Our Black Friday Mattress Deals and Cyber Monday Sales for 2019

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Gone are the days of waiting until the Thanksgiving leftovers have been put away or getting a good night’s sleep after the tryptophan sets in before checking out the Black Friday Mattress Sale options (and Cyber Monday mattress deals). Retailers are opening their doors and online storefronts earlier than ever before as shoppers eagerly await the savings just on the other side.

Whether in-store or online, strategizing ahead of time can save you big bucks this holiday. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade that comfy memory foam bed you’ve had your eye on or want to snag a quick deal for the kids’ room, we’ll share everything you need to know to be a prepared and informed shopper, ready to pounce on those deals.

Let’s start with a few Black Friday exclusive promo codes and discounts for our readers.

The Sale for 2019 is Coming soon.

While much of this information can still help you in your mattress buying quest, the sale information pertains to 2018. Check back for an updated guide closer to next year's sale.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Mattress Deals for 2018

BRAND Deals and Product Details PROMO CODE
Nectar logo $125 off memory foam comfort!
Layla Sleep INC logo $125 off ANY SIZE of this dual-sided mattress + Two Eli & Elm (premium) pillows!
logo brooklyn bedding homepage 20% off sitewide for:
● Brooklyn Signature
● Brooklyn Aurora
● Spartan
● Bloom Hybrid
● Brooklyn Bowery
● Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

Casper logo $50 off:
● The Casper
● The Wave
● The Essential

dreamcloud logo image comparison page $200 off a luxurious, cashmere-topped hybrid!
Nolah Sleep LLC logo Choose one of the following discounts or get 2 free pillows with purchase!

● Use code ORIGINAL for $140 off their 10” Original model
● Use code SIGNATURE for $320 off their 12” Signature model

winkbeds logo image comparison page $50 off:
● The WinkBed
● WinkBeds Plus

Dreamfoam Bedding logo 10% off sitewide, including:
● Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel
● Dream Two-Sided Pocketed Coil
● Aspen Latex
● Sanctuary Plush Gel Memory Foam
● Sojourn Gel Memory Foam
● Willow Eurotop Latex
● Meridian Firm Gel Memory Foam
● Doze Mattress
● Magnolia Total Latex
● And multiple RV mattresses!

luxi logo $200 off of their lines:
● Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable
● Luxi One

Nest Bedding logo $150 off of the following:
● Love & Sleep
● Alexander Signature Hybrid
● Alexander Signature Series
● Certified Organic Mattress
● Hybrid Latex
● Latex Mattress

Helix Sleep logo ● $100 OFF when you spend $600 or more with: HOLIDAY100
● $150 OFF when you spend $1,250 or more with: HOLIDAY150
● $200 OFF when you spend $1,750 or more with: HOLIDAY200
Choose from 9 mattresses with different firmnesses and materials for tailored comfort!

zenhaven logo comparison page Year-round savings on a double-sided latex!
saatva logo image comparison page Year-round savings on a luxury innerspring!
logo of purple mattress brand Year-round savings on:
● The Original Purple
● The All-New Purple (2, 3, 4)


In-Store Versus Online Shopping

Some families make a day out of waiting in line for doors to open on Black Friday, oftentimes starting early in the day on Thanksgiving to get the best spot.

But want to know a secret?

Sometimes companies start their giant sales a few days in advance (like Black Friday), as they hang the signage touting the deals to prepare for the big day. They just don’t openly advertise it. So, if you have a few minutes before starting the Thanksgiving preparations, slip down to a store like Macy’s, Walmart, JCPenney, and Sears to see if the deals are already on.

Don’t prefer to wait in line for hours only to be run over by others seeking those doorbusters?

Then, shopping online during Black Friday or Cyber Monday might be more your speed. You can peruse the mattress listings from the comfort of your pajamas, with the enthusiasm garnered from a piping hot tray of leftovers. You might just need that extra energy if you go to sites like Wayfair or other mega sites, and we hope we have made the shopping experience easier on you with our reviews.

The bonus of shopping from home? Generous trial periods from the brands that ship direct-to-consumer, like bed-in-a-box companies. Forget spending five minutes surrounded by strangers on top of what you hope to be your new bed in a crammed showroom and enjoy scrolling through more ads to source the best one.

While these two days are staples of the season, you may be surprised to find that most companies extend their sales or perks a week in either direction, so keep your eyes peeled and shop when it suits you best. You may just find the top mattress for you or a gift for someone else.

So, whether you want to shop in-store or online, you can make the Black Friday bed deal work for you.

Beautiful woman is sitting on the bed and shopping online while she is holding her credit card in her right hand

How to Successfully Shop Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bed Sales

In order to avoid a heap of overwhelm or losing out on what you wanted most, there are two tips that can help you successfully save during Black Friday and all the mattress sales:

  • Know what you’re looking for.
  • Research in advance!

