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How to Stop Your Loft Bed from Swaying

How to Stop Your Loft Bed from Swaying

Sleeping in a lofted bed can maximize floor space and create more privacy in a shared bedroom. However, if your loft bed feels unstable, you may fear that it will come toppling down while you sleep.

How to Elevate Your Platform Bed

How to Make Your Bed Higher

Platform beds are great for eliminating the need for a box spring and creating a sleek bedroom design with a low to the ground bed. However, getting into a low bed is not always easy, and it can ...

How Do Mattress Trial Periods Work?

Illustration of a Couple Replacing Their Old Mattress with a New One

What happens when you spend hundreds of dollars on an uncomfortable mattress? When shopping for a new bed, you need to consider various factors, including support, firmness, pressure relief, and ...

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