Saatva vs. Amerisleep Mattress Comparison for 2023

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An entirely online-based mattress brand is challenging the international presence of a newly-established manufacturer – it's a battle worth taking a look at. Saatva is famous for its innerspring constructions while Amerisleep challenges the field of multi-layered memory foam mattresses.

The Amerisleep mattress vs. Saatva: How do they compare? Is the old-school innerspring approach relevant and will it overturn the proven perks of memory foam – an all-time favorite material of so many? Let's find out.

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Quick Comparison: Saatva & Amerisleep

Saatva mattress product image updated 2021 SMALL
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  • Classic innerspring feel
  • Affordable luxury
  • Quality construction
amerisleep as4 image
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  • Medium feel
  • Good cradling effect
  • Proprietary Bio-Pur® foam

Comparing Construction/Materials/Layers

Amerisleep Construction

As we mentioned above, the Amerisleep beds rely on multiple layers of memory foam of different types to deliver a high-end sleeping sensation. The products of the company are crafted for particularly high-end performance, and they tend to take advantage of quality materials. The company claims that they have been clinically tested to deliver the best sleeping performance. This comparison will focus on Amerisleep’s AS3 all-foam model, though the AS3 is also available in hybrid form.

The Amerisleep AS3 consists of three layers that total 12 inches in height. First is the Refresh Cooling Cover made of scientifically engineered fabric with minerals that should turn your body heat into far infrared energy. This should help with cooling, muscle recovery, and blood circulation. Under the cover is the top layer made of a 3-inch thick Bio-Pur® foam. Bio-Pur® is an eco-friendly alternative to memory foam, providing the contouring of memory plus breathability. The second layer consists of 2-inch thick Affinity foam with HIVE® technology. HIVE® gives sleepers 5-zone comfort, providing added softness and support where they’re needed most.

The base of the Amerisleep AS3 is 7-inches thick, and it's made out of BioCore® support foam. The BioCore® foam helps ensure the sleeper’s body weight is supported to foster optimal spine alignment.

Graphic Showing Amerisleep A3 Mattress Construction Layers

Saatva Construction

Saatva is a bed brand that uses a coil-on-coil system, memory foam, and a euro style pillow top to create a luxury product. The cover is a euro-style pillow top that’s made with organic cotton and is stitched to 3 inches of foam for added plushness.

  • Below the cover you’ll find the layer designed specifically for lumbar support. This is a piece of memory foam  that’s placed in the center of the bed.
  • The initial coil unit features individually-wrapped coils that are designed to minimize motion transfer and conform to your body.
  • Below this unit is a second set of coils for support. These steel coils provide durability and should help the bed from sagging over time.
  • The supportive edges are made with  high-density foam and should make the process of getting in and out of bed easy and convenient.
Saatva Mattress Construction Layers

Comparing Firmness/Support/Comfort

Amerisleep Firmness

The Amerisleep AS3 is rated at a 5.5 on the 10-grade scale where 10 is the firmest option, putting this model at a medium firmness. The good news is that Amerisleep’s other models provide varying firmness levels, so consumers can find their preferred feel. For example, folks who need something firmer, such as stomach or heavy sleepers, can look at the AS2 or AS1. Conversely, those seeking something softer may want the AS4 or AS5. The medium feel of the AS3 provides the most universal comfort option, which should appeal to most sleepers and provide a good mix of pressure relief and support.

Saatva Firmness

We’ve rated Saatva’s Luxury Firm model at a 6.5. The bed’s Plush Soft is rated at a 4, while their Firm version scores an 8 out of 10.

The innerspring dual-layer system paired with the few layers of memory foam and the edge layer make the bed a haven to lay on. Even though some people are worried that the innerspring will eventually start to poke, that's not something that you should be concerned with here because the bed has been skillfully engineered.

The innerspring technology also provides that slight bounce and the bed is a lot more responsive and offers a lot of movability.

Firmness scale for Amerisleep and Saatva

Saatva Mattress vs. Amerisleep Compared Side by Side




Material and CoverCotton Euro Pillow Top, Memory Foam, CoilsBio-Pur®, Affinity foam with HIVE®, and BioCore®
Height11.5 and 14.5 inches12 inches
Firmness6.5/10 (Luxury Firm)5.5/10
Motion TransferSlightly more Very little
WarrantyLifetime20 Years
Trial Period365 Nights100 nights

As you can see in this mattress comparison chart, the main differences lie within the construction and its derivatives. The fact that Saatva comes with innersprings means that it can perform better in terms of responsiveness. It has good support but it would lack the same feel and motion transfer reduction (read our full innerspring guide). In other words, you should receive perfect spinal alignment and neck support but the mattress is a bit firmer, and you are more likely to feel when your sleeping partner moves.

Should you buy Amerisleep or Saatva?

The truth is that these are two different products. Amerisleep beds are designed for those of you who cherish their cozy comfort, and they provide the sensation as if you are sleeping on a cloud.

Saatva, on the other hand, takes advantage of an old-school technology which is transformed into something high-end and contemporary. This brings tremendous support and a responsive feel.

As you can see, it is a matter of personal preference and whether or not you are looking for something specific. Both beds perform perfectly for their intention. If you are a belly sleeper, you might opt for the Saatva. If you like sleeping on your back and don't move a lot during the night, each one of them performs well. Consider whether you want coils or not.


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