Our Sparrow vs. Aurora Luxe Bed Comparison for 2023

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In our comparison of Sparrow Signature Hybrid and Brooklyn beds, we are looking at two hybrids with loads of cooling technologies and comfort options that go head-to-head.

Both brands started from the ground up, Nest Bedding was founded using the CEO, a former mattress salesman’s, severance pay. While Brooklyn Bedding’s laid down humble roots as two brothers delivered mattresses in a refurbished Wonder Bread truck. Both companies worked to grow their reach and provide high-quality products suiting all sleep preferences.

While both of these products boast a lot of similarities, a few key details may help you make your final decision. Varying sinkage levels, showroom opportunities, and customizable split set-ups may tempt you to sway in one direction or another.

For further details on these two brands, head over to these in-depth reviews:

Quick Comparison: Sparrow Signature Hybrid and Aurora Luxe

Product image of Sparrow by Nest Bedding mattress small
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  • Enhanced cooling properties
  • Deep hug experience
  • High quality foam and coils
Brooklyn Aurora small product image
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  • Enhanced cooling properties
  • Luxury bed at an affordable price
  • Three firmness choices

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Sparrow Signature Hybrid Construction

This is a foam and coil bed-in-a-box hybrid that ships right to your door.

The cover should help you keep cool thanks to the Thermic Phase Change fabric and Gel-Infused Memory Foam quilted into it. This mattress stands 12 inches in height.

New layers of the Sparrow mattress
  • The top layer is made up of a 3-inch Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam. You should notice a deep hug and body-contouring as you sink into this layer.
  • The second layer contains 1 inch of SmartFlow Support Foam. This layer acts as a transition between the comfort materials and the coils below.
  • The support layer consists of 6-inch Quantum Edge Pocketed Support Coils. This should provide enhanced edge support and should help to minimize motion transfer by isolating energy.
  • The base is made from 1-inch dense foam materials.

Aurora Luxe Construction

This is a foam and coil hybrid bed-in-a-box system that comes in multiple comfort options.

The cotton cover is blended with TitanCool to provide a cool and soft feel when touched. This mattress is 13 inches tall.

Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding mattress layers
  • The top layer contains Copper Gel Energex With TitanCool that is 1.5 inches thick. This foam relies on the phase changing technology and copper gel to conduct heat and promote temperature regulation.
  • The second layer holds a 2-inch TitanFlex layer. This material is meant to respond to your body weight and position to provide personalized support.
  • The third layer contains a Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam that stands 1 inch in height. This is meant to provide pressure relief and contouring while acting as a transition between the support and comfort layers.
  • The fourth layer holds Quantum Edge Encased Coils that are 8 inches tall. These coils should promote solid edge support and minimize motion transfer due to their individually pocketed design.
  • The final layer is comprised of a Base Support Foam coming in at 1 inch thick. This is meant to provide support to the entire mattress and further reinforce the support coils.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Both of these products have multiple comfort levels available. We have ranked each option on our comfort scale (firmness scale), which uses a system of 1 through 10. Using this system, 1 would feel soft as a cloud and 10 would feel as firm as a brick.

Sparrow’s Medium comes in at 5.5, making it a true Medium to slightly Medium-Firm for most folks of a more average body size. The Plush lands at a 2.5 and the Firm comes in at an 8.5 on the same scale.

Brooklyn’s Aurora Luxe Medium ranks at 5, a true Medium feel. The company’s Soft has earned a 3 and we have given the Firm a 7.

Firmness scale for Sparrow and Brooklyn Aurora

Both items have very comparable comfort levels, though we have tended to rank the Aurora Luxe just a little Softer overall in two of three categories. Side sleepers who need good support and back sleepers who like a plusher feel may prefer this bed. Stomach sleepers and fans of a Firmer experience might opt for the Signature.

