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Our Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid vs. Leesa Mattress Comparison

Budget-friendly mattresses bought online are increasingly popular  — and for good reason; they can offer incredible support and comfort at a fraction of the cost of many traditional in-store units.

We’ve taken the liberty of comparing two well-performing models – Brooklyn Bedding’s Signature Hybrid and the Leesa. Both are known for being highly ranked regarding balance, affordability, and performance.

The question remains – is one better for you? Will Leesa manage to remain a leader in the universal firmness segment or will Brooklyn Bedding’s Signatue Hybrid provide a better fit with their blend of foam and coils? Let’s find out.

Quick Comparison: Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid vs. Leesa

Who I’d Recommend the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid For

  • Fans of a hybrid – If you’re someone who can’t get enough of that springy hybrid feel, then the Brooklyn Signature hybrid could appeal to you. It has the benefit of an innerspring unit with a firm, supportive, and responsive surface. 
  • Shoppers who love versatility – The Signature Hybrid comes in three firmness levels – Soft, Medium, and Firm, whereas the Leesa is offered in a medium firmness. Those who like having the choice to customize their bed will likely prefer the Signature Hybrid. 
  • Those who prefer minimal sinkage – The Signature’s top layer of foam gently contours the body without swallowing you up. This left us feeling like we were floating on top of the bed. If you think that you’d enjoy a light and airy mattress feel, then we think you should consider this mattress.

Who I’d Recommend the Leesa For

  • Those looking for pressure relief – If you often wake with aches and pains, you may prefer the Leesa. It offers much more pressure relief than the Signature Hybrid. “Its foams are incredibly contouring and should provide excellent pressure relief”, shared Sleep Advisor mattress tester, Emma.
  • All-foam lovers – You’ll get more sinkage on the Leesa, thanks to its pressure-relieving foams. This leaves you feeling more ‘in’ the bed with a medium cradle, compared to the Signature Hybrid’s more ‘on’ the bed feel.
  • Shoppers who love a balanced feel – Leesa uses aerated foam as well as memory foam, providing a mattress with a perfectly balanced sensation. The perforated foam brings the necessary cooling and responsiveness, while the memory foam underneath helps deliver pressure-relieving contouring. 

Comparing Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid vs. Leesa: Top Similarities

  • Cooling – Hybrids usually sleep cooler than all-foam models, but we found these beds to offer similar temperature regulation. These cooling properties should suit all but the hottest of sleepers. You’ll find breathable covers on both beds. However, the Leesa features aerated foam in its top layer, and the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid has a coil unit that allows for airflow. 
  • Not suitable for heavyweight sleepers – While we think both beds offer ample support for most light to average-weight sleepers, heavier individuals weighing over 230 pounds may find themselves bottoming out. We’d advise a firmer bed or a plus size mattress
  • Trial and warranty – The Leesa comes with a 100-night trial while the Signature Hybrid has a 120-night trial, which should leave you plenty of time to sleep on your decision. Both beds come with a 10-year warranty. 

Comparing Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid vs. Leesa: Key Differences

  • Bounce – The Leesa is pretty springy for an all-foam bed. This is due in large part to its responsive comfort layer, which offers moderate bounce. However, those who want more may prefer the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid. This bed offers medium bounce with nice pushback from the coil unit. 
  • Pressure relief – Side sleepers and those with joint pain may prefer the Leesa as its contouring foams provide comforting pressure relief.  “There’s not much pressure relief on the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid. It has an innerspring feel and the foams on the top aren’t the best at relieving pressure,” reported Emma.
  • Edge support – As we expected, the Signature Hybrid outperformed the all-foam Leesa for edge support. The Signature Hybrid’s coils help strengthen the side, leaving you able to spread out across the bed. This may appeal to couples and those with mobility issues who need to feel secure when getting on and off the bed. 

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel 


Our firmness scale ranges from a super soft 1 to an incredibly firm 10. We found the Signature Hybrid in Medium to be a true medium at 6 out of 10. The all-foam Leesa was slightly softer at 5.5, making it medium-plush. 

We tested out the medium firmness Signature Hybrid but don’t forget that it is also available in Soft and Firm. We don’t think either bed is supportive enough for heavyweight sleepers over 230 pounds, but light to average-weight individuals may do well on either option. 

firmness scale for 5.5 and 6


Our tester, Emma, weighs around 140 pounds and was a fan of the firm support offered by the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid while sleeping on her back and side. 

She also recommends the Leesa for most back and side sleepers. Side sleepers, in particular, may appreciate the balance of pressure relief and support offered by the Leesa.


If you’re looking for a bed with pressure-relieving capabilities, we think the Leesa would be the better choice.  “The Leesa’s foams are incredibly contouring and should provide excellent pressure relief,” reported Emma. 

Of the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid, Emma said, “It has an innerspring feel and the foams on the top aren’t the best at relieving pressure.” However, back sleepers who prefer a firmer feel might just love this mattress. 

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce 

If you prefer to sleep more ‘on top of’ the bed, the Signature Hybrid is your best bet, while those who like to feel more enveloped by foam will likely prefer the Leesa as it offers a medium cradle.

As our testers expected, the hybrid is the bouncier of the two beds thanks to its coil unit. “The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid is really bouncy and responsive, which makes it easy for me to flip from my stomach to my side,” noted Emma. However, our team was impressed by the amount of bounce the Leesa has for an all-foam bed.

