Highest Rated Folding Mattresses Rated and Reviewed for 2021

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We've all received that last-minute phone call from a friend informing you they will be staying the night. You then begin the frantic search for your dusty old air mattress that you eventually discover leaks, and realize you are probably ready for an upgrade. Folding mattresses are quickly taking over the market as the go-to storable bedding for travel, entertaining, and camping.

There are hundreds of options to choose from that often ship right to your door, but the quality and prices vary. To make the process simpler, we have researched and put together the highest rated folding mattress list to maximize both your budget and your sleeping potential.

6 Top-Rated Fold Up Mattresses Reviewed

Millard – Editors Choice


  • Twin XL size
  • Thickness: 6″
  • CertiPUR certified memory foam
  • 2 layers of foam
  • Removable jacquard bamboo cover

Millard’s six-inch twin memory foam option checks all the boxes. With a 1.5-inch memory foam topper supported by 4.5 inches of polyfoam, this twin should offer enough support to make sleeping on the go comfortable and easy, without breaking the bank, or your back.

While memory foam is denser than other materials, the Millard fold-up should still store and transport easily, making it a great option for travel and for overnight guests. Reviewers especially like how spacious the twin option seems. Even for taller and heavier users, the mattress held up well and afforded plenty of space for movement.

Reviewers noted the foam insulates sleepers from the cold ground while camping, keeping them warm and further enhancing their outdoor experience, as long as it fits inside the tent.

Some dedicated mothers even take their Millard bed into their baby’s nursery in order to both maintain their sleep schedule and care for their baby’s needs.

Best Choice Products – Best Multifunctional


  • Twin, Full and Queen sizes
  • Thickness: 4″
  • 1 layer of foam
  • Removable cover
  • Storage case included

While foldable mattresses may be convenient for unexpected overnight guests, they still take up valuable storage space that not everyone can spare. Best Choice Products has combated this issue by creating a product that doubles as an attractive floor sofa, perfect for movies or extra guest seating.

The trendy gray cover is both washable and dryer friendly, making after-movie cleanup a breeze, especially with its sewn-in handles that make the bed ultraportable. Made of four inches of dense poly-foam, this option provides medium support, which is best for side and back sleepers and is light-weight enough to be carried anywhere. Additionally, the bed comes in three size options, twin, full, and queen, allowing shoppers to find the best fit for their space and needs.

Some reviewers even use this product to sleep in their cars during long road trips to save money on hotels. While that idea may not be for everyone, serial truck bed stargazers are in luck.

Best Price Mattress – Great Size Range


  • 9 size options
  • 2 styles available
  • Thickness: 4″
  • 2 layers of foam
  • Removable poly jacquard cover
  • CertiPUR-US Certified

This memory/polyfoam bed is available in nine sizes, ensuring a good fit in any space you could possibly have. With 1.5 inches of memory foam on top of 2.5 inches of high-density foam, all-night comfort and convenient portability can be yours at a lower than average price.

The mattress is shipped with a carrying case with durable handles, allowing ease of transportation, and the Certi-Pur label means this safer foam should not smell as pungent as others when it comes out of the package.

Reviewers love the tri-fold design that reduces segment separation, making the creases feel undetectable while sleeping. The light-weight material allows these beds to be fairly transportable, and the smaller sizes should fit easily in closets or even beneath box springs. Some avid campers even used the cushions inside their RV for better sleep on the road. With so many sizes, the possibilities are endless.

Cushy Foam – Best Carrying Case


  • Size: 75″ x 25″
  • Thickness: 4″
  • 1 layer of foam
  • Removable cover
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Storage bag included

This portable and compact option easily folds into a matching zippered tote, making storage easy, convenient and stylish. Gone are the days of stuffing an air mattress into its too-small case and hopefully not ripping it wide open. The single/twin bed can also be transformed into a queen or larger by laying two side by side, however, reviewers say there is enough space in the twin to accommodate most sleepers.

The mattress is made of dense polyfoam, making it a firmer choice which is great for stomach sleepers but is still ultra-lightweight and easy to tote. Reviewers said it even smells like the lavender air freshener that comes in the package as the bed decompresses, rising to its full height in about two hours.

Reviewers have used this product for everything from extra couch support, to yoga and meditation classes, citing the reasonable price and support for their dedicated patronage to the brand. If you are still unsure, the 100 satisfaction money-back guarantee could not make this purchase a safer investment.

Cozzi – Great Quality


  • 3 size options
  • Thickness: 4″
  • 1 layer of foam
  • Removable cover
  • Carrying handles attached

This tri-fold mattress is intended for a variety of activities, and customers can expect the material to hold up through it all. Whether you use it for tumbling, sleeping, or as a floor couch, the bed is built for support and durability.

Made from high-quality, long-lasting foam, this twin offers four inches of support wrapped in a removable cover that is washer-friendly. Lightweight with carrying handles, users should have no problem transporting or storing the product.

