Our Nectar vs. Zenhaven Bed Comparison for 2023

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If you have been searching for your new bed online, chances are an ad for Nectar Mattress has crept its way into your YouTube or Facebook feed. But a witty advertisement is not all the mattress offers, this comfortable memory foam bed is a trending product that customers are raving over. And it is no surprise why; Nectar offers a quality product at a fraction of the price of some of its competitors.

But can affordability trump luxury? This review examines the dilemma in our comparison between the Nectar and Zenhaven mattress.

The Saatva Company has their hand in a luxury line of mattresses, one of their most unique is the Zenhaven. Made from a series of natural and organic materials, the latex mattress gives sleepers the opportunity to rest on either their Luxury Plush or Gentle Firm setting. Adjusting firmness has never been so easy, it is as simple as grabbing your sleeping partner and flipping it over.

Which, if either of these products is right for you? Keep reading to find out! Also, if you want to check out the full details on these products click on the links below:

Quick Comparison: Nectar and Zenhaven

nectar bed small product image
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  • Relieves pressure
  • Traditional memory foam feel
  • 365-night trial period
Zenhaven product image mobile
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  • Reduces heat retention
  • Dual firmness
  • Hypoallergenic bed

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Nectar Construction

This product is compressed, rolled, and slipped into a bag for convenient delivery at your place of residence. Foam lovers can rejoice because the inner construction of this mattress is entirely foam.

Protecting this bed is a poly-blend mattress cover. Quilted to memory materials mixed with gel, this gives this mattress surface level contouring that should only be the beginning of your pressure relief. The material also administers cooling properties that most hot sleepers should enjoy.

Beneath the cover is a total of 12 inches of foam.

  • The top is composed of a 2-inch memory foam layer. The gel in this material helps to wipe surface heat away from the body. This material should comfortably hug your every curve and foster additional pressure release.
  • The center is a soft, premium foam that stands at 3 inches tall and should provide support and some bounce. This unit also functions as a transitional layer, allowing heavier parts of your anatomy to fall into the thicker base beneath it.
  • The bottom is a 7-inch layer of standard conventional foam that should provide durability and proper alignment.

Zenhaven Construction

Unlike many bed-in-a-box brands, this product arrives at the customer's home in its full and complete size, with the benefit of a white glove delivery service that includes free in-home installation.

The outer cover is an undyed organic cotton with a 1-inch layer of pure organic wool from New Zealand quilted beneath it. This surrounds the bed’s inside, which is 10 inches thick and made of latex.

Zenhaven layers of bed
  • The first layer, a 1.5-inch Talalay latex layer that has the patented 5 Zone Comfort Layer, meaning there are distinct sections designed with different firmnesses and densities that collaborate to influence comfort and spinal alignment.
  • The following layer, this is a 3-inch Talalay latex foam that fosters increased support.
  • The third layer, this is a 3 inch Talalay latex layer that should be more firm than the upper layers. When flipping the bed, this firmer latex administers immediate support to folks who may need it, while set in Luxury Plush it acts more as a base.
  • The bottom layer, a 1.5-inch Talalay latex foam functions as the comfort layer for mattresses’ Gentle Firm option. This should have a considerably firmer experience than the top layer of the Plush setting. It too contains the 5-Zone Comfort Layer.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

These products were rated using our scale that rates a mattresses firmness on our scale of 1 to 10, with a 10 being like a rock. The Nectar rates at a 6.5 which puts it in a Medium-Firm range.

Zenhaven, set in its Luxury Plush setting rates at 4.5, while Gentle Firm scores at a 7. These are a Soft and Medium firmness respectively, but the remainder of the review will stick with the bed’s Luxury Plush setting.

Both the Nectar and Zenhaven allow the sleeper's weight to sink through, cradling them with a deep hugging sensation. Since the Zenhaven tends to be a bit softer, folks should expect it to have just slightly more cushioning support than the other, but the Nectar fosters that close cushioning contour that memory foam lovers adore.

