Our Casper vs. GhostBed vs. Purple Comparison for 2023

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Not all foam mattresses are created equal, as you’ll see in this comparison of the Casper vs. GhostBed vs. Purple bed. One is great for alignment, another is sturdy enough for heavier sleepers, and the latter is designed with pressure relief in mind – but which of these three mattresses is the best fit for you?

In this comparison, we’ll go over all the details, from each bed’s firmness, to bounce, to pressure relief and support. By the time you’re done reading, you should know which of these beds is your best match.

Quick Comparison: Casper vs. GhostBed vs. Purple

Casper Original Product Image
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  • Zoned for lumbar support
  • Ideal for light and average-weight sleepers
  • 10-year warranty
  • Casper Review
Product Image of GhostBed
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  • Includes memory foam and latex
  • Works for heavyweight sleepers
  • 20-year warranty
  • GhostBed Review
Product Image of Purple Mattress
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  • GelFlex® Grid
  • Adaptable design
  • Excellent edge support
  • Purple Review

Who I’d Recommend the Casper For

  • People who need enhanced support – The Casper includes zoned support, so it is firmer and more supportive beneath the hips, keeping your spine properly aligned.

  • Partners with different needs – The Casper is designed to work well for a variety of body types and sleep positions, so if you and your partner have different needs in a bed, you should consider this mattress.

  • Light and average-weight sleepers – The Casper will work best for lightweight back and stomach sleepers, and average-weight side and back sleepers. Heavyweight sleepers will need a more supportive bed.

Who I’d Recommend the GhostBed For

  • Combination sleepers – Switching positions should be easier on the GhostBed’s quick-responding foam. It’s also a medium-firm bed, which makes sleeping in multiple positions more comfortable.

  • Heavyweight sleepers – The GhostBed is also accommodating for many heavyweight sleepers. It has a 750-pound weight limit and includes a 7.5-inch base, making it more supportive for higher weights than other foam beds.

  • Latex fans – The top layer of this bed is made out of latex, a distinctly bouncy and responsive foam. This is also what makes it great for combination sleepers since you shouldn’t feel ‘stuck’ in this mattress.

Who I’d Recommend the Purple For

  • People who don’t need a traditional mattress feel – Purple uses a unique grid system made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, and it comes with a uniquely contouring and adaptive feel.

  • Those with joint pain – Purple’s grid design is made to contour your body in a way that the brand describes as “pressure-erasing.” It should help alleviate pain and pressure for those with joint issues.

  • Hot sleepers – This mattress has over 1,400 air channels built into its construction, making it a uniquely breathable and cool foam mattress.

Comparing Casper vs GhostBed vs Purple: Top Similarities

  • Their all-foam construction – These three mattresses are all made entirely of foam, so you won’t find any coils in their construction.
  • They’re cooling – Even though these three beds use different tactics, they’re all designed to keep you cool. This is an important feature since foam mattresses without cooling technology can sleep hot.
  • Price range – Each of these mattresses comes at a similar price point: between roughly 1,300 dollars and 1,430 dollars for a Queen.

Comparing Casper vs GhostBed vs Purple: Key Differences

  • They work differently for different bodies – While we feel the Casper and the Purple would work best for light to average-weight sleepers, the GhostBed should work better for those who weigh at least 130 pounds and up to 300 pounds.
  • The types of foam they use – Even though these beds are all made of foam, their constructions vary. Casper uses breathable memory foam; GhostBed combines memory foam with buoyant latex, and Purple has a unique foam grid system.
  • Edge support (or lack thereof) – The Casper and GhostBed tend to sag when sitting on the edge of the bed, but the Purple has reinforced edges.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel


We rate mattress firmness from 1 to 10, where 1 is as soft as a cloud and 10 is as firm as it gets. The Casper, GhostBed, and Purple are all similar in their firmness levels, ranking at a 6 out of 10, 6.5 out of 10, and 6 out of 10, respectively. This makes them all medium-firm mattresses, which means they should work for a variety of sleepers.

firmness scale for 6 and 6.5


The Casper, GhostBed, and Purple are all supportive beds but in varying ways and for different people.

The Casper is especially supportive for those with back pain, as it is zoned to be firmer beneath the hips to keep the spine better aligned. The GhostBed has a more substantial base and should better support heavier-weight sleepers. The Purple has reinforced edge support, so people can use the entire surface of the mattress – a plus for couples.


All three mattresses will be delivered to your door, compressed in a box. Each of these bed-in-a-boxes will take some time to decompress. Once they do, though, they’ll have slight differences in feel.

The Casper should feel cool to the touch, and when you lie on it, you’ll sink into its top layers. The GhostBed feels firmer and bouncier but still cool. Lastly, the Purple also feels springy, but when you lie on it, you’ll feel its grid-like construction contouring your body.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

None of these three mattresses are your typical “deep hug” memory foam beds. The Casper is probably the most similar to that because it offers a good amount of sinkage. However, the foam in this bed is still quite responsive, so you’ll sink in, but you won’t feel trapped in the layers.

The GhostBed is the bounciest of the three since its top layer is made from latex, a naturally buoyant material.

The Purple will feel uniquely contouring and springy at the same time; you’ll sink into its pressure-relieving grid, but it will spring back into shape as soon as you move.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Motion transfer describes how much motion you’ll be able to feel on your side of the bed when somebody is moving on the other. This is especially important for those who share a bed, and even more so for light sleepers who share a bed.

Luckily, since none of these mattresses include coils (as an innerspring or hybrid mattress would), they all excel at isolating motion. This means they’ll absorb most of the motion, so you shouldn’t feel your partner (or furry friend) getting up from bed or changing positions through the night.