Customers love this brand for its ability to keep its shape after long periods of use, making it a travel necessity for those constantly on the road. Some reviewers permanently keep the bed in their car and even prefer it to their sleeping arrangements at home.

The mattress offers firm support and should not compress or bottom out, according to reviewers, and the larger than twin design should allow plenty of space for active sleepers or taller customers.

Magshion – Best Color Range


  • 3 size options
  • Thickness: 5″
  • 1 layer of foam
  • Multiple color options
  • Removable cover

While foldable mattresses are great for a good night’s sleep and portability, they are not always the best addition to carefully selected room decor. Magshion made their multi-purpose option available in sixteen colors to fix this common problem.

Popular among kids, the product can fold into a chair for better storage and additional use. Reviewers say this is their go-to cushion for pillow-forts, sleepovers, and daybeds. With a wide variety of colors, there is likely an option for everyone.

At just above ten pounds, kids can easily port this mattress around, making it a useful addition to any family reunion. Made with 5 inches of foam support within a polyester cover, reviewers say the bed holds up well over time.

Whether you are buying for frequent use in a children's room, or for extra seating at movie nights, this quality product has customers satisfied and ready to buy again.

Reasons to Purchase a Foldable Bed

With how cost-friendly and convenient foldable beds are, the more obvious question is why should you not buy one, but here are a few convincing reasons anyway.

Convenient for Guests and Sleepovers

For customers with family and friends visiting from out of town, or children with frequent sleepovers, foldable mattresses are a quick, easily stored option that should not require too much time for set-up. After guests leave, the cushions are easy to clean and store. Some beds are even light enough for children to stow.

Convenient for Campers

Whether you love to sleep under the stars, or in your tent safe from mosquitos, foldable mattresses are a great option for ground support. Both insulating sleepers from the cold ground and elevating the back from roots or pebbles, a light-weight foldable bed has the power to transform a camping experience, without taking up too much storage space.

Illustration of a Camper in the Woods

Travel Hack

Long road trips can wreak havoc on a traveler's mental and physical state, making a good night’s sleep extra important, especially with time zone changes. Bringing along a foldable mattress can ensure wherever you end up stopping, there will be a bed with your name on it. Many travelers even use their foldable mattress to convert the back of their cars into a sleep oasis with the help of some pillows and blankets.

Overall Portability

Many foldable mattresses are made to fit easily under a bed frame for storage, and even have cases or velcro snaps to keep segments together while not in use. They can unfold to fit in awkward spaces, and if you are low on storage space, some options are multi-functional and can double as a couch, daybed, or even a chair.

Illustration of a Woman Putting Foldable Mattress Under The Bed

Affordable Solution

While other options for travel and overnight guests include trundle beds, pull out couches, or multiple air mattresses that may only get a few uses each, foldable alternatives cost less and often last longer. Many companies offer a variety of sizes, so you only pay for the amount of space you need and can afford to store in your space.

Buyers Guide: Things to Look For

The Cover

Removable covers protect the mattress from stains, moisture, dirt, or potential allergens. As not every brand includes them your purchase, you may consider buying a cover separately or choosing a brand with better protection.

Covers can also add to the comfort, style, and usefulness of a bed. Non-slip grips may be necessary if the beds are being used on slippery flat surfaces or inclines. While most are made from polyester material, some claim to be softer or more comfortable than others. Reading customer reviews may help verify these claims.

The Materials Inside

Foldable mattresses are made primarily of two types of foam, polyurethane, and memory. Some offer a combination of memory foam toppers, and polyurethane layers for support, while others are made completely of polyfoam. While memory foam is better for back support, it is much denser than polyfoam and may make the bed heavier and less transportable.

Polyfoam offers less support and can sometimes feel softer, but it can be much less dense and is often a less expensive option. Some customers choose to buy polyfoam foldable mattresses with separate toppers if they need additional support.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Illustration

As with any bed-in-box option, the mattress may come out of the box smelling strongly of chemicals until it airs out, in a process called “off-gassing.” While there are no studies specifically linking off-gassing to cancer or serious medical conditions, buyers who are sensitive to smells may experience headaches, sinus discomfort, or coughing as a result.

To avoid this, buyers can simply let the bed air out for a full twenty-four hours before use, or simply look for the Certi-PUR logo on company websites. This certification ensures that the company complies with specific standards regulating the amounts and types of chemicals used in the mattress foam. The result should be less off-gassing and a less noticeable scent upon unboxing.


Foldable beds come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 3 to 6 inches, generally corresponding to prices. In most cases, a thicker layer of foam means better support, however, in some cases, four-inch memory foam may offer more support than a polyfoam six-inch mattress, as memory foam tends to more effectively offer support as it hugs curves and relieves pressure points.

As foldable beds are often used without a base, it is important to make up for the lack of stability or support. Opting for a higher-density polyfoam with at least medium firmness will likely afford reliable support, cost less, and ensure the foam does not compress and wear out over time.


