Our Nectar vs. Saatva Bed Comparison for 2022

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Incredible value vs. affordable luxury, that is the battle in our comparison between the Nectar and the Saatva Mattress.

Nectar Sleep saw the need for an affordable, but supremely comfortable memory foam mattress in the online bed-in-a-box market and the company took their chance and entered their bed into the market in 2016. So far neither they nor their customers have been disappointed at the outcome.

The Saatva company quickly realized that the online market was offering so many budget-friendly beds, that the world wide web had few luxury mattresses to offer. This brand offers customers quality and class at a streamlined price by cutting out the middleman and selling directly online. This hybrid mattress features a coil on coil support system coupled with foam comfort layers that should leave sleepers in a first class sort of sleep.

Stay tuned and you may just figure out which of these mattresses fits your needs. Will it be the comfort of coils or the contouring memory foam? After your done reading, take a look these in-depth articles to find out more about these products.

Quick Comparison: Nectar vs. Saatva

nectar bed small product image
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  • Relieves pressure
  • Traditional memory foam feel
  • 365-night trial period
Saatva mattress product image updated 2021 SMALL
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  • Classic innerspring feel
  • Affordable luxury
  • Quality construction

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Nectar Construction

Nectar’s complete foam design makes it ideal for being rolled, compressed, and sent to your home in a box.

The mattress features a poly-blend cover. This fabric's design supports surface cooling by allowing air to flow freely through. Quilted to the underside of the fabric is a cooling gel memory material. This soft substance gives the surface a uniform appearance and plush texture.

The cover protects and secures the 12 inches of the mattress beneath.

construction of nectar mattress

The cover protects and secures the 11 inches of the mattress beneath.

  • The top is made up of a 2-inch memory foam layer. This is a proprietary gel-infused material that was designed to help reduce heat. This soft comfort layer conforms to the curves of the body and helps diminish tension and strain.
  • The center is 4 inches of soft conventional foam to make up the support layer. This firmer layer facilitates repositioning for sleepers, as well as eases the weight of your body into the foundation of the mattress.
  • The bottom stands at 6 inches and is composed of standard conventional foam that provides the bed with durability.

Saatva Construction

Saatva is an innerspring brand shipped in its complete size and comes with a two-man crew to install the mattress in your bedroom. And guess what? This service is free!

The cotton covered Euro Pillow Top is filled with 3 inches of comforting blended foams. Beneath these layers rest another 8.5 inches of bedding, making this mattress a total of 11.5 inches tall.

  • Below the pillow top is a layer of memory foam in the center area of the mattress. This design feature helps keep the back’s lumbar region supported and alleviates pressure.
  • The second layer is made up of individually-wrapped pocket coils. These help to isolate motion and should contour to your curves while promoting airflow through the bed.
  • The base features steel support coils. Their primary function is to provide durability to your mattress and prevent sagging.
  • The sides are reinforced with a dual perimeter edge support system. This high-density foam also helps to prevent sagging by equipping the sides of your mattress with strong support, making getting in and out of bed less of a hassle.
Saatva Mattress Construction Layers

There is also a 14.5-inch Premiere Luxury edition that has a 3-inch thicker support coil layer. The manufacturer insists that these models feel the same and this option is offered for those who like the aesthetic of a thicker mattress.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Here at Sleep Advisor, we rate firmness on a scale from 1 to 10, with one being soft as a cloud. Nectar and Saatva are comparable in this area. Nectar scores a 6.5, while the Luxury Firm Saatva rates at a 6.

Both products are a Medium-Firm. On average, this firmness fits the highest range of people and sleeping positions. Whether you're a side, stomach, or back sleeper, either of these mattresses should work for most individuals. Saatva’s targeted memory foam layer fosters firmness in the hips, which should help facilitate spinal alignment.

Nectar should provide uniform sinkage that wipes away pressure by contouring to your curves. This is an added benefit that people who sleep on their side should enjoy.

