relief than coil systems alone, so if you’re worried about pressure and sore joints, you may want to look at brands that go above and beyond to wrap their bed in contouring foam.

See our innerspring favorites here.


Latex beds capture a lot of what’s great about memory foam but have a natural ability to mitigate heat and are more responsive for easy repositioning. If these are features you prefer, you may want to look into the many latex options that have been cropping up from many of the top brands out there. Latex can be more expensive, though, depending on how all-natural or organic the foam is inside the bed, and synthetic choices or natural and synthetic blends can save you some money.

When shopping, you may see words like Dunlop or Talalay, and this refers to the process used to manufacture the foam. Talalay is generally seen as high-end and buoyant, while Dunlop is a bit more organic and is slightly more dense and heavy. Pay close attention to reviews (there are many latex bed reviews on our site) for exact details on how the latex is processed and how the bed feels so you’re sure to find the right fit.

Our latex picks and guide can be found here if you want more info.


Hybrid beds are really popular, especially among people who want the best of many different kinds of materials. A blend of two or three or four can really diversify a bed’s experience and tick all the boxes when it comes to mattress fit. Don’t assume that hybrids are limited to just foam and coils because new designs are popping up every day that have invented brand new sleep materials and have combined them with layers that might be more familiar.

Bed-in-the-box hybrids sometimes have to make sacrifices in the edge support category in order to go through their compression process, so be sure to look into that if sitting on the side of the bed or maximizing your space is a priority for you. Some brands have reinforced the edges to lessen this effect, so be sure to ask about that as well when you’re investigating your purchase.

Check out our hybrid favorites here.

For a Heavier Person

Heavier folks need to be mindful of support when shopping for a mattress and know that a bed with lesser quality may have to be replaced sooner, which won’t end up saving them any money in the end. In some cases, putting more than the average weight on a bed over time may void your warranty, and if this is a concern, it may be worthwhile to ask.

Some brands are going out of their way to design beds especially for heavier people (e.g. over 250 pounds) and though they might be more expensive, it may be a worthwhile investment. In general, however, firmer mattresses or hybrids may be ideal for folks with heavier weight concerns because they will often have the kind of enhanced support systems that are required. Zoned support is also something that may be helpful, so keep your eyes open for that, as well.

Our top picks for heavier folks can be found here.

winkbeds plus image

Bed-in-a-box Brands

If you live on a seven-story walk-up in a big city, the idea of carrying a brand new mattress up all of those stairs can be really stressful, and delivery services can often be really expensive. Bed-in-a-box brands were invented to simplify delivery as well as keep prices lower for those with tighter budgets. Some reasons these companies are able to sell for less is that their sales model is all online, which reduces the overhead, and shipping and storing smaller boxes is easier than shipping full-sized mattresses.

Because these brands are roll-packed and stuffed into boxes, there are limits to the kinds of materials that they can choose because of the compression process. Edge support may not be as strong among these brands as they are in beds that ship full-size. Also, you’ll need to consider the “factory smell,” which is sometimes called off-gassing, that can be associated with these brands, and keep in mind they may require several hours of airing out before they’re comfortable to use.

Our boxed beds list can be found here for more info.

On a Budget

If your budget is really tight, you do not have to settle for subpar quality or continue sleeping on that lumpy old bed you inherited from your Aunt’s basement. Not only do some brands offer a more streamlined version of their designs for a reduced price, some companies are focused on providing quality for the dollar as their business model. Take a look at brands that sell online to keep overhead minimized and reduce the cost of shipping by designing a bed-in-a-box.

Among budget-friendly brands, competition is fierce to provide the best deals, especially around the holidays. Online spaces may offer the lowest prices but sales in stores around Labor Day can get really competitive, too. Models that are discontinuing may carry some risk in that you can’t always return them if you’re dissatisfied, but you may be able to score a significant deal during a mattress clearance event.

Our top budget picks can be found here.

To Wrap Things Up

There! Do you feel ready to take on the sales that are coming your way this Labor Day? Do you know what bed you have in mind?

A good night’s sleep is imperative for your health and your success, and the purchase of a mattress is not something that should be taken lightly. You spend over a third of your life in your bed, and if you choose the right fit, it could be in your life for decades. Do not compromise on what your body needs in order to save a few hundred dollars, but do not assume that a sky-high price tag indicates high quality.

If you have the time, shop around. We have a lot of in-depth reviews on our site that will help you get down into the tiny details that might make all the difference for your sleep. Also, we’re always working to find you the best deals on beds, so be sure to check out our coupon page to see what we’ve been able to find for you.

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