Our Tempur-Pedic TEMPURCloud vs. Casper Wave Hybrid Comparison for 2023

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A lavish hybrid takes on a long-standing brand in the mattress industry. In our comparison of the Casper Wave Hybrid and the Tempur-Pedic TEMPURCloud®, we look at the benefits and drawbacks of each mattress.

The Casper Wave Hybrid has proprietary features for maximum cooling and comfort, while the TEMPUR-Cloud® is a durable all-foam model from a company that revolutionized sleeping. So who will come up on top? Let’s look at how both beds stack up against each other, so you can start sleeping like a baby as soon as possible.

Who I’d Recommend the TEMPUR-Cloud® For

  • Memory foam fans – Those who are long-time fans of the Tempur-Pedic brand should be pleased with this bed’s plush memory foam feel.

  • Back and side sleepers – People who sleep on their side or back, especially those who are lighter or average in weight, will love this mattress's support and cushioning.

  • People with backaches – The TEMPUR-Cloud®’s sinkage and robust support layer should gently curve to your body and deliver high-grade pressure relief.

Who I’d Recommend the Casper Wave Hybrid For

  • Hot sleepers – Sleepers looking to avoid night sweats will be delighted by Casper’s perforated AirScape™, which promotes airflow throughout the mattress. This along with coils for extra airflow make it a good bed for hot sleepers.

  • Intimate couples – The supportive coils in this bed also provide bounce, which is something many sexually-active couples may prefer.

  • Versatile sleepers – Those who like to switch up their positions at night should find it easier to do thanks to the springs and foam combination.

Comparing TEMPUR-Cloud® vs Casper Wave Hybrid: Top Similarities

  • Edge support – The TEMPUR-Cloud® and the Casper Wave Hybrid should make you feel secure if you tend to sleep near the edge.
  • Firmness – The TEMPUR-Cloud® and the Casper Wave Hybrid offer a balanced firmness that’s ideal for those sharing a bed.
  • Pressure relief – The TEMPUR-Cloud® and the Casper Wave Hybrid should help ease discomfort in those with achy joints and muscles.

Comparing TEMPUR-Cloud® vs Casper Wave Hybrid: Key Differences

  • Cooling – Being an all-foam mattress, the TEMPUR-Cloud® traps more heat, while the Casper Wave Hybrid provides cooling features to prevent the bed from getting too hot.
  • Bounce – Due to the TEMPUR-Cloud® having a lack of coils, there isn’t much bounce. Conversely, the Casper Wave Hybrid has bounce in it because of its coils.
  • Sinkage – The Casper Wave Hybrid doesn’t give as much of that ‘snug’ feel that the TEMPUR-Cloud® supplies, though you should still expect a nice cradle from it.

Comparing Firmness, Support & Feel


We rate mattress firmness on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being as soft as possible. Both of these mattresses are similar in this category, with the TEMPUR-Cloud® rating at a 6.5 out of 10, and the Casper Wave Hybrid receiving a rating of 6. Both firmness levels are versatile and therefore, suitable for most sleepers. Whether you’re a foam or a hybrid lover, either one of these will give you comparable results in this category.

firmness scale for 6 and 6.5


In our review of the TEMPUR-Cloud®, we rated this mattress as the most beneficial for side and back sleepers in the light to average-weight range. The Casper has trademark technology called Zoned Support™ to provide more targeted support, specifically firmer support in the heavier areas and softer support in the lighter ones.

However, the TEMPUR-Cloud® rates poorly for heavyweight sleepers. The coils in the Casper Wave give it an edge for support, which in this case, would be better for those above 230 pounds.


If you’re a fan of memory foam mattresses, it doesn’t get better than a Tempur-Pedic. You'll feel gently cradled with its plush surface and a top layer of extra-soft TEMPUR-ES® material.

The Casper Wave Hybrid promotes a cooling sensation as you lie down, and the pocketed coils bounce to help make it easier to reposition yourself.

If you like your mattress cooler, you’ll love The Casper Wave Hybrid’s cooling foams and coils. For a more soothing sensation, the TEMPUR-Cloud® is the way to go.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Mattresses from the Tempur-Pedic brand will have more sinkage due to their patented Tempur® foam. You’ll experience delicate body-hugging and pressure relief. However, you’ll get minimal bounce on this Tempur-Pedic bed, which could be a deal breaker for those who like a little spring in their bed.

Conversely, the coils on the Casper Wave Hybrid bounce back effortlessly when creating movement on the mattress. While you will get some sinkage on this Casper Wave, it will be less than the TEMPUR-Cloud®.

Those who maybe prefer a deeper cradle could enjoy the TEMPUR-Cloud®, whereas those who like a more quick-responding bed might enjoy the Casper Wave.

Comparing Motion Transfer

If you share your bed with someone else, investing in a mattress that keeps any movement isolated to one side of the bed is important. The TEMPUR-Cloud® shines with excellent motion isolation thanks to its all-foam design.