Comparing Motion Transfer 

Both beds have great motion isolation. We figured that the Leesa would perform slightly better in this category because it has an all-foam construction to help absorb motion more. 

However, we were impressed by the motion isolation offered by the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid, considering that it has a bouncy coil unit. “Hybrids usually perform pretty average when it comes to motion transfer, but we were surprised at how well Brooklyn’s Signature Hybrid isolated motion, especially for how responsive it is,” remarked Emma. “Couples shouldn’t be bothered by movements across the bed unless they’re really sensitive and super light sleepers.” 

Comparing Cooling 

You’d expect a hybrid to sleep cooler than an all-foam as coils allow for more airflow. However, we found both beds slept at similar temperatures. You’ll find a breathable cover on each bed, with the Leesa incorporating ventilated foam into its top layer for more breathability. 

Leesa’s design also places the heat-trapping memory foam away from the sleeper to cool the surface. 

While the Signature Hybrid has a ventilated coil unit, none of its comfort foams feature any cooling technology. “Overall for most people, I think this mattress is going to work out really well, though some sleepers may find it to be just a little bit hot,” said Sleep Advisor tester, Mark. 

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Construction

This 12.25-inch tall hybrid comes in three firmness options – Soft, Medium, and Firm. We’ll be focusing on the Medium model for the purpose of this construction breakdown. 

The breathable cotton and polyester cover is designed to wick away moisture. There’s also the option of upgrading to a GlacioTex™  cooling cloud pillow top.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Construction from the lab
  • Quilted to the cover is 1.5 inches of poly foam that offers minimal sinkage.
  • The comfort layer features 1.5 inches of Supreme Response Comfort Foam, which is designed to adjust to the sleeper. This helps provide support and comfort no matter what position you’re in.
  • The transition layer is made of 1 inch of Variflex™ Foam, which offers additional support. It also eases the sleeper into the coil unit below.
  • The support layer features up to 760 pocketed 8-inch Ascension® coils, for contouring, motion isolation, and edge support. 
  • The base layer has .25 inches of high-density foam that provides durability for the bed. 

Leesa Construction 

The Leesa is an all-foam bed, standing 10 inches tall. The cool-knit cover is made from a breathable blend of polyester and viscose, and it feels thicker than many other covers on the market. The brand uses a chemical-free and fiberglass-free flame retardant to protect the bed.

leesa original mattress construction
  • The first layer is made from 2 inches of breathable poly foam that’s exclusive to Leesa. This ventilated comfort layer offers body contouring and cooling, as well as a responsive, slightly bouncy feel.
  • The middle layer features 2 inches of memory foam that provides deeper contouring for the sleeper. This layer helps relieve pressure at the shoulders, back, and hips. It also works as a transition by gently easing the sleeper into the firmer foam below.
  • The base layer has 6 inches of high-density support foam. This works as a durable foundation for the rest of the bed, as well as offering support for the sleeper. 

Comparing Company Policies & Price

Warranty – A 10-year warranty is offered with both the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid and the Leesa.

Shipping – Leesa offers free bed-in-a-box shipping across the whole of the United States, with white glove delivery available at extra cost. The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid ships free to the contiguous U.S., with additional fees for Alaska and Hawaii. It can also be shipped to Canada for a fee. Brooklyn Bedding does not offer white glove delivery.

Trial Period – You’ll have 100 nights to make a decision with the Leesa and a slightly longer trial of 120 nights with the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid. 

Returns – Returns are free after 30 days from delivery and within the trial period for both mattresses, with full refunds (minus any shipping fees) given. However, customers in Alaska and Hawaii must pay a return fee for the Leesa, and all customers must pay a 99-dollar processing fee for the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid. 

Price – The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid is slightly cheaper than the Leesa in some sizes, and more expensive in others. The hybrid is also available in a much wider range of sizes.

SizeBrooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Price (w/o discount)Leesa Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$832$899
Short Full$999N/A
Short Queen$1,332N/A
Olympic Queen$1,332N/A
Short King$1,599N/A
Cali King$1,599$1,599
Split KingN/AN/A
Split Cali King$1,664N/A
RV King$1,599N/A

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid vs. Leesa Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesBrooklyn Bedding Signature HybridLeesa
CoverCotton and polyesterPolyester and viscose
MaterialsPoly foam, memory foam, individually-wrapped coils Breathable poly foam, memory foam, high-density poly foam, 
CoolingBreathable cover, coilsBreathable cover, breathable poly foam
Motion TransferMinimalVery minimal
Edge SupportGreatModerate
SinkageGentle CradleMedium Cradle
Warranty10-year10-year limited
Trial Period120 nights100 nights
CertificationsCertiPUR-US®CertiPUR-US®, GREENGUARD Gold Certified
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree bed-in-a-box shipping across contiguous U.S., with additional fees for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Free bed-in-a-box shipping across the entire U.S., white glove delivery available for an additional fee.
Made in the USAYesYes
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Final Thoughts 

Based on our testing, we think both beds offer great value. Plus, each brand sells directly to the consumer, which helps to keep costs down.

Will the solid edge support, great bounce, and quilted pillow top of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid win your heart? Or will it be the balanced feel, excellent motion isolation, and comforting pressure relief of the all-foam Leesa?

If you’re still unsure, we have full-length reviews of each bed to provide with even more insight into these reviews, including video reviews from our mattress testers.

Quick Comparison: Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid vs. Leesa

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