This is definitely a situation where preparation is the key to success, and you won’t want to wait until the last minute. Even 20 minutes of research can pay off when it comes to finding out store hours, deal terms, or online Black Friday sale hours. You probably don’t want to be scrambling to read through the product description as stock flies off the shelves.

Luckily, there are tons of reviews out there that you can read ahead of time and manufacturers often list their upcoming deals, especially if you are on their email newsletter.

Consider Your Black Friday Budget

Whether you are pinching pennies, looking for the best deal possible this Black Friday, or if you have a few more dollars to spend, the mattress marketplace is so vast that you can find something comfortably in your range.

Looking for ultra budget? You might try a retailer like Amazon, who is attempting to corner the niche. These can be great beds for kids or guest rooms, if you only need to use something part-time or are planning to upgrade in a few years.

Then there are the direct-to-consumer online retailers, like those in the chart above, who tend to provide amazing products at a fraction of the cost, since they don’t pass along the cost of high overhead.

But if you have been looking for the right moment to jump into the true luxury bed niche, among brands like Tempur-Pedic, Serta, or Sleep Number, this might be the perfect time. After all, who doesn’t love a Black Friday bed sale on luxury brands?

Remember – sometimes quality is worth spending a little more, especially during a Black Friday sale. Buying a bed is a long-term investment and you’ll want to make sure it holds up for the long haul – so find a great mattress sale out there!

African-American woman in white shirt is holding two shopping bags

Research Your Black Friday Mattress Needs

In order to make sure you’re either going home or cozying up on the couch happily after closing the laptop and hitting the Black Friday sales, make sure that you are going to get exactly what you need by researching what you actually need.

Below is a quick list of things to keep in mind during while your sift through all the mattress sales.

Sleeping Position

A surprising amount of people do not know how important your preferred sleeping position is for choosing the best mattress for a great night’s sleep, whether on Black Friday or any other time of year.

Are you a side sleeper? You may just need something on either the medium or soft side of the spectrum in order to promote adequate spine alignment and provide pressure relief for the curvier areas on the body.

Are you a stomach sleeper? You may just find that your best nights are spent on a firmer, more supportive mattress. A medium or medium-firm can also work for this group; it depends on body type weight.

Are you a back sleeper? This is one of the most subjective positions, so think about when you’ve been on a mattress you enjoyed. What did it feel like? Soft, medium, or firm?

What about combination sleeping? If you roll around during the night or like to mix it up, a medium or medium-firm mattress may give you the most variety and comfort.


Just like we mentioned in the previous section, selecting the firmness has a lot to do with your sleeping position. Make sure to look for a blend of both comfort and support, as both are extremely important for staying healthy. Don't rush this aspect just because it's Black Friday and you see a great sale – make sure it's right for you.

Different materials are sometimes thought to correlate with specific firmness levels. But the truth is that you need to check with the manufacturer to see how the firmness is rated. There are many techniques that companies skillfully deploy in order to vary the feel of their beds.

However, if you are not sure which feel really suits you, you can always shop for a dual-sided mattress and test out two feels in one bed!

pretty woman with dark hair in white sleeping shirt is relaxing on the bed

Cooling Capabilities

Are you a hot sleeper? You might find more comfortable nights by choosing a proven cooling mattress this Black Friday.

While some of these beds are cool to the touch due to the use of phase changing materials, others work to funnel heat away from the surface layers to create a temperature-neutral environment.

From the use of gels to unique constructions (like open-cell design or strategic layering), the top cooling companies have taken modern bed design to a new level. If cooling is on your “must-have” list, be sure that you know exactly what to expect before purchasing.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer can be crucial to those among us with partners, children, or pets that climb into bed and try to get comfortable during the night. Light sleepers know the disruption even the smallest tossing and turning can cause, but luckily there is a solution.

While most modern beds make an effort to curb motion transfer, memory foam is often hailed as the material that beats out the rest in this area. Read through reviews or watch YouTube videos to see how the motion transfer test works on individual beds.

While quite springy, some latex mattresses also do a great job of motion isolation. However, if innerspring is more your style, choosing a pocketed coil design can significantly reduce motion traveling across the sleep surface.

Edge Support

If you share your mattress with one other person, pets, or if kiddos that sleepily climb in during the middle of the night, solid edge support may be at the very top of your search list. Even if you just like to sit on the edge of the bed while waking up or getting ready in the morning, a good edge can be an exceptional feature for a mattress. Some manufacturers claim that good edges make for a more durable bed, which is another great reason to look for this feature.

If edge support is a priority (like it is with many sexually active mattress seekers), try looking for a reinforced edge design. Sometimes this is accomplished with foam rails or reinforced springs.

