Our WinkBed vs. Saatva Bed Comparison for 2021

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Who says innerspring mattresses are outdated?

These two brands use a coil on coil design to optimize comfort and support. Our WinkBed vs. Saatva Mattress comparison for 2021 puts these two products side by side to see which one comes out on top.

Saatva has been selling its mattress online since 2010. Under their brand, they retail several luxury mattress options including Zenhaven and Loom & Leaf. WinkBed is based in Watertown Wisconsin and they work with manufacturing partners that have been building sleep products for over 60 years.

Which mattress will win this face off? We’ll let you decide at the end. But for more in-depth details on either brand, check out the reviews below.



Quick Comparison: Saatva vs. WinkBed

Saatva mattress product image updated 2021 SMALL
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  • Classic innerspring feel
  • Affordable luxury
  • Quality construction
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  • Well distributed support
  • Reduces heat retention
  • Good for heavier individuals

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

WinkBed Construction

Each WinkBed is made to order and is then compressed and shipped in a box. The cover of each mattress is made from a Tencel and stretch knit fabric. This material is breathable and was built to wick away heat.

Tufted inside the cover are dual layers of comfort foams that make up the plush pillow top.

The mattress comes in three firmness levels that vary in height. The Softer is approximately 15.5 inches tall, while the Luxury Firm and Firmer are both around 14.5 inches. This review talks about the Luxury Firm, which the following specifications highlight.

winkbed layers
  • The top comfort layer is a hypersoft foam that is an inch tall. This was designed to contour to the sleeper's curves and facilitate repositioning.
  • The next layer uses 1 inch of a Stabilizing Gel that evenly distributes weight for prime pressure relief and assists with motion isolation. The use of gel helps to keep the sleeper cool.
  • The third layer is constructed with 2.4 inches of Pocketed Air Springs™. This provides contouring support, all while optimizing airflow through the bed’s interior.
  • The fourth layer is a Lumbar Support Pad that is 0.75 inches. This support material acts as a transition layer and is made from pre-compressed cotton.
  • The fifth layer sports 8-inches of pocketed steel coils that foster a stable foundation and optimized support. This provides open-air circulation and deeper bounce.
  • The sixth layer uses a foam that is 2 inches thick to support the layers above and protect the structural integrity of the bed.
  • The perimeter is strengthened with a high-density foam rail system that is 4.5 inches. This outlines the mattress for stable edge support.

Saatva Construction

This product does not come in a box but is delivered in its full size via white glove delivery. The cover is made of hypoallergenic fibers and organic cotton with 3 inches of foam stitched into the pillow top, making for a soft and plush feel.

The mattress comes in two thicknesses: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. There are also three firmness options: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. This review will analyze the Luxury Firm at 11.5 inches.

Saatva Mattress Construction Layers
  • Under the pillowtop is a memory foam layer in the center of the bed for lumbar support enhancement.
  • The next layer is a system of coils that conform to the sleeper’s body and help to prevent motion transfer.
  • The second layer of coils presents hourglass shaped innersprings. This is the support center of Saatva and coil over coil structure helps to increase air circulation.
  • The sides are encased in a dual perimeter edge support system. This thick foam maximizes the sleeping space by keeping the sides of the bed nice and strong.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

We rate mattress firmness on a scale that ranges from 1 to 10, with a 1 being the softest. The Luxury Firm WinkBed scores at a 6.5, while the Softer version scores at a 4.5 and the Firmer is a 7.5. The Luxury Firm has a gentle pillowtop that sleepers sink through, leaving them in a gentle, pressure relieving cradle.

firmness scale for the winkbed

The dual coil system helps to provide deep contour and assists in spine alignment and support. This feel might be ideal for combination sleepers who switch positions during the night, while the Softer and Firmer options might be best for stomach and side sleepers, respectively. The coils make each version of this mattress highly responsive and easy to move around on.

The Saatva offers a very similar coil-on-coil feel to WinkBed. We rated the Luxury Firm at a 6.5, with the Firm at an 8, and the Soft at a 4. The first thing sleepers should notice is how soft this pillow top is, and when climbing into bed most sleepers will experience their body cradled gently as materials contour to their curves and wipes away pressure.

This mattress includes a lumbar support that should align the lower back with the shoulders, while the coils beneath help maximize support.

