Leesa Original Hybrid Mattress Review

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Leesa’s Original Hybrid mattress combines 789+ springs with premium memory foam for advanced comfort, contouring, and alignment. This hybrid mattress is excellent for back and side sleepers as it supports the body while allowing enough cradling for pressure relief.

Leesa designs and manufactures its mattresses in the USA. The company has headquarters in Virginia and is known for giving back to the community. In addition to the Original Hybrid, Leesa offers two other hybrid mattresses: the Sapira Hybrid and the Leesa Legend.

Our in-depth review of the Leesa Original Hybrid will give you a score on its comfort, bounce, motion isolation, edge support, and other factors you should consider before buying.

Keep reading for the full breakdown of the Leesa Original Hybrid.

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Leesa is a supportive hybrid mattress at an affordable price, and we think the mid-range firmness should fit most sleepers well.
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Excellent Matches For Leesa

  • Couples – This bed features excellent edge support along the perimeter, which is ideal for people sharing a bed with a partner. Good edge supports allows both parties to spread out and utilize the full surface space.

  • Lightweight and average-weight sleepers – The Leesa Original Hybrid has two foam layers above the coil unit, but you don’t have to weigh over 130 pounds to activate these layers. In other words, sleepers who weigh around 130 pounds and less should find sufficient support and cradle in all sleeping positions.

  • Responsive foam fans – Responsive polyfoam in Leesa’s comfort layer provides bounce and the responsive feel you’ll love when repositioning. This layer responds to movement and acts as a transition layer before the coil unit.

Possible Leesa Considerations:

  • Too soft for stomach sleepers – The Leesa Original Hybrid mattress is rated 6.5/10 on our firmness scale, which is medium-firm. If you’re a dedicated stomach sleeper, the mid-range firmness may not be enough to support the hips from sinking into the foam layers. Lightweight stomach sleepers should still get sufficient support, but heavier folks would probably sink in too much.

  • May not work for heavier individuals – People weighing less than 275 pounds should find the Leesa Original Hybrid supportive enough. However, if you weigh more, you may want a firmer bed that is more suitable for heavier individuals, especially if you prefer sleeping on your back and stomach.

Weight Considerations

The Leesa Original Hybrid is designed to support an individual weight of 350 pounds or 700 pounds total for couples. While the bed can hold up to that amount, that doesn’t mean it will be ideal for heavier individuals.

Lightweight and average-weight sleepers should find the Leesa Original Hybrid comfortable. The mattress is medium-firm, delivering a solid balance of support and comfort for back and side sleepers. The bed cushions your body in these positions, allowing proper spine alignment and preventing the pressure from building up. That being said, heavier individuals should seek a firmer bed that can ensure their spine will remain well-supported.

The Leesa Original Hybrid should work for back sleepers weighing less than 275 pounds. People weighing more than that may want a mattress specifically built for heavy people. The same goes for heavyweight stomach and side sleepers.

Construction: What’s Inside Leesa?

The Leesa Original Hybrid is 11 inches tall and covered with a twill fabric cover. The cover is soft and breathable, so it helps keep the surface of the bed cool. However, the cover is non-removable, so we recommend using a mattress protector to safeguard it from stains.

  • Below the cover is the Memory Foam Recovery Layer. The memory foam contours to the body, so there’s no pressure build-up on the shoulders, back, and hips. This layer gives the classic memory foam feel, hugging the body without letting it sink in too deep.
  • Next is the Comfort Layer made of responsive poly foam that supports the upper memory foam while giving the bed some bounce. This foam responds to movement, making the Leesa Original Hybrid a good choice for combination sleepers.
  • The Support Layer features 789+ active response individually-wrapped coils for stability and durability. The coils also allow a solid amount of airflow to help keep other layers from overheating.
  • The coils rest on a thing Base Layer made of high-density polyfoam. This unit is meant to provide additional support for the upper layers and prevent the coils from digging into the bed’s foundation or frame.
layers of leesa original hybrid  

Leesa has five layers and 8-inch 13.75-gauge coils with two rows of 16-gauge coils in the perimeter. This gives the bed edge support that should benefit couples and single individuals who like spreading out across the entire bed.