It should also be noted that some brands have sturdy edges without reinforcements. Our reviews should help shed some light on how they perform.

woman is laying on the bed with her little dog next the her


It may seem obvious, but nail down which size you need before hitting the stores or ecommerce sites for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Are you looking for a Twin or Twin XL for a new big kid bed? A Full for a growing teen? Or a comfortable standard Queen size? Partners who like extra room to spread out may opt for a King or California King size.

There’s something for everyone, even those who need something custom like an RV mattress size for the road warriors among us.

If you are not sure which size you need, measure your frame or the space you are looking to put your new bed to identify the correct dimensions.

Think About Material Type

Memory Foam

Known for high motion isolation, a super comfortable feel, and a slow rise of materials once you roll over. Memory foam works wonders for aches and pains and remains supportive and pressure relieving.


Known for its more “traditional” feel, innersprings, or coils, are what most people grew up with. Many companies are putting modern twists on this old favorite, with coil-on-coil designs or layering with a plush pillow-top.


Growing in popularity for its springy, yet comfortable feel, latex often comes zoned for extra pressure relief and support where you need it. It is thought to be extremely durable and able to hold up for years. Popular types include Dunlop and Talalay latex mattresses, with natural and organic options available.

white bed with two black pillows and beautiful mountains covered with snow in the background


The “best of both worlds” is a well-known saying when it comes to hybrids. Oftentimes, hybrids are a combination of innersprings in memory foam or latex, but it can be other materials as well, such as polyfoam and hyperelastic polymer. The overall concentration is on comfort plus support.

Look at Mattress Sale Brands that Fit Your Needs

Now, it’s time to put it all together. Once you know what you want, go in search of a brand that will give you what you are looking for.

While there will be many advertisements floating about, the good news is that the top mattress companies have found a way to communicate the most important things about their brands. Whether it is cooling, a special firmness, or a bed brand that caters to athletic types, the marketing should adequately communicate top needs to their target demographic.

Be mindful, keep those eyes peeled, and you should find a great solution.

Digging around on the brand’s website in their product, FAQ, and additional reading sections is a great way to find out more. Many online brands have sustainable initiatives or give to charities, which is a great thing to look into as well.

If you are exceptionally eco-conscious, look for organic mattress certifications from GOTS, USDA, or GREENGUARD.

Check Black Friday Trial, Warranty, and Return Policies

Even though your research should lead you to a successful purchase, it is always best to be prepared. Be sure to complete a thorough investigation of brand warranties and trial/return policies, as well as the shipping or delivery terms – this is crucial for when shopping for a mattress on Black Friday.

Reputable companies will have this information readily available on their website and in their information booklets. If the terms are not easy to understand, remember that you can reach out to a support specialist that can clarify the information.

Just make sure you know what you are getting into before handing over that hard-earned cash. No one wants to end up with a sagging mattress that they are stuck with for a few more years and unable to return.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers should be extra cautious, as sometimes deep sales can have fine print that is more restrictive than usual. However, a good guideline to look for is a 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial.

Lady with the glasses on her face is standing on the escalator in the shopping mall

Remember the Bedding Accessories on Cyber Monday

Don’t forget – while you update your bedroom, it could be time for a host of bedding accessories, such as a set of comfy new pillows.

If you have been eyeing a new mattress topper, check a few manufacturers to see how their sales are going and if now is the time to invest. Although, with a brand new bed, you may not need that new pad.

Regardless, a new set of sheets  may be just the change you need to ring in the new year, thanks to Cyber Monday.

However, if you are trying to prepare for the holidays and attempting to capitalize on the space in your home, perhaps you are in the market for a great air mattress. With guests in and out this winter season, it might just be a lifesaver to have around.

Black Friday Sales – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a mattress?

If you love deep deals and the free shipping that many retailers provide, it just might be one of the best times of the year to buy. Whether as a Christmas gift or a personal purchase, you may not find a deal quite as good as those during this weekend. And while Black Friday is a great time to buy, Cyber Monday can be just as good, if not better!

Where are the Mattress Firm sale ads?

If you are looking for a furniture deal or bed set from retailer Mattress Firm (which acquired Sleepy’s a few years back) on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you may be surprised to hear that the company filed for bankruptcy this fall. They are not closing every store, but double check before heading down.


Hopefully this guide has helped you understand everything you need to know about shopping smart this Black Friday and Cyber Monday season so you can be relaxing in style and within budget just in time to enjoy the rest of the year.

With a little perseverance, research, and basic knowledge about what you want and need, you are poised to make a great, long-lasting purchase, whether it is for you or a gift for a loved one.

Remember – we love to hear about shoppers’ experiences. If you decide to pick up a mattress this season, or you have in the past, drop us a line and let us know which brand you went with and how you fared!

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