Most foldable mattresses are stuffed tightly to make up for the lack of stability from a base, or springs, resulting in firm support. While this is great news for stomach and back sleepers, firmer options may not be the best long-term option for side-sleepers.

Some options with lower density foam are softer than others, which may be more comfortable for side sleepers as long as the bed does not compress too much and leave you on the floor in the morning. Firmness is largely a matter of preference, so reading reviews may not be as helpful in this department. It might be best to go with a brand that offers a money-back guarantee, or at least a reasonable return policy if you feel you may need to try a product out for yourself.

Mattress Size

Foldable mattresses are available in a variety of sizes and prices, with some conforming to the traditional twin, full, queen range, and others offering extra small singles to extra-large California kings.

It is important to check the dimensions before ordering to make sure your bed can fit in your tent, car, or preferred location before it arrives on your doorstep. The table below provides a common approximate dimension across a variety of brands for each listed size, with the height varying by customer selection.

When the mattress is solely for the use of children, smaller sizes provide plenty of space and make for easy storage. However, when your bed may be used to accommodate a variety of adults, sometimes the extra money for the next size up may be worth the many nights of good sleep the increased legroom may provide.

SizeDimensions in inches
(W x L x H)
Single (Extra Small) 25 x 75 x 4
Junior Twin 30 x 75 x 4
Twin 36-39 x 75 x 4
Twin XL 39 x 80 x 4
Full54 x 75 x 4
Short Queen 60 x 74 x 4
Queen 60 x 80 x 4
King76 x 80 x 4
California King 72 x 84 x 4

Dimensions When Folded

While a bed may be light enough to carry on your next camping trip, you will want to make sure it can reasonably fit in your car or other intended storage space. The length and width may be standard by size, but the mattresses fold in a variety of ways, even if they are all trifold. The folded dimensions should be available in each available size on the company’s website.

Total Weight

Even the smallest size memory foam will probably out-weigh larger poly-foam options because of their substantial density. Be sure to consider the total weight and intended purpose of each product before buying, so you do not end up in the lurch with a fifty-pound mattress the night before your big solo camping trip.

Ease of Movability

For mattresses that need to be brought on vacations or stowed and used frequently, keep an eye out for options that increase movability. Handles, securable segments via velcro straps, and totes are all useful in this effort.

Additional Considerations

Built-in Pillow

Some beds offer a built-in-pillow option for added comfort, which can eliminate the need to provide your own for yourself or guests. For non-pillow snobs, this may be a convenient feature to consider.


Illustration of a Woman Counting Her Savings While Thinking about New Bed

While foldable beds are on the whole an affordable alternative to luxury air mattresses or cots, some are pricier than others. For a one-time activity or event, the cheaper option may be best for some shoppers. These products tend to last, however, and if you see yourself using it more than a few times a year, a few extra dollars might be worth a few extra Zs.

Storage Capacity

A few extra inches of foam may make a grand difference for heavier sleepers but also amounts to more storage space when not in use. Consider who will be using the bed before buying. Lighter sleepers like children may benefit from a thinner mattress that stores easily in a closet.


If you are unsure about the type of bed you want, choose one with a warranty that will allow you to easily return your product if a feature does not work well for you. Many brands offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get what you pay for.

Remember that even with a guarantee, it is a good idea to order with enough time to take advantage of a possible exchange before you need the bed. The internet is littered with tales of shoppers who have a warranty and a receipt, but not enough time to return something before the event they bought it for. Be wise, order in advance.

Compatibility with Sleeping Position

While traditional mattresses can cater well to specific sleeping positions, foldable mattresses have less to offer in terms of variety. However, a few key considerations should help shoppers make the most of their purchase.

For back and stomach sleepers, medium to firm support offers the necessary support for hips and spinal positioning, and the good news is that foldable mattresses naturally fall into this category.

A Woman Flipping from Her Back to Her Side Over-and-Over Animated Illustration

For side sleepers, softer to medium firmness is preferable, as long as there is enough support to stop the foam from compacting under your weight. Softer foldable mattresses are not as common as they require additional layers of support, so a good alternative is the memory foam option. Memory foam cradles pressure points on the shoulders and hips but rises to support the waist and legs.

Other Uses

If you are short on space, consider purchasing a multi-functional option that folds into a chair or couch. These mattresses are great for dorm rooms, movie nights, and children's rooms, as they provide extra seating or bedding in a snap and do not need to be stored at all.

Some colorful options double as room decor and bedding for sleepovers. Other customers have combined the product with their creativity to pad RV benches during the day, and then unfold them for a full sleeping arrangement at night.


Foldable mattresses have a seemingly unlimited number of uses, and a good quality bed has the ability to provide life-changing comfort to customers for years. From camping to road trips and everything in-between, these beds are a game-changer.

While improving sleep for yourself and guests is a plus, the easy storage, transportation, and multi-functional options make this purchase a no-brainer for travelers and entertainers. With a variety of colors and low-cost alternatives, there truly is something for everyone in the world of foldable mattresses.

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