As far as sleeping positions go, most sleepers should do fantastic on either of these options. Both administer the comfort and support necessary to sleep well. Some stomach sleepers might prefer a firmer mattress to keep their hips supported. Zenhaven, with its Gentle Firm setting, might be the choice of those who want just a smidge more support.

firmness comparison for nectar and zenhaven

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

There is some variance between these mattresses in this category. Both options foster that deep hugging feel that many sleepers love, but Zenhaven does offer repositioning sleepers significantly more bounce.

The latex layers provide Zenhaven with an immediate responsiveness that eases nighttime movements. The Nectar offers nearly zero bounce, but the deeper and firmer foams should give sleepers a solid support that allows them to push off of, so they too can reposition.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Nobody really likes feeling their partner or kids getting in and hopping out of bed each night, in fact, you would probably rather not feel their movements at all. That is what a bed with good motion isolation can offer.

Considering Zenhaven is made from Talalay Latex, a type of rubber that is fairly buoyant, this bed performs well under motion transfer tests. The Nectar does win this portion of the contest just by a hair, all because memory foam allows little to no motion to transfer across the surface. Overall, both of these beds should keep sleepers resting mostly unaware of the movements happening on the other side of the bed.

Comparing Edge Support

Perimeter support can be influential for folks who maximize their sleeping surface by sleeping up to the edge of the bed. Both of these products parallel fairly closely in this category. It would be hard to determine if one outperforms the other, seeing as both options offer above industry standard support along the edges.

Nectar vs. Zenhaven Compared Side-by-Side

CoverPoly-blend that is quilted to memory foamOrganic Cotton quilted with New Zealand wool,
MaterialsGel memory foam and conventional foamsNatural Talalay Latex
CoolingGel inside the memory foam layer, cover is breathable Wool, latex w/ pinholes
Firmness6.5/104.5/10 or 7/10
Motion TransferMinimalMedium
Edge SupportGoodGood
SinkageDeep HugDeep Hug
WarrantyForever Lifetime
Trial Period365 Nights365 Nights
CertificationsCertiPUR-US®OEKO-TEX®, GOTS Certified cotton and wool
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingShips to U.S., White Glove Delivery is optionalFree White Glove Delivery to anywhere in the contiguous United States and parts of Canada
Made in the USANoYes
SizeNectar Price (w/o discount)Zenhaven Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$968$1,995
Cali King$1,598$3,695
Split KingN/A$3,990

Should I Buy Nectar or Zenhaven?

These two products have some pretty clear differences that target certain preferences and budgets. Here are some final thoughts to help you decide which might be a better fit for you.

We Would Recommend Buying Nectar if You are Looking for:

  • Memory foam. The memory foam in this bed should contour your every curve to melt pressure.
  • A great value. In a market that can be extremely expensive, this product is a steal of a deal compared to some other memory foam options.
  • Great motion isolation. Nectar takes advantage of the motion isolation properties of memory foam by incorporating the material into its layers.

We Would Recommend Buying Zenhaven if You are Looking for:

  • Natural materials. Saatva helps save the earth one mattress at a time by using more environmentally-friendly processes and materials.
  • Firmness options. Is your bed too firm? Flip it over to find a Luxury Plush surface that contours to your every need. Too soft? Flip it to find a firmness that keeps you floating on top.
  • Enhanced cooling. Latex is among the cooler materials used to manufacture a mattress, and with wool quilted into the cover to regulate temperature, waking up in a pool of sweat should no longer be an issue.

Final Thoughts

Decisions, decisions – In the mattress industry, there is not always a clear victor, and this seems to be the case here. It comes down to what the customer wants. If they are more budget conscious, then Nectar may be the better option.

But if they are shopping for a natural sleeping option that is billed as luxury and offers the ease of multiple firmnesses, then Zenhaven might be the way to go. But that decision is up to you. Don’t forget, if making a choice between these two beds is still difficult, you can take a gander at our in-depth write-ups for both of these products.

Or for even more options, check out our top picks.

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