Our Avocado vs Purple Mattress Comparison 2023

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If you’re looking to break out of the norm when it comes to what mattress you sleep on, the Avocado and Purple offer two unique, high-quality designs. The Avocado is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress containing coils and latex foam layers. The Purple, alternatively, is a foam-based mattress with a special GelFlex™ grid comfort layer that’s unique to the brand.

While they share some similarities, they also have specific differences. In this comparison of the Avocado vs Purple, we will lay out these details to help you decide between these two distinctive mattress products.

Quick Comparison: Avocado vs. Purple

Product image of Avocado Green bed
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  • Latex foam and coils
  • Vegan Option Available
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Avocado Review
Product Image of Purple Mattress
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  • GelFlex™ Grid and Polyurethane Foam
  • Hybrid Option Available
  • Adaptive Support
  • Purple Review

Who I’d Recommend the Avocado For

  • Heavy sleepers – The Avocado’s firmer feel and supportive coil base are more suited to heavy sleepers, who should enjoy the extra support.

  • Stomach and back sleepers – Stomach and back sleepers should also benefit from the firmer feel and enhanced support from this mattress, which is important because it can help to keep their spine well-aligned.

  • Eco-friendly shoppers – The Avocado is an eco-friendly luxury mattress, and the company even offers a vegan version of this bed.

Who I’d Recommend the Purple For

  • Combination sleepers – If you sleep in a variety of positions throughout the night, the Purple’s adaptive support should help you feel comfortable in each position.

  • Couples – Purple has some great qualities for couples. The bed’s motion isolation should allow couples to sleep uninterrupted by each other’s movements, and the bounce should help with mobility. Additionally, its adaptive support is versatile for different sleep styles.

  • People needing pressure relief – Purple’s adaptive construction is also great for relieving pressure, as it ranges from a gentle cradle to a deep hug depending on your sleep position.

Comparing Avocado vs Purple: Top Similarities

  • Cooling capabilities – The Avocado has excellent cooling thanks to its coil base, aerated and heat-resistant latex, and breathable cover. The Purple also has great cooling with its temperature-neutral polymer grid layer.
  • Edge support – Both mattresses have excellent edge support. If the foam base of the Purple is too soft, though, Purple also offers a hybrid option with a coil base.
  • Bounce – Both mattresses have bounce in them to aid mobility, though as a latex hybrid, the Avocado is going to have more bounce than the Purple.

Comparing Avocado vs Purple: Key Differences

  • Construction – The Purple boasts an all-foam design that includes the brand’s proprietary GelFlex® Grid, whereas the Avocado utilizes a more eco-friendly construction consisting of natural latex, organic cotton, and upcycled steel coils.
  • Support – The Purple’s adaptive support makes it suitable for most sleepers, but heavier sleepers may prefer a coil-based mattress, such as the Avocado, which is firmer and rates better for heavy sleepers.
  • Affordability – The price of a Purple mattress is going to be significantly less than an Avocado.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel


Mattress firmness is a rating for how soft or firm a bed feels. Our mattress firmness scale goes from 1 to 10, with 1 being the absolute softest and 10 the most firm.

The Purple rates at a 6 on our firmness scale for mattresses, and the Avocado rates a bit firmer, at 6.5. Based on their ratings, both beds are considered medium-firm, though their individual constructions will offer differences in performance.

firmness scale for 6 and 6.5


The Avocado offers robust support, thanks to the firm Dunlop latex layers and the 1,400 individually-wrapped coils. The coils are also arranged in ergonomic zones of different gauges to better support heavier areas like the lower back.

The Purple has a different approach to support, with the adaptive support of the GelFlex™ layer supporting your body in various positions, along with several poly foam layers below.

However, the Avocado’s innerspring layer means it’ll be more supportive for heavier people as well.


The Avocado feels very responsive and contours your curves while remaining somewhat firm. For a plusher feel, the brand offers a 2-inch thick European-style latex foam pillow top, which could be useful for some lighter-weight side sleepers who like the Avocado but need something slightly softer.

The Purple is a bit different, balancing softness and responsiveness. The GelFlex™ grid is super-stretchy and adaptive but rebounds as soon as you move.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

The Avocado has minimal sinkage and lots of bounce, making it a good option for those with limited mobility. These traits help ensure that you won’t feel constrained by the mattress, fostering easier repositioning. The Avocado’s minimal sinkage may also be preferable to heavier sleepers, who are more likely to sink further into a bed than an average or lightweight sleeper.

The Purple should have a lot more sinkage but a quick-responding bounce to it as well. Although the Purple has less bounce than the Avocado, this bed should be a good option for those preferring a slightly softer feel.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Both mattresses have some bounce in them, so there could be a small amount of motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other. The Avocado can isolate motion decently well, as its coils are individually wrapped, but the fact that it doesn’t perform as well for motion isolation could be a drawback for couples who are light sleepers and don’t want to be disturbed by movement.

The Purple rates better for limiting motion transfer, making it the better choice for couples prioritizing this feature. This is likely because the Purple is an all-foam bed, so it doesn’t have the added buoyancy of the coils.