Much like the TEMPUR-Cloud®, Casper Wave Hybrid prevents motion transfer quite effectively due to four layers of foam above the coil unit. Whether sleeping with your partner or a furry friend, their movements shouldn’t interrupt your sleep.

While both beds should isolate motion well, the TEMPUR-Cloud®’s all-foam construction lends itself to slightly better motion isolation performance.

Comparing Cooling

Unfortunately, the TEMPUR-Cloud® is not a great mattress option for hot sleepers. Being an all-foam bed has a lot of perks, but one of the drawbacks is that it doesn’t release heat but rather tends to trap it.

On the flip side, the Casper Wave Hybrid is an excellent choice for people who want a mattress that regulates temperature well for a crisp night’s sleep. The Casper Wave features multiple layers of AirScape™ foam to help prevent any heat retention. Also included are the coils, which will naturally allow more air to flow throughout the mattress and further keep things cool.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

TEMPUR-Cloud® Construction

The 10-inch TEMPUR-Cloud® starts off with a stretchy, moisture-wicking cover. Beneath the surface are two layers of TEMPUR® material and one base layer designed for durability and support.

Mattress Construction of TEMPUR-Cloud
  • The comfort layer contains the brand’s classic TEMPUR® material. This foam is designed to provide a soft cushion as you climb into bed.
  • The support layer features a firmer level of the original TEMPUR® material. Along with acting as a transitional unit between the softer top layer and firmer base, this foam layer is made to offer body contouring to adjust to your shape for added comfort.
  • The base layer is made from a firm foam that provides support and overall durability.

This mattress is also available as a hybrid model, which has all the layers of the all-foam model, with the addition of 1,000 coils sandwiched between the support and base layer.

Casper Wave Hybrid

The 13-inch Casper Wave Hybrid comes with a knitted cover that is eco-friendly. This bed features a total of four layers.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Layers
  • Right below the cover is a 1-inch layer of AirScape™ poly foam. Along with cooling gel added in, this foam is perforated for maximum cooling.
  • The second layer contains 1.5 inches of perforated AirScape™ latex foam. This unit is slightly firmer and is designed to provide pressure relief and a quicker response to movement.
  • Further down, you’ll find 1.5 inches of AirScape™ memory foam. This foam has three areas of Zoned Support™ Max, which provide firmer support in the hips, waist, and lower back.
  • The final foam layer is a poly foam that contains gel pods under the waist and lower back as well as Zoned Support™ Max for reinforced support.
  • The final layer of this hybrid features pocketed coils for strong support.

Comparing Company Policies & Price

  • Warranty – The TEMPUR-Cloud® and Casper Wave Hybrid each come with a 10-year warranty.
  • Shipping – Both TEMPUR-Cloud® and Casper Wave Hybrid ship for free. However, there're additional shipping costs for the Casper Wave Hyrbid for those outside the continental United States.
  • Trial Period – The TEMPUR-Cloud® has a 90-day trial period, which is slightly shorter than many competitors. Meanwhile, the Casper Wave Hybrid has a 100-day trial.
  • Returns – After testing the bed for 30 days, Tempur-Pedic will let you return the TEMPUR-Cloud® for a full refund, though the return must happen within the 90-day trial period. Casper will provide a full refund within their 100-day trial period.
  • Price – The TEMPUR-Cloud® is slightly less expensive than the Casper Wave Hybrid. Both are high-end brands, and their price tags reflect that.
SizeTEMPUR-Cloud® (w/o discount)Casper Wave Hybrid (w/o discount)
Twin XL$1,699$2,395
Cali King$2,399$3,495

TEMPUR-Cloud® vs. Casper Wave Hybrid Compared Side-by-Side

FeaturesTEMPUR-Cloud®Casper Wave Hybrid
Casper Wave Hybrid10”13”
CoverMoisture-wicking, breathableKnitted cover
MaterialsTempur® material, premium foamAirScape™ foam, Zoned Support™ Max gel pods, pocketed coils
CoolingBreathable coverMultiple layers of AirScape™ foam, coils
Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
Edge SupportGoodExceptional
SinkageDeep HugMinimal
BounceNo BounceYes
Warranty10 years10 years
Trial Period90 nights100 nights
CertificationsCertiPUR-US®CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX®
Adjustable Base CompatibleYesYes
ShippingFree shippingShips free to the United States and Canada.
Made in the USAYesYes
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Shop NowTEMPUR-Cloud® MattressCasper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Final Thoughts

Now that we've analyzed both mattresses, who is the clear winner? The answer to that comes down to you, the sleeper.

The Casper Hybrid may be the better option if you run hot at night and enjoy a bouncier mattress. However, for those who love incredible sinkage and excellent motion isolation, look no further than the TEMPUR-Cloud®.

No matter what you choose, these brands are known to offer excellent comfort and quality products. If you still need more time, check out our full-length reviews of each bed for more information.

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