First Impression: How Does It Feel?

If you place your hand on the mattress, the cover should feel cool and soft. The Leesa Original Hybrid feels bouncy because of the coils and responsive comfort foam layer. The bouncier feel means the bed should quickly go back to its original position after you move. This should benefit combination sleepers and people with mobility issues, making it easier to move on the bed. The Leesa Original Hybrid feels supportive and sturdy but with enough bounciness to provide pressure relief and ease of movement.

Firmness Scale: 6.5/10 (Medium-Firm)

Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Mattress Firmness Disclaimer Mattress Firmness Level 6.5

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is a common concern for sleepers, especially those who sleep on their side and back. Excess weight building up creates pressure, resulting in the pain you feel right when waking up. Furthermore, waking up with discomfort every day can reduce your quality of life.

Leesa’s solution to this issue lies in the two foam layers above the coils. The memory foam layer is 1 inch tall and has a density of 2.50 pounds, whereas the polyfoam comfort layer has the same density but is 1.5 inches tall. The two work together to contour to the shape of your body, offering gentle cradling and pressure relief.

The Leesa Original Hybrid should work well for relieving pressure on the shoulders, hips, and knees. In addition, it provides sufficient cushion to relieve sore joints while supporting the body for proper alignment.


The Leesa Original Hybrid has 789+ steel coils in its support layer. The coils are individually wrapped to enhance comfort and motion isolation. They sit on top of a thin layer of polyfoam, giving the entire construction additional stability and sturdiness.

The strength and number of the coils help allow this bed to excel with support. The entire layer contours to the shape of your body, providing pushback support where you need it the most. Sleepers carrying more weight may find that the Leesa Original Hybrid provides slightly more support than the standard Leesa model.

leesa original hybrid bed image

Preference-based Features

Motion Isolation

The Leesa Original Hybrid is a good choice for partners with different sleeping habits. The bed’s use of memory foam and individually-wrapped coils will limit motion transfer. As a result, tossing and turning on one side shouldn’t disturb the person sleeping on the other side of the bed.

Bed-in-a Box Delivery

Leesa offers free shipping and delivers its beds compressed in a box. However, it’s important to note that Leesa beds are made-to-order, meaning you’ll probably have to wait longer to get one. They don’t have mattresses sitting in warehouses. Once made and compressed, it takes about three to seven days for the mattress to arrive at your house. Leesa also offers White Glove Delivery and professional assembly.

Exceptional Edge Support

Couples and single individuals who love using the entire surface of the bed should like Leesa’s edge support. Leesa included two side rows of 16-gauge coils in the perimeter, giving this bed solid edge support. This means the sides shouldn’t collapse if you sit or sleep near the edges of the bed.


The Leesa Original Hybrid offers decent airflow, helping hot sleepers stay cool even during the hottest months. Although memory foam tends to overheat at times, the Leesa cover and foam layers are breathable, allowing the air to pass through for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Quiet Performance

Although this hybrid mattress has steel coils, you shouldn’t hear any creaking or squeaking. The bed is quiet thanks to its two foam layers above the coils. Plus, all the springs are individually-wrapped for better motion isolation, which also helps absorb potential noise.

Designed and Handcrafted in the USA


CertiPUR-US® Certification

All foam layers, including the high-density base, are CertiPUR-US® certified. CertiPUR-US® is a safety certification from independent accredited testing labs. The certification ensures the materials are free of ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and PBDE flame retardants.