Firmness scale for Saatva mattress

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Both of these products are very relatable in terms of sinkage and bounce. How much sinkage sleepers experience is going to depend on what firmness customers order for either of these products. The firmer versions offer more of a minimal cradle, while the softer options foster more of a deep hug.

As you may expect, bounce is abundant with these innerspring mattresses. With this many coils, these beds could easily replace your trampoline, though as fun as that sounds, we would highly advise against it. The bounce associated with these products makes them ideal for repositioning sleeper or for folks wanting to add a little spring to their sex life.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Motion transfer can be defined as the amount of movement that moves across the surface of a mattress. When sleeping with a partner, a bed with poor motion isolation has the tendency to rattle the other sleeper awake when one partner climbs into bed or simply rolls over.

Both of these beds have a coil on coil design, so with this much bounce, you may think that motion transfer would be off the charts. The opposite is actually true, both of these products use a coil system that isolates the springs and traps the motion within each individual coil. WinkBed uses two layers of this coil technology, so their bed may do slightly better with motion isolation than a bed with an interconnected base like the competitor.

While a bed that uses an all memory foam design may do better with motion transfer than either of these beds, both Saatva and WinkBed do well above the industry standard in this regard – no wonder why they ended up in our top 12 bed list.

Comparing Edge Support

Edge support is a feature that helps keep the edges of the bed as strong as the middle of the mattress. Online mattress companies often ship their bed’s in boxes, building their beds to compress. Winkbed finds a way around this problem by incorporating edge support foam for increased durability.

Likewise, Saatva solves this problem by not compressing their product. Their bed uses a thick support foam as well, making both of these products very comparable in this category.

WinkBed vs. Saatva Compared Side-by-Side

Height15”11.5” or 14.5”
CoverTencel© and stretch-nit fabricCotton Euro Pillowtop with blended foams
MaterialsGel-Infused Hypersoft Foam, Premium Gel Foam, Micro Air-Spring Coils, LumbarLayer, Individually Wrapped Pocket Coils, Support FoamMemory Foam, Pocket Coils, Steel Coils
CoolingTencel, cooling gels, individually pocketed coils, dual coil systemsCoils
Firmness4 to 7.5/104 to 8/10
Motion TransferMinimalMedium
Edge SupportExceptionalExceptional
SinkageGentle CradleGentle Cradle
BounceModerate Deep Level BounceHigh
WarrantyLifetime15 years
Trial Period120 nights180 nights
CertificationsCertiPUR-US®CertiPUR-US®, GOTS
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes (only in 11.5”)
ShippingFree in the continental United States, White Glove Delivery is optionalShips to the United States with free White Glove Delivery in contiguous U.S.
Made in the USAYesYes
SizeWinkBeds Price (w/o discount)Saatva Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$849$1,049
Cali King$1,549$1,899
Split Kingn/a$2,098

Should I Buy WinkBed or Saatva?

These beds are extremely similar. So let us point out a few differences that could help influence you either way.

We Would Recommend Buying WinkBed if You are Looking for:

  • Longterm value. Along with the brands 120-night trial and a Forever warranty, the company allows customers to purchase a new firmness option outside the trial for 50% off the retail price at the time of replacement. If it wears out in your lifetime, you can get a replacement for half the retail price.
  • Premium Durability.Winkbeds tests their beds to simulate 20 years of continuous use and has found a negligible loss in loft. They stand by their products with excellent replacement policies.
  • Something to support a heavier individual. Heavier folks have special consideration when buying a bed. This brand also sells WinkBed in Plus option for people with these weight considerations.

We Would Recommend Buying Saatva if You are Looking for:

  • Targeted spine alignment. The brand has a chiropractic seal of approval that demonstrates their conviction to keeping sleepers aligned by targeting support in the lumbar region.
  • Free White Glove Delivery. If customers don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up their new bed, Saatva has a team deliver your bed and remove your old mattress.
  • A more eco-friendly option. Saatva uses recycled steel to make its innersprings. They also use certified safe foams, natural cotton, and an antimicrobial fabric treatment.

Final Thoughts

At face value, shoppers are comparing two beds that appear very similar. But once you dive into the details, you can hopefully see how these luxury hybrids differ.

So, which do you think you will choose? Leave us a note in the comments about your experience with these beds or to ask us a question. Also, if you still need some help deciding, don’t forget to check out the individual articles we wrote about these products.

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