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Casper vs. Novosbed Mattress Comparison for 2024

Editor’s Note: is replacing Novosbed with the Octave line. We will be reviewing their Vista mattress soon. For more details, you can check out the Octave Vista mattress.

In our Casper vs. Novosbed face-off, we’re looking at two established brands in the bed-in-a-box business. Both are all-foam mattresses but offer a slightly different overall feel – do you love a bit of bounce or do you prefer to melt into bed?

Casper got their start in 2014 with their “universal feel”, and they also now offer a hybrid version of the Casper Original. However, for this review, we’re concentrating on the all-foam version. 

Novosbed has been selling online since 2009, and their mattress is offered in three firmness choices. This bed is available in Soft, Medium, or Firm, but we’ll be focusing on the more versatile Medium.

Let’s see how these mattresses compare.

Quick Comparison: Casper Original vs. Novosbed

Who I’d Recommend the Casper For

  • Stomach sleepers – Despite both beds having a medium feel, we feel the Casper does offer slightly more support than the Novosbed thanks to its ergonomically-zoned foam layer. This makes it more suitable for light to average-weight stomach sleepers, who may not feel supported enough on the Novosbed. 
  • Canadian shoppers – While both beds ship free to the continental U.S., only the Casper ships to Canada. Casper offers free shipping in Canada except for Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories, where fees apply.
  • Average-weight combination sleepers – We found this bed to be suitable for average-weight sleepers in all positions, although stomach sleepers closer to 230 pounds may require a firmer bed to keep their hips lifted. Coupled with the bed’s slight bounce, this could make it a great choice for average-weight combination sleepers, who should be able to change position with ease. 

Who I’d Recommend the Novosbed For

  • Side sleepers – While we think average-weight side sleepers may love both beds, we’d also recommend the Novosbed for lightweight side sleepers as its top layer of memory foam offers a little more sinkage for this weight category.
  • Shoppers who want a cooling cover – Do you sleep warm? The Tencel® cover on the Novosbed is made with sustainable wood pulp fabric that wicks moisture away from the body, helping to keep you cool. Our team found the cover lived up to its cool-to-the-touch promise. 
  • Memory foam fans – Those on the hunt for a classic memory feel that doesn’t trap them in foam should see the appeal of this brand. We found the high-density memory provided a slow contouring for exceptional pressure relief.

Comparing Casper vs. Novosbed: Top Similarities

  • Edge support – Our team found edge support slightly lacking in both beds, which isn’t particularly surprising from all-foam mattress designs. While our mattress testers didn’t feel as though they were rolling out of bed while sleeping near the edge, they did experience some compression, which may affect those with mobility issues who need a sturdier edge for getting in and out of bed. 
  • Mediumfirmness – We ranked both beds in the versatile medium-firm category, which is suitable for a wide range of sleepers, though we don’t think either bed offers enough support for those weighing over 230 pounds. 
  • Motion isolation – We experienced fantastic motion isolation on both beds. However, if you prefer great motion isolation with a little bounce, we’d steer you towards the Casper, while those who love motion isolation coupled with a slow response foam may prefer the Novosbed.

Comparing Casper vs. Novosbed: Key Differences

  • Zoned foam – The Casper features three-zoned foam in its Zoned Support™ memory foam layer, which provides extra lift at the hips and added pressure relief at the shoulders and knees. This may help to align your spine more efficiently, especially if you carry more weight around your middle. Find more beds for pressure relief here.
  • Bounce – While neither bed is particularly bouncy, the Casper does offer a little more bounce than the Novosbed, thanks to its dense base layer, which offers some pushback to the sinkage of the memory foam. This may appeal to combination sleepers who want to reposition with ease.
  • Price – While both brands offer great all-foam mattresses at an affordable price, shoppers on a smaller budget may swing towards the Novosbed, which is cheaper than the Casper, depending on size.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel 


Our firmness scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being like sleeping on concrete. We ranked both the Casper and the Novosbed Medium as a 6 out of 10, which is right in the versatile medium range. However, we wouldn’t particularly recommend either bed for sleepers over 230 pounds, who may prefer a firmer choice. 

We think many light to average-weight sleepers could enjoy either bed. Also, the Novosbed is available as a Soft or Firm version, so if the Medium isn’t for you, another firmness could seal the deal. 


Casper’s Zoned Support™ is designed to provide tailored support that’s increased under your hips, which tend to be heavier, keeping them level with your shoulders and legs. We think this makes it more suitable for light to average-weight stomach sleepers than the Novosbed. 

While the Novosbed doesn’t offer zoning, it does feature high-density foams for spinal support. Lightweight side sleepers may prefer this bed because the top layer of memory foam should provide better sinkage for this weight category than the Casper. 


“Lying on the Casper Original mattress, you feel a sense of pressure relief and a gentle memory foam hug,” reports Sleep Advisor reviewer, Emma. Additionally, the Casper’s cover felt soft and durable.

On the other hand, our tester Stuart loved the feel of the Novosbed’s cover: “It feels plush and cool to the touch, as well as durable and stretchy.” Our team also appreciated how the two memory foam layers work together to offer gentle contouring and pressure relief. 

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce 

The Casper’s surface was designed to respond quickly to pressure. We love how it has a little bit of bounce to it. When you roll over, the pressure-relieving foams that are conforming to your shape should pop immediately back into place without making you feel stuck.