Comparing Cooling

Cooling features are helpful to those prone to nighttime overheating, and each of these mattresses tackles heat buildup in different ways.

The Avocado uses latex foam and wool, which are both naturally heat-resistant. The Avocado also aerates its latex foam to ensure it stays as cool as possible. It should be noted that upgrading to the Vegan mattress offered by Avocado means there will not be any wool in the construction.

The Purple’s GelFlex™ layer is temperature-neutral, and the grid pattern is intended to improve breathability. The SoftFlex cover on the Purple mattress is also breathable.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Avocado Construction

The Avocado can be 11 or 13 inches, depending on the chosen cover. The Avocado’s standard cover does not add height to the mattress but rather covers and protects the layers beneath it.

For a more plush feel, Avocado offers an attached Euro-style pillow top. The pillow-top option adds 2 inches of latex foam to the top of the mattress. This bed also features two side handles, which should help you transport it to the room of your choice.

Avocado Green layers of the mattress new design
  • The comfort layer is 2 inches of GOLS-certified 100 percent Dunlop latex, which is sustainably sourced and processed without added chemicals. This layer is also heat-resistant and aerated to increase airflow, which should help with cooling.
  • The support unit is 8 inches of pocketed, upcycled steel coils. The coils vary in gauge (thickness) and are organized into zones for optimal support in specific body areas.
  • The bottom is 1 inch of denser, firmer Dunlop latex for stability and extra support.

Purple Construction

The Purple features a SoftFlex knit cover that is made to complement the unique feel of their GelFlex™ Grid material. The breathable SoftFlex cover extends over all three layers and is composed of a blend of polyester, viscose, and lycra. Beneath the cover, the Purple features its unique GelFlex™ Grid and two layers of polyurethane foam in differing firmness levels.

Layers of the Purple mattress updated
  • The top features 2 inches of GelFlex™ material, a temperature-neutral hyper-elastic polymer grid layer. This layer is plush and bouncy, and it offers adaptive support to your preferred sleeping position.
  • The center is 3.5 inches of medium-soft polyurethane foam, which acts as a secondary comfort layer and a transition layer between the GelFlex™ Grid and the firmer support layer at the base.
  • The bottom is 4 inches of medium-firm polyurethane foam. Along with supporting the sleeper, this unit gives the mattress a sturdy shape and durability.

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty – The Avocado provides a 25-year warranty, and the Purple mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Shipping – Avocado offers free shipping within the contiguous United States and in-home delivery for an extra fee. The Purple ships free within the contiguous United States, with a small fee to ship to Hawaii and Alaska. The Purple mattress also ships to Canada through their partner, Sleep Country Canada.
  • Trial Period – Avocado offers a 365-night trial period to try out the mattress risk-free. If you do not like the mattress, you can return it before the end of this trial period. Purple offers a shorter trial period of only 100 nights.
  • Returns – Avocado asks that you try the mattress for at least 30 days before returning it to give it time to settle in and contour to your body. Similarly, Purple requests that you try the mattress for at least 21 days before returning it and that it is clean and undamaged.
  • Price – The Purple is priced around 500-600 dollars less than the Avocado.
SizeAvocado Price (w/o discount)Purple Price (w/o discount)
Twin XL$1499$999
Cali King$2599$1799
Split KingN/A$1998

Avocado vs. Purple Compared Side-by-Side

CoverOrganic CottonPolyester, Viscose, and Lycra
MaterialsOrganic Cotton, Wool Yarn, Dunlop Latex, Steel CoilsGelFlex™, Polyurethane Foam
CoolingBreathable Cover, Aerated Heat-Resistant Latex, Airflow Through the Coil LayerTemperature-Neutral Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid
Motion TransferFairGood
Edge SupportExceptionalGood
SinkageGentle CradleGentle Cradle to Deep Hug (depending on position)
Warranty25 years10 Years
Trial Period365 nights100 nights
CertificationsMADE SAFE® Non-Toxic, Oeko-Tex®, GREENGUARD Gold, eco-INSTITUT®, GOTS, GOLSCertiPUR-US® Certified
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree in the contiguous United States, with in-home delivery for an extra feeFree within the contiguous United States. White glove delivery is extra.
Made in the USAYesYes
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Final Thoughts

Depending on your needs and preferences, both mattresses have a lot to offer. The Avocado is an eco-friendly luxury option with more robust support and high bounce, and the Purple is more affordable, with a uniquely designed GelFlex™ material and a plusher adaptive feel.

The Purple’s adaptive support is great for combination sleepers and couples, and the Avocado has firmer support that’s helpful for heavyweight people, as well as back and stomach sleepers. Avocado also understands the differing needs of shoppers and offers a vegan version of their mattress, and of course, its eco-friendly design is ideal for customers who want a greener product to sleep on.

Quick Comparison: Avocado vs. Purple

Product image of Avocado Green bed
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  • Latex foam and coils
  • Vegan Option Available
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Avocado Review
Product Image of Purple Mattress
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  • GelFlex™ Grid and Polyurethane Foam
  • Hybrid Option Available
  • Adaptive Support
  • Purple Review
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