Another benefit of Saatva is it is available in two additional firmness options. The Plush Soft version scores at a 4, which is great for people who like a softer bed. While other sleepers, especially stomach sleepers that like a firmer bed, might love the Firm model, which is rated at an 8.

firmness comparison for saatva and nectar

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

This two options should have uniquely different feels. Nectar offers sleepers a deep hugging sensation, while the Luxury Firm Saatva fosters a gentle cradle. The Plush Soft model of Saatva should deliver sinkage closer to that of the Nectar, but for those people looking for an exceptionally firm sensation, the Firm model of Saatva should provide.

As far as bounce goes, Saatva has the upper hand on Nectar. With its coil on coil design, this mattress has enough bounce to keep even a kangaroo happy. This should facilitate repositioning as well as getting out of bed.

In comparison, Nectar has almost no buoyancy. As a plus, it does have a firmer inner layer that should simplify adjusting because you have a strong backing to push off of.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Bounce is great, but when it comes to motion transfer it can decrease a bed's performance. Because Nectar has almost no bounce, it has a high rate of isolating motion. What this means is when someone gets in or out of bed, their movements do not transfer across the surface. This gives Nectar the edge with light sleepers.

Because of the springiness of Saatva, some motion does make it across the bed. But when you consider the spring on spring action in this product, it actually does quite well. The pocket coils and foam layers should help isolate some motion, so unless your partner likes to plop aggressively into bed each night, you should sleep just fine.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Nectar does not have any sort of edge reinforcement, but for this type of mattress, it performs above the industry standard. Satava's sides are reinforced with a support foam that helps sleepers feel secure.

Shoppers may want to consider edge support if kids or partners have them sleeping with one leg hanging off the bed. Strong sides may be the difference between you resting on the surface versus sleeping on the floor. While Satvaa outshines its competitor slightly in this area, both choices should keep you securely on your mattress.

Nectar vs. Saatva Compared Side-by-Side

Height12”11.5” or 14.5”
CoverPoly-blend quilted to memory foamCotton Euro Pillowtop with blended foams
MaterialsGel memory foam and conventional foamsMemory Foam, Pocket Coils, Steel Coils
CoolingGel in the memory foam layer, breathable coverCoils
Firmness6.5/106.5/10 (Luxury Firm)
Motion TransferMinimalMedium
Edge SupportGoodExceptional
SinkageDeep HugGentle Cradle
WarrantyForever Lifetime
Trial Period365 nights365 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes (only in 11.5”)
ShippingShips to U.S., White Glove Delivery is optionalShips to the United States with free White Glove Delivery within contiguous U.S.
Made in the USANoYes
SizeNectar Price (w/o discount)Saatva Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$968$1,225
Cali King$1,598$2,195
Split KingN/A$2,450
Split Cali KingN/A$2,450

Should I Buy Nectar or Saatva?

These beds are fairly different, but it is up to you to select a champion. But before you do, here are some final thoughts to consider.

We Would Recommend Buying Nectar if You are Looking for:

We Would Recommend Buying Saatva if You are Looking for:

  • Luxury. Some people reward themselves with a new car, flashy jewelry, relaxing vacation…or a new mattress? Ideally, you spend a third of your life in bed, so if you were to drop some extra cash on a quality product, this luxury mattress would not be a bad way to go.
  • A hybrid. Hybrid mattresses can offer the best of all sorts of materials, with Saatva sleepers get the benefit of contouring foams and supportive coils that deliver bounce.
  • Multiple firmness options. Choose between three firmness options that fit you and your specific sleeping needs.

Final Thoughts

Which bed comes out on top? Truly, the final verdict is the customers and depends on what they are looking for. Nectar’s prices are hard to beat, while Saatva offers nighttime luxury and class that truly make this a competitor among the upper tier sleep products.

Both get the job done by allowing you a great night's sleep, but both provide different perks worthy of your vote. If you feel you need some more information to seriously mull it over, don’t forget to check out our in-depth articles on both these products.


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