Comparing Cooling

All-foam mattresses aren’t known as the most cooling of beds. Without any coils for breathability, it can be a recipe for a hot night’s sleep. Luckily, all three of these beds take cooling into consideration in their construction.

The Casper uses a top layer of perforated foam, so air can move quickly through it. The GhostBed sleeps even cooler since it uses latex, a naturally temperature-neutral material, as well as gel-infused memory foam. Both of these layers are near the top and closer to your body to wick away heat.

Finally, Purple’s unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material is temperature neutral, so heat shouldn’t build up around your body while you’re sleeping.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Casper Construction

This bed-in-a-box will arrive at your door, compressed in a box. Once the Casper decompresses, it stands 11 inches tall. It consists of three foam layers, all wrapped in a durable but soft polyester cover.

original Casper bed layers image graphics
  • Beneath the cover is the first foam layer. This AirScape™ foam is perforated for coolness as well as a bit of bounce.
  • The middle foam layer is made up of 2 inches of Zoned Support™. This memory foam is zoned to be firmer beneath the hips, where most people carry more weight, and softer beneath the shoulders and knees. This will not only create some excellent pressure relief, but it will keep your spine in a healthy and neutral alignment through the night.
  • The base layer is made up of a dense and durable foam, which creates the overall foundation for the Casper mattress and provides some more support for the sleeper.

GhostBed Construction

The GhostBed also arrives compressed in a box. Once it fully decompresses, it will measure 11 inches tall.

Starting from the outside, the cover is made from a blend of polyester and viscose. It is breathable and designed to wick away moisture. Beneath the cover are three layers of foam.

Ghostbed original layers
  • The top layer is made up of 1.5 inches of Continuous Aerated Latex foam. This is a naturally cooling and responsive material.
  • The middle layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam. This gives the bed some deeper pressure relief and acts as a transition layer between the top and the base. It is also infused with gel to reduce heat retention.
  • The base is 7.5 inches of high-density foam, which gives the mattress a durable structure. It should also absorb and evenly distribute your body’s weight while providing a good amount of support for proper spine alignment.

Purple Construction

Once the Purple decompresses, it will be the thinnest of the three beds, measuring just 9.5 inches tall. The cover is made of a SoftFlex material; a blend of polyester, viscose, and lycra. It is soft and breathable and should easily adapt to the unique grid layer beneath it.

Purple Construction Layers
  • Below the cover is Purple’s unique “pressure-erasing” grid. It is made of 2 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, a highly durable and flexible material. This grid-like structure evenly distributes weight across its surface, which is why it is so good at relieving pressure.
  • The middle layer is made up of 3.5 inches of medium-soft polyurethane foam. This layer not only provides some extra comfort and pressure relief, but it acts as a transition layer between the top and base of the bed.
  • The base layer is 4 inches of medium-firm support polyurethane foam. This layer gives the bed its shape and durability.

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty – Both the Casper and Purple beds come with a 10-year warranty, but the GhostBed comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • Shipping – Casper includes free shipping within the U.S. and Canada, whereas GhostBed’s shipping is free within the U.S., except for Hawaii and Alaska. Purple also has free shipping within the contiguous U.S. and also ships to Canada through their partner Sleep Country Canada.
  • Trial Period – The trial periods for these three beds are all nearly the same. For the Casper and Purple, you can try the bed for 100 nights. With the GhostBed, you can try the bed for 101 nights.
  • Returns – Casper and GhostBed both require you to try out your new bed for 30 nights to see if it works for you. If it doesn’t after that, you can return it within your sleep trial window for a full refund. With Purple, you’ll need to try it out for 21 days before you can initiate a return, and unlike Casper and GhostBed, you’ll need to pay for shipping if you return the Purple.
  • Price – These beds are similar when it comes to price. However, GhostBed is the more expensive of the three.
SizeCasper Price
(w/o discount)
GhostBed Price
(w/o discount)
Purple Price
(w/o discount)
Twin XL$995$1,140$999
Cali King$1,695$1,825$1,799
Split Kingn/a$2,280$1,998

Casper vs. GhostBed vs. Purple Compared Side-by-Side

CoverPolyesterPolyester & viscose blendViscose, Lycra, and polyester
MaterialsBreathable comfort foam with dense memory and poly foamsLatex foam, gel memory foam,
& conventional foams
Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ and poly foams
CoolingOpen cell foam on topBreathable cover, aerated latex,
Gel-infused memory foam
Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ is temperature neutral with airflow design
Motion TransferMinimalMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportOkayGoodGreat
SinkageGentle cradleGentle cradleGentle cradle, depending on position
Warranty10 years20 years10 years
Trial Period100 nights101 nights100 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYesYes
ShippingShips to U.S. and CanadaFree shipping
within contiguous U.S.
Ships to U.S. and Canada
Made in the USAYesYesYes
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Final Thoughts

Here we have three mattresses made entirely of foam, all with different constructions and benefits.

If you’re somebody looking for extra lumbar support and you’re a light to average-weight sleeper, the Casper might be your best bet. If you’re on the heavier side, though, and want a slightly firmer mattress, then we think the GhostBed could work for you. If you want something totally different– a bed made from a polymer grid that will uniquely shape to your body for excellent pressure relief, the Purple is a great option.

Whichever you choose, though, you’ll be getting a high-quality, all-foam bed that’s a good investment toward better sleep.

Quick Comparison: Casper vs. GhostBed vs. Purple

Casper Original Product Image
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  • Zoned for lumbar support
  • Ideal for light and average-weight sleepers
  • 10-year warranty
  • Casper Review
Product Image of GhostBed
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  • Includes memory foam and latex
  • Works for heavyweight sleepers
  • 20-year warranty
  • GhostBed Review
Product Image of Purple Mattress
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  • GelFlex® Grid
  • Adaptable design
  • Excellent edge support
  • Purple Review
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