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Our DreamCloud Premier vs. DreamCloud Premier Rest Comparison for 2024

If you’ve had your heart set on getting a mattress from DreamCloud, particularly one of their upgraded models, I’m here to help you decide. Sleep Advisor’s DreamCloud Premier vs. DreamCloud Premier Rest comparison will focus on these two luxury models. Though they are somewhat similar in name, there are some notable differences between them, including the profile, type of pillow top, and cost.

I tested both models first-hand. In this comparison, I’ll break down the similarities and differences in order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of two quality mattresses.

Watch My Video Comparison of the DreamCloud Premier vs. DreamCloud Premier Rest

Who I’d Recommend the DreamCloud Premier For

  • Memory foam fans – I think people who experience aches and pains should appreciate the pressure-relieving capabilities of the DreamCloud Premier.

  • Couples – If you sleep with a restless partner or pet, you will likely enjoy the motion-absorbing abilities of this bed.

  • Back sleepers – The combination of memory foam and coils provide a balanced feel that should make back sleepers feel comfortable and fully supported.

Who I’d Recommend the DreamCloud Premier Rest For

  • Side sleepers – I think that the plush softness of the DreamCloud Premier should provide side sleepers with ample pressure relief around their hips and shoulders, and the supportive coil base will likely offer spinal support.

  • Lightweight sleepers – people weighing around 130 pounds or less should enjoy the cushioning this bed provides, and it should be supportive enough in multiple positions.

  • Hesitant buyers – If you like to try out a product without feeling rushed to make a decision, DreamCloud gives you a full year to try out their mattresses.

Comparing DreamCloud Premier vs DreamCloud Premier Rest: Top Similarities

  • Motion isolation – When I tested these DreamCloud models, I found that both do a good job of isolating motion. This characteristic comes in handy for those who sleep with a partner or pet. I’d give a slight upper hand to the Rest, though.
  • High profile – Although the Premier Rest is a couple of inches taller than the Premier, both beds have a high profile. This gives it a luxurious look and may make it easier for some people to get in and out of bed.
  • Reinforced edge support – I enjoyed how the outer perimeter of the Premier and the Premier Rest are reinforced. This provides more surface space and helps those with mobility issues get in and out of bed easier. However, you may experience a bit more slipping on the Premier Rest.

Comparing DreamCloud Premier vs DreamCloud Premier Rest: Key Differences

  • Firmness and feel – I found that there was a fairly significant difference in the firmness and feel of these two mattresses. The Premier had a comfortable medium firmness that provided overall support, whereas I found the Premier Rest wrapped me in a soft hug.
  • Pillow top – The DreamCloud Premier has a Euro top in which two layers of its foam are quilted to a cashmere blend cover, but the Premier Rest has a more airy traditional pillow top.
  • Body contouring – When I snuggled into the Premier, I felt the body contouring support of the memory foam that made up the Euro top. However, while I found the Premier Rest soft and comfortable, it did not provide the same kind of contouring.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel


At Sleep Advisor, we rate mattress firmness on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest possible feel. With that in mind, I rated the DreamCloud Premier at a 6.5 out of 10 as it should provide comfortable body contouring along with solid overall support. That being said, others from our Sleep Advisor mattress testing team gave the Premier a 5.5 firmness rating, which you’ll find in our full-length review of that bed. However, for this comparison, we will use my firmness rating.

I gave the plush DreamCloud Premier Rest a 5.5 rating as it made me feel like I was being softly hugged as I nestled down in it.


When it comes to support, I found that the DreamCloud Premier Rest offered exceptional lifting thanks to its multiple layers of foam and a solid base layer of innerspring coils. When lying on this mattress, I felt especially supported when sleeping on my back.

As for the DreamCloud Premier, it offered more tailored support and even spinal alignment that I found particularly comfortable when resting on my side. However, I can see where heavier side sleepers may push through the layers too quickly.


There were some similarities in the overall feel of these two beds, but I found that the Premier’s Euro top made it feel firmer than the soft cradling provided by the traditional pillow top of the Premier Rest. The Rest has enough support underneath that some heavier sleepers shouldn’t feel swallowed alive, and I don’t think that it will feel too soft for lightweight sleepers.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

The dense memory foam layers of the DreamCloud Premier allowed me to sink just enough into it to provide pressure relief, but the innerspring coils kept me from feeling stuck. However, I did find that its overall level of bounce was definitely on the lower side. This could make it less than desirable for combination sleepers, people with limited mobility, and sexually-active couples as they may find that they feel stuck when trying to reposition.

