Best Rated Futon Bed Picks & Reviews – 2021 Edition

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With housing prices on the rise in many places, limited space is a common challenge for many households. If you're struggling to find enough room to feel comfortable, a fold-out bed with a futon mattress could be an excellent fix. Offering clever design and space-saving solutions, futons can be just as useful as regular mattresses.

Futons, while considerably thinner than a normal mattress, can offer significant back support, keeping the spine in alignment, and even reduce aches and pain for many users.

We'll discuss below some of the best options to help save your back, and save on space.

You can easily turn your sofa into an additional bed using something as simple as a cheap futon bed that's comfortable and convenient. This provides the much-needed comfort and convenience at a fraction of the price you'd have to spend for a new mattress.

Nevertheless, the market is overly saturated with futon beds, and this only makes it harder for you to decide which mattress to go with. This is why we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a quick overview of the things you should account for when choosing one. Hopefully, this will make your life a lot easier. We’ve hand-picked the 5 highest rated futon mattresses so that you don’t have to wander around aimlessly.

DHP Independently Encased Coil Premium Product Image medium DHP
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 8"
New Replacement Product Image medium New Replacement
  • Type: Memory Foam, Innerspring, Cotton Fiber
  • Height: 10”
mozaic product image medium Mozaic
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Height: 8"
serta sycamore product image medium Serta Sycamore
  • Type: Convoluted Foam, Cotton Fiber
  • Height: 8"

Top 4 Futon Bed Reviews

As we are through with the things you have to consider when purchasing a mattress of the kind, let’s have a look at some of the best options currently available on the market.

DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium


  • Six color options
  • Pocketed coils and foam
  • 8 inches thick

This particular mattress comes with quite a lot of perks to consider. Right off the bat, the 15-gauge independently-encased coils provide reliability and back-support which are beyond comprehension. It is made out of quality foam as well as polyester layering in between the cover and the coils to deliver splendid comfort.

The entire thing is made out of polyester, and there are no irritants as the material is hypoallergenic. The product is designed to fit any standard full-sized frames of different futons. You can also choose between a range of different colors.

The product is a bit bulky in terms of appearance, but it does provide more support than thinner options. Thanks to the breathable microfiber mattress cover which should prevent sweat and unpleasant odors, it’s one of the better options if you plan to be be sleeping on it regularly. It’s also fit for heavier people as it is capable of sustaining a high level of pressure.

New Replacement Futon


  • Eight color options
  • Queen size available
  • Memory foam and pocketed coils
  • 10 inches thick

This is yet another mattress which is designated to provide you with optimal comfort and a pleasant sleeping and sitting sensation. This is brought to you thanks to the pocket-coil construction, allowing for fantastic convenience and comfort.

The solution comes in two different sizes to fit the most commonly used futon frames. The full-sized one is 75 inches wide and 54 inches deep while the Queen-sized one is 80 inches wide and 60 inches deep. The product comes in a few different colors which are intended to match your overall interior design.

Coming with a bulky appearance, it brings a sensation of comfort and it surely backs it up with the high-quality materials used for its creation. It’s excellent for both sleeping and sitting.

Mozaic 8-Inch Memory Foam


  • 11 color options
  • Memory foam
  • 8 inches thick
  • Made in the USA

If you prefer a cradled and a softer feel, this particular memory foam option could be for you. The core fill is a high-quality Visco memory foam as well as polyurethane inside a blend of cotton mix. This delivers cloud-like plush comfort and prolonged life of the mattress.

Additionally, the entire thing is incredibly easy to maintain. This is thanks to the poly-cotton fabric cover which is lace tufted and could be spot cleaned with just a mild detergent. It also has a nice appearance.

Keep in mind that this is one that can be flipped over. This should significantly lengthen the lifespan before you have it entirely worn-out. This is a great mattress for regular sleeping as well as for sitting as well. It is incredibly durable and comfortable, regardless of the way you prefer to use it.

Serta Sycamore Double Sided Convoluted Foam


  • Five color options
  • Foam and cotton fiber
  • 8 inches thick
  • Made in the USA

This is another entry-level mattress for futons under $200, and it's quite surprising in terms of all the perks that it brings to the table. For a significantly inexpensive solution, the Serta has a lot to offer.

Right off the bat, it's made out of two layers of convoluted foam as well as a 4-inch cotton fiber padding for enhanced appeal, support, and comfort. The product is a reliable while, at the same time, it brings the necessary characteristics you'd expect from a far more expensive unit.

The look is quite high-end thanks to the box border construction. The entire thing is made out in the USA, guaranteeing the high quality of the materials. It brings a plush, soft feel which is very supporting at the same time. It is also lace tufted for comfort and a tailored appearance at the same time.

Futon Mattress Buying Considerations


Right off the bat, you ought to account for how often you or your guests may need to sleep on the futon. In case you have the need to use it on occasion just as a guest bed, you can consider getting a cheaper soft option made out of less expensive materials, such as a cotton-filled one.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it every night as your regular bed because you have to leave the kids sleep in the bedroom, you ought to consider a high-quality, reliable, possibly coil-filled futon bed with the proper structure and comfort.

