Our Helix Midnight vs. Avocado Comparison for 2023

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Organic, eco-friendly comfort takes on a classic hybrid model in our comparison between the Avocado and Helix Midnight mattresses. The Avocado offers a sustainable alternative for consumers going green, while the Helix Midnight is a side sleeper's best dream with exceptional pressure relief support.

Both these brands offer high-quality options for those looking to get a good shut-eye, but which is most likely to align with your personal and lifestyle needs? Will it be the cozy touch of mother nature or the conventional but satisfying cushioning of an industry standard? Let's find out!

Quick Comparison: Helix Midnight vs. Avocado

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  • Vegan option available
  • 365-night trial period
  • Non-toxic certified
  • Avocado Review

Who I’d Recommend the Helix Midnight For

  • Fans of the classic hybrid design – The Helix Midnight features a more traditional approach to the hybrid mattress design, combining a coil unit with memory and poly foam layers. Hybrids offer the best qualities of both foam and coils, providing a nice balance of pressure relief and support.

  • People with pain in their lower back – For people with lower back pain, this medium-firm mattress and its long-lasting coils offer excellent spine support to help with back aches.

  • Hot sleepers – The Helix Midnight's Soft Touch cooling cover offers a breathable upper layer that might benefit people who often sleep hot.

Who I’d Recommend the Avocado For

  • Eco-conscious consumers – Anyone trying to be more mindful of the products they buy and their environmental impact will enjoy Avacado's dedicated mission of providing non-toxic mattresses. The Avocado mattress has been recognized repeatedly for its efforts to keep its construction materials organic, natural, and chemical-free.

  • Back sleepers – The Avocado rates well for back sleepers of all sizes, thanks to the sturdy support offered by its combination of Dunlop latex and coils.

  • People who are sensitive to smells – While many bed-in-a-box mattresses emit an initial unpleasant smell, the Avocado’s use of more eco-friendly materials means that this bed should produce little to no off-gassing. This is great news for those who are easily bothered by smells.

Comparing Helix Midnight vs. Avocado: Top Similarities

  • High Bounce – The Avocado and Helix Midnight give greater mobility to those inclined to toss and turn throughout the night.
  • Exceptional edge support – The Avocado and Helix Midnight both rate well for edge support, with durable coils on their sides to give you comfortable stability near the edge of the bed.
  • Eco-friendly – The Helix Midnight and Avocado are known for making their products without toxicity and other harmful substances. However, Avocado goes the extra mile by incorporating more natural and organic materials into its mattress.

Comparing Helix Midnight vs. Avocado: Key Differences

  • Pricing – Avocado’s use of premium organic and natural materials keeps their prices higher than the Helix Midnight, which is more budget-friendly.
  • Certifications – The Avocado brand has earned six organic make and safety certifications, including MADE SAFE® Non-Toxic Certified – one of the only mattresses to do so. Conversely, Helix foams have only been CertiPUR-US® certified.
  • Construction materials – While the Avocado and Helix Midnight are both hybrid mattresses, the Avocado uses more sustainable materials like natural latex and organic cotton. In contrast, the Midnight uses more traditional hybrid materials like memory and poly foams.
  • Zoned support– The Avocado designed its mattress with five zones for tailored support. The Midnight does not offer any kind of zoned support unless you upgrade to the Luxe version.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel


To rate mattress firmness, we use a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being as soft as a feather and 10 as firm as a rock. Both the Avocado and Helix Midnight mattresses are smack dab in the middle of this range. The Avocado scores a 6.5, while the Helix Midnight scores 6-7 out of 10.

Medium-firm beds are often more popular because they offer more versatility to accommodate a wider range of sleepers.

Mattress Firmness Scale for 6, 6.5 and 7


Both mattresses have multiple layers for optimal support. The Helix Midnight's base layer under the coil unit lays a solid foundation, while the coils serve as the primary support unit. The Avocado utilizes natural Dunlop latex on the top and bottom layers and over 1,400 individually wrapped steel coils in the middle.

The Avocado utilizes reinforced coils along the perimeter for strong edge support, and the Helix Midnight’s edge support also impresses with thicker-gauge perimeter coils.


On the Helix Midnight, you should notice the memory foam contour your shape while the firmer layers underneath keep you lifted. Additionally, the coolness and stretchiness of the cover should offer long-term durability and temperature regulation.

The Avocado will feel highly responsive, meaning it should quickly retain its original shape if you move or leave the bed. The zoned coils will shape to your body's curves, allowing for more pressure relief in the hips and shoulders.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

The Avocado offers sufficient bounce thanks to its individually-wrapped coils and multiple latex layers. Couples or combination sleepers who like a bit of bounce for repositioning should like the Avocado’s responsiveness from the coils and foam. In terms of sinkage, this mattress is best for sleepers who don’t want to sink into the layers and would rather be more ‘on top of’ the mattress.

Like the Avocado, the Helix Midnight is buoyant because of its coil unit, which is also helpful for those who would like a bit of pushback when getting out of bed. The Midnight offers a bit of sinkage, though, which should help relieve pressure buildup.

