Who Wins? – Casper vs. Leesa Mattress Comparison 2018

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Note: Casper has recently released an updated model and this review includes the older model. We will review the updated version soon.

This is a clash between two established authorities on the market. While one of them takes advantage of an additional layer-design, the other implements a next-generation material in an attempt to revolutionize the market.

Leesa vs. Casper: Which one seems to be the more effective approach? Both resonate well within the community, but could there be a clear winner?

Quick Comparison: Casper vs. Leesa

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Let’s find out!

Comparing Materials/Layers/Construction

Casper Construction

Traditionally, Casper beds take advantage of 4 layers of foam. The top one is 1.5 inches thick, and it takes advantage of responsive poly foam. The next one is the middle layer which is also 1.5 inches, and it uses traditional memory foam.

The third layer is made out of poly foam, and it's also 1.5 inches. The base layer which is intended to serve as the foundation for the entire thing is 5 inches, and it is made out of support foam.

The entire bed design is a hybrid of different foam types which are known to provide enhanced cooling and comfort thanks to the initial poly layer. Additionally, the support is also on point thanks to the thick base support layer.

casper mattress layers - top to bottom image

Leesa Construction

Unlike Casper, Leesa takes advantage of 3 layers. The top one is 2 inches thick, and it is made out of the brand's Avena foam. This is an alternative to regular memory foam, and it sleeps nearly like latex. It's a next-generation material which is intended to offer increased support and durability than traditional foam or latex. It compares well to both types.

Additionally, the middle layer is made out of regular memory foam, and it's 2 inches thick while the support foam base layer is 6 inches to provide enhanced support to your back.

leesa mattress foam layers image

Comparing Firmness/Comfort/Support

Casper Firmness

The firmness of the mattress is easily ranked as medium to slightly firm. It ranks 6 to 7 of 10 when it comes to the firmness scale with 10 being the most firm.

If you are heavier, you may be likely to feel that the bed is a tad bit firmer. This is because a little extra weight can cause your body to interact with the firmer layers of the bed, with the sinkage being more expressed.

Leesa Firmness

Out of 10, we'd have to rank Leesa as a six on the firmness scale. It provides a well-balanced level of a hug as well as sinkage and comfortable body contour. This is mainly due to the Avena foam top layer. It should feel soft enough, but not too much to make you feel stuck. The product offers an excellent feel for a range of different sleepers and sleeping positions which are always a check in the pros column.

On the offside, heavier sleepers might feel that it's a tiny bit softer than this.

firmness scale for casper and leesa

Casper vs. Leesa Mattress Compared Side by Side




Material and CoverPoly foam, memory foam and support foamAvena foam, memory foam and support foam
Height9.5 inches10 inches
Motion TransferMinimal
Warranty10 years10 years
Trial Period100 nights100 nights

Should I Buy the Casper or Leesa Bed?

Both mattresses are up to the task of performing and provide a lot of what you could ask for in this price range. Does one sound like it would suit your needs more?

If you liked our comparison and you want to know where you can buy one, check out the links provided below for each product:

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