Keep in mind that sleeping on a mattress which is not fit for your posture is capable of causing some serious deformations and consequential issues. The last thing you’d want is to get a back misalignment from not spending a few more dollars more on a reliable and high-quality mattress.

There are also great Japanese futons, which may be an entirely different and intriguing option for you to explore.

Check Out Our Full Guide: Best Japanese Futon mattress

Illustration of a Man Sleeping on Japanese Futon


When it comes to your futon bed, you also want to think about the way you want it to appear. Don’t forget that as much as you want for it to be incredibly comfortable, you can also think about its appearance.

Even though coil-filled futon mattresses are usually regarded as particularly comfortable, some can be much likely to lose a lot of their shape as time passes.

On the other hand, some memory foam futon beds can hold and maintain their shape for a substantially longer period. Additionally, the latter is sometimes considered better for futons that are commonly used as couches.


It goes without saying that comfort is just about the most important thing that you’d want to look forward to when picking your futon mattress. Remember, though, that comfort is not just about sleeping well but also about sitting comfortably as well. This is not a regular bed – it’s a futon, so it has to serve a dual purpose.

Make sure that you get a bed which is going to be comfortable not only for sleeping but for sitting. The materials which are used to craft the solution are ultimately going to determine the comfort that you get from it.


The type of futon that you have alongside its overall structure would determine the thickness of the mattress.

While it’s true that a sleek and thin futon mattress may look better than a bulky one, you might have to go for a thicker option if your sofa bed is made out of wood, for instance. The mattress needs to match the structure in order to make sure that you get a comfortable sleeping solution.

So, for instance, a futon mattress which is about 8 inches thick can offer quite a lot more comfort for an adult sleeper in comparison to a six-inches thick one; it depends on the materials used. An additional consideration to account for here is the weight of the person who will usually sleep on it – it's generally advisable that the heavier the person, the thicker the mattress needs to be to help prevent bottoming out.

Number of Folds

You will either get a bi-fold or a tri-fold mattress. If it is bi-fold, it is going to fold just once in two separate pieces. If it is a tri-fold, it will fold twice into three separate pieces.

The number of folds is solely dependent on the type of frame that you have. With this in mind, it's important to check with the manufacturer to determine whether you need a tri-fold or a bi-fold unit. If you are replacing an existing bed, simply check the folds that you have currently and purchase a unit accordingly – it's as simple as that.

Bi-Fold and-Tri-Fold Futon Mattresses Illustration

The Frame Matters

As we’ve mentioned above, the frame has a serious impact on the type of mattress that you will get. The quality of the latter should match that of the former. Just think – would you invest in an expensive frame only to top it with a budget futon bed or vice versa?

For example, if you have a wooden frame and you plan to have your futon for a longer period of time, you can make sure that your mattress matches your intentions.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a solution that you are unlikely to use for more than a few years, you can afford to purchase something cheaper. This is where wood composite or particle board frames are particularly useful and you can pair them with a bed which is less expensive and of lower quality.


The durability of the bed is mainly determined by the materials which are used to create it. As a general rule of thumb, you ought to go for a futon mattress which is made up of materials which should last longer while also providing you with the necessary comfort and convenience.

Additionally, you also want to take a look at the warranty periods. This is going to show you the approximate amount of time that the manufacturer thinks the mattress will last without manifesting any issues.

However, it is also important to understand that if you want your bed to last longer, you ought to make sure that it is properly taken care of.


The size of your mattress would be solely determined by the size of the frame. There is nothing specific here – just make sure that the former matches the latter perfectly.

Should You Buy a Futon Pad?

A futon pad is a cover that you put on top of your mattress to make it more comfortable. There are a few things that you might want to account for here. Right off the bat, this is something that has the potential to significantly prolong the life of your mattress as it can protect it tremendously. Therefore, you can save quite a lot of money in comparison to how long it lasts, depending on the product.

On the other hand, adding another layer on top of your existing mattress could make the entire thing a lot bulkier than you may want. This is something that puts a lot of people off this choice, and they prefer to use a regular blanket, a slim cover, or nothing at all.

A futon pad could be used to adjust the comfort of the mattress, but that’s not needed if the bed is already comfortable enough. These are some considerations to consider if you are wondering whether it’s a worthwhile investment or not.

Are the Cheap Futons Worth It?

Different people will have different responses. The thing that you want to place a lot of attention on is the purpose. If you intend to use the futon as your go-to sleeping bed because you don’t have enough room, then you should consider investing a proper amount of money in a quality mattress.

Budget futon options usually pose a compromise on some of the points mentioned above, which may not be what you want if you are sleeping on this mattress every night.

On the other hand, if it's just something that you place in your guest room to increase the number of people you can accommodate for an overnight stay, a cheap futon bed sounds like an excellent idea to a lot of people.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the lack of necessary room in your house doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work. Taking advantage of a convenient and comfortable memory foam futon mattress or an innerspring option is an inexpensive way to add some additional sleeping space without a lot of hassle.

All of the products mentioned above are worthwhile, and even though they are all quite cheap in comparison to the premiums, they offer a significant amount of comfort, support, and appropriate aesthetics.

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