Sparrow should present a memory foam type feel on the surface, which might seem more like sleeping “in” a denser material. Brooklyn’s mattress utilizes a proprietary material that should feel similar to latex and may feel springier with more “floating on top” feel.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

The Signature should provide a deep hug with moderate bounce. There should be a somewhat slower response in the upper layers and a quick response below, this should help you feel enveloped in your mattress without getting “stuck.” Combination sleepers should still be able to reposition easily.

The Aurora Luxe should allow less sinkage, what may be described more like a gentle cradle. You should notice a moderate level of bounce from deep in the mattress. This should also make this item a good choice for those who move around in their sleep.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Many buyers do not consider motion transfer a top priority when choosing their new bed. Those with restless partners or pets may consider this category important, as they likely want to reduce disruptions from feeling their partner’s movements.

The Signature edges out the Aurora Luxe just a little in this category because it features denser materials that should absorb energy more like foam than latex. Both products should do well to isolate motion, however, so this choice really comes down to how important this particular feature is to you, and if you're a person with a very light sleep this feature can be really important to you.

Comparing Edge Support

Edge support is not traditionally a major concern for most shoppers. Anyone looking to maximize their sleep surface area should be happy with the exceptional support offered by the Quantum coils inside both items.

Sparrow vs. Aurora Luxe Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesSparrow Aurora Luxe
CoverGel-Infused Memory Foam and Thermic Phase Change fabric Cotton with phase changing TitanCool blended into it
MaterialsEnergex™ Temperature Responsive Foam, SmartFlow Support Foam, Quantum Edge Pocketed Support CoilsCopper Gel Energex With TitanCool, TitanFlex, Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, Quantum Edge Encased Coils, Base Support Foam
CoolingThermic Phase Change fabric, Gel-Infused Memory Foam, Copper, SmartFlow for airflow, coils for airflowCopper gel, phase change technology, pocketed coils
Motion TransferMinimalMedium
Edge SupportExceptionalExceptional
SinkageDeep HugGentle Cradle
WarrantyLifetime10 years
Trial Period365 nights120 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingShips to the United States and Canada, shipping is free in the contiguous states, White Glove service can be arrangedFree in the contiguous United States, parts of Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for an added fee, White Glove delivery may be arranged when purchasing through a showroom
Made in the USAYesYes
SizeSparrow Price (w/o discount)Aurora Luxe Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$1,149$1,249
Cali King$1,999$2,199
Split King (1 side only)N/AN/A
Split Cali King (1 side only)$1,149$1,249

Should I Buy the Signature Hybrid or Aurora Luxe?

Both of these products have incredibly similar construction and cooling properties. They also both offer multiple comfort options so you can choose a mattress that will work best for you.

Where you will likely see a clear winner for your own personal choices is in the sinkage and cradling areas, as these are where the two diverge the most.

Here you will find our recommendations for who each item will work best for.

We Would Recommend Buying Sparrow if You are Looking for:

  • A deep hug. Deep sinkage and a body-contouring hug should provide comforting pressure relief from “inside” the mattress.
  • A slightly Firmer feel. While both brands are comparable, this one comes in just a little Firmer on our scale for two out of three comfort levels.
  • Customizable comfort. With split King and Cali options available, buyers can customize their sleep experience with different levels of comfort on either side. This is ideal for co-sleepers with different position habits.

We Would Recommend Buying Aurora Luxe if You are Looking for:

  • A gentle cradle. This mattress should offer less sinkage, buyers should experience a gentle cradle effect. This should result in more of a “floating on top” of the mattress feel.
  • A slightly Plusher feel. Both brands offer very similar feels, but this option comes in a little Softer in two comfort scales.
  • A hands-on shopping experience. Buyers may get a feel for the Aurora Luxe at one of the company’s showrooms. White Glove delivery can be arranged at one of these locations.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a cool, supportive hybrid, either brand could be the fit for you depending on your preferences in different categories.

Check out our full, in-depth reviews for more information on how these products differ.


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