Novosbed, by comparison, has a slower response time due to the high-quality memory materials near the mattress’ surface. When you lie down, you might notice the foams take a few seconds to respond before you slowly start to sink into them. This offers a slightly more classic memory foam experience, but we found we had to exert a bit more effort when changing positions. 

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Comparing Motion Transfer 

Beds that use a lot of foam tend to isolate motion well because foam has the ability to absorb vibration before it travels across the surface. Our team found minimal motion transfer in both beds.

“I’m a big fan of the way the Casper minimizes motion transfer,” Emma noted. “If you share your sleep space, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about waking each other up.”

The Novosbed also delivers on motion isolation, thanks to its slow-moving memory foam. “If you have a partner or somebody else who likes to get in and out of bed with you, they shouldn’t wake you up with their movements,” said Stuart. 

Looking for more beds for couples? Check out our resource.

Comparing Cooling 

All-foam beds have a tendency to sleep hot, but when air can move quickly through the foam, there’s a reduced chance of body heat becoming trapped. This is both Novosbed’s and Casper’s strategy with their layers of perforated comfort foam, which allow for air circulation. Neither bed swallows you into the foam, which also means you’re less likely to feel heat being trapped between you and the bed. 

While exceptionally hot sleepers may prefer a dedicated cooling bed, we think many sleepers should remain temperature-neutral on either mattress. Our mattress tester, Stuart, loved the Tencel® cover on the Novosbed as it feels cool to the touch.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Casper Original Construction 

This 11-inch all-foam mattress arrives at your home wrapped and rolled into a box, which should make it a bit easier for you to carry it to your room and install it. 

The OEKO-TEX®-certified stretch-knit cover is made of a durable blend of recycled polyester, upcycled cotton, rayon, and lycra.

Casper Mattress Construction
  • The comfort layer of the Casper is made from the brand’s AirScape™ poly foam, which delivers contouring with a bit of surface bounce and quick response for easy repositioning. The foam is perforated, allowing for airflow to prevent the foam from getting too hot.
  • The transition layer features Zoned Support™ memory foam, which is firmer under your midsection to help keep your spine in neutral alignment. Softer sections around the shoulders and knees offer pressure relief.
  • The support layer features a thick high-density poly foam base that’s designed to offer support for the body and durability for the rest of the bed. 

Novosbed Construction 

This 11-inch all-foam bed starts with an ultra-soft Tencel® stretch-knit cover that’s moisture-wicking, removable, and machine-washable. Inside the cover is a two-way stretch elastic core that protects the foam beneath. 

We’ve reviewed the Medium option for this comparison, though this bed is also available in Soft and Firm. 

Novosbed Mattress Construction
  • The comfort layer has 2 inches of open-cell memory foam that’s designed for airflow, helping to keep you cool. This layer provides pressure relief and motion isolation.
  • The transition layer features 2 inches of higher density ReCore™ memory foam, offering body contouring, as well as enhancement of the pressure relief offered by the above layer.
  • The base layer consists of 7 inches of premium support foam that’s designed to evenly distribute body weight, providing healthy spine alignment.

The Soft model features a medium-soft gel memory foam comfort layer and medium-soft transition foam, while the Firm version has firmer comfort and transition layers. 

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty – The Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty, while the Novosbed has a 15-year warranty.
  • Shipping – Both beds come with free bed-in-a-box shipping across the continental U.S., with additional fees for Alaska and Hawaii. The Casper also ships for free across most of Canada, aside from Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories, which will incur shipping fees.
  • Trial Period – The beds have similar industry-standard length trials, with the Casper offering a 100-night trial and the Novosbed offering 120 nights.
  • Returns – Both brands require you to have slept on the bed for a break-in period of at least 30 nights before initiating a return. After this, so long as it’s still within the trial period, you’ll receive a full refund for each, with the mattress collected from you. 
  • Price – The Novosbed is slightly cheaper than the Casper, depending on size.
SizeCasper Original Price (w/o discount)Novosbed Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$995$849
Cali King$1,695$1,199
Split KingN/AN/A
Split Cali KingN/AN/A

Casper vs. Novosbed Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesCasper OriginalNovosbed
CoverPoly-blend stretch-knit coverTencel® stretch-knit cover
MaterialsVentilated poly foam, zoned memory foam, poly foamVentilated memory foam, support foam
CoolingVentilated foamMoisture-wicking cover, ventilated memory foam
Firmness6/106/10 (Medium option)
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportGoodGood
SinkageGentle CradleGentle Cradle
Warranty10-year limited15-year
Trial Period100 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree across continental U.S. and Canada. Fees apply for Alaska, Hawaii, Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest TerritoriesFree across continental U.S. Fees charged for Alaska/Hawaii
Made in the USADesigned and assembled in the USAYes
Read Full ReviewCasper Original Mattress ReviewNovosbed Mattress Review
Shop NowCasper Original MattressNovosbed Mattress

Final Thoughts 

Now that we’ve introduced these beds, have you come closer to making a choice? While both beds offer a medium firmness, motion isolation, and perforated foam, how do they differ? 

We found the Casper offered more bounce, while the Novosbed’s moisture-wicking cover worked well at keeping cool. The Casper’s zoned support system may appeal to light to average-weight back and stomach sleepers who appreciate having their lumbar lifted. On the other hand, the Novosbed’s memory foam comfort layer could lure in light to average-weight side and back sleepers who appreciate a gentle, pressure-relieving hug.

Head over to our in-depth reviews for more specifics that may help you reach a decision. 

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