With the Rest, it did allow me to move a little easier than the Premier. Therefore, I would recommend the Rest to those who need a bit more bounce in their bed.

Comparing Motion Transfer

While limited bounce may be a drawback for some, it can be helpful if you sleep with a restless partner. This is because a bouncy bed that allows movement to easily transfer across can be distracting for co-sleepers, especially if one of them is a light sleeper.

Both of these beds are hybrids, but they also contain multiple foam layers above individually-wrapped coils to curb motion transfer. The Premier Rest is a softer mattress than the Premier which means that it is not as good at isolating motion as the Premier. However, if you are a sleeper who prefers a softer bed, the Rest should do just fine when it comes to preventing motion transfer.

Comparing Cooling

If you’re like me and you’d be fine sleeping in a walk-in freezer, you may want to steer clear of the DreamCloud Premier. Although it is a hybrid and those typically provides temperature-regulating airflow, the layers of memory foam basically cancel this out. This means that this mattress likely sleeps hotter than other hybrids.

On the other hand, the Rest’s breathable cover and pocket coils help it offer better cooling than the Premier. However, it should still sleep hotter than other hybrids on the market, and that means that those who sleep particularly hot may want to look elsewhere.

Learn more about cooling mattresses here.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

DreamCloud Premier Construction

When I first felt the DreamCloud Premier, I loved being met with the soft and luxurious feel of the quilted cashmere blend Euro top. Once I got on the bed, I was greeted by a top layer of body-contouring memory foam.

  • Below the Euro top is a layer of memory foam that provides additional contouring support.
  • The second Euro top layer is made up of an inch of soft foam that provides support and plushness.
  • Directly below the Euro top is a 2.5-inch foam layer that helps keep your spine aligned while easing you into the innerspring base layer below it.
  • The sturdy coils are 8.5 inches thick, and the unit has both inner and outer coils for optimum edge support.
  • Under the coils is another 1-inch foam layer that provides extra support and stability at the bottom.
  • The shift-resistant lower cover helps hold the mattress in place.

DreamCloud Premier Rest Construction

You’re likely to notice the DreamCloud Premier Rest’s impressive height first. It comes in at 16 inches tall, which immediately appealed to me. This also makes the Premier Rest the tallest of DreamCloud’s mattresses. The luxurious and breathable cashmere-blend pillow top cover has an inch of pressure-relieving memory foam quilted into it, which was also a favorite of mine.

  • Below the cozy pillow top is an inch of soft foam that provides additional pressure relief.
  • Beneath the pillow top is an additional 3.5 inches of standard foam that provides spinal alignment and protection from the coils.
  • The innerspring coil unit is 8.5 inches tall and features individually-wrapped steel coils. These coils provide support and promote airflow.
  • The base layer is made from 1 inch of standard foam, providing stability for the mattress and support for the layers above.

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty – The Premier and the Premier Rest both come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Shipping – You will receive free shipping when you purchase the DreamCloud Premier or the Premier Rest.
  • Trial Period – Both of these mattresses come with a year-long trial period.
  • Returns – If you are not satisfied with either bed, DreamCloud will cover the return.
  • Price – One of the biggest differences between the DreamCloud Premier and the Premier Rest is the price. The latter is about 400 dollars more than the former for a Queen. However, if you decide to go for a Split King, you will shell out around 900 dollars more.

DreamCloud Premier vs. DreamCloud Premier Rest Compared Side-by-Side

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Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read my take on these beds, do you have one you’re leaning toward?

I liked both of these mattresses and while they had similar structures, it was their differences that stood out for me. Although I enjoyed the cozy plushness of the Premier Rest, I would have preferred more support. However, the lack of cooling properties in the Premier may cause people to overheat. That being said, neither mattress is going to be exceptionally cooling, which could be a downside for hot sleepers.

Thanks to the generous year-long trial and lifetime warranty, though, these mattresses are a safe bet if you want to try them out.

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