The Casper vs. Helix Mattress Comparison – Updated For 2022

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For our Casper Vs. Helix comparison, we have two brands who understand how complicated it can be to shop for mattresses and have developed a business model and line of products to help simplify what can be a really frustrating process. Of course, their approaches couldn’t be more different.

Casper has developed a mattress that is highly versatile and can adapt to most body shapes to cradle them in a perfect sleep, while Helix asks their customers to fill out a short questionnaire that then selects the perfect build and construction for their individual needs.

Both take the guesswork out of mattress buying, but which is best for you? If you require more details about either brand when you are finished reading, you might find what you’re looking for with our in-depth reviews.

Quick Comparison: Casper and Helix

casper small image
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Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Casper Construction

Casper’s brand, which is roll-packed and boxed for shipping, has an all-foam structure that stands 11 inches tall with three layers. Its cover is soft polyester that’s made to be durable.

original Casper bed layers image graphics

  • The top layer starts the construction off with a comfort layer made from the company’s special blended foam with bounce that can cradle your body and let air flow.
  • The 2nd layer consists of transitional foam called Zoned Support™ that is harder in the central third of the mattress under your hips to keep them level with the rest of your body for more tailored spine support.
  • The final layer is the base, and it is made of high-density support foam for deep compression support and spine alignment.

Helix Construction

Helix’s customizable hybrid that is also delivered to your door roll-packed into a box. Depending on what you answer on their questionnaire, the mattress you buy may be quite different. Each of the nine models has a different color and feel but contain approximately the same ingredients.

There are two covers on this hybrid. One is polyester, and the other is a breathable jersey knit. You also have the option of selecting a cover with cooling technology that stabilizes surface temperature.

Each model has four layers, but these can vary depending on the model selected for you. We reviewed the versatile Helix Dusk, which contains the following components:

bed structure and layers of helix

  • The top layer has the company’s Dynamic Foam that is made to be a latex alternative with similar bounce and breathability so that the surface is cool and easy to reposition on.
  • A second layer is a transitional foam between the comfort and support systems. It provides additional body contouring and assistance with spine alignment.
  • A third layer’s built with pocketed coils that can improve the bed’s motion isolation while supporting your posture.
  • The fourth layer contains high-density poly foam that gives the bed a stable foundation and structure while holding your spine in a neutral position.

Note that models built to deliver extra pressure relief may include memory foam in their comfort systems, and the company does not publish their measurements online.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

We scored Casper’s mattress at a 6 using our scale starting with 1 and going to a firmer 10. True to the company’s claims, this feel is remarkably versatile and should provide the right blend of support and comfort. The way you answer the questions on Helix’s will determine the firmness, between 2 and 9. The Medium iterations, which include Dusk, also falls within that Medium-Firm range.

Both beds have a quick responding top layer, which means you should settle quickly into the foams that immediately conform to your body’s shape. Pressing on the mattresses with your hand, you should feel the surface bounce or push back as the materials snap back into place instantaneously. These designs were built to accommodate most bodies in all positions, with a particular emphasis on combination sleepers that like to swap back and forth.

Casper’s goal of universality is built by using graduated firmnesses in their bed so that individuals of all weights should feel a balance of pressure relief and spine alignment whether they sink deeper or are settled closer to the top of the bed. Zoning in the second layer should help keep even rounder body shapes securely aligned.

In Helix Dusk, most sleepers should likewise feel comfortably balanced, though the coil unit may give the mattress a slightly different feel than Casper’s all-foam construction. If your tastes and preferences are more specific, Helix has the potential to offer more choices and distinct experiences.

helix and casper firmness scale

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

The overall experience of Casper for an average-sized sleeper should feel like their body is gently cradled near the surface. There is a moderate bounce as well as a quick response time that helps with repositioning, which should not be a struggle in this mattress.

Helix’s quick-responding surface foam and coils with bounce should also keep moving around on the bed simple, though you should keep in mind that a memory foam surface, which is available in some models, may offer a slightly different experience. In the medium configuration, Helix’s sinkage should gentle cradle the body of most sleepers.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Despite moderate bounce, both beds perform excellently in this category due to the foams used in the comfort layers and Helix’s individually pocketed coils. Both brands absorb motion and inhibit its ability to travel, which should keep light sleeping partners from being shaken awake. If this feature is a concern of yours, you might prefer a Helix model with motion reducing memory foam.

Comparing Edge Support

Mattresses shipped in smaller boxes are designed with materials that can compress and therefore do not always perform exceptionally in this category. Both mattresses here manage to exceed expectations by using firmer foams (Casper) and reinforcing the coils along the edges of the construction (Helix). Whether or not you need strong edges depends on whether you share your bed and need room to stretch your limbs, as consistent support from one edge to the other can increase your space.

Casper vs. Helix Compared Side-by-Side

Height11” 12”
MaterialsCompany’s blend of comfort foam, memory foam that is high density, poly foamDynamic Foam or memory foam plus, micro coils, high-grade poly foam
Cooling Perforated comfort system, heat-retaining memory materials deeper in bedAn optional cover has phase change material. Foams and coils designed for breathability.
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal*
Edge SupportGreatGreat*
SinkageGentle cradlingGentle Cradling/Deeper Hug*
Warranty10 years10 years
Trial Period100 nights100 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingDelivered to the USA, Switzerland, Austria, UK, and Germany. Some locations have In-Home DeliveryDelivered within USA and Canada
Made in the USADesigned and Assembled in USAYes

*Performance in these categories may vary based on on your individualized customization.

SizeCasper Price (w/o discount)Helix Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$995
Cali King$1,695

Should I Buy Casper or Helix?

Though they have different methods, both of these top bed brands want to simplify your life with a bed that strives to be a perfect match for singles or couples. Do you want a bed that can mold to different shapes, or do you want a feel specially selected for your individual bodies?

We Would Recommend Buying Casper if You are Looking for:

  • A more universal feel. A more versatile feel is adaptable to each individual shape and size, making it more likely to fit you and your partner’s sleeping needs, even if you are built differently.
  • An all-foam bed with bounce. Casper’s attention to detail provides some bounce both in the surface and deeper levels of their bed to balance the memory feel in the middle so that you get great pressure relief that you can easily roll around in.
  • Want a support system with zoning. If you’re heavier in the middle, it’s hard to get that feeling of all-over pressure relief without sinking too deep in the center. Zoning in this region assists with this common problem.

We Would Recommend Buying Helix if You are Looking for:

  • Help with customization. If your needs are very specific but you haven’t the first clue what works best for you, the quiz that Helix provides may help you find the best match that was chosen by experts and not by your best guess. 
  • A hybrid. Springs offer airflow and a pronounced bounce that many folks prefer while still balancing this type of support with the pressure relief of foams. This hybrid has the potential to give sleepers advantages of both.
  • Extra cooling technology. Each choice offers great cooling features, but the optional cooling cover of Helix gives it a distinct edge by carrying heat away when you’re hot and returning it once you start to cool.

Final Thoughts

Both beds make strides to make your shopping trip less aggravating, whether that’s with one versatile feel or 9 different selections based on specific needs. Which you choose will probably depend a lot on your personal taste, and we think both would be a worthwhile investment and working with both companies is likely to deliver a good match.

If you’re still unsure, head over to our in-depth reviews which have even more details on which mattress might be the wiser purchase for you.

Or, if you want to see more comparisons, head over to our Comparison Chart and Compare Tool.

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