Comparing Motion Transfer

For those who want to avoid being disturbed by their partner's movements at night, minimal motion transfer is valuable in a mattress. The Avocado utilizes pocketed coils and thick latex foam to help curb motion transfer. However, the natural buoyancy of latex and coils means this bed won’t prevent motion transfer as well as a memory foam or all-foam model.

The Helix Midnight's motion control works favorably for lighter sleepers with its two foam layers above the individually-wrapped coils, and this includes memory foam. As a hybrid, there may still be some movement, but compared to the Avocado, the Midnight should isolate motion better.

Comparing Cooling

The Avocado’s natural and organic materials are also great for cooling. The mattress features a breathable organic cotton cover, moisture-wicking wool (the wool is removed if you opt for a vegan mattress), and temperature-neutral latex. Additionally, the coils should foster extra airflow throughout the mattress.

Like the Avocado, the coils in the Helix Midnight will provide more airflow, and the cover is designed for breathability. You can also purchase a special GlacioTex cooling cover for an additional fee — an attractive feature for those who sleep hot or are prone to night sweats.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Helix Midnight Construction

The Helix Midnight is a hybrid mattress that stands 11.5 inches tall. This bed is built with a total of four layers.

At the top is the Soft Touch cover, which is designed to foster breathability. However, as mentioned earlier, you can upgrade to their GlacioTex cover for extra cooling if needed. Though it costs extra, the GlacioTex cover could be worth it for those who struggle to sleep because they feel too warm at night.

layers of helix midnight
  • The comfort layer is made up of Memory Plus Foam, and this material provides a soft cushion for pressure relief.
  • The transition layer is made from top-of-the-line poly foam, which delivers pressure relief and additional support.
  • The 8-inch innerspring unit features individually-wrapped coils made of steel. This unit keeps the sleeper’s body lifted, while also providing responsiveness, motion isolation, airflow, and edge support.
  • The base layer is made from DuraDense Foam, providing a supportive base and durability.

Avocado Construction

Like the Helix Midnight, the Avocado has a hybrid design with multiple layers of foam and coils. The bed is also versatile and works on many different frames and bases, adding to its appeal.

The Avocado stands at 11 inches high and comes with an organic cotton cover that’s also breathable to help with cooling at the surface.

Avocado Green layers of the mattress new design
  • The first layer is made up of Dunlop latex, a sustainable product made with no chemicals. It offers a natural way to increase airflow for cooling.
  • The second layer is made of 8-inch steel coils. This layer features five tailored zones to help with comprehensive body support and pressure relief.
  • The base layer is 1 inch of Dunlop latex and is denser and firmer than the first layers.
  • The perimeter is reinforced with stronger coils to provide additional edge support.

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty – The Helix comes with a 10-year warranty, and the Avocado has a 25-year warranty.
  • Shipping – Shipping for the Helix is free within the United States, and the company will ship to Canada for an additional fee. Avocado ships for free to all 50 U.S. states. If you’re within the continental U.S., you can also purchase in-home delivery for an additional fee.
  • Trial Period – Helix offers a 100-night trial, and Avocado provides a year-long option.
  • Returns – Returns for a Helix bed are free within the 100-night trial period, and only two mattresses can be returned per household. With the Avocado, you need to keep your mattress for at least 30 days. After that, you can coordinate with the company to donate your mattress and receive a full refund.
  • Price – The Avocado is going to cost at least 500 dollars more than the Helix Midnight, which is likely because it uses more durable and eco-friendly materials.
SizeThe Helix Midnight Price (w/o discount)The Avocado Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$949$1,499
Cali King$1,549$2,599

Helix Midnight vs. Avocado Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesHelix MidnightAvocado
CoverSoft Touch cover,
stretchy and durable.
A soft and breathable organic cotton cover.
MaterialsMemory foam, conventional foams, and coilsDunlop latex and coils
CoolingBreathable cover and coils for airflowCotton cover, New Zealand wool, latex, and coils for airflow
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportExceptionalExceptional
SinkageGentle CradleGentle Cradle
Warranty10 years25 years
Trial Period100 nights365 nights
CertificationsCertiPUR-US®MADE SAFE®, Oeko-Tex®, GREENGUARD Gold, eco-INSTITUT®, GOTS, GOLS
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingShips free within the U.S. and ships to Canada for a feeFree shipping is available within the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska
Made in the USAYesYes
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Final Thoughts

Is there a clear winner here? Both brands have highly appealing features. The Helix Midnight is an affordable top-tier hybrid with all the classic features, while The Avocado offers a sustainable option that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or support.

You can't beat the Helix Midnight’s price point, but if you want to be more conscientious about your carbon footprint, you can sleep better at night knowing you're on an Avocado mattress. If you’re still up in the air, check out each brand's in-depth review or visit our list of top bed picks for this year.

Quick Comparison: Helix Midnight vs. Avocado

Helix Midnight Product Image
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Avocado Mattress Product Image
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  • Vegan option available
  • 365-night trial period
  • Non-toxic certified
  • Avocado Review
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