CertiPur Logo

Coupons, Trials, Warranties, and Shipping

  • Shipping - Shipping is free to all 50 U.S. states.
  • White-Glove Delivery - Add White Glove Delivery at checkout and a team of professionals will remove your old mattress and install the new one. No heavy lifting!
  • Trial - You can keep this mattress for 100 nights to make sure it’s the right choice for you. If not, the company will coordinate a pick-up at your home and refund the full price.
  • Warranty - Leesa offers a 10-year warranty on the Original Hybrid mattress.
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Twin37.5” x 74.5” x 11”$1,049
Twin XL37.5” x 79.5” x 11”$1,099
Full52.5” x 74.5” x 11”$1,299
Queen59.5” x 79.5” x 11”$1,499
King75.5” x 79.5” x 11”$1,799
Cali King71.5” x 83.5” x 11”$1,799

Overall Summary

Leesa is a supportive hybrid mattress at an affordable price, and we think the mid-range firmness should fit most sleepers well.

Side Sleeping Icon

Side Sleepers


Most side sleepers should enjoy the medium-firm feel, although this may depend on their individual body weight. Average-weight sleepers should find this Leesa mattress comfortable as the upper foam and polyfoam layers conform to the body. However, lightweight side sleepers may want a softer bed to provide more cushioning for this position, which is why it earned a 4 here.

Back Sleeping Icon

Back Sleepers


This bed is a great option for back sleepers as it provides sufficient support and allows proper spine alignment. The combination of foams and spring coils adapts to the curve of your lower back, preventing the pressure from building up. Plus, the bed’s firmness prevents the sleepers from sinking into the layers, promoting a healthy alignment.

Stomach Sleeping Icon

Stomach Sleepers


The Leesa Original Hybrid is a medium-firm mattress, so it should provide enough support for lightweight and most average-size stomach sleepers. However, exclusive stomach sleepers who weigh significantly more may want a firmer bed to keep their midsection from dipping, which is why we scored it at a 4.

Combination Sleeping Icon

Combination Sleepers


The Leesa Original Hybrid is a great match for combination sleepers because it follows the body’s natural curve in all sleeping positions. The bed is medium-firm, which is the most universal feel for multiple sleep positions. Also, repositioning should be simple because the bed has enough bounce from the spring coils and polyfoam.

Couples Icon



The bed has two foam layers and pocketed coils, absorbing most of the movement so that partners don’t disturb one another. Also, this Leesa has good edge support thanks to the strong perimeter coils, allowing couples to use the entire surface of the bed. We gave it a 4 because couples may still feel some motion from the coils.

Heavy Sleepers Icon

Heavy Sleepers


Although the Leesa Original Hybrid may work for some heavier individuals, such as those who sleep on their side, most people weighing more than 275 pounds will want a firmer bed. If you weigh more, you may find the Leesa lacking in the support department, especially if you’re a stomach or back sleeper.

Light Weight Sleepers

Light-Weight Sleepers


Lightweight sleepers should find the Leesa Original Hybrid comfortable for most sleeping positions. The bed has two foam layers that don’t need much weight to activate, meaning that it’s suitable even for lighter-than-average sleepers. However, lightweight side sleepers may find the bed too firm, which is why we rated it a 4 here.

Overall Value


Leesa is a worthy investment if you’re looking for a bed that’ll last you for years to come. With proper care and maintenance, this hybrid bed should last up to 10 years. Leesa promises comfort and a healthy sleeping posture while offering professional delivery, free returns, and a long-lasting trial and warranty.

Our Verdict

We think this mattress is a fantastic match for combination sleepers. Generally, a medium-firm feel is ideal for combination sleepers because it’s the most adaptable for multiple positions. This is complemented by the bed’s quick-responding polyfoam and coils, making it easier for combination sleepers to adjust during the night.

We also recommend the Leesa Original Hybrid for back sleepers, who often do best with medium-firm beds that give them the right balance of pressure relief and support.

While we don’t recommend this mattress for most heavyset individuals, some heavier side sleepers could try out the bed to see if they like it since the memory foam will deliver good cushioning.


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