Casper vs. DreamCloud Premier Bed Comparison for 2023

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Are you in search of a new mattress and are torn between an all-foam or a hybrid but not sure where to start?

Our Casper vs. DreamCloud Premier comparison will show you the top features of each mattress, along with some suggestions for which shoppers should prefer each one. Casper’s all-foam was created by a longstanding online company who has cemented their place in the sleep industry. The DreamCloud Premier Hybrid was built to offer a high-end experience at an affordable price and is one of the first luxury bed-in-a-box options.

Quick Comparison: Casper vs. DreamCloud Premier

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  • For every sleeping position and weight class
  • More bounce for a foam bed
  • Quick responsiveness
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Who I’d Recommend the Casper For

  • People who want enhanced support – The second foam layer features special Zoned Support™ that offers different amounts of compression for the knees, hips, and shoulders.

  • Sleepers who prefer a classic all-foam experience – Layers of pressure-relieving foam offer compression from deep within the mattress and the dense materials should help maximize motion control.

  • People who need a versatile medium feel – This bed should feel medium or perhaps medium-firm to most shoppers, depending on their preferences and how they experience the mattress. This is a relatively versatile feel that most sleep types could find comfortable.

Who I’d Recommend the DreamCloud Premier For

  • People who want extra cushioning on top – The DreamCloud Premier has a Euro top containing 2 inches of plush cushioning for a cloud-like feel.

  • Hybrid mattress fans – The foams in this mattress offer pressure relief and motion absorption, while the coils offer lots of bounce and airflow.

  • Shoppers who want a longer trial period – If you’re a hesitant shopper who wants more time to test out a mattress, the DreamCloud Premier comes with a year-long trial period, giving you plenty of time to be sure it’s the right fit for you.

Comparing Casper vs DreamCloud Premier: Top Similarities

  • Medium firmness – Both of these mattresses have a medium firmness that should be highly versatile.
  • Motion isolation – The Casper and DreamCloud Premier each rate well for motion isolation, which means they do a good job of keeping movement to one side of the bed.
  • Bed-in-a-box – Both mattresses are compressed and put into a box for shipment.

Comparing Casper vs DreamCloud Premier: Key Differences

  • Construction – The biggest difference between these two beds is their construction. While the Casper has an all-foam structure, the DreamCloud Premier is a hybrid built with both foam and coils.
  • Trial and warranty – The DreamCloud Premier comes with a significantly longer trial and warranty compared to Casper. Though Casper’s trial and warranty are industry-standard, DreamCloud goes the extra mile with a year-long trial and a lifetime warranty.
  • Height – The Casper’s profile is a total of 11 inches, whereas the Premier stands 15 inches high.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel


It can be difficult to determine how a mattress should feel when shopping online. Our comfort scale should give you an idea of what laying on each bed should feel like. A score of 1 on this scale should feel very soft, while a score of 10 should feel very firm.

Both brands feature a medium score, with the DreamCloud Premier coming in a hair softer. This should allow either mattress to be fairly versatile, working for most position preferences.

firmness scale for 5.5 and 6


Support is a key component in a mattress because it helps ensure that the sleeper’s spine remains in a neutral alignment, which is critical for preventing back pain.

The Casper should offer firmer support under the hips with softer sinkage in the shoulder and leg areas. The DreamCloud Premier's design does not include zoning, but the individually compressed coils may give a more tailored feel.


The DreamCloud Premier’s cover feels durable and lying on the bed, you should experience sufficient softness as the Euro top hugs your body. This mattress has a more “in-the-bed” feel to it.

The top of the Casper feels cool and soft, and the foams are responsive, quickly regaining their shape after you get up. The top comfort foam should provide sinkage while the second foam unit conforms to your body.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Both the Casper and DreamCloud Premier mattresses should offer some bounce, though you won’t get as much from these products as you would with other beds, such as latex or traditional innerspring models. Bounce is valuable because it can aid combination sleepers in repositioning.

Sleepers who like to sleep deeper in their bed may prefer the hug of DreamCloud Premier to Casper. However, if mobility is a key concern for you, the hybrid’s coils might slightly edge out the all-foam, as they are likely to provide higher amounts of bounce overall.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Being an all-foam construction, Casper should dampen most energy, minimizing motion transfer. The coils inside the DreamCloud Premier may allow more vibrations to travel through the bed, resulting in moderate motion transfer. That being said, the coils are pocketed, which helps curb motion transfer, so any motion transfer won’t be at the level you see with an innerspring bed with interconnected coils.

Either mattress should allow most shoppers to sleep comfortably without too many disruptions from their partner’s movements. Particularly light or sensitive sleepers should consider Casper, however, as it may offer more motion control overall.

Comparing Cooling

Casper’s proprietary foams are designed to combat overheating by promoting airflow so heat may travel away from the sleeper. The Casper Original uses AirScape™ foam to help with temperature regulation, and for an all-foam design, the bed rates fairly well for cooling.

The DreamCloud Premier has an advantage in that it has coils, which naturally promote cooling by providing extra airflow throughout the bed’s center. However, the mattress doesn’t have any gel in its memory foam layer, which can compromise cooling in a mattress, as this bed doesn’t rate as well as other hybrids in this category.

Between the two, we think hot sleepers could feel more comfortable on the Casper.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Casper Construction

The Casper is a bed-in-a-box product, which means it's compressed and put into a box when it’s shipped to your home. This mattress has an 11-inch profile, and the bed’s cover is made of durable polyester fabric. Additionally, the foams in this mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified, which means they meet strict health and safety standards.

original Casper bed layers image graphics
  • The first foam unit is a perforated proprietary foam called AirScape™, which gives the mattress some bounce and breathability to keep the bed from becoming too warm.
  • The second foam layer is 2 inches of Zoned Support™, a firmer transition foam. This unit is designed to offer soft compression under the shoulders and knees and firmer support under the hips to prevent too much sinkage.
  • The base layer contains 5 inches of dense foam that provides durability and support, while also serving as a general foundation for the mattress.

DreamCloud Premier Construction

The DreamCloud Premier’s cover is a Cashmere blend that is quilted to two layers of foam, forming the bed’s plush Euro top. This mattress has five layers and is 14 inches high.

updated layers of dreamcloud premier
  • The Euro Top Cradle Layer sits right under the cover. This 1-inch thick memory foam should provide a gentle cradle.
  • The Euro Top Support Layer is an inch of soft foam. This layer should provide support below the memory foam along with added plushness.
  • The Dynamic Transition Layer is 2.5 inches thick. This foam helps keep the sleeper supported and eases them into the coil unit.
  • The coil unit is 8.5 inches thick and should provide support across the entire bed. These coils also help provide airflow and are pocketed to limit motion transfer.
  • The base is a 1-inch foam that delivers extra support and stability at the bottom.
  • The Shift-Resistant Lower Cover helps hold the mattress in place.

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty – Casper provides a 10-year warranty, and DreamCloud provides a lifetime warranty.
  • Shipping – Casper provides free shipping in the continental U.S. and most of Canada. They charge a fee for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Northern Canada. DreamCloud ships for free within the continental United States, though there is a fee for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Trial Period – The Casper has a 100-night trial period, whereas the Premier offers 365 nights.
  • Returns – All return shipping is free for Casper mattresses. You can return your mattress within the 100-night trial period, but you need to have it for at least 30 days. You can return your DreamCloud Premier mattress at any point in the trial to receive a full refund, and returns are free.
  • Price – The DreamCloud Premier costs slightly more than the Casper, though it is common that hybrids are more expensive than all-foam models.
SizeCasper Price (w/o discount)DreamCloud Premier Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$995$1,299
Cali King$1,695$1,899

Casper vs. DreamCloud Premier Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesCasperDreamCloud Premier
CoverPolyesterCashmere blend
MaterialsProprietary polyfoamsPolyfoam, memory foam, and coils
CoolingOpen-cell top layer, memory material placed further away from the sleeperBreathable cover and cooling gel
Motion TransferMinimalModerate
Edge SupportOkayGreat
SinkageGentle CradleDeeper Hug
Warranty10 yearsLifetime
Trial Period100 nights365 nights
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingShips to U.S. and CanadaFree to the contiguous United States. There’s an additional fee for shipments to Hawaii and Alaska
Made in the USAYes, but the cover is assembled in MexicoNo
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Shop NowCasper MattressDreamCloud Premier Mattress

Final Thoughts

Either mattress should work well for shoppers looking for a medium or medium-firm comfort level with good support and pressure relief. Casper is a must for those who prefer a traditional all-foam experience with enhanced motion control. Additionally, we think the Casper is better suited to budget shoppers and those who tend to sleep hot.

The DreamCloud Premier offers a luxury experience at an affordable price with its cashmere-blend cover and 14-inch profile. You can expect a deeper hug from this bed, but the coils should give you lots of support.

For more information on each product, we encourage you to also read our in-depth reviews of these beds.

Quick Comparison: Casper vs. DreamCloud Premier

Casper Original Product Image
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  • For every sleeping position and weight class
  • More bounce for a foam bed
  • Quick responsiveness
  • Casper Review
DreamCloud Premier Product Image
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