Here’s Our Casper vs. Amerisleep Mattress Comparison For 2022

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Amerisleep compares well against a range of different products on the market but can it actually stand the pressure of an established authority? With years of experience, Casper is certainly capable of capturing the tremendous variety in terms of customer demand and accommodates quickly by employing contemporary technology.

Is Amerisleep up to the challenge? Will the mattress provide a comparable level of performance and is it capable of standing up to the other? Let's have a look at the Amerisleep vs. Casper “battle” and find out!

Quick Comparison: Casper & Amerisleep

casper original foam new product image small
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  • For every sleeping position and weight class
  • More bounce for a foam bed
  • Top poly layer for quick responsiveness
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  • Medium soft feel
  • Good cradling effect
  • Celliant-infused cover

Comparing Materials/Construction/Layers


Amerisleep mattresses are crafted for high-end performance, and they take advantage of quality materials. There are even claims that the materials have been tested clinically to enhance your sleeping sensation. When it comes to the construction of their mattresses, they take advantage of a few different types of layering. The most common technology that they use relies on 13 inches in terms of thickness which is spread into three separate layers.

The first layer is made out of 2 inches Bio-Pur Plus foam, the second one, which is used to serve as a convenient transitional layer is 4 inches thick, and it's made out of SMT. The core of the bed is 7 inches thick, and it's made out of Core support foam. They come with large covers which are made of Celliant and are poly-blended.

amerisleep foam layers image


On the other hand, we have the established veteran on the market. Traditionally, Casper beds take advantage of three different layers, each one of which is made out of foam of a different type. The top one is made out of very responsive poly foam..

The second layer is made out of poly foam, and it is zoned in the center for additional support. The core layer or the base one, if you will, is intended to serve as a foundation for the mattress. Hence, it's thicker  and it's made of the similar support foam to Amerisleep mattresses.

The entire hybrid construction is praised for its enhanced temperature regulation. The product provides a satisfactory bounce thanks to the responsive cover layer.

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original Casper bed layers image graphics

Comparing Firmness/Support and Comfort

Amerisleep Firmness

Now, the Amerisleep beds traditionally range from Soft to Medium Firm, placing them in the range between 4.5 and 7 out of 10 with 10 being the most firm.

The softest beds also deliver very little motion and provide a tight cradling effect which is something that you need to be a fan of in order to like (and many people enjoy it). However, they may be preferred by people who are lighter in terms of weight and who like to sleep in one sleeping position or their side throughout the entire night. Those who partake in the free faller sleeping position may want something firmer.

Casper Firmness

The firmness of Casper's beds is easily defined as medium to slightly firmer. Ranking between 6 and 7 of 10, the mattress provides additional support. The 4 layers of different foam can provide a slightly expressed hug and cradling effect just like the mattresses of Amerisleep, but it is pretty minimal overall.

Additionally, you are likely to feel that the bed is firmer if you are heavier. This is because your weight will cause an additional sinkage and interaction with the inner layers of the mattress which are known to be somewhat firmer.

firmness scale for casper and amerisleep

Casper vs. Amerisleep Compared Side by Side




Material and CoverBio-Pur+, SMT, Bio-Core Support FoamPoly foam, memory foam and support foam
Height13 inches10 inches
Motion TransferVery littleMinimal
Warranty20 Years10 Years
Trial Period100 nights100 nights

Should I Buy the Casper or Amerisleep Bed?

The truth is that they are better in their respective ways, based off what you are looking for. Both mattresses have certain specifics that you ought to account for when it comes to it. With this in mind, we've come to the following suggestions:

You Should Buy Casper if you:

  • Are slightly heavier and prefer to sleep on firmer beds. This can help to provide optimal spinal alignment, and it should prevent any associated back or neck pain.
  • If you prefer the free faller sleeping position. If you like to sleep on your belly, a firmer bed can provide you with additional support which is something that you should opt for. Make sure to buy an appropriate pillow if that's the case as well.
  • If you want a more responsive bed. If you prefer to be able to move on your bed without any additional hassle freely, the Casper will provide you with movability and bounce thanks to the thin top layer of responsive foam.

You Should Buy Amerisleep if you:

  • If you are a fan of softer beds. This is usually recommended to people who are less heavy in terms of weight, those with pressure reduction needs, and side sleepers.
  • If you prefer sleeping without moving. The cradling effect here is more strongly expressed, and you may find it easier to lay still and sleep in one position.

As you can see, there are quite a few things which ought to be considered. Even though we couldn't define a direct winner in this Amerisleep vs. Casper mattress comparison guide, it's worth noting that both beds may be better than the other in certain aspects. However, the choice would ultimately rest with you and your sleeping preferences and requirements.

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