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Our Puffy Cloud vs. Casper Bed Comparison for 2024

Both the Puffy Cloud and Casper are innovative all-foam mattresses with impressive cooling capabilities. Deciding between two similar all-foam mattresses, however, can be challenging. The Puffy Cloud is a luxury-priced all-foam mattress with high-quality construction, and the Casper is a more affordable all-foam mattress with a luxury feel.

Aside from this, what makes each mattress different from the others? Here, we will delve into each mattress’s unique properties and feel, including their compatibility with different weights and sleeping positions. Continue reading to see every aspect of the Puffy Cloud and Casper mattresses compared side-by-side.

Who I’d Recommend the Puffy Cloud For

  • Luxury shoppers – The Puffy Cloud is priced higher than the Casper, but the high-quality construction may be worth it to shoppers looking for a luxury mattress.
  • Side sleepers – The Puffy Cloud mattress is very soft, enveloping your body in a deep, pressure-relieving hug. This is the perfect mattress for side sleepers, who typically experience more pressure around the shoulder and hip.
  • Memory foam fans – As mentioned, this mattress feels like a deep, plush hug that reflects the feel of memory foam but without as much heat buildup.

Who I’d Recommend the Casper For

  • Shoppers seeking affordable luxury – The Casper is a more affordable mattress than the Puffy Cloud but still offers a luxurious feel.
  • Stomach sleepers – The Casper is firmer than the Puffy Cloud, making it more comfortable for stomach sleepers.
  • Couples – The Casper and Puffy Cloud are similar in motion isolation, but the Casper is medium-firm. This makes it much more versatile for different body types and sleeping positions.

Comparing Puffy Cloud vs Casper: Top Similarities

  • All-foam construction – Both mattresses are constructed with various foam layers, which means there is no innerspring unit.
  • Motion isolation – Both mattresses have excellent motion isolation, which means movement is isolated to one side of the bed. This is to be expected from an all-foam mattress.
  • Cooling – Both mattresses combat heat-trapping with various methods. The Puffy Cloud uses gel in the top layer, while Casper contains perforated foam.

Comparing Puffy Cloud vs Casper: Key Differences

  • Materials – Both mattresses are made mainly of proprietary materials, but the Puffy Cloud has a stain-resistant removable cover. Of course, the proprietary materials differ as well in attributes and feel.
  • Edge support – Both mattresses have somewhat poor edge support, but Casper leaves much to be desired in this area.
  • Pressure relief – Both mattresses have excellent pressure relief, but the Puffy Cloud is exceptional due to the ‘deep hug’ feel we described.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel


Mattress firmness is rated on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the firmest and 1 is cloudlike softness. The average medium-firm mattress would be around a 6.5, though perceived firmness does vary depending on body type, weight, and sleeping position.

Both the Puffy Cloud and Casper are all-foam mattresses and land on the softer side of the scale. We rated the Puffy Cloud at a 5.5 on this scale, being much softer than average. Casper received a 6 out of 10, just a bit softer than the average mattress


Proper support is important for maintaining spinal alignment and preventing sleepers from bottoming out on a mattress. The Puffy Cloud and Casper offer good support but are insufficient for plus-sized individuals.

Instead, both mattresses are best experienced by sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds. However, Casper offers a hybrid version of their mattress for those needing more support. The hybrid version would be more supportive, firm, and durable due to the addition of an innerspring layer.

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When lying on a Puffy Cloud mattress, you should sink into the comfort layers and experience a deep, pressure-relieving hug. The Puffy Cloud would be an excellent mattress for those who love the memory foam feel and need more cooling.

When lying on a Casper mattress, you should sink into the comfort layers but not quite as far as you would in the Puffy Cloud. You should experience a gentle, pressure-relieving hug. Casper is an excellent option for a typical all-foam mattress feel.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Sinkage describes how far your body will sink into a mattress, which varies depending on the firmness of a mattress, the materials used, and the body type of the person on the bed. Bounce describes the bounciness of a bed, which can assist with mobility.

The Puffy Cloud has lots of sinkage and feels like a deep hug. With minimal bounce, some sleepers may feel ‘stuck’ in this mattress. Casper is a bit firmer, with moderate sinkage, and it feels more like a gentle hug. Casper also has minimal bounce but the reduced sinkage should help minimize any feeling of being ‘stuck’.

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Comparing Motion Transfer

Motion transfer describes the motion felt from one side of the bed to the other when co-sleepers toss and turn or get in and out of bed. Keeping this motion isolated to one side is generally preferred by people who sleep with a significant other, pets, or kids so that they can sleep soundly.

Thankfully, foam mattresses are generally very good at isolating motion, and these two beds are no exception. Both the Puffy Cloud and Casper are great options for those who want minimal motion transfer, so you should not feel any motion from co-sleepers.

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Comparing Cooling

All-foam mattresses usually trap more heat than innerspring and hybrid mattresses, mainly due to the lack of an innerspring layer, which normally provides extra airflow to help cool down the mattress. Dense foam layers that trap heat can be a problem for hot sleepers or those residing in warmer climates.

Thankfully, the Puffy Cloud and Casper are both cooling mattresses that make each one a viable option for hot sleepers. The Puffy Cloud has cooling gel in the top layer and a breathable transition layer, and Casper perforates their top layer to add breathability.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality

Puffy Cloud Construction

The Puffy Cloud is a 10-inch tall all-foam mattress with a polyester cover adorned with fluffy cloud outlines. This cover may be a good fit for those who like to snack in bed; it’s stain-resistant and removable, which means you can wash it with ease.

  • The top layer is a 2-inch thick piece of Cooling Cloud™ Foam, an award-winning proprietary material that took over four years to develop. Depending on your sleeping position and body shape, this layer should give adaptive support and pressure relief. This layer is also infused with cooling gel to help prevent heat-trapping.
  • The center is a 2-inch layer of Climate Comfort™ Foam. This material should also be pressure-relieving, temperature-neutral, and breathable transition layer.
  • The bottom is a 6-inch Firm Core Support Foam layer designed to provide proper support and stability. This layer should also be adaptive to your body shape and sleeping position to give support where it’s needed the most.

Casper Construction

Casper is an 11-inch tall all-foam mattress with a durable polyester cover. The construction below is for the all-foam version, but Casper also offers a hybrid version of their flagship bed. For those needing extra support, the hybrid version contains a strong innerspring layer. The innerspring layer will add support, firmness, and bounce

  • The top comfort layer is a unit of perforated proprietary foam called AirScape™, which is intended to be plush and breathable. This layer contains thousands of perforations in the foam to help increase airflow and keep the bed cool.
  • The center unit is a layer of Zoned Support™ memory foam, which is intentionally firmer towards the middle of the bed to provide extra support for your hips. Additionally, this foam is softer around the shoulder and knee areas to relieve pressure.
  • The mattress base is a foundational unit of dense foam intended to provide overall stability and support.

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty – Puffy offers a lifetime warranty to cover any manufacturing defects within the life of the mattress. Casper offers a 10-year limited warranty, which should last almost the full life of an average mattress.
  • Shipping – Both mattresses ship for free within the contiguous United States, but Casper also offers free shipping to most of Canada.
  • Trial Period – Both mattresses offer a similar trial period. Casper provides a trial period of 100 nights, and Puffy provides a trial period of 101 nights.
  • Returns – If you decide to return either of these mattresses before the end of the trial period, rest assured, knowing that if they shipped for free, they should also return for free. Casper also assures buyers they do their best to donate returned mattresses to a good home.
  • Price – For budget shoppers interested in something less expensive, the Casper is going to be much cheaper than the Puffy Cloud.

Final Thoughts

We think the Puffy Cloud mattress is an excellent option for those who like deep sinkage and pressure relief, such as side sleepers. For those who prefer a more medium-firm feel or like the idea of enhanced support for back sleeping, the Casper may be a better option. Neither mattress is supportive enough for an individual over 230 pounds, though.

Both mattresses are worth your consideration, but the unique attributes of each leave it mainly up to preference. If you still need help, consider visiting our individual Puffy Cloud and Casper reviews.

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