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Twin XL vs. Twin Bed Size

When it comes to furnishing your guest room or your kid’s one, the mattress choice might seem easy, right? However, along with choosing the best mattress, you also have to consider the appropriate size. Are you purchasing a Twin-size or a Twin-XL one? 

While both sizes are typically designated for guest rooms and kids, the difference could be substantial. This is why it helps to understand how they differ so you can make an informed choice.

We’ve put together this detailed overview of Twin vs. Twin XL mattresses to reveal how they stack against each other. 

Twin vs. Twin XL Mattress Comparison Chart

FeaturesTwinTwin XL
Length75 inches80 inches
Width38 inches38 inches
AffordabilityVery affordableSlightly more expensive
UsagePerfect for kidsPerfect for kids, teens, and single adults
ProsHighly compactMore length for taller sleepers
ConsNarrow in widthIt’s still as narrow as the Twin size

What to Consider When Choosing a Twin or Twin XL Mattress


The standard Twin mattress measures 38 inches by 75 inches, making it one of the most common choices for kids’ rooms. They may outgrow the length when they hit high school, and that’s when their parents would consider buying a new, larger mattress. Until then, it’s a great solution as it’s space-saving and allows you to furnish the kid’s room with more varied accessories.

The Twin XL measurements, which are 38 inches by 80 inches, are also convenient for a kid’s room, even though people often use it for a college room bed or a guest room. The Twin XL is almost as space-saving as its counterpart, but the extra length can better accommodate taller people.

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The prices are slightly different, with the Twin XL being a bit more expensive. This includes the mattress itself, as well as larger parts like the bedframe. 

The same goes for accessories and bedding. While Twin XL accessories tend to be ever so slightly more expensive, it’s likely not a big enough difference that it would sway your overall choice. 


In terms of comfort, both mattresses perform comparatively the same given their intended purposes. A Twin bed would be ideal for a small kid up until they outgrow the length, making it a great choice for your kid’s room. They are also the most affordable size.

On the other hand, the longer length of the Twin XL makes it more comfortable for high school, college rooms, and guest rooms. This is because the Twin XL would better accommodate people over 6 feet tall, and their feet wouldn’t have to hang over the bed. 


For bedding, you’ll need to buy according to your bed size, meaning, Twin sheets will not fit on a Twin XL and vice versa. Twin sheets may be slightly easier to find than Twin XL. However, many companies offer Twin XL options, often marketed as college or dorm bedding. 

As mentioned above, Twin XL sheets may be slightly more expensive than regular Twin sheets, though the price difference shouldn’t be significant. 

As far as the comforter goes, you can use a Twin comforter for a Twin XL bed in a pinch, though it won’t look as put together and may not reach the bottom of the bed. We’d recommend going ahead and buying a Twin XL comforter for a Twin XL bed.

Room Size

Room size is another important consideration in picking the right bed. The recommended room size for a regular Twin-size bed is 7 feet by 10 feet or 10 feet by 10 feet if you have two of those fit in the same room. If you have a Twin XL mattress, you can fit one within 7 feet by 10 feet, but you’d be jeopardizing on the length a bit, leaving you with less room to maneuver.

Twin-Size Mattress Pros and Cons

Common and easy to shop for
Fits almost any room size
Easier to move around
Too narrow for two people
Slightly shorter for taller adults or teens

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Twin XL-Size Mattress Pros and Cons

Good for taller people
Close in price to a Twin bed
Easier to move around
Requires more length in your room

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Twin vs. Twin XL FAQs

How much bigger is a Twin XL than a Twin?

Both Twin and Twin XL beds are 38 inches wide. The difference is that the Twin XL measures 80 inches long, whereas the standard Twin measures just 75 inches long. This makes the Twin XL ideal for taller people. 

Can I use Twin sheets on a Twin XL bed?

Since Twin XL beds are 5 inches longer, regular Twin sheets will not fit these beds. You’ll need to buy sheets marked “Twin XL.” Many companies sell these extra-long options.

Can a Twin XL go on a Twin frame?

A Twin XL mattress will not fit properly on a Twin bed frame, as it is 5 inches too long. Instead, you should shop specifically for a Twin XL bed frame; many companies carry this option.

Is a Twin XL basically a Full?

Twin XL mattresses are not the same as Full mattresses. Twin XL mattresses measure 38 inches wide by 80 inches long, making them long and narrow — perfect for solo sleepers who are a bit taller. Full mattresses, on the other hand, measure 54 inches wide by 75 inches in length, making them a better fit for solo sleepers who are shorter and want more space to spread out. 

Final Word of Advice

If you are looking for a big-kid bed for your child, the regular Twin mattress would be a great option, provided you don’t have the extra room. However, if you have the extra room or are looking for a space-saving solution for a college room or a guest room, the Twin XL would be the better option. As you can see, the choice ultimately comes down to who